My Sentry Safe Won’t Open! Here’s How I Fixed It!

My Sentry Safe Won’t Open! Here’s How I Fixed It!

After almost two years of restricted living due to COVID, things have finally started falling into place. Gradually, travel restrictions are being lifted, and I couldn’t wait for a long-awaited beach trip to Chile. 

Sounds exciting, right? But life had something more exciting in store for me. Just two days before flying, the Sentry Safe where I had kept my passport just won’t open. Yes, you read it right; my Sentry Safe won’t open!

My expertise in home security ensured that I didn’t panic. I figured out ways how I would open my Sentry Safe. While I was trying to open it, all I could visualize was a pineapple martini at the beach. 

After I succeeded in opening the locker, I decided to write this article. I realized that none of you should face the nightmare of having your essential documents stuck in the safe.

To begin with, it is essential to diagnose why your Sentry Safe won’t open. So, before you panic and call Customer Service or the locksmith, try and figure out why it is stuck.

Below are some major and the most common reasons why your Sentry safe may be acting obnoxious.

Here we go,

  • Your Sentry Safe batteries are dead.
  • Your Sentry Safe handle is stuck.
  • Your Sentry Safe is in time delay or lockout mode.
  • Your Sentry Safe code is deactivated.
  • Your Sentry safe wiring is disconnected or damaged.

After you’ve figured out why your Sentry Safe might not be opening, it should now be easier for you to find a resolution. Actually, you don’t have to ‘find’ a solution, because in this article, one by one, I will discuss all the possible fixes.

5 Ways To Fix My Sentry Safe Won’t Open Problem

Recognising that your Sentry Safe locker won’t open is the symptom. Identifying the reason why it won’t open is the diagnosis. In this section, I will talk about the treatment. I am listing below some of the easy but legal fixes that you can try to resolve the issue.

The fixes that I am listing below work almost for every Sentry Safe model, whether with keys, combinations, or biometrics. So, trying these hacks before calling a locksmith would be a good idea.

So, let me take you through the fixes discussing each problem one by one.

Sentry Safe Dead Batteries

‘Sentry Safe dead batteries’ is hands-down the most common reason why your Sentry Safe won’t open with code. It may sound doltish, but most people go ballistic after finding out that the reason for their Sentry Safe not opening was actually dead batteries. And it is your good luck if that is so!

Sentry Safe Dead Batteries

The fix is simple, just take out dead batteries and replace them with the fresh ones. Even if your keypad lights are on, and you can hear the beep, I recommend checking for batteries before you go for any other fix. Even if the batteries are not dead, they may be too weak to complete the circuit.

I would recommend checking for weak batteries even if the lights on the combination pad are working.

I strongly advise you to use brand-named batteries as the off-brand batteries are not energy efficient. They lose power much quicker and, hence, are more hazardous to the environment than the others. Making wise choices is better! I recommend using Duracell, or Panasonic batteries.

Also, I do not recommend a mix-and-match of batteries. Use all the batteries from the same brand while you replace the dead batteries. Also, combining old batteries with new batteries is not a great idea and can cause more serious damage to the circuit. Using non-alkaline or rechargeable batteries is something that I would advise against as they offer low resistance.

If you need a guide on how to replace your Sentry Safe dead batteries, you can check the Sentry safe website for detailed instructions. They have listed a set of recommendations that you should follow while replacing the batteries of your locker.

Sentry Safe Handle Stuck

Imagine it is your best friend’s engagement party, and you’re all ready to go. You open the Sentry Safe to take out your jewelry and face the worst nightmare! Sentry Safe handle jammed!

Sentry Safe Handle Stuck

I understand the stress, but you must not panic. Here are a few fixes that you must try before you ring a bell to the locksmith.

  • Try Repeatedly: It may not sound like a fix, but it has worked for many. Some users have reported that they dealt with the stuck handle issue by repeatedly attempting to open the locker, which worked for them. Here, repeated attempts do not mean risking it with greater force. Just try opening it 15-20 times and see if it works for you.
  • Push The Door While Trying To Open: This hack is similar to the previous hack, but in this, you have to push the door inwards while trying to open the Sentry Safe. It works in the cases when there is a document jammed between the door that is keeping outward pressure on the door. The pressure restricts the free movement of the pins to release. Hence, pushing the door inwards should relieve this stress and allow the handle to move.
  • Bang It: Sentry Safe handle stuck? Bang it! Yes, you read it right! Just lay your Sentry Safe sideways with the hinge touching the ground. Then, bang the side of the locker that is on top. Banging and gravity may help the jammed bolts to release and your Sentry Safe may open. Just ensure that you do not hit on the keypad or the handle to avoid permanent damage.

If any of the above hacks do not work, do not use force to move the handle. This may result in permanent damage to the handle and cost you a lot more to fix.

Instead, look for the best locksmiths in your area and fix the issue.

And about the engagement party, you look gorgeous without that jewelry too!

Sentry Safe Time Delay/ Lockout Mode

Sentry Safe Time Delay/ Lockout Mode

If ‘Sentry Safe dead batteries’ and ‘Sentry Safe latch stuck’ are not the reason for your trouble, then another possible cause could be that you entered the wrong code too many times. Doing this can result in your digital locker getting into a time delay or lockout mode. An easy solution to this issue is to wait for some time before you re-enter a code.

Usually, for most lockers, the time delay or the lockout time is 10-20 minutes. So, grab your glass, pour some wine, sit back, and relax.  Re-enter the code after a few minutes of patience and access your locker. That sounds like an exciting and easy fix, I know! 

If the combination still doesn’t work, you should read the next section.

Sentry Safe Code Deactivated

Sentry Safe Code Deactivated

If you are using a model of Sentry Safe that supports both key and combination, and you realize that your Sentry Safe won’t open with code, you are lucky! You can still access your locker with a key till the combination code is fixed. Just insert the key into the keyhole, push in and turn to the ‘unlock’ position.

But in case your Sentry Safe won’t open with key or does not support the physical key system, then I recommend you to have someone else try their code. Provided, you have given someone else access to your locker. 

If nobody other than you has a code for your locker, you may find it challenging to resolve the issue. In that case, visit the Sentry Safe website’s Lost Key or Combination Support section or connect with the best locksmith in your area.

I recently wrote a detailed article about how to reset your Sentry Safe. Reading the article may be helpful for you.

Sentry Safe Wiring Disconnected Or Damaged

Sentry Safe Wiring Disconnected Or Damaged

Another reason why your Sentry safe might not be opening after all the above fixes are ruled out is disconnected or damaged wire. Having a faulty circuit in any electronic device is normal and expected. It is better to let the technician fix this issue for you, but you can do easy checks at your end to diagnose the problem.

To perform an easy check, remove the keypad and examine the wires for any faults, cuts, or abruptions. If you do not observe any anomaly, remove the wiring from the keypad and remove the batteries. After waiting for around 20-30 seconds, put the wire and batteries back into their place and try unlocking.

If you still don’t find any luck, you need an expert to fix this for you. Connect with Sentry Safe Customer Support, or call a reliable technician to gain back access to your Sentry Safe product.


Q1. Can I use rechargeable batteries for my Sentry Safe locker?

Answer – Most rechargeable batteries have low resistance, and hence, if they are short-circuited, they produce a high current that can damage your digital lock system.

Sentry Safe advises against using rechargeable and non-alkaline batteries in their products. They also report that most digital lock issues are due to dead, weak, rechargeable, and non-alkaline batteries.

Q2. I accidentally entered an incorrect password multiple times while attempting to unlock my Sentry Safe digital lock. Now my Sentry Safe won’t open with code. What should I do?

Answer – Most digital locks, including Sentry Safe, have a lockout time or time delay of about 10-20 minutes. So, if after repeated wrong password attempts, give it some time and try to unlock it after a few minutes.

Q3. How long do the batteries last in the Sentry Safe Digital locker?

Answer – Batteries in a digital lock can last for up to two years, but it’s better to change the batteries before they are dead. A weak battery may cause damage to the circuit of your digital locker.

Q4. I tried all the above fixes but none of them worked for me, what do I do now?

Answer – In case, none of the above fixes work for you I recommend you to either connect to Sentry Safe Customer Support, a locksmith, or a technician depending upon the issue that you are facing with your product. Trying harsher or illegal methods to break into the locker is not the best thing to do.


No doubt, getting locked out of your Sentry Safe locker is stressful. Especially when you have all your essential documents and valuable items kept inside. The trouble multiplies if you urgently need your documents or valuables but you can’t unlock your locker.

There are a couple of reasons why you can be locked out of your Sentry safe digital locker. If your Sentry Safe won’t open with key, or there is a disconnected or damaged wire, or you are locked out due to time delay, this article should solve 90% of all your problems. 

I am sure that if you make a proper step-by-step diagnosis and rule out each of the possibilities mentioned in the article, you will regain access to your locker. 

In case you have any queries related to this topic, please post them in the comment section. I will ensure that I answer it. However, I may answer it while sunbathing on a beach in Chile.

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