Solved: How To Program BMW Garage Door Opener?

Imagine driving back home after a tedious day at work, and just when you reach, you realize that it’s raining cats and dogs. Hence, you must first drench in the rain to open the garage door. Or, even worse, imagine leaving for a holiday and being doubtful whether you locked your garage door or not. These thoughts will make you open your laptop and look for the best automatic garage openers right away. And why not? We live in the modern era where home automation systems automate our homes from the inside, and cameras watch them from the outside. In the age when we invest in the best motorized curtain openers and the best automated window openers, it is time that garages join the 21st century too. 

Garage door openers can save you from the annoyance of getting out of your car to open the garage door. I am a fan of this technology as it offers a lot more than just convenience. When it comes to operating garage door openers, using an automated system that works without a remote is far better than one with a remote as it saves you from the hassle of finding, handling, and operating remotes. I installed an automated garage door opener in my garage about two years ago and have been pretty happy about my decision. 

Recently, one of my friends invested in a BMW car and called me to help him program his BMW HomeLink. While allowing him to program the garage door opener, I compiled all the essential and relevant information to write this article. This article will discuss how to program a BMW garage door opener and hopefully help the readers looking for ways to do so. 

BMW HomeLink makes your experience of coming back home smoother than ever, but before I tell you how to program a BMW garage door opener, let us understand BMW HomeLink.

BMW HomeLink: How Does It Make Your Life Easy?

BMW HomeLink is one of the most trusted car-to-home platforms. It is seamless to integrate your BMW HomeLink into your house or apartment, giving you wireless and hassle-free control over your garage door. BMW HomeLink enables you to control a variety of operations, which is integrated into the rearview mirror of your automobile.

HomeLink enables many automation controls that make your life easy. You can carry out operations without any remote control. All you need to do is regulate the buttons integrated inside your vehicle. 

Here are a few ways how BMW HomeLink makes your life easy.

  • BMW HomeLink can be connected to almost every garage door opener.
  • You can easily connect BMW HomeLink to your home by pressing a few buttons.
  • BMW HomeLink does not need any batteries as the system is powered by your BMW vehicle.
  • BMW HomeLink allows you to operate your garage door, home gate, lights, appliances, and home security system.
  • Users can operate the garage door opener even if they are away for a vacation using BMW HomeLink.

Are All BMW Models Compatible With HomeLink?

You’d be delighted to know that most BMW automobiles have HomeLink installed. HomeLink is compatible with the BMW models manufactured from 2007 and onwards. Some of the models are mentioned below.

Are all BMW Models Compatible With HomeLink?

Programming Your BMW Garage Door Opener

Programming Your BMW Garage Door Opener

Programming your BMW HomeLink ensures you enter your garage as swiftly as you drive your BMW vehicle. Three buttons smartly integrated into your automobile’s interior enable you to open or close your garage door, turn on or off your lights and appliances, operate your home security system and a lot more. It’s like three buttons welcoming you home. The HomeLink buttons are typically located in your vehicle’s rear view mirror and, once programmed, bring you a number of controls at your convenience.

Without any further ado, let’s learn about programming your BMW HomeLink.

How To Program BMW Garage Door Opener Using Remote 

How To Program BMW Garage Door Opener Using Remote 

Programming your BMW garage door opener using a remote is easy and does not take more than a few minutes. The instructions for the same have been mentioned in detail in the HomeLink user manual. You’ve got my back if you haven’t got a chance to go through the manual or have lost it. 

In this section of the article, I will help you program HomeLink for your BMW vehicle using the garage opener remote and the buttons on the rearview mirror. The controls can be programmed using any remote-controlled garage opener door.

Here’s how,

Step 1: Get inside your BMW vehicle and close the doors.

Step 2: Press and release the HomeLink button you want to program.

Step 3: Wait until the indicator light flashes orange.

Step 4: Hold your garage remote within 1-2 inches from your BMW HomeLink system.

Step 5: Press and hold the Open button on your remote until your HomeLink indicator light turns bright green. 

Step 6: Once the light turns bright green, release both the buttons.

Step 7: Press the HomeLink button to confirm.

Once you are done following the steps given above, you will notice that your HomeLink is now programmed with your BMW garage opener.

How To Program BMW Garage Door Opener Without Remote

If your garage door opener has a rolling code, the code will change after each use as a security feature. The good part about rolling code garage openers is that you can generally program these without a remote since the system is physically integrated into your vehicle.

In this case, if you are looking for ways to program your BMW garage opener without a handheld remote,  follow the instructions given below,

Step 1: Enter your garage and locate your garage door opener device in.

Step 2: Press the Smart or Learn button located at the back of your device. 

Step 3: Return to the car within 30 seconds, and press the HomeLink button for two seconds.

Step 4: Repeat the above step and press the HomeLink button three times.

Once you are done with BMW HomeLink programming, you can open and close the garage door using both the remote and the HomeLink system. It is noteworthy that this method is only applicable on rolling code garage openers and fixed code garage openers cannot be programmed without a remote.

How To Reset BMW HomeLink?

If you are not able to program their BMW HomeLink on the first attempt, you may have to reset your BMW HomeLink system and try re-programming it. I strongly recommend resetting the BMW HomeLink for the users reselling their BMW vehicle as a security measure.

You can reset your BMW HomeLink following the steps given below. 

Step 1: Get inside your BMW vehicle and close the doors.

Step 2: Press and hold button 1 and button 3 of your rearview mirror simultaneously.

Step 3: You will notice that the LED on your rearview mirror will start blinking. Continue holding the buttons for another 30-40 seconds.

Step 4: Release both the buttons once the LED stops blinking completely.

Once you are done following the steps given above, your BMW Homelink will be reset. You can proceed to program your BMW HomeLink again. 

How To Reprogram BMW HomeLink?

If you ended up resetting your BMW HomeLink by choice or by accident, you may be looking for how to reprogram your system. The steps to do so are simple and straightforward.

Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Get inside your BMW vehicle and close the doors.

Step 2: Press and hold the HomeLink button that you need to reprogram for 20 seconds.

Step 3: You will notice that your HomeLink indicator light will begin to flash slowly. Continue holding the button.

Step 4: Bring your garage door remote 30 cm close to the HomeLink buttons.

Step 5: Press and hold the garage door remote until the HomeLink indicator light begins to flash rapidly.

Step 6: Hold the HomeLink button until the indicator light turns solid.

Step 7: Release both the buttons.

Once the above steps are completely followed, you will notice that your BMW garage opener is now reprogrammed. You will also observe that your garage door will open and close with both the remote and HomeLink system.

Tips For BMW Garage Door Programming

Sometimes, people complain that they were not able to program or reset their BMW garage opener despite following the process given in the manual. Most of the time, users make some or the other mistake and hence face the issue. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you are trying to program your BMW garage opener.

  • Ensure that your garage area is devoid of large objects or people when you start programming a BMW garage opener.
  • Ensure that your car is not parked too far from the garage area.
  • Ensure that the remote batteries of your garage opener are working properly.
  • Reprogram your BMW HomeLink if you cannot open or close your garage opener using the HomeLink.  


Q1. I have misplaced my garage opener remote. How to program a BMW garage door opener without a remote if it works off a fixed code?

Answer – Unfortunately, you cannot program a BMW garage door opener without a remote if it works off a fixed code. However, you can use a remote transmitter to reset the BMW  garage door opener buttons. You may also use an electronic keypad to operate your garage door without a remote.

Q2. Do all BMW vehicles come with the HomeLink feature?

Answer – The BMW vehicles manufactured from 2007 and onwards have the HomeLink system. Refer to the list of BMW vehicles with HomeLink given in the article.

Q3. I have accidentally reset my BMW HomeLink. Is it possible to reprogram it?

Answer – If you have reset your BMW HomeLink set up by accident or by choice, it is easy to reprogram it. You can follow the steps given in the article to reprogram it.


BMW is a reputed and sought-after vehicle brand for its multitude of comfort and great features that make your drive and life easy. BMW garage opener system is equipped with HomeLink, making the user’s garage experience comfortable and classy. To use the numerous features of the BMW garage opener, the user must program his BMW HomeLink. While the steps to program a BMW garage opener are given in the HomeLink manual, if you do not have access to the manual or have lost it, this article must have helped you with the same. 

If you are facing any other issues related to your BMW garage opener, do let me know in the comment section.

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