Which is the Best Automatic Window Opener? Our Top 3 Picks!

Can you imagine the luxury of closing or opening your windows with the mere touch of a button or a simple voice command? Well, get ready to experience it for yourself as we reveal our top 3 picks for the best automatic window opener with you.

The concept of a home as we know it has changed forever with the advent of the internet and smart home automation. In a world where you can control the brightness, color, and schedule of your bulbs via a mobile app or install an electric window opener to move your windows automatically, the idea of homecoming takes on a whole new meaning.

The human race has always strived to make homes cozy and as comfortable as possible. Even as the earlier definition of a luxury home meant gilded interiors and rich fabrics, the modern concept of luxury now implies home automation. 

Today, homeowners prefer to create cozy living spaces with the added convenience of smart tech and automation. After all, why open and close your windows yourself when you can tell Alexa or Siri to do it for you?

Looking for the Best Automatic Window Opener? Here are Our Top 3 Picks!

All you need is an automatic window closer and opener integrated with smart-control technology and getting up to open or close your windows will soon be a thing of the past. 

You can now command your windows to do your bidding with a button, a simple voice command, or as per your pre-set schedule and temperature settings. 

So, is installing an automatic window opener just about convenience? 
While I may be a lazy bum who never wants to go back to opening or closing windows manually again, there are multiple benefits to installing an electric or motorized window opener. Keep reading to find out more.

Why Do You Need an Automatic Window Opener and Closer?

Why Do You Need an Automatic Window Opener and Closer?

Before we dive deep into our top 3 picks for an electric window opener, let us explore why you need one in the first place.

For Sheer Convenience

For Sheer Convenience

Well, the primary reason to get an automatic window closer is the sheer convenience, of course. No longer do you have to drag yourself from your favorite armchair to close the window every time it gets chilly or to pry it open for a breath of fresh air. 

Convenience aside, it’s just a smart use of technology to save you critical time. You can use simple commands to close all the windows in your home in an instant before stepping out during the day or going to sleep at night.

Make the Most of Automatic Settings and Remote Control

Make the Most of Automatic Settings and Remote Control

Apart from leveraging an advanced motor system, an automatic window opener also comes with smart-control technology. 

You can control windows wirelessly using a connected remote control, a mobile app, or even a smart voice control assistant. 

Additionally, many actuators have wind, rain, and temperature sensors that shut the windows automatically.

You need to ensure that your window actuator is compatible with the wind light rain sensor. They are easily available online

Additionally, you can also set a schedule that opens and closes your windows automatically.

Control Your Windows Away from Home

If you constantly forget to close your windows before you leave for work, then getting an automatic window opener is the smart choice for you.

Instead of worrying about your open window or rushing home, you can close the window using your mobile phone. 

An automatic window closer and opener is also great for when you’re away from home for a couple of weeks or longer.

No one wants to come back from a trip to a mildewed home; using electric window openers allows you to set a schedule that cranks open the windows just a tiny bit and then closes them to keep your house well-ventilated and secure.

Temperature and Air Quality Control

Temperature and Air Quality Control

The primary purpose of windows is to let in natural air and sunshine. You open your windows to enjoy a cool breeze during summers and shut them firmly against the chilly winter winds and snow. 

Now imagine that your windows could shut and open automatically to maintain your ideal temperature at home; sounds divine, doesn’t it?

Apart from smart control, many electric window openers also come with thermostat-based sensors and either open or close whenever it grows too hot or cold.

Smart Security Integration

Smart Security Integration

Installing automatic window openers and closers is also a great way to secure your windows, as you can close all the windows in your home with a simple tap, whether you’re at home or away. 

Just like your smart home security system, an electric window opener with remote monitoring and control can help secure your windows and home. 

Great for Senior Citizens

Great for Senior Citizens

Apart from lazy millennials like me, a motorized window opener is a great option for senior citizens who seek to maintain their independence in their old age. 

You can instantly make a home or a room much more senior-friendly by installing remote-controlled window openers that empower seniors with limited mobility to open and close windows without having to exert themselves. These are also great for differently-abled people and anyone who is bed-ridden or in a wheelchair.

Opening Skylights and Rooftop Windows

Opening Skylights and Rooftop Windows

We all love watching the stars through the skylight or popping them open to enjoy a cool summer breeze. 
Yet it can be a bitch to open and close the same skylights. Installing an automatic skylight opener means that you never have to worry about finding a ladder or stool to open and close your roof windows or skylights ever again.

Maintaining Temperature in Greenhouses

Maintaining Temperature in Greenhouses

A motorized window opener is also used in greenhouses to let in air and control the temperature and humidity inside. 

Imagine just how much simpler everything would be if you installed electric window operators with temperature sensors that open and close on their own.
I will next discuss my top 3 picks for the best automatic window closer and opener models below.

Discover the Top Picks for the Best Electric Window Opener

Discover the Top Picks for the Best Electric Window Opener

Given below are my top 3 picks to help you find the perfect motorized window opener for your home. These 3 devices were shortlisted based on the factors listed below.

  • Strength and Durability: While it may not seem like it, opening and closing windows automatically require a considerable amount of force. This fact is especially true in the case of commercial windows or skylights that are heavy to lift. 
    As a result, motor strength, travel length, and durability matter while getting an automatic window device for your home. 
  • User Reviews: While every user review is subjective, the efficiency of a product can still be determined by looking at the average customer reviews, i.e., how many people purchased the products, are they happy or satisfied with its performance, and would they recommend it to others?
  • Motor Noise Level: While I do salute the efforts of those who create a DIY motorized window opener from scratch, most homemade devices tend to create a rather loud noise. 
    However, excessive noise generation while opening or closing a window is not just limited to DIY actuators; many commercial products also create an annoying sound that can grate on your nerves in the long run. 
    While shortlisting electric window operators for this article, I kept low-noise generation high up on the list. 
  • Range of Smart Control Options: The level of convenience offered by an automatic window opener is directly proportional to the number of smart/wireless control options available. 
  • Customer Service: A responsive and helpful customer service is critical for home devices like an automatic window opener as most customers face installation and setup issues with their first device.
  • Ease of Installation: Installing a home automation device should not be as complicated as rocket science. The easier it is to install and operate an electric window opener, the higher the level of customer or user satisfaction.
CategoriesPerfect for Beginners The Smart ChoiceEditor’s Pick
Product Name Olide Automatic Electric Chain Windows Opener LinkAYL Electric Window Opener 250NOlideHomeSmart Smart Adjustable Stroke Automatic Window Opener
Best ForRoof Windows and Skylights Commercial, Industrial and Residential Windows including
-awning windows

-hopper windows

-casement windows


-curtain wall vents
Home Windows, Roof Top Windows, and Skylights 
Pros-Wireless remote control-Great user reviews

-The product has undergone thousands of tests with CE certification.

-The in-built motor comes with an overload protection system that prevents it from burning out during high electricity surges.

-Uses an automatic chain window actuator.

-Has an in-built receiver, no antenna required.
-The device uses a high-quality, two-layer stainless steel chain for increased strength and durability.

-Optional accessories on the website include a rain and wind detector, alongside a smoke detector, too.

-The traveling distance is adjustable from 100mm-400mm.
-It’s a pretty smooth, low-noise device. If you hate motor sounds while operating electric window openers, this is a perfect fit for you.

-Equipped with a wireless, in-built receiver.  

-Comes with a controller and remote device, though the battery is not included. 

-Can be connected to a wind light rain sensor and set to automatically open and close.
-The device is compatible with your smart home devices. You can sync the actuator to Alexa, or any Google home device and open and shut your windows using simple voice control. 

– Also works with Siri and Google Search Assistant.- You can even set up a schedule and set your windows to open and close according to your pre-set timings. 

-The actuator can also be controlled remotely via a phone app, allowing you to ventilate your home from work or vacation. It’s pretty neat, isn’t it?

-Also comes with a touch panel control that has clear-cut instructions and is incredibly easy to use.

-The diverse control options give the word convenience a whole new meaning in my opinion.

-Last, but not least, the traveling distance is adjustable between 100-400mm.
Cons-The device cannot be installed outside or at any place where it’s exposed to rain and moisture.

-The device is a little hard to mount, it comes with brackets, but you do need to get a bit creative during installation.
-The device needs to be installed by a professional technician.

-It needs to be mounted inside, as the machinery is not suitable for outdoor usage.
-The company also sells UPS devices that let you control your windows in case of a power outage. 
-A single complete set does not come with a remote control or receiver as you don’t need them due to the WiFi push panel.

-You need to make sure the device is compatible with your current WiFi spectrum.
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How Does an Automatic Window Opener Work?

After exploring the key benefits of installing window openers, it’s now time to probe a little deeper and learn more about how they function. 

The primary mechanism behind an automatic or electric window opener is a window actuator. 

In layman’s terms, an actuator is a mechanism that applies pressure to an object to move it.

There are 3 main types of mechanisms used by electric window operators. 

1. Rack and Pinion

Rack and Pinion

This mechanism opens linear windows like roof windows and skylights. After receiving the signal to open, the pinion rotates and moves the window with the attached rack. You can also think of this as a more advanced pulley system that acts as an automatic skylight opener.

2. Rod

This type of window actuator applies force to extend the main metal rod that pushes open a window and retracts to close it.

3. Chain Actuators

Chain Actuators

Actuators with a chain mechanism open vertical windows. These automatic window openers function a bit like garage doors, using a chain mechanism that extends and retracts to open and shut a window, respectively.

It’s said that the devil’s in the details, so let us now review our top picks for the best automatic window opener once more.

Reviewing Our Top Picks

While the key features of my top three picks for the best electric window opener have already been outlined above, let’s take a second look at them before reaching our final verdict. 

  • Olide Automatic Electric Chain Windows Opener: Olide is a reputed company that offers a wide range of automatic window opener devices. 
    Their automatic electric chain window opener is no fuss, no muss option, and perfect for beginners who are just getting started in the home automation game. You can control it via a simple remote control device or per some user reviews, even operate it from 40 feet away. 
    I would recommend exploring the entire range of window actuators as they have multiple options for every budget. All their products come with CE certification and do not require professional installation. 
  • LinkAYL Electric Window Opener 250N: The multifaceted product range from LinkAYL offers several high-powered options for commercial and residential use. The devices are also compatible with a wide range of smoke, wind, rain, and temperature sensors that make it easier to secure and manage huge commercial properties. 
    Another great feature of LinkAYL devices is their low-noise operating mechanism as the motor makes minimal noise while opening and closing. 
    One major con that I do have to point out is that the more affordable products from LinkAYL do not come with remote control, the device has to be purchased separately. 
  • OlideHomeSmart Smart Adjustable Stroke Automatic Window Opener: Coming back to my top pick, as a satisfied customer myself,  I can recommend it wholeheartedly. 
    This is the kind of product that will be thoroughly enjoyed by those who wish to experience the full spectrum of just how smart your windows can become. 
    Apart from appealing to technophiles like me, the diverse range of voice and remote control options offered by this smart window actuator makes it a great option for making homes more senior-friendly.

Final Verdict: What’s It Gonna Be?

Based on our extensive analysis above, the verdict is clear; the Olide Automatic Electric Chain Windows Opener is the smart choice for beginners. 

LinkAYL is the way to go for heavy-duty or commercial use. 

In the end, the OlideHomeSmart Smart Adjustable Stroke Automatic Window Opener is my recommendation for an elevated window automation experience.

Installation Guide

It’s best to avoid the hassle of fixing your window actuators by yourself and have your electric window opener installed by professionals. 

However, here are some steps to guide the DIYers among you. 

Now, let’s explore the installation process, one step at a time:

  • The first step is to do your research and get the right window actuator for your window type. 
  • Talk to the company’s customer service and confirm whether your chosen device is compatible with your window models.
  • Once you have received your device, make sure to read the accompanying instructions carefully. 
  • Watch DIY YouTube tutorials before you start and save the most useful ones. 
  • Match the list of parts received with your installation instructions and make sure nothing is missing. 
  • Assemble the key parts before installation.
how to install best automatic window opener
  • The main motor device or mental part has to be fixed and installed on the window frame, you need to mount and screw it in place using the accompanying brackets and screws.
how to install best automatic window opener
  • Next, the chain connector has to be installed on the movable window sash. 
  • You then need to wire it properly. 
  • Once your wiring has been done, you need to check that the window connector works smoothly with the window and make adjustments as required. 
  • If you face any issues, call the company’s customer support or call the professionals to do it for you. Remember, there’s no shame in asking for help. 

I hope that this article helped you learn more about automatic window operators and why you should get them for your home, even if you build a DIY motorized window opener

So, which of the actuators highlighted above are you planning to get for your home? Let me know in the comments below.

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