Samsung TV Turns on But No Picture? Let Our Expert Guide You

Imagine that you have set up everything perfectly for the ultimate game night. The chips have been spread out on the platter, the dip is whipped perfection, and there’s plenty of beer in the fridge for you and your buddies to toast every time your team hits a goal. Finally, the guests arrive, and the very air is pumping with electricity when you switch on your Samsung Smart TV only to exclaim, “My Samsung TV turns on but no picture comes on.”

Trust me when I say that there’s no bigger let-down in the world than seeing a blank screen where your favorite game and players were supposed to be. 

Now, don’t get me wrong! I am a big fan of Samsung TVs. It’s a treat to play my favorite games on a giant screen with high picture quality and sound. 

However, sometimes, all you get when you turn on your Samsung Smart TV is the black screen of death. Or, in some instances, your Samsung TV won’t even turn on. 

In this article, I will take a deeper look at a frequent complaint among Samsung TV owners, i.e., my Samsung TV turns on but no picture is visible, and explore the reasons behind the same.

Why My Samsung TV Turns on But No Picture Comes on? Let’s See Why

Why My Samsung TV Screen Went Black?

There are several scenarios in which your Samsung TV screen may appear to be blank or black:

  • Samsung TV is on but screen is black
  • Samsung TV red light on but no picture 
  • Samsung TV screen is black but has sound

Now that I have covered the different scenarios in which Samsung TV owners get a blank screen, let me examine the most common reasons behind all these situations:

1. Loose Cables or Plugs

Many times your Samsung TV displays a black screen due to insufficient power supply caused by loose cables or plugs.  

  • So, the first thing you need to do when your Samsung TV is on but screen is black is to turn it off. 
  • Take a look at the back panel and even the main power socket.
  • Check for any loose wires and make sure that all your cables and wires are plugged in properly. 
  • Try turning on your TV set now and see if it works. 
  • You can also try disconnecting all your cables once and reconnecting them before turning on your television. 

If this doesn’t work, one may wonder, “My Samsung TV turns on but no picture comes on; why?” Well, I will try to answer this question below.

2. Corrupted Source

If it’s not a power source problem, then you may need to check the input source for your television. This is especially applicable if your Samsung TV red light is on but no picture is displayed.

It could be that the TV is connected to a gaming console or DVD player instead of your cable network, and that’s why your Samsung TV turns on but no picture is displayed. Or your cable network itself may be experiencing a few issues. 

  • Check your TV’s current input settings and switch them if required.  
  • Make sure that all the wires and cables for that source are plugged in and secure. 
  • Check the source router to make sure that you are receiving signals or raise a complaint if required. 

So, the next time you face a situation where your Samsung TV power on but no display is visible, follow these steps to verify and correct your input source.

3. Input Settings

In certain cases, your TV may also display a Menu instead of a blank screen. This is a clear sign that you need to switch or correct your input settings. 

  • Check your settings and cables to see where you are currently receiving your feed from. 
  • Change your current input settings to the correct source and see if your display is back. 

Once you fix your input source, your TV should display images instead of a blank screen.

4. Outdated Firmware Or Pending Updates

Smart television sets need to be continuously upgraded as they keep getting software updates with new streaming features.

So, the next time you find yourself crying out, “My Samsung TV screen went black”, try updating your set’s software instead. 

  • Your Samsung TV may be unable to display pictures due to outdated software. 
  • In this case, go to your TV’s Smart Hub and install any pending updates. 
  • Restart your TV and see if your display works now.

5. Sleep Mode or Power-Saving Mode

We all dread seeing the black screen of death on our Samsung TVs, but in certain cases, it may be your fault as well.

Sometimes, your TV may display a black screen because of your previously set sleep mode timings. Alternatively, you may also have set your display to turn off automatically once your TV has been inactive for a while.

Keep this in mind, the next time you complain, “My Samsung TV turns on but no picture is displayed.”

You can easily fix the situation in these cases by using your remote to adjust the settings on your TV.

6. Hardware Damage

I know that hardware damage is every TV owner’s worst nightmare as it requires expensive repairs.

However, in case your TV display stops working after a storm or electrical surges, there’s a high chance that some essential component in your TV set may have been damaged for good.

This may be a fault in your circuit board or motherboard. 

In certain cases, the Samsung TV screen is black but has sound; this also indicates hardware damage as your TV is working, but the screen has gone out due to a damaged backlight, etc. 

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do in this situation except to call a professional TV repairman or visit the nearest Samsung repair center.

After diagnosing the most frequent causes behind why your Samsung TV turns on but no picture is displayed, let us look deep dive into the solutions below. 

How Do I Fix My Samsung TV with Black Screen?

After exploring the key reasons behind why your Samsung TV is on but screen is black, I am now going to take you through some quick and easy fixes for the same.

1. Check Your Cables and Plugs

As mentioned above, a blank TV screen can be caused by a lack of proper power supply or lack of proper source input due to loose cables and plugs. In this case, you may very well ned up lamenting, “ My Samsung TV screen went black.”

In this case, you need to:

  • Check that your TV’s power cable and connections are all firmly in place. 
  • You can also try plugging your TV into another socket if your current one is not working properly. 
  • Next, you need to make sure that your TV is connected to your desired input source. 
  • Double-check your cables and make sure that everything is connected. 
  • Turn on your TV now and check if the display is restored. 

Don’t lose heart if this doesn’t work, as there are plenty more workarounds for you to explore.

2. Restart Your TV

What does one do when your Samsung TV power on but no display is available?

Well, you may have to restart or factory reset it.

Here’s how to restart your Samsung Smart TV:

  • Unplug your TV and wait for at least 60 seconds or 1 minute. 
  • Press and hold down the power button on your TV for approx. 30 seconds. 
  • Wait for another 1 minute and now switch on your television set. 
  • This allows your system to discharge and gives it a fresh start. 


           Here’s How to Factory Reset Your TV: 

  • Performing a factory reset means restoring all of your TV’s configurations to their factory settings. 
  • This can help undo any settings or remove any malware that may be preventing your TV screen from displaying images. 
  • To perform a factory reset, you first need to go to your TV’s Settings using your remote. 
  • Select General and then click on Reset
  • You will be asked to submit your TV’s PIN. ‘0000’ is the default PIN for most TVs unless you had changed it after purchase. 
  • Enter the PIN and press Ok on the Reset Option. 
  • Your television will now restart automatically. Do not unplug your television set during this stage. 
  • Once your TV turns back on, it will display the Main Menu that will allow you to reset your configurations and display settings. 

This should resolve the issue of a blank screen on your Samsung Smart TV unless the problem lies elsewhere.

3. Put New Batteries in Your Remote

It may sound like a little thing to do. However, sometimes all that is needed to turn on your display is to swap out your old batteries for new ones. 

While the situation may strike you as being particularly funny, trust me when I say that I have been there. 

At my last game night, we all ended up banging our heads against the wall as the TV display would not turn on. In the end, all it took was a pair of batteries for the games to begin.

4. Verify and Correct Input Source

Any smart TV comes with several input options. You can connect it to the cable network,  your DVD or Blu-Ray player, gaming console, etc. 

Given the variety of input options, your TV’s black screen may be the result of an incorrect or improperly plugged input source. That may be why your Samsung TV powers on but no picture is displayed. 

Here’s How To Correct Your Input Settings:

  • Press the Power Source button on your Samsung remote.
  • Go to Input Settings
  • Now check to see if all the TV inputs are enabled or active. 
  • Ensure that all your input sources are set correctly.
  • Save your Settings and then see if your TV’s display is back. 
  • Sometimes, switching your HDMI input also helps.

5. Fix Your Settings

If your TV’s display is off due to an enabled Sleep Times or Power-Saving Mode, here’s what you need to do:

  • Reset your Sleep Timer by going to Settings. 
  • Select General > go to System Manager.
  • Click on Time > select Sleep Timer > Select Off.


  • You can turn off your Energy Saving mode by going to Settings. 

Select General > Eco Solution > Auto Power Off > and choose Off.

6. Update Your Software

As mentioned above, outdated firmware can prevent your TV from functioning properly.

If your TV displays a black screen at regular intervals, it’s a clear indication that your software needs an update. 

  • To update your TV’s software, go to Settings.
  • Navigate to Support and select Software Updates
  • Click on Update Now, and your TV will do the rest. 
  • Just check your Wi-Fi settings once before updating your TV to avoid any disruptions during the installation process. 
  • The process may take a while, so be patient. 
  • Once your TV restarts, check and see if the display is restored as well. 

7. Contact Customer Support

If despite taking all these steps, you still find that your Samsung TV is on but screen is black, then there’s nothing for it but to contact the Samsung customer support team and request a home visit. 

Or you can take your television set to their repair store for a comprehensive checkup and analysis.

Summing Up

I believe that you will now have a fairly good idea of what to do in the case your Samsung TV turns on but no picture is displayed. 

The dark screen of death may initially make you tremble in fear, but hang in there and follow the tips mentioned above to overcome this dreaded monster, and you shall prevail in the end.  

On a more serious note, let us know how these tips worked out for you in the comments below. 
You can also let me know whether you have any suggestions on how to proceed when Samsung TV powers on but no pictures are displayed. In the meantime, you can check out this article on what to do when the volume on your Samsung TV is stuck.

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