Why My FireStick is Frozen and How Can I Unfreeze It?

Have you ever prepared an entire bowl of popcorn, gathered the warmest blankets in the house, and snuggled up with your significant other only to be faced with a device that refuses to respond? My girlfriend (you would have known by now that her name is Michelle) and I were all set to feast upon another episode of the famous Squid Games series yesterday when we encountered the much feared frozen FireStick!

I asked myself, “why does my FireStick keep freezing?”

Solving a frozen FireStick can involve locating the causes, such as slow connectivity or an older device, and starting with the easier solutions such as unplugging it. This can be followed by resetting the device, clearing caches, and a factory reset or FireStick replacement if all else fails!

Michelle who is nowhere near as tech savvy as me, gave up and moved on to greener pastures (the phone). Meanwhile, I got to work on the frozen FireStick. It would seem my life depended on it. I could put all the information I had gathered about the popular FireStick to good use!

If you have purchased the popular Amazon Fire TV but are faced with a frozen FireStick every time you want to watch your favorite TV show, following some routine steps can help. The FireStick may be stuck on the home page or the Amazon logo.

If you are looking to reset a Fire TV remote, that is an entirely different matter. However, for FireSticks, luckily, there is an answer to all your worries! If you are looking for the solution to “how to unfreeze FireStick,” you have come to the right place. So, let’s find out!

Why Is My FireStick Frozen?

Before getting to the solutions, we must understand why FireSticks freeze. I kept asking myself and other experts the same question for a long time. “Why does my firestick keep freezing,” I wondered. I finally realized I might be asking the wrong question. 

To understand why you found your FireStick frozen multiple times this week, you need to conduct some technical analysis in the present. You cannot understand how to restart FireStick when frozen before you get to the root of the issue. 

There are many reasons why FireSticks freeze. 

1. Slow Internet

Slow and steady wins the race? Not when it comes to powering your FireStick! Internet that moves at a snail’s pace does not allow for smooth streaming. This is because slow internet may cause your FireStick to freeze. 

Suppose this is the reason why your FireStick freezes. You can easily solve the problem by investing in the internet with a better speed or reducing the resolution of your video. Eventually, you will either have to give up HD streaming or your slow internet connection!

2. The Cache Nightmare

You may want to download all of your favorite shows and movies to watch later. However, the low storage of the FireStick will not allow you to do that. Even if you purchase the Fire TV Cube with the 18 GB storage, it takes just a few extra movies to get your FireStick stuck on the screen. 

Although you may remove many of the things you downloaded onto the device, the cache that these downloads leave in the memory may come back to haunt you. Over time this cache can make your FireStick act up and freeze in the midst of a binge. 

3. Incompatible Hardware

Your FireStick accessories may be outdated or simply not a good match for the Fire TV. If you are using anything other than the accessories included in the package, you are set for disaster. Other hardware that is incompatible, or low-quality, such as second-hand HDMI cables, may slow down the transmission of data. 

Other issues such as ISP throttling may be rare, but it’s best to confirm with your service provider to ensure that you have the best internet connection to be able to support the FireStick.

Here are some common solutions you can apply to your frozen FireStick. 

The Good Old Unplugging

Did you try turning it off and back on again? 

The quintessential solution applied to every device you can think of can also be applied to the FireStick. Unplugging a device can often fix many of the issues you experience, and it is far better than calling a professional and waiting in a queue for your turn.

So how does restarting a device help? Restarting may feel overly simple, but pulling the plug involves science!

When you shut off a FireStick, you attempt to wipe out the data involved in the previous session. Applications that use memory and RAM, open in the background as you stream your favorite show, may cause your FireStick to malfunction. 

A simple restart can help your device start afresh!

Is your FireStick frozen, even after unplugging? Well, you may have a bigger problem!

How to Unfreeze FireStick: The Solutions 

Help! I have my FireStick frozen on the home screen!

Be it your FireStick frozen on the logo or the main screen, the fix is quite simple! Here are some solutions that may work if you find your FireStick frozen, even after unplugging!

1. When You Don’t Want To Get Up 

We understand if you are looking for a solution that does not involve walking to the switch to unplug the TV. You may want to simply restart your device and perform the same function without having to walk the distance.

Channel your inner couch-potato and use your FireStick Remote to reset the FireStick.

When You Don't Want To Get Up 

The FireStick Remote is a popular accessory that comes with the FireStick. If you find your FireStick frozen, reach for the FireStick Remote and follow the steps listed below. 

  1. Press down on the select and play/pause button simultaneously.
  2. Keep pressing until your device powers off. 
  3. Your device will restart eventually.

2. When You Lose Your FireStick Remote

Have you lost the remote that came with the FireStick? Try rummaging inside your couch! If you come up with nothing but a few quarters and dimes, try to install an app on your iPhone or Android Phone and restart your FireStick through the app. 

Many apps exist on the market that allows you to operate your FireStick and restart it even if you have lost your Remote. You can easily rely on these to help you reset your device. 

3. When Resetting Doesn’t Work

Try using your mobile phone to control the FireStick and go to the FireStick settings to restart the frozen FireStick. All you need to do is to visit settings, select the ‘device’ option and select ‘restart.’ This will make your FireStick restart immediately. 

You may have tried everything and are still left asking, “why does my FireStick keep freezing and buffering?” 

4. Your FireStick Remote has Become Unpaired

You can press the Home Button on the Remote to unfreeze your FireStick if your Remote has become unpaired. This solution works for entirely different reasons than the ones listed above. It may be that your Remote and FireStick have disconnected. By pressing the Home Button, you can solve this issue. 

5. FireSticks Left Idle

FireSticks not being used may go into hibernation mode to preserve battery life. If you know that your Remote has not been disconnected, it may just be your FireStick that has gone to sleep. If you have sufficient battery and your Remote isn’t disconnected, your FireStick will restart upon prompt. 

6. A Glitch in the FireStick

Did you recently install an app that isn’t from a trusted source? This app may have bugs and can often glitch, causing your FireStick to freeze. Even if you are using your FireStick with an Android system, it may cause your FireStick to stop working. 

Try pressing the Home Button for ten seconds and check if the FireStick unfreezes. When it does, remove the app you suspect is causing the problem. If you think you have too many apps on your device, delete some of them to preserve memory and improve FireStick performance. 

You may still not be satisfied. FireSticks can freeze for various reasons, and some of the solutions above may not work. Let’s discuss a few other ways through which you can fix the problem. 

Caches: The Monsters in Your FireStick

I barely touched the cache problem, and if this is something that is making your FireStick freeze, it is best to solve it as soon as you can. 

When was the last time you remember clearing your cache? Most of the FireStick issues you experience are due to cache, which is stored even when you delete the apps you previously downloaded. After a while, deleting the app or the download may not be a viable solution. 

The cache can affect your apps, so it shouldn’t surprise you if it freezes your FireStick. It is best to clear the cache regularly to prevent this issue. 

How to unfreeze FireStick that has frozen due to the cache? Here’s how.

  1. Visit the home screen of the FireStick by pressing the Home Button. 
  2. Visit the Settings page and scroll through the options to find and select Applications.
  3. Select Manage Installed Applications and clear the cache by selecting individual apps. 
  4. Restart your FireStick and analyze the performance. Clear more cache if needed. 

Alternatively, you can clear all the cache present in your FireStick. 

  1. Visit the home screen through the Home Button on the Remote. 
  2. Go to the Settings page and click My Fire TV.
  3. Scroll through the options to choose About.
  4. Click on Storage within About. 
  5. If you have low storage, clear all cache. 

Old FireSticks may also lead to buffering and freezing! 

Old FireSticks: The Overlooked Cause

My FireStick is frozen, and it keeps freezing!

If you experience the problem above, there may be a more serious underlying cause for your FireStick freezing. Older FireSticks may be more prone to freezing or buffering. Here’s how you can unfreeze a much older FireStick. 

Older versions of the FireStick, such as the first generations or any generation besides the current model, can lead to poor performance. Here are some steps to solve an older FireStick that has frozen. 

1. Try To Take It Apart

Usually, you can try to take your FireStick apart so that you can add an opening that will allow heat to pass through the device. This prevents the device from overheating. Creating an opening without taking the device apart can lead to a damaged FireStick. 

2. Add a Hole

You can create a hole in your device with the help of a drill so that the heat can escape anytime your FireStick starts to overheat. 

Although harsh, this method is often the only one available for a device that has gotten so old that it cannot allow heat to escape. If you don’t want to experiment with the device, you can invest in a brand new FireStick! 

New FireSticks can last for years and will definitely save you the trouble of frozen FireSticks and interrupted streaming in the future. 

If All Else Fails: How to Factory Reset FireStick When Frozen 

So you have tried everything, and nothing has worked. You are tired and just want to know how to factory reset FireStick when frozen. Here is the easiest way with which you can try to factory reset a FireStick. 

Remember to perform a factory reset as a last resort when you have exhausted all other options. This is because a factory reset is an extreme measure that will not allow you to regain your previous FireStick settings. 

Factory resets are used to take a device back to the original settings. It is akin to rebirth and can give you a new FireStick without the extra cost. However, all of your applications and settings will be removed from the device, and you may never be able to get them back.

Don’t worry! You will still have your apps linked to your account, but you will have to go through the hassle of downloading them all over again. 

Here’s how you can factory reset your FireStick.

  1. Visit the home menu by pressing the Home Button and press Settings. This will take you to My Fire TV (an option you will have to select), where you will find the Reset to Factory Defaults option. 
  2. Press the option and wait for the reset to complete. Set up your FireStick again!


Here are some frequently asked questions about the Amazon FireStick. 

Q1. What can I do about my FireStick freezing if I have exhausted all the options? 

Answer – Try to spot an instance when the freezing occurs. If you notice a pattern, which could relate to the FireStick freezing when you are on specific channels or using certain apps, you can try to uninstall these channels or apps to solve the problem. 

Like we said, if nothing else works, you may have to factory reset your FireStick. A FireStick is a device with many options, and you may not have the time to go through all the problems and spot the one causing your device to freeze. 

Oftentimes, a factory reset is the only cure for a freezing FireStick. Remember that the factory reset will reset your device’s settings back to the first time you bought it. All your previous settings will be forever lost. 

Q2. What is a shortcut to factory resetting my FireStick? 

Answer – If you don’t have time to go to the menu, or your device isn’t allowing you to explore further, you can try locating the directional pad and pressing Right and Back on the Fire TV Remote. Hold for ten to fifteen seconds. The Reset option will eventually appear. 

The Fire TV will eventually reset and restart. It will flash a prompt for you to set it up so that you can resume your streaming. 

Q3. I don’t have the remote control and want to reset my FireStick. Is it possible? 

Answer – It may be hard to reset the FireStick without the remote control, but you can easily operate it if you download the Amazon Fire TV app in the App Store. The app can also be found on Kindle or an Android store. 

Final Thoughts On What To Do When FireStick Freezes

I hope you finally have all the answers to your question about “how to fix a frozen FireStick.” Try every solution that applies and hope for the best. Not everyone is like me; people generally don’t want to invest in a new gadget every month. 

There is no harm in looking for the best solutions to upkeep the devices that exist within your home. Fixing your FireStick does not have to be hard. All it needs is some effort and a little bit of technical skill. 

Learn from the best and apply what sticks. You will surely have your FireStick up and running in no time!

Happy Streaming!

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