A Complete Guide On How To Remove A Kwikset Deadbolt

One day one of my friends asked me – “Matthew, do you know how to remove a Kwikset deadbolt?” He knows that I have extensive experience in the home security field, and I always get amazed by how technology and small hacks may drastically improve a home’s overall security. 

He has a Kwikset deadbolt lock at his home and wanted to learn how he can remove it if the need arises. While having the conversation, I learned that my last article on how to remove the Schlage deadbolt helped one of his neighbors. 

In my opinion, locks play a significant role in our lives, as it helps in keeping our family and house safe. At times, when you have to go out for a day or two, you always fear burglary from behind.

The answer to all your vulnerable thoughts is installing a higher-grade ANSI lock. And Kwikset is a good brand you can go with.

However the caveat with these good brands is that when you have to remove them, it is tedious. After all that’s what they are intended to do.

Now, let’s circle back to my friend’s question on how to remove a Kwikset deadbolt.

How To Remove A Kwikset Deadbolt In 5 Different Situations

How To Remove A Kwikset Deadbolt

How To Remove A Kwikset Deadbolt

When you have a Kwikset deadbolt guarding your door, you know you are safe. However there are times when you may have to remove the lock. Some of the situations are – 

  • The lock cylinder has worn out
  • You want to move to a different lock
  • You want to put smart locks on your door.

Now let’s move on to the actual steps about how to remove the lock. With only a few essential tools, Kwikset deadbolts may be removed. Then you may rekey the lock or replace it with one that better fits your requirements.

Things You Will Need

1) A flat head screwdriver

2) A Phillips screwdriver

3) A small bowl

4) A box to hold the parts of your lockset

5) A .05 Allen wrench

Step by step Instructions

tiny flat-blade screwdriver

1) Using a tiny flat-blade screwdriver, pry the inside deadbolt cover off.

2) Now, remove the thumb latch handle from your Kwikset deadbolt lockset’s interior. 

There are many ways to remove the latch handle on Kwikset deadbolt locksets; they are as below:-

  • On some versions, a plastic pin on the latch handle’s shaft must be removed with a tiny pair of needle-nose pliers.
  • To remove the latch handle on some Kwikset deadbolt locksets, a tiny metal pin must be depressed.
  • On the latch handle, you could locate a little set screw. In most circumstances, a.05 Allen wrench is required to tighten this set screw.

To keep the thumb latch and the pin safe, place them in your small container.

peel the rose plate away

3) Now, examine the rose plate on your Kwikset deadbolt lockset to see if it conceals the mounting screws. Now, carefully peel the rose plate away from the door with the flathead screwdriver from a little cut-out on the edge of the rose plate.

two mounting screws

4) You will now see the two mounting screws, remove them from the Kwikset deadbolt lockset using the Phillips screwdriver, and put them aside safely. 

5) Now, the mounting hardware is free from both parts of your Kwikset deadbolt lockset. Pull out the inner and outer components of the Kwikset lockset with caution.

remove the latch mechanism

6) Now, remove the latch mechanism from the edge of the door by unscrewing the two Philips screws that hold the latch plate to the edge of the door.

How To Remove Kwikset Deadbolt Cylinder

How To Remove Kwikset Deadbolt Cylinder

Cylinder lock deadbolts are relatively common in every household since they provide additional protection for the home and the family members. The cylinder is that portion of the lock into which the key is inserted to enter your house. 

But there are several reasons you may have to remove the deadbolt cylinder. It is possible that the cylinder door lock is broken or you’ve misplaced the keys, or the key is not entering the keyhole properly.

Hush away all your worries as I have stated every aspect you should know about how to remove the Kwikset deadbolt cylinder.

Things You Will Need

The below-listed items are needed to remove the Kwikset deadbolt cylinder. Usually, people do have these tools in their toolbox, but if you do not have any, purchase them either online or from the nearest hardware store

Step-by-step Instructions

  • Start the process by removing the two screws on the inner side of the deadbolt lock face; doing this deadbolt will loosen from both sides of the door.
  • With the lock’s interior facing you, hold the cylinder side of the lock in your hand.
  • Now, with the help of a flathead screwdriver or a plug-removal tool, remove the clip on the side of the plug. As you move the clip from side to side, it will detach from the plug.
  • Now, insert the lock’s key into the cylinder and turn the key ¼-turn clockwise.
  • Insert a plug follower on the cylinder’s end and slowly pull the cylinder out of the lock with the help of a plug follower.
    (A plug follower is a tube with the same diameter as the cylinder you’re attempting to remove from the lock.)

How To Remove A Broken Key From A Kwikset Deadbolt

How To Remove A Broken Key From A Kwikset Deadbolt

Things You Will Need

  • A lubricant – As a penetrating lubricant, WD-40 can be used.
  • A needle-nose plier- When dealing with tiny and narrow places like a keyhole, an 8-inch needle-nose plier is a perfect tool.

Step-by-step Instructions

  • Start by applying a penetrating lubricant within the keyhole before removing the damaged key from the lock. It will aid in loosening the locking mechanism, particularly if your lock is jammed.
  • Now, check if the lock is in a vertical position. It needs to be aligned for you to remove the key. If not, you’ll need to rotate the lock’s cylinder vertically or horizontally.
  • Use a flat head screwdriver and carefully spin the lock back into its original position, To make extracting a damaged key from a lock simpler.
  • Insert a pair of needle-nose pliers into the keyhole after the lock is in the proper position. 
  • Slowly reach for the key’s fractured section, careful not to press it any farther. Pull it out of the lock with a firm grip on its tip.

How To Remove Kwikset Deadbolt Without Screws

How To Remove Kwikset Deadbolt Without Screws

Are you struggling to figure out how to remove Kwikset deadbolt without screws? Don’t worry, my friend, I am here to help you.

First, let us discuss where the screws are located that keep the lock intact. The mounting screws are located under the cover plate or base plate. The cover plate helps enhance the beauty of our house and boost security as even the burglar will also not be able to figure out where the screws are located. 

Things You Will Need

Before following the instructions below, ensure you have all the tools for the Kwikset deadbolt removal without the screws. You might have everything you need in your toolbox, but if you don’t then these would be easily available at your nearest hardware store.

1) A flat head screwdriver
It is used to remove the faceplate or cover plate of the deadbolt. You can use a 3/32 by 1 ½- inch head screwdriver to complete the task.

2) A Phillips head screwdriver
You’ll also need a Phillips head screwdriver because most deadbolt mounting screws are Philips-head screws. While using a screwdriver, ensure it’s the proper size. There are five sizes of Phillips head screwdrivers, ranging from 0 to 4.

3) Sharp-edged or pointed awl
It is used by shoemakers and carpenters to punch holes in leather or wood by withstanding downward pressure. You can use an awl with a blade width of 2.45 mm.

If you don’t have an awl, you can use a metal paper clip.

Step by step Instructions

  • To open the deadbolt lock, stand inside your home and face the deadbolt lock in such a manner that the keyhole and the thumb-turner lock are visible to you.
  • Now, look for the little pin-hole on the shaft of the latch to remove the thumb-turner latch so that mounting screws can be visible to you. To release the latch lever, insert your awl or paper clip into this hole and press it down. 
  • Once you’ve finished removing the latch’s lever, examine the plate’s rim for a small notch. Remove the base plate with the help of a flat screwdriver. The mounting screws should be visible. 
  • Using your Philips screwdriver, carefully loosen the two visible mounting screws.
  • Grab the lock with both hands from the inside and outside of your home, then pull them apart to remove them.
  • In the end, to remove the entire latch mechanism from the hole. To do so, identify the two screws that secure the latch mechanism and remove them using the Philips screwdriver. When you’re finished, remove the latch machine from the hole.

How to Remove Kwikset Deadbolt Faceplate

How to Remove Kwikset Deadbolt Faceplate

A faceplate is the most important part of the lock, as it protects the lock from wear and tear. It is essential to learn how to remove Kwikset deadbolt faceplate as you have to remove it while repairing the lock or lever to access the latch and mounting elements on the inside.

The removal technique varies significantly depending on the design and model, but all varieties may be removed effectively using common home tools.

Now, let us now read together how to remove Kwikset deadbolt faceplate in easy and simple steps.

Things You Will Need

  • A Philips and flathead screwdrivers
  • An Allen wrench
  • An Awl or nail

Step-by-step Instructions

  • On both sides of the door, look for a single mounted screw on the lever shaft and the other two screws on the faceplate. 
  • Turn the shaft screw counterclockwise with a screwdriver to remove it.
  • Now, try to pull the lever outward from the shaft to remove it.
  • Now, turn the faceplate screws counterclockwise with a Philips screwdriver or hex wrench to remove them.
  • Now, you may remove the faceplate by gripping and pulling it outwards.
  • If you cannot remove the faceplate by hand, gently pry outward with a flathead screwdriver beneath the edge of the plate where it meets the door surface.

After learning how to remove a Kwikset deadbolt, now let’s learn about some of the common problems that you might face and some ideas about the lock maintenance.

Issues and Maintenance with Kwikset Deadbolt Locksets

If you’re having problems with your Kwikset deadbolt lockset, you’ll need to troubleshoot it first to figure out what’s wrong. Kwikset deadbolt issues usually fall into one of the categories listed.

1) Sticky or difficult to lock Deadbolt

If it’s difficult to lock or unlock your Kwikset deadbolt lockset, likely, the bolt isn’t sliding easily into the latch hole in the door frame. The bolt and the latch hole may not be aligned properly for various reasons.

  • The door hinges are loose – The screws that hold the hinges to the door and the door frame may loose as your door ages and is used. Loose hinges allow the door to slide around the frame, causing the latch and lock to become misaligned.
  • The deadbolt mechanism in the door may be loose – As you lock and unlock the door, the mounting screws in the deadbolt lock may become free. Make sure the two screws holding the lockset to the door are secure, and the bolt is aligned with the latch hole on the door frame.
  • Problems with the latch mechanism — Although unusual, the latch mechanism might cause the deadbolt to stick or hang. Make that all of the elements inside the lockset are aligned and that the mounting screws are secure. A modest bit of silicone lubrication applied to the interior working components could assist.

2) Keys are difficult to insert or remove

Keys for Kwikset deadbolt locksets might become difficult to insert or remove at times. Dust and dirt enter inside the lock’s cylinder, making it difficult to insert or remove keys.

Putting a little amount of graphite into the keyway to lubricate the pins and other machinery inside the lock cylinder usually solves the problem. Under no situation, you should use oil or an oil-based lubricant in the lock cylinder.

3) Problem with Kwikset SmartCode deadbolt

Kwikset Smartkey deadbolts allow you to rekey a lock without removing or replacing the cylinder. 

These Smartkey deadbolts are vulnerable to the same issues as ordinary deadbolts and should be treated as such. 
However, if the problem is with the lock mechanism or the lock cylinder itself, I recommend consulting a professional locksmith. If you don’t want to pay a locksmith then I suggest you learn how to remove Kwikset SmartCode deadbolt.


Q1. How to Remove Kwikset Two-Sided Key Deadbolts?

Answer – The steps to Remove Kwikset Two-Sided Key Deadbolts are-

  • Start by unscrewing the two screws that attach the internal lock to the mounting plate. (The screws are situated on the door lock’s inside side.)
  • Now, remove the two mounting screws from the mounting plate on the internal side of the door while holding the outside side of the deadbolt. 
  • The mounting plate and the remaining half of the deadbolt will be released after the screws are removed.
  • Now to remove the outside lock from the striker or deadbolt assembly, pull it out.
  • Unscrew the two screws that hold the striker assembly to the edge of the door. To remove the striker assembly, pull it out and away from the door.
  • Remove the two mounting screws from the striker plate attached to the doorjamb using a screwdriver.

Q2. How to Rekey a Kwikset deadbolt lock?

Answer- The steps to rekey a Kwikset deadbolt lock-

  • Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the two screws from the thumb-turn side of the lock assembly.
  • Now remove the cylinder from the lock assembly.
  • Using tweezers or pliers, remove the retaining clip from the rear of the cylinder assembly.
  • Now, remove the tail from the assembly.
  • Using a Flathead screwdriver, remove the spring cover while the cylinder is upright.
  • Now, using tweezers or pliers, remove the top pins. To avoid the bottom pins falling out, remove the plug from the cylinder assembly in an upright position.
  • Now remove the bottom pins of the plug. Turning the plug over and pouring them out is a simple process.
  • In the plug, insert the new keys.
  • Insert the bottom pins into the pin holes until the new pin’s top meets the shear line.

Q3. What is the procedure for removing a Kwikset door handle?

Answer – The procedure for removing a Kwikset door handle is-

  • Remove the outer ring by loosening it and try to find the dip or lip around the outer ring’s circumference.
  • Hold the knob handles on both sides of the door and spin them both clockwise at the same time. Let go of the handles.
  • Now, remove both the screws on the interior of the knob mechanism and loosen them.
  • In the end, remove the latch from the side of the door and unscrew it.


I hope you all along with my friend must have found this article on how to remove a Kwikset deadbolt useful. If you ever get stuck in a situation where you have to remove a Kwikset deadbolt out of the door frame, you can follow the steps given above and save some penny for yourself.

Please comment on your thoughts and experiences, and problems you faced while removing the Kwikset deadbolt from the door frame.

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