How to Boost Your Apartment Door Security: An Expert Guide

Across cultures, doorways or doors denote a passage to a place of happiness, peace, shelter, and even brand new beginnings. However, that’s not all there is to the story.

While doors might be an essential feature in your home, they are also passages to burglary, theft, and robbery. The maximum number of burglary cases that I witnessed took place in apartments. In all these cases, the burglars had broken down the main apartment door to gain access to the valuables inside.

It is important to note that apartments are now the new targets for these notorious criminals. That is why apartment door security has become an essential issue. 

Apartment door security has been one of the foremost concerns amongst apartment dwellers, and honestly, if I were in their shoes, I would equally be tensed. But why do you think we are talking about apartment door security? Let me contextualize my case.

Why is Apartment Door Security Important

  • In a recent report, the National Crime Prevention Council stated that apartments have an approximately 85% more chance of being burglarized than residential houses. 
  • According to the same report, it was shocking to learn that apartment tenants lost approximately $2416 due to burglary. That is a significant loss to bear for a tenant!
  • While going through more statistics, I gathered that renters living in small apartments of two to four units were more vulnerable to burglaries. Scary, right?
  • Studies indicate nearly 30% of the burglars intruded into dwellings via unlocked or insecure doors and windows.

If I reflect upon my experience as a security advisor, burglars prefer apartments because breaking down an entrance to an apartment is much easier than a residential house. When I was still working two years ago as a security consultant, I witnessed more than five burglaries and thefts occur due to improperly secured doors and windows. 

It is sad to see how young apartment dwellers forget to lock their doors and windows before going out. That is precisely what burglars and robbers look for – some low-security apartment door with a careless owner or tenant. It is, therefore, essential to address how to secure apartment door against criminals.

Most of these apartments have similar apartment door security. The locks are easily breakable, and there is no extra protection. In one blow, a robber or burglar can break through the door and, since it is an apartment, people will assume it is some kid playing outside or in their neighbor’s apartment. 

These statistical figures are screaming the urgent need for improved apartment door security

If you reside in an apartment or plan to, you should continue reading. As an expert, I will help you show how to secure your apartment door.

How to Maximize Apartment Door Security

We have seen how recent trends depict the increasing incidence of robbers and burglars targeting apartment doors. Therefore, it becomes even more urgent to maximize apartment door security

The bigger question now remains – how to secure apartment door? This is where the expert in me will take over. Let’s now dive into various door security devices for apartments that help provide extra security for apartment doors. 

Essential Door Security Devices for Your Apartments

I am thankful for the technological innovations that have revolutionized the concept of security today. Being a security guy for over 30 years now, I have been lucky to witness simple locks transform into smart locks. 

Likewise, many door security devices for apartments today can quickly provide security to apartment doors. Now, let’s go through the best door security devices for apartments one by one:

1. Apartment Door Lock System

We have already seen how more than 30% of the burglars/robbers intruded into dwellings through unlocked doors and windows, which is why locking your apartment door is so important. This fact reiterates the need for a sturdy and durable lock that is unbreakable. 

The usual door locks in apartments provide low security, and if you do not change the locks or add extra security for apartment doors, you can quickly become the next target! We will now see different types of lock systems that can help you in boosting your apartment door security. I have covered apartment door locks in great depth in another blog post.

  • Portable Door Locks: As the name suggests, portable door locks are portable or transportable, which means that you can carry them anywhere and everywhere. A portable door lock is a simple device that is easy to install on any hinged door. This lock has a steel plate to fit in the door strike, and then the handle is used to lock the door. 

    Addalock portable door locks are among the best portable door locks available in the market today. They have a simple but effective design and are easy to use. The most important thing that you should mark here is that these locks help secure doors from the inside.
    Portable Door Locks
    So, it will protect you from any intruder trying to unlock your door from outside. The door will not open until you unlock the portable door lock. 

    I purchased this Amazon best-seller portable lock at just $14.99, and it was worth the price! It easily fits in all doors.    
  • Biometric Locks: A biometric lock is an efficient apartment door lock system. It provides a high level of security due to its mechanical design. You can only lock or unlock the door with the given sets of fingerprints.
    Biometric Locks
    There are many biometric locks today that can store around 30 fingerprint sets. That means access to your apartment will be selective. Only those with their recorded fingerprints will be able to enter. 

    With the help of new technologies, biometric technology can recognize up to 98% of a fingerprint. Another pro is the convenience of use. Older adults can easily use biometric locks. Also, you will no more fret about someone getting duplicate keys. 

    Today, many fingerprint locks can easily make out fake fingerprints and alarm the users. So, burglars will have tough luck. August Home is one of the leading brands for the best biometric locks. 

    Since these devices use new technology, they can be a bit pricey. But, on Amazon, you can get the best biometric locks at the best price, starting from $49.00 only! 

PRO-TIP: Some biometric locks may use alkaline batteries. But you do not have to worry about that because these high-tech locks have a  pre-installed feature to notify you if it is time to change the batteries.

  • Cylinder Door Locks: Cylinder locks are cylindrical and usually have flat and narrow keys. In most cases, I have seen people mounting cylinder door locks separately. That means you have a simple door lock, and along with that, you also have a cylinder door lock to provide extra security for your apartment door.
    Cylinder Door Locks
    There are two types of cylinder locks commonly used – single-cylinder locks and double-cylinder locks. 
  • Single-cylinder locks use a key from the outside to lock a door and a thumb-turn from the inside.  
  • Double-cylinder locks can be used from both outside and inside with a key. 

There are multiple types of cylinder locks that are available online. These locks are budget-friendly and easy to use. These locks come with extra keys, so if your child loses his key, you can always open your door from your key and then get your lock changed. 
You can easily find your best buy on Amazon for prices as low as $4.99.

PRO-TIP: If you do not want to install too many locks, you can use a cylinder lock integrated with a mortise lock. It will help you instantly provide a double apartment door lock system without using separate locks. 

  • Smart Locks: As home security technology advances, humble locks are slowly transforming into smart security devices. These smart locks are the best option to automate and make your apartment door lock system more protective.
    Smart Locks
    Are you wondering about how to secure apartment door for kids, older people, and people with disabilities ? Smart locks are most suitable for people with disabilities and the elderly. 

    The doors can get locked and unlocked with one touch on your smartphone. The doors will only get unlocked when you allow them on your phone. You get instant notifications if someone is trying to lock or unlock the door on your phone. 

    Since smart locks have virtual keys, you can access these keys to only limited and trusted people in your circle. That means you do not have to worry about someone making duplicate copies of your keys or lending your keys to someone else. 

    Another smart lock feature is efficiently scheduling your locks through your smartphone. If a caregiver or helper works for you, they can quickly get in around their scheduled time, and you can monitor when they leave and arrive. 

    Several smart locks are available on Amazon – from August’s Wi-F Smart Lock to Schlage Encode and Kwikset Halo. Depending on the price and performance, you can choose from a range of smart locks on Amazon starting from just $45.00. 

PRO-TIP: You can connect your locks with Google Assistant or Alexa to get the maximum advantage of your smart locks. If you have to leave hurriedly, you can easily direct them to lock the door as you are heading out.   

2. Grade 1 Deadbolt

Grade 1 Deadbolt

If you have simple knob locks or cam locks in your apartment door, it is your call to add grade 1 deadbolts, as they are one of the best door security devices for apartments today. A grade 1 deadbolt is of much higher quality and provides immense security to your door. 

The ANSI has developed a grading system for deadbolts in which grade 1 deadbolts come under the highest security category. Kwikset is one company that offers high-quality grade (1, 2, and 3) deadbolts. 

These deadbolts give you the convenience of having one key and, thus, add extra security for apartment doors. Re-keying has never looked smoother before! I have used all three deadbolts, and I suggest that you go with the best one, in this case, i.e., Grade 1 deadbolt. You can get grade 1 deadbolts on Amazon at prices starting from $12.00 only.

PRO-TIP: With the help of the smart key tool in the new deadbolts, you can quickly rekey your lock and make your old key inoperable.

3. Hinge Bolts and Strike Plates

If you want to secure your door against being kicked in, then get hinge bolts and strike plates for your apartment doors today. In many cases, I have witnessed that people use low-quality deadbolts without reinforcing them with hinge bolts or strike plates to make them secure. 

Hinge bolts are metal bolts installed on the door frame where the hinges are. Strike plates help in reinforcing the deadbolts into the door frame. It ensures that the door is locked correctly and the deadbolt is secure to its place. 

You can use both these devices for extra security for apartment door. You can easily find high-quality hinge bolts and strike plates on Amazon at excellent prices. 

My neighbor purchased the Security Defender Strike Plate. I checked if it was worth the hype, and I was amazed to see how effectively it reinforced the locks at just $3.24! 

PRO-TIP: When purchasing strike plates, you should ensure that the anchor screws are high quality and long. The small bolts are of no use. If you get a strike plate with strike boxes (a metal cup for the lock to bolt into), your deadbolts will be more secure. 

4. Door Jammers

Door Jammers

A door jammer for apartment is an inexpensive apartment security device that is also portable or removable. You have to install these jammers at the top and bottom of your apartment door frame using only two bolts. Once the sash jammers are in place, you can easily lock your doors. 

A door jammer for apartment is readily available and provides extra security to your apartment door. You can get sash or door jammers for under $30.00 on Amazon

5. Door Stop Alarm

Door stop alarms are inexpensive and straightforward security devices that you can use to protect your apartment door. The best part about this is you do not have to use any screws or bolts to install this device. Just take your door stop alarm and put it underneath your door from the inside. 

If anyone tries to open the door from the outside, the device will sound the alarm. The alarm is pretty loud (and annoying, I must add) and is sure to get your attention. 

My sister has this door stop alarm, and trust me, it will wake you up no matter what! The only problem with the door stop alarm is that it will operate only from inside. So, unless you put the alarm below the door, it will not make any sound. 
Also, this device works on batteries, so you must remember to change the batteries at regular intervals. You can get door stop alarms on Amazon for prices as low as $8.00.

6. Apartment Door Security Bar

The apartment door security bar is another cost-effective way of protecting your apartment door. These are simple security devices that you need to install on your doorknob. Once the apartment door security bar has fit on the knob, the knob is secured. 

Now, no one can try opening your doorknob. Like door stop alarms, the apartment door security bar is only functional from the inside. The apartment door security bar is pocket-friendly and low-maintenance.  

These are readily available on Amazon at deals starting from $18.99.  

Pro-Tip: If you have a sliding door or windows in your apartment, you can use security bars to lock them up from sliding. 

To secure your windows, you can go through my foolproof guide on how to secure windows against burglars.

7. Door Chain

Door Chain

If you want to add extra security for apartment doors, door chains are one of the most cost-effective choices. As the name suggests, there is a lock with an interlinked chain in this device that helps secure your apartment door to your frame. Getting a strong door chain can help block a burglar’s entry into your home. It is simple to use and child-safe. 

If you trying to boost apartment door security on a budget, then this is a reliable choice. You can get these door chains from Amazon at prices starting from $5.00. 

I installed the Defender Security U 10386 Door Guard at my sister’s place, and its quality and design are of premium quality. The best part? It works like magic at $5.79 only!

8. Security Cameras

We have discussed so many door security devices for apartments, and if you have noticed, you will see that most of these devices provide security from the inside. But how to secure apartment door from outside

The most efficient way to secure an apartment door from the outside is by using real or fake security cameras. Real cameras will help you monitor your door from the outside through your mobile phones. The fake ones will give an illusion that the intruders are under supervision – enough to drive the mischief-mongers away! 

Ring security for apartments is one of the most preferred security cameras systems available on the market. Ring provides several types of outdoor security cameras — some highly-recommended outdoor security cameras with lights include Ring’s Spotlight Cam and Floodlight Cam. 

I have frequently witnessed that people prefer simple to stick up cameras. These are simpler and come without the lights. You have to install them in the desired corner, and they are good to go!

Security Cameras

With Ring security for apartments, you get access to all corners. These smart cameras come with built-in sirens, light, and night vision. All you have to do is make the right choice as per your requirement. 

What is Our Main Takeaway?

Our takeaway message is that apartment door security is essential, and you must ensure that your apartment doors can protect you from intruders lurking outside. You can use simple yet effective devices to boost your apartment door security even on a budget. Funnily enough there are some cases where my clients have implemented all the security on their apartment door but lock themselves out. Here is a good resource for them – I locked myself out of my apartment.

I am sure that by using the door security devices for apartments as mentioned above, you will be able to elevate the safety of your loved ones and yourself. If you have any queries, please feel free to comment! 

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