Expert Picks: The Best Smart Light Switches Available in the U.K. Right Now!

It seems incredible that we live in an age where one can control lights with a few swipes on one’s mobile phone or by using smart light switches, doesn’t it? However, many people still find themselves having to get up every time they need to dim their lights or switch them on or off. 

The most common reason behind this is the high cost of smart bulbs like Philips Hue. However, as an experienced interior designer, who is used to coming up with creative and cost-effective solutions for her clients,  I can tell you that it’s possible to control your lights smartly without breaking the bank. 

It can be a rather expensive proposition to replace all of your existing lights with smart bulbs like Philips Hue that are controlled via simple voice instructions or your mobile app. 

The smart thing to do when upgrading your lights on a limited budget is to opt for smart light switches that can convert your regular light bulbs into smart ones.

As an interior designer in the digital age, I often also consult and advise international clients from all over the globe. They usually hear about me from my existing clients in the U.S. 

I was recently contacted by a couple from the UK who wanted to automate their house on a budget, and they were looking for a consultant who could help them achieve their goals. 

I was more than happy to advise them and help them go far on a shoe-string budget as I am quite familiar with the home automation scenario in the United Kingdom. 

Are you still wondering whether it’s possible to achieve this? Have some faith in me and keep reading as I bring you the best smart light switches UK edition

Why Go for Smart Light Switches?

Why Go for Smart Light Switches

There are two main types of smart light switches; first, we have the in-wall light switches that are wired to your home’s electrical circuit. 

The other option is to go for on-wall smart light switches that are battery-operated and comparatively easy to install and manage as you don’t have to bother with the complicated process of rewiring. 

Now, before we take a look at the best smart light switches in UK, let’s see their advantages and of key benefits:

  • Once installed, these switches enable you to control your home’s lights via a smartphone app or voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant and even set your lights to turn on and off as per a set schedule. 
  • Forget having to get up from your bed to switch off the lights at night, as installing these smart light switches allows you to turn them off without having to leave the comfort of your bed. 
  • You can also set your lights to turn on in the morning and wake you up at a specific time.
  • These smart light switches are great for elderly citizens living alone or for those with restricted mobility as they no longer have to exert themselves physically to control the lights. I advised one of my clients in the UK to get a Wifi light switch for her elderly parents. All of them were surprisingly pleased with their newfound convenience. 
  • Many of these switches come with in-built Wifi connectivity and do not require a smart hub to operate, while other models are compatible with advanced wireless protocols, including Z-Wave and Zigbee. 
  • Additionally, you can also add smart motion sensors that switch on your lights automatically whenever they sense movement. I recommend adding these to your home’s common areas, which you may wish to traverse at night. 
  • For instance, going to the washroom at night or the kitchen for late-night snacks becomes much easier with automatically triggered lighting. A smart light switch with an in-built motion sensor can also be an excellent feature for your stairwell and laundry room. 

Now that we have taken a look at some of the key advantages of getting a Wifi light switch, let’s take a look at some of my top picks for the best smart light switches UK edition.

My Top Picks for the Best Smart Light Switches UK Edition

My Top Picks ImageKey Features 
ENER-J Wi-Fi Smart Wall Mounted Light Switch (No Neutral)
-Wall-mounted -Offers remote access control via the free ENER- app that can be downloaded on your smartphone.

-Comes with intelligent time features that allows you to set an on/off schedule for your smart lights.

Compatible With: Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap,  and Google Assistant. 
Lightwave Smart Series Dimmer

-You can use it to control lights remotely, turn them on or off as per a preset schedule and even track energy usage via the Lightwave App.-It’s a wireless smart switch that can be easily installed to control your bulbs at home. 

-Compatible With: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit.

-Also compatible with dimmable LED lights/bulbs. 

-It may just be the best smart dimmer switch in UK.

Philips Hue White Dimmer Switch
Battery-powered,  no wiring required.

-Can be mounted anywhere quite easily as it comes with diverse accessories. 

-Requires Hue Bridge. Unfortunately, it’s sold separately.

-Comes with a two-year warranty.

-Can be used to control up to 10 Hue bulbs.

-Can be connected to Samsung SmartThings or Nest system.

-It definitely counts among the best smart light switches in UK for Hue bulbs. 
Lutron Caseta 
Wireless and easily mounted. A neutral wire connection is required. Compatible With: Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Nest, SmartThings.
GE C-Start Smart Switch Motion Sensing Dimmer
Has an in-built motion sensor. Connects to Wifi, no hub required. It’s known to be the best smart dimmer switch in UK.  Compatible With: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

Still feeling confused about which switch is the best  option for you? Bear with me as I explain the factors that I took into consideration while shortlisting the best smart light switches in UK for you.

Factors to Consider Before Going for Smart Light Switches

Factors to Consider Before Going for Smart Light Switches

There are a variety of factors that go into making a final decision or selection. I will now take you through all the factors that I took into consideration before shortlisting my top picks for the best smart light switches in UK. 

These top picks are a mix of devices that I have used personally, or recommended to family, friends, and most importantly, clients after extensive evaluation and research. 

I now lay it all down for your benefit. So keep reading to discover all you need to know to choose the best smart light switches in UK.

  • Key Features:

    As mentioned before, smart light switches offer a wide variety of advantages and functionalities. A wireless, Wifi light switch that requires no neutral wire is much easier to use and install than a wired one that requires a neutral to provide constant power. 

    A smart dimmer switch also offers additional features, such as 3-way switch support or an in-built motion sensor that triggers the lights automatically. 

    The best smart light switches with genuinely user-friendly features can help light up your life with multiple hues of convenience and happiness. I have taken a look at the features of smart light switches and also studied the user experiences to recommend you the best of the whole lot.  
  • Compatibility with Other Devices: Smart home automation is all about interconnectivity and compatibility. With the advent of IoT technology, all the devices in a home can directly connect with each other. For instance, you can now command Alexa to open your garage doors or even turn on smart lights, both inside and outside the house. 

    Multifunctional devices are the key to the future and that’s why all the switches on my list offer several useful features and are compatible with smart devices like Amazon Echo, Apple HomeKit, SmartThings, Nest, etc. 
  • Ideal Wireless Protocols:

    At the risk of repeating myself, let me reaffirm that the future is wireless and the same goes for home automation. 

    While most homes today already have Wifi, the homes of the future will go a step ahead and also have advanced wireless protocols like Z-Wave and Zigbee. These protocols are specially designed to facilitate communication between all the smart devices in a home for easier control and interconnectivity. 
  • Installation and Mounting: As an interior designer who works with smart home technology, I always keep my clients’ comfort and convenience in mind while recommending devices. 

    That’s exactly why I have prioritized wall-mounted and battery-powered smart light switches in my list. Trust me when I tell you that you do not wish to undergo the hassle of rewiring your existing light switches or wiring your new smart switches. In fact, some of the options on the list can be simply mounted on your walls using scotch or double-sided tape. 
  • Price: Price matters, of course, and I have made sure to include budget-friendly options alongside luxury ones. Personally, in my opinion, it’s always possible to find something good within your budget, you just have to keep looking for it. 

    As far as the high-end options go, I always recommend looking at the full range of services and functionalities to decide whether they justify the price or not. 
  • Longevity and Durability: A device is good as it lasts, and so, of course, I factored in the lifespan and the performance of these smart light switches while compiling my list of the best light switches in the UK

    Another factor to keep in mind while determining the longevity of both the smart light switch and your investment is to also check the warranty of the product and whether it is limited or full. 

    A long warranty timespan tells you how much confidence a company has in its product and also protects you against any potential loss. 
  • Smartphone Access: If you think that you need to turn on the lights only when you are at home or are entering it, then think again. 

    What do you do in a situation where you cannot remember whether you had turned your lights off or not? You either rush back home from your office or vacation to check your lights or hassle a helpful neighbour into doing so. While they might do it for you once or twice, even the most patient of neighbours is bound to grow exasperated after the first few times. 

    Additionally, turning your lights on and off at night is a smart way to keep the burglars away when you are not at home, as it tricks them into thinking that the home is still occupied. 

    That’s why you need to go for automated light switches with smart applications that allow you to control and check the status of your lights from anywhere in the world, while also helping you stay on good terms with your neighbours. 
  • Switch Aesthetics:

    The interior designer and decorator part of me cannot help but state that aesthetics do matter. 

    Just like lights are so important as they illuminate and enhance both your interior spaces and your outdoors, the smart light switches controlling them need to be aesthetically appealing, too. 

    After all, these switches are going to be mounted on your walls and should complement your existing decor. 

    In terms of mere appearance, I must confess that the ENER-J Wi-Fi Smart Wall Mounted Light Switch is my all-time favourite. I just love its sleek and simplistic design. The white tempered glass touchscreen looks so elegant on your walls and represents the perfect amalgamation of smart technology and modern aesthetics. 
  • Neutral Wire Required or Not: As I have mentioned before, the simpler the device is to set up and install, the easier it is to use and maintain. 

    I have always preferred battery-operated switches as they require minimum fuss and are easy to set up. In the case of the wired switches, you end up spending extra to get these switches wired into your existing panel. Additionally, many of these switches also need to be connected to a neutral wire so that they receive continuous current or electricity to keep functioning. That’s why most of the options on my list are battery-operated. 

Pro-Tip: Unless you are a certified electrician, I would recommend calling the professionals to help wire your smart light switches. However, the smart thing to do is to always opt for a battery-operated Wifi light switch.

My Top 5 Picks for the Best Light Switches in UK: In-Depth Analysis

Even though I have already listed the key features of my top picks for the best smart light switches in the UK, I will now go on to explore them in greater detail for you. 

ENER-J Wi-Fi Smart Wall Mounted Light Switch (No Neutral)

ENER-J Wi-Fi Smart Wall Mounted Light Switch (No Neutral)

As mentioned above, this is one of my favorite smart switches when it comes to both product aesthetics and functionality. 

As this is a wireless, Wifi light switch, it can be easily mounted on your walls, eliminating the need for rewiring or a major overhaul of your electrical panels. As stated earlier, this switch channels modern minimalistic design and is a perfect fit for today’s cosmopolitan homes. 

The switch also comes with a central touch control button and has an in-built LED light that makes it easy to find this switch in the dark but doesn’t disturb your sleep. If you are looking for a smart light switch for your bedrooms, I would recommend that you go with this one. 

Additionally, the switch also offers you the convenience of commanding your lights via voice control as you can sync the device with Alexa or Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap, and even the ever-handy Google Assistant. 

As the name suggests this is a smart energy product with an intelligent Wifi switch. Using this switch you can schedule the device to power electronics on and off as per specific timings. This Wifi light switch ensures that the devices do not consume any power on standby mode and improves the lifespan of your smart light products by preventing overcharging and overheating. 

This switch also comes with a free app that allows you to control and operate the switch from anywhere in the world, all you need is a strong Wifi connection. This feature not only allows you to control the smart switch but also enables you to manage all the devices linked to it by extension. 

Let’s now take a look at the device’s key specifications, along with its pros and cons. 

Let’s now take a look at the device’s key specifications, along with its pros and cons. 

  • Switch Name: ENER-J Wi-Fi Smart Wall Mounted Light Switch
  • Price: £18.00 – £16.85
  • Mounting: Wall Mounting
  • Switch Type: Push Button
  • Smart Home Hub Compatibility: Company App, Amazon Alexa, Dot, Tap, Echo, Google Assistant, no monthly subscription charges or separate hub required. 
  • Appearance: White Tempered Glass Finish
  • It is an energy-saving, Wifi light switch that reduces your energy consumption and also saves you more money in the long run by prolonging product lifespan.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • The switch comes with extra features like intelligent time functions and an LED backlight to make it easier to set up different time schedules for your lights and use this device in the dark.
  • You can use a single switch to control multiple devices.
  • Sleek, chic, and attractive; this device is guaranteed to enhance your home’s interiors.
  • Smart light switch, no neutral required.
  • A few users complained about screws that come with the device as they found it difficult to mount the Wifi light switch using these.
  • I seriously could not find any other issues with this product. Everyone that I have recommended this product to, has gotten back to me with raving reviews.

Lightwave Smart Series Dimmer

Lightwave Smart Series Dimmer

The next item on my list is not for those on a budget as it’s definitely at the higher end of the price spectrum. This Wifi dimmer switch with smart features can be used either in place of a standard light or dimmer switch. 

Additionally, a single Wifi dimmer switch can be used to control an impressive number of Lightwave devices and this wireless switch is also compatible with dimmable LED dimmer bulbs. 

Once again the switch can be controlled from anywhere by using the Lightwave App or Link Plus. As an added bonus, you can also set up smart ‘Automations” to manage when the lights turn on and off or even simulate your presence at home when you are away. 

The possibilities are endless and you have spent many hours discovering all the wonderful things that you can achieve with this smart dimmer switch in UK.

Did you know that the Lightwave App actually allows you to monitor the energy consumption of connected light devices via charts? Now, that’s a great way to reduce your energy consumption and lower your utility bills as well. 

  • Switch Name: Lightwave Smart Series Dimmer (2 Gang) – White Metal
  • Price: £99.95
  • Mounting: Wireless design, can be used to replace your standard switches by using the same wiring.
  • Switch Type: Switch
  • Smart Hub Compatibility: Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Homekit, and IFTTT.
  • Appearance: White Metal Finish
  • The device comes with its own RF protocol that enables superior two-way communication and performance.
  • This proprietary protocol is superior to your standard Wifi connection and offers a wider network range while ensuring less interference.
  • The two-way communication channel allows you to access and control your smart dimmer switch to trigger and monitor the lights at home from anywhere in the world.
  • You can trigger any number of light bulbs or devices using this Wifi light switch, provided they are compatible.
  • There are multiple automation built into the app that can be used to create the desired ambience at home.
  • Smart light switch, no neutral required.
  • While this Wifi dimmer switch can be connected to dimmable LEDs, you need to ensure that the LEDs are from a brand that is compatible with the device.
  • As mentioned above, the price is definitely on the higher side and you need to see for yourself if the benefits outweigh the cost.

Philips Hue White Dimmer Switch

If you already have an impressive range of Philips Hue bulbs at home (like me) and are looking for a compatible Wifi light switch to control them, I suggest going with the Philips Hue White Dimmer Switch. 

As a highly satisfied customer of this product, I can tell you that this Wifi dimmer switch makes managing your Philips Hue bulbs a breeze. 

I have a phalanx of Philips Hue bulbs installed at my home, both outdoors and indoors. While their price may be a little steep, their longevity and intense colour spectrum makes them a worthwhile investment.

 This Hue switch can be used to trigger and control around 10 Hue devices at a time and trust me when I tell you that this arrangement just works out fine. 

  • Switch Name: Philips Hue Smart LED Wireless Lighting Remote Switch
  • Price: £20
  • Mounting: Battery-Powered, Wireless, Comes with a Wall Plate 
  • Switch Type: Switch and Remote Control 
  • Smart Hub Compatibility: Next, Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, etc. 
  • Appearance: Works as a Wall-Mounted Switch or a Smart Remote, Subtle and Minimalistic.
  • The switch consists of a battery-operated remote that can be fixed to a wall plate or operated as a hand-held remote. It’s really up to you how you use it.
  • I use this device in both configurations, as a wall-mounted switch to set the mood for games/movie nights or dinner parties. I find the handheld remote especially useful when I want to switch off the light at night without getting up from the bed.
  • Can be easily mounted using screws or adhesive tape, i.e., offers easy installation.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty from Philips. I can vouch for the fact that this is a long-lasting product as I have been using it for roughly the same amount of time and have not experienced any issues yet.
  • You’ll require a Hue Bridge to make the most of this switch’s features and functions.
  • Unfortunately, the Hue Bridge does not come with the switch pack and has to be purchased separately.
  • I will advise that you get this switch if you already have Philips Hue Smart Lights at your home or office, or are planning to get them soon.

Lutron PD-5NE-BL ELV Caseta Wireless Electronic Low Voltage In-Wall Dimmer

Lutron PD-5NE-BL ELV Caseta Wireless Electronic Low Voltage In-Wall Dimmer

There are dimmer switches that you can put on lights and then there are smart light dimmer switches. 

The only black smart light dimmer switch on my list (it comes in a white variant, too, don’t worry), this smart light switch is easily installed in 3 simple steps that can be easily completed within 15 minutes. 

Want to learn another cool fact? You can use just 1 unit to control up to 29 bulbs and this smart light switch is also compatible with over 1000 light bulbs. I will still recommend that you check whether your existing lights are on the list of compatible devices for this switch. 

If I were to select just one adjective to describe this product, I would go with flexibility as this smart light switch can be used in place of an existing switch, can be controlled using a Pico remote that comes separately, and even follows voice commands after being synced to Amazon Alexa. 

As I believe in mixing functionality with aesthetics, let me just say here that this smart switch is definitely a statement piece that will help upgrade and elevate your home’s style. For those of you who wish to automate your homes while also achieving a modern, futuristic look, I would say, just go for it. 

Let us now move to the product specs and also take a look at its key benefits and maybe, a few cons?

  • Switch Name: Lutron PD-5NE-BL ELV Caseta Wireless Electronic Low Voltage In-Wall Dimmer, Black
  • Price: N.A.
  • Mounting: Wall Mounting, Neutral Wire Required. 
  • Switch Type: Dimmer Switch
  • Smart Hub Compatibility: Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Sonos, Serena Shades, Nest, and SmartThings. 
  • The Free Lutron App is available on both iOS and Android. 
  • Appearance: Wall Mounting and Remote, Black, Modernist, and Edgy in design.
  • As mentioned above, this smart light switch is extremely versatile as it works with a wide range of light bulbs, smart LEDs, and home automation devices.
  • A single circuit can be used to control and manage 29 light devices at a time. This number is among the highest for a single light switch.
  • It offers smart ELV (extra low voltage) dimming.
  • It supports 3-way switches as well. This allows you to manage a light source from 2 different locations.
  • The device can be used at different locations by using the Caseta Wall Mount Kit.
  • It offers a wide range of functions and is compatible with a diverse range of devices.
  • It requires a Smart Bridge to sync with Amazon Alexa and dim lights via voice commands.
  • The Smart Bridge has to be purchased separately and is an added expense.
  • While I may not have the exact price for you guys right now, I can tell you that this is definitely one of the more expensive smart light switches out there.

GE C-Start Smart Switch Motion Sensing Dimmer

GE C-Start Smart Switch Motion Sensing Dimmer

The last of my top picks for the best smart light switches in UK, the GE C-Start Smart Switch is rare in that comes integrated with a motion sensor.

This utilitarian device may not be much to look at, but it packs a plethora of features that makes this one of the most dynamic smart light switches available in the market. 

This smart light switch offers motion and ambient light detection that automatically turns lights off and on, based on the amount of natural light and motion in the room.  The motion sensor feature can also be turned off during hours when you don’t want to be disturbed. 

Overall, the switch comes with a range of impressive features. However, at the same time, I feel that the design is a bit of a letdown. Though the switch is not sleek and stylish, in the end, it gets the job done. 

  • Switch Name: GE Motion Sensing Dimmer Smart Switch
  • Price: £28.31
  • Mounting: Wall Switch 
  • Switch Type: Wifi Dimmer Switch 
  • Smart Hub Compatibility: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit. 
  • Appearance: Basic and Utilitarian
  • This smart light is integrated with smart motion sensor technology and can be controlled remotely via app, touch, voice, or motion.
  • It literally turns ordinary bulbs into smart ones as it works with all bulbs and not just smart lights.
  • It supports 3-way switches and connections as well.
  • I must confess that one of my biggest pet peeves is when companies make a smart product, pack it with a full host of features, and then present it in a flat, uninspired design. As you can guess, a major con for me with this product is the lackluster and utilitarian design. It’s really a shame as they had so much potential with this product.
  • Another major issue with the device is that the Android app is really confusing and difficult to figure out. Once you get this device, it will be a while before you figure out how to manage it remotely via your smartphone.
  • Installation is a bit complicated as the switch needs to be connected to a neutral wire.

Whew! This has been quite a detailed review. I have now been sitting here for hours, typing away and it’s almost night. However, I am not done yet as I will be answering a few of your most commonly asked questions before signing off.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Q1.  How do smart light switches work?

Answer – A smart light switch replaces an existing light switch and empowers you to control your lights remotely via an in-house smartphone app, using voice commands by connecting to devices such as Alexa, and even switches the lights on/off automatically when it detects motion. 

As we step into the future of smart home automation, these smart switches are the best option to light the way forward.

Q2. What are the different types of smart light switches?

Answer- When it comes to the different types of smart light switches, the sky is the limit as the market is currently flooded with a rich bounty of smart switches. 

As each new model upgrades its features to compete with the latest switches in the market, you now have smart light switches that connect to Wifi, Z-Wave, or Zigbee wireless protocols. 

Apart from Wifi dimmer switches, you also have switches that are wall-mounted, battery-operated, or ones that have to be wired into the existing switchboards.

Q3. Are smart light switches worth it?

Answer- The future of the home is automated. In the years to come, everything from your windows to your lights will be fully automated and controlled via a few choice voice commands. 

While smart lights are a great addition to your homes, switching out your existing lights and replacing them with smart bulbs can be quite an expensive proposition. 

Installing smart light switches is a smart workaround as they integrate into your existing switchboards or are battery-powered and can be easily mounted using a few long screws or even strong, adhesive tape. 

Installing compatible smart light switches can help you transform ordinary bulbs into smart ones while also providing you with the power to dim and control your lights via voice commands, a few simple taps on your phone, or even as per your preset schedules. 

Q4. Do I need a special switch for a smart bulb?

Answer- While smart bulbs do work with regular switches, it’s really a waste as it does limit their functionality. At the same time, you don’t have to get a smart switch to control a smart bulb as it can be synced to smart apps and home automation devices, such as Alexa, SmartThings, or even Google Assistant. 

If you decide to get a smart switch for your smart bulbs, make sure to check their compatibility before making any purchases. The best move is to pair smart switches and lights from the same parent company. For example, the best smart switch for Philips Hue bulbs whether you use them indoors or outdoors is the Philips Hue White Dimmer Switch.

Q5. Do smart switches work without Wifi?

Answer- While most smart light switches can be easily connected to your home’s regular Wifi network, many new versions now connect to wireless home automation protocols like Zigbee or Z-Wave technology.

Q6. Why does the smart switch need neutral? How do you install a smart light switch without a neutral wire?

Answer- The key benefit of a smart switch is that you can control it wirelessly from anywhere, at any time. However, this also means that the smart light switch needs to be connected to a power source to stay charged. 

That’s exactly why a smart light switch needs to be connected to a neutral wire. This way it stays charged without suffering the consequences of electrical surges or short-circuits. 
However, whenever you see the description- smart light switch, no neutral, it means that the switch is battery-powered and does not need to be wired into any electrical panel at all. You just need to keep a tab on the batteries and change or charge them as required.

Lighting the Way Forward

Wow, this has been quite a journey. I hope that I was able to dispel your doubts about the best smart light switches in UK

As I mentioned above, installing smart light switches is a swift and easy way to upgrade and automate your home’s existing lights in one go. 
If you have any questions about any specific smart light switches or are looking for more information, please do post your questions in the comments below.

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