My Pick For The 3 Best Smart Plug In Dimmer Switches for Lamps and LEDs

Some time ago, I did an article on whether you can put a dimmer switch on any light. And in that article, I briefly mentioned the different types of dimmer switches. One of them happens to be plug in dimmer switches that help you control the intensity of those lights that need to be plugged into a socket, for example, bedside lamps. 

However, in this article, I will cover the top light dimmer plugs available in the market. I will also cover the factors that I considered while compiling this list. In the end, I will wrap up the article by mentioning about my personal favourite product.

But if you are new here, let me tell you a bit about myself and why I can give your trustworthy advice on these devices.

I am Jennifer and an interior decorator. I believe in making spaces beautiful and contemporary with the times. Over the last half a decade, I have helped more than 200 clients realize their dream of calling a house their true home. And during this period, I have tested almost all the products out there in the market for my job. 

So without further ado, let’s dive deep into the heart of the matter.

How I Compiled A List of The Best Plug In Dimmer Switches

In my experience, considering these factors will help you choose the right product. Some of these factors may not be pertinent to you, but I am still listing them below.

Ease of Installation

Changing traditional plugs with smart light dimmer plugs is mostly a DIY project. Even if you are a beginner, you can do it quickly. 

Therefore, I always recommend products that are not too difficult to install for DIY replacement.


These smart devices work on a specific protocol, i.e., Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, etc. Therefore, when you purchase a dimmer plug for lamps or other LEDs, you need to factor this in. 

Another compatibility aspect comes into the picture if you already have a smart hub/bridge at home. You will want that your dimmer outlet is compatible with your home ecosystem, for example, Samsung SmartThings, etc. 

Power Rating

This factor is not that relevant these days as most people have LEDs in their homes that consume very little power but for those who still use incandescent bulbs, checking the maximum power rating assumes importance. 

After all, you wouldn’t want the switch that you are buying can’t even support the light, right?


Generally, these dimmer switches with outlets are perfect for bedside lamps. Therefore, you may want to ensure that the switch aesthetic goes with the room color palette. 

Again this factor might not be a concern of everyone, but for me, who earns her living by making spaces beautiful, aesthetics are critical.
Now let’s look at the list of the best smart plug dimmer switches.

3 Best Dimmable Smart Plugs That I Have Tried Myself

Lutron Caseta Lamp Dimmer

Lutron Caseta Lamp Dimmer

I have installed a Lutron lamp dimmer at my home, and I am delighted with its performance. 2 bedside lamps are plugged in one configuration and work like a charm.

Now, let’s talk about the product specs first, and then I will list its pros and cons.

Specifications: Details: 
What’s there in the kit?Only the dimmer
Size‎2 x 3.38 x 5.5 inches
Maximum Power100 watts of dimmable LEDs
Compatible withAmazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, the Google Assistant, Ring.
However, a smart bridge is required.
Hub Required?No
Switch StylePush

Product specs don’t say much about the product’s usability; that’s why let me tell you what I like and dislike about it.

What I Like About the Lutron Caseta Plug In Dimmer

If there were one thing that I was asked to say about this product, then it would be its ease of use.

All you have to do is plug the dimmer, and voila, you are all set. I can’t stress enough about how simple and elderly-friendly this could be. The switches on the dimmer are push type that makes it easy to operate for anyone. 

Generally, dimmer switches require a neutral, but this product from Lutron doesn’t.

Another thing worth mentioning is its compatibility with almost all the known smart home devices, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Homekit. 

This should be your choice if you are primarily looking for a Homekit dimmer plug.

However, if you want to use it with any of the above ecosystems, you will require a smart bridge that doesn’t come with the kit.

I almost forgot to mention that you can control it with the Lutron app and Rico remote as well. However, you will need to buy a Rico remote separately.

What I Dislike About the Lutron Lamp Dimmer

Though there is nothing much to dislike about this product; however, there are always things you wish were there.

Currently, the only available color is white. I wish these switches came out in many more different colors.

Another thing that I have experienced while using it is that it would be nice if the button glowed softly. It would help find the switch in the dark.

Another thing (and it is a wish) that I would have liked was sort of a memory that could have stored my earlier settings. 

Treatlife Smart Plug

Treatlife Smart Plug

Though mainly used outdoors for string lights, the Treatlife plug in dimmer switch still finds a mention on this list. And the reason is my client’s testimonial, who got these installed at her home after I suggested the brand for her patio.

So let’s get to the product specs:

Specifications: Details: 
What’s there in the kit?Only the dimmer
Size‎3.15 x 2.36 x 1.97 inches
Maximum Power150 watts of dimmable LEDs 
Compatible withAmazon Alexa, Samsung SamrtThings, the Google Assistant
Hub Required?No
Switch StyleButton

What I Like About the Smart Treatlife Wi-Fi Dimmer Plug

Like the Lutron dimmer switch, the Treatlife Wi-Fi dimmer plug is also effortless to install. You have to mount the switch into the socket, and you are all set.

Since it comes with dual outlets, you could plug in 2 lamps simultaneously. However, please note that you cannot operate these 2 outlets independently.

Though what stands out about this device is the operational simplicity. You can do sunrise and sunset simulations with a touch of a finger. The dimmable range that you get from this plug is astounding, from 10%-100%, leaving you with an extensive range to play around with. 

What I Dislike About the Treatlife Smart Dimmer Plug

There are a couple of things that are not to my liking. If these were to be incorporated then, it could have been a serious contender for the first item on the list.

The most significant setback is that you can’t use this smart dimmer plug if you use smart bulbs. You cannot use it with touch dimmable lamps either.

Another thing I wished was present in the product was manual elderly-friendly control. Therefore, it might not be an excellent fit for those who don’t want to manage it via any smart device.

Note: There were some connectivity issues in the first generation product range, but I have decided not to list them down since these issues are far and few in the second generation product range.

Leviton Wi-Fi Plug In Dimmer

GE Zigbee Dimmer Plug In

This is a second-generation product from Leviton. The first generation product DW3HL-1BW had some connectivity issues, which is evident if you read some of the reviews on Amazon. 

However, since I have not tried the first generation product myself, I can’t comment on the same. I have a Leviton D23LP-2RW in one of my bedrooms, and I have been reasonably satisfied with its performance so far.

Let’s take a look at the product specs first.

What’s there in the kit?Only the dimmer
Size1.13 x 3.1 x 1.42 inches
Maximum Power100 watt of dimmable LEDs 
Compatible withAmazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, the Google Assistant, Siri, IFTTT
Hub Required?No

What I Like About the Leviton Wi-Fi Plug In Dimmer

If you look closely at the dimmer dimensions, you will see that this smart plug dimmer is really compact. Now the benefit of being compact is that it can fit into tighter spaces. 

I also found THE installation to be relatively straightforward and connectivity with other smart devices was a breeze, too.

And like most of the products on the market, you can set a schedule like a sunset or sunrise and even create different scenes with the Leviton app.

What I Dislike About the Leviton Dimmer

The foremost thing that I dislike about it is that you have to hold down the On and Off button to use the dimmer manually, which is not very accurate. Besides, it makes a humming noise whenever the dimmer is used.

Though the design of the plug is neat, it becomes difficult to locate it in the dark. It would have been better if there was some illumination.

And the most annoying thing (not happening frequently) is that it drops off the network. I guess these traits will be resolved in the next-generation models. 

Other Notable Mentions On The List of Dimmer Plug Sockets

There are various other prominent names available on the market for light dimmer plugs. 

However, since I have not tried them myself, I cannot make a recommendation on just the basis of their names.

To be completely honest, I am listing down just one product to do justice to the list and to provide varied options to users. 

Please do your detailed research before buying it or the rest of the pack.

GE Zigbee Dimmer Plug In

GE Zigbee Dimmer Plug In

Here are the product specs: 

Specifications: Details: 
What’s there in the kit?Only the dimmer
Size1.4 x 3.95 x 2.3 inches
Maximum Power100 watt of dimmable LEDs 
Compatible withAmazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings
Hub Required?No for connecting with Echo

There are various points worth noting for this Zigbee dimmer plug. Some of them are:  

  1. The wireless range from the nearest Zigbee device is 150 feet which is more than enough to get your plug interconnected.
  2. It is a dual outlet plug; one outlet will work as a dimmer, whereas the other will always be ON to provide continuous power.
  3. An energy monitoring mechanism is there, which supposedly helps track energy consumption. 
  4. Hub will be required if you try to connect it with SmartThings.

Closing Words and My Favorite of the Lot

I have tried to be entirely fair in compiling this list and have mentioned only those I have tried and tested. Therefore, you might feel that there is a lack of more options. 

However, I believe that sometimes more options ruin the quality of the decision.

Now, if I were to pick my personal best out of these smart plug dimmers, I would undoubtedly choose the Lutron Caseta Lamp Dimmer. 

The Treatlife smart plug dimmer would be next on my list.
Do let me know if you have tried any other plug in dimmer switches and are happy with their performance; I would surely like to give it a try.

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