Are LED Strip Lights Bad For Your Eyes? Read What Our Expert Has To Say!

LED Strip Lights are becoming increasingly popular and are in-trend everywhere because of the ultra-cool variants available and a structure that is very easy to operate. Anything that deals with decking up the house using minimum additions catches my attention. I love to add a new touch to my interiors yet maintain the minimalistic theme in my house. 

LED Strip Lights add a magical touch, cost lesser than the traditional lights and also, they consume less power. They are more efficient and are a cheaper source to generate light in residential and commercial areas. Infact, these lights are most commonly used when we decorate our homes and buildings for special events.

Are LED Strips Bad For Your Eyes? Read What Our Experts Have To Say!

I prefer LED Strip lights for my above-cabinet and under- cabinet areas in the kitchen. Now, it looks nothing less than the showroom kitchen and also helps me locate if anything goes missing under the cabinets. I have also added Blue LED Strip Lights alongside the TV unit. It has literally changed the entire vibe. It’s like living in a different world in the same house by changing colours and adjusting the light speeds of LEDs. In case you are interested in knowing more about different ways of playing with lights, I did an article on HUE light ideas some time back.

However, I have been asked a question so many times  – Are LED Strip Lights Bad For  Your Eyes? Well no doubt, LED Lights look magnificent but, our eyes can be affected if they are exposed to them for a very long duration of time. Also, intensity plays a role too. 

Are LED Strips Bad For Your Eyes? Read What Our Experts Have To Say!

I have compiled all the information you need to know to answer the question – “Do LED lights hurt your eyes?”

The Truth About Effects of LED Strip Lights on The Eyes. Do LED Strip Lights Hurt Your Eyes?

The Truth About Effects of LED Strip Lights on The Eyes.Do LED Strip Lights Hurt Your Eyes?

Strip Lights are basically LEDs i.e. Light Emitting Diodes . So, we shall be talking about the overall impact of LEDs on our eyes. LED Lights are emitted by not one but many devices which we use everyday. Our Smartphones, laptops, computers, TV etc emit a blue light which looks white to us when we look directly at it. The frequency and the speed at which the blue light is emitted by these LED Strip Lights can affect the retina of our eye.

The Truth About Effects of LED Strip Lights on The Eyes.Do LED Strip Lights Hurt Your Eyes?

The pigmented layer of the retina is called RPE ( Retinal Pigment Epithelium). Continuous and intense exposure to the light affects RPE severely and can damage the outer segments of your eyes. However, research is still ongoing to study the effects of LEDs on the human eye.


We all know about the primary colours of light – RGB ( Red, Green, Blue) You cannot stare at these lights directly for a prolonged duration. If your eyes change between red, blue and green light at a fast pace, it can potentially damage the retina of your eye.


Are Coloured LED Lights Bad for Your Eyes?

As per studies, red light is more harmful to the eye because it has high intensity and exposure.

Red is the colour of blood and fire.The wavelength of Red Led Lights stimulate the production of  a hormone called ‘Melatonin’ which helps you sleep. 

Infact, Red Led Light Therapy is widely used by Ophthalmologists to improve eyesight which has declined  with age. It improves the functions of ‘mitochondria – ’  the powerhouse of cells which improves vision slightly but it lasts for a long time.

Are coloured LED Lights bad for your eyes?

Also, this therapy has shown proven results in the treatment of acne, scars, redness on face, wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

Are Red Led Lights Bad for Your Eyes?

As explained above, red light, among the RGB LED Lights, has the highest intensity. If you stare at it constantly, it stresses the mitochondria in the eyes and causes potential damage.

How to Protect Your Eyes from Red Led Lights ?

Do not stare at Red LED Strip Light. The damage caused depends on the intensity of the light and the colour. They are easy to dim. You should lower the brightness when you are closer to them.



 The combination of Red + White LED Lights forms a pink colour, popularly known as ‘ Pink Grow lights’  which is extensively used in the greenhouses. It is proven beneficial for the plants which do not get ample sunlight. It ensures good plant health thus promoting healthy plant growth.

Are Pink Grow Lights Bad For Your Eyes?

Grow Lights do not contain high levels of UV radiations so they carry lesser potential to cause any harm. It is still better to take precautions.
Do not expose yourself directly to the naked Grow Lights for a long time.
Use protective sunglasses. I would not recommend using regular sunglasses because they do not match the exact spectrum of the Grow Lights.
You can buy best budget protective sunglasses for LED Grow Lights from here.


Q1. Can LED Light strips damage my skin?

Answer – UV rays are not contained by LED Light strips. Hence, they are safe for skin.

Q2. Is it safe to use LED Strip Lights to decorate my child’s room?

Answer – I can say that LED Strip Lights are safe to be used for decorating your beloved’s bedroom. They are environmentally safe. Plus, the Strips run at 12V only, diminishing the chances of electric shock. I will still advise you to keep them out of their reach.

Q3.Are LED light strips safe for bedroom?

Answer – Yes, it is very safe. The only drawback with using LED lights is that some of them emit blue light. But, you also must be aware of the fact that we are exposed to blue light from other sources as well like sunlight, computers, your Smartphones, laptops, tablets etc. So, it is safe to say that you can use LED lights in your bedroom.

Q4. Can LED Light strips catch fire ?

Answer – Well, if you are worried about LED Light strips catching fire, be relieved. The chances of LED Light strips catching fire are microscopic. Although, you’ll find them too hot to touch but their temperature is much lower than that of an incandescent bulb. It doesn’t blast off, isn’t it !

Q5 Can LED Light strips cause cancer?

Answer –  It has not been proven yet by studies that LED Light strips can be responsible for causing cancer. Rather, Ultraviolet Radiations ( UV Rays) and fluorescent bulbs’ chemicals can be the causing agent.

Q6 Do LED Strip Lights Affect Your Sleep?

Answer – 

Do LED Strip Lights Affect Your Sleep?

Years ago, I learned about the effect of different spectra of light on the human body in a Hygge workshop by my Danish teacher. Different colors or wavelengths of light have different effects on our bodies- some good and some bad.

Blue LED Light Strips can cause alertness and sleeplessness, but Red LED Light Strips can induce calmness in humans. So, I’d like to state that it is not the LED Light Strips that are bad for our eyes, but our lack of understanding of how lights affect us.

To simplify, if you ask me, ‘Are colored LED lights bad for your eyes?’, I may not be answering the question as ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as different colors affect us differently. But if you ask me ‘are red LED lights bad for your eyes?’ or ‘are blue LED lights bad for your eyes?’, I will give you a more definitive answer.

We must pay attention to the effect lights can have on our sleep, especially when the cases are insomnia and sleeplessness are rising among people.

Having a higher level of blue component in light during the daytime and slowly transitioning to red light towards the evening may be a wise choice if you do not want LED Strip Lights to disrupt your sleep cycle.

Q7: Do LED Strip Lights Cause Headaches?

Answer – Compared to fluorescent lights that dim by 30-40% with every flicker, LED lights dim by 100%. This may result in a lack of control over the contraction and dilation of the pupil, hence, forcing the brain to work harder and inducing headaches. Along with headaches, the light may also cause itchiness and redness of the eyes.

So, if you wonder why LED Strip Lights hurt your eyes, this may be the reason.

Q8. Are LED Strip Lights Toxic?

Answer –  Unlike incandescent lights, LED lights are free of mercury. Hence, LED Light Strips to help cut down the rate of dangerous mercury absorption into the environment. However, I do not guarantee this fact for unrequited and unregulated LED lights manufacturers.

As long as you’re purchasing your LED Light Strips from a reputed manufacturer like Phillips Hue or Hubbell Lighting, who adhere to product criteria associated with the industry, the toxicity of these lights is not a concern.


Overall, I can conclude that there is very little damage that can be done with LED lights if used in a normal manner. In any way, they are not harmful to the eyes. The risks are involved only when you are exposed to them for a very long period of time.

LED Light strips can be considered safe for broadly two reasons.
They are used for the purpose of decoration. So, you are not supposed to be staring at them. No risk is involved if there is no prolonged exposure.
For beginners, I can tell, the specific limit for blue-light production isn’t exceeded by the LED Light strips. So, it is safe to use them.

However, take precautions to ensure your safety and be less exposed to the blue-light. It will potentially reduce the hazards involved with it.

I hope that I was able to disperse all your doubts about the dangers of LED Light strips for eyes.

For more information about Smart Lighting Ideas, check out these articles and brighten your house with Smart Lighting and Innovations.

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