A Complete Guide For The Coolest And Most Unique AirPods Engraving Ideas

I am intensely close to my father !! And ever since I moved out of my house in Vegas, I miss him terribly. Whatever I do and however I do that, my actions and my basic conduct has shades of his values that he instilled in me. 

Among all of his best teachings, my most favourite and the closest to my heart is the art of writing personal thank-you notes. He told me, no matter what you become in life, always be very humble and whenever someone does even a tiny bit for you, write him a thank-you note, personally !

Now, before buying anyone a gift or to express gratitude to someone , I contrive to make it personal, to make the receiver feel very special. Take me advice on this, you will brighten someone’s day by doing this and will be remembered for life. 

Michelle’s ( my girlfriend) birthday is coming up next week and I have been planning to give her something exclusive this time. She is very affectionate and values honest efforts more than money. Moreover, she has been instrumental in extending the life of my AirPods. From dragging them out of the laundry when they were lost and dying dead in there to secretly pulling them out from my ears to prevent me from sleeping with them so that my ears are not hurt by wearing the AirPods excessively. 
I believe she has some deep understanding relationship with my AirPods so why not give her a pair of her own ! I have decided to make her pair of AirPods more special and have a personal touch of hers on them so I have been exploring engraving ideas for AirPods. And to the delight of my heart, I have found some cute AirPods engraving ideas which will make the AirPods appear lovelier and I am sure, her joy will know no limits !!

Best AirPods Engraving Ideas…

I got her AirPods engraved with her initials and see how cute they look ! I personally loved how it turned out and I think I should also get my pair of AirPods engraved but sadly, this can only be done at the time of purchasing them, so no chance now !! 

Here in this article today, I will be sharing with you, the fruit of my extensive research about what to engrave on AirPods and how can it be done so that the next time, you buy your loved ones a pair of AirPods, you make it more special by personalising it and leave an imprint on their heart forever. 

How To Engrave Your AirPods

How To Engrave Your AirPods

Engraving your AirPods is a beautiful idea but you cannot do it on your own or get it done locally. There are standard policies of Apple for engraving and it says that your AirPods can be engraved at the time of purchasing only. Engraving cannot be done on your existing  AirPods, if you wish to get them engraved after a few months. 

Also, do remember while planning to engrave your AirPods that no changes can be made on the engraved text once it is done because it is meticulously done with the laser, when you purchase them. So, be careful while placing your order for engraving and proof-check the text or design twice because once engraved, it cannot be altered and will stay permanently on your AirPods. 

After you have decided what you wish to get engraved on your AirPods, the rest of the process is very simple. You simply have to provide your text or emoji for engraving and Apple will do it free of cost. 

Yes, there are no extra or hidden charges for engraving  the AirPods and it stands true for all models of the Airpods i.e. the AirPods Pro and the AirPods Max too. 

I have briefly listed the steps for you here in case you wish to know how to proceed ahead for engraving your AirPods. 

  1. Go to Apple’s Official Website.
  2. Tap on ‘AirPods’ and select the AirPods’ model you wish to buy.
  3. Tap on ‘Buy’ and then click on ‘Personalise them for free.’ 
  4. Now, type in the ‘text’ or ‘emojis’ you wish to engrave.
  5. Now, click on ‘Save’. You’ll also be able to see the ‘preview’ of your order. 
  6. Then, click on ‘Check-out’ and enter your complete shipping address.
  7. Proceed for the payment
  8. After you have paid, you’ll be able to see the estimated time of delivery

Voila !! How easy, isn’t it !! That’s how you can get your AirPods engraved from the comfort of your chair.

Just for your information, I would like to add that not only the AirPods, your iPad Touch and the Apple Pencil can also be engraved and personalised with a lovely message.  

However, there are a few limitations which you must be aware of while deciding to engrave your AirPods. Hop onto the next section to learn about the limitations of AirPods’ engraving.


The AirPods are tiny, actually very small in size so the engraving can be done while keeping a  few things in mind. If you have been planning to engrave the entire proposal for your girlfriend on these minuscule AirPods, Ah! That’s not possible. Your AirPods live by the idea of Less is More

  1. The text that you wish to get engraved, is confined to the maximum limit of 22 characters on the AirPods Pro and the AirPods Max. 
  2. For the standard AirPods ( 2nd and 3rd Gen),  you will have to confine yourself to a maximum of 14 characters only.
    standard AirPods
  3. Also you must know that when you will be placing an order to engrave your AirPods, your AirPods’ Case will be engraved, not the bitsy earbuds themselves so don’t go on suing Apple  for tricking you.

One lovely thing is that you get not only the text engraved but also an emoji , a wide range of emojis to choose from. So, if you are a minimalist like me and often fall short of words while expressing feelings, go with a cute heart’s emoji as illustrated in the picture above. 

Best AirPods Engraving Ideas

Best AirPods Engraving Ideas

The Apple AirPods are not just uber stylish headphones but are also a fashion statement and a status symbol for many. While you have decided to get them engraved and have now been exploring AirPods engraving ideas, I would suggest you should take each factor into consideration as to what they mean to you personally. 

There are limitless engraving ideas for AirPods and you will have to decide thoughtfully about what you wish to get engraved either for yourself or for someone else. As I mentioned above, any text confined to the limitations of engraving, is engravable ! 

In this article, I will be presenting a wide range of AirPods engraving ideas which will help you ease out your anxiety about what to engrave on AirPods. 

Mind you, do as much research and take as many picks you want before finally getting the AirPods engraved because it won’t be possible to get it altered later on and I don’t want you to be even a bit crestfallen with your new purchase. So, do the homework beforehand ! 

Common Engraving Idea For AirPods

Common Engraving Idea For AirPods

While it comes to deciding what to engrave on the AirPods, it’s all about the feelings, isn’t it! You can get anything engraved on your AirPods , be it a cute text or an emoji, of course under the limitations set by Apple. 

Still unable to decide on the best for your Airpods ? I am happy to help ! Below mentioned is a complete list of ideas and genres which can help you decide on how you would want to personalise your AirPods. Take a look ! 

  • Contact Information
  • Hometown Representation 
  • Your initials 
  • Relatable emojis
  • Favourite Quotations
  • A Birthday message 
  • Inspirational Quote
  • Inside Jokes 

In this article, I will be contributing my bit if you are looking for cute and funny engraving ideas for AirPods as some of the above mentioned ideas will take into account your personal information and that you can provide easily for the engraving. 

Funny AirPod Engraving Ideas

Funny AirPod Engraving Ideas

So, if you have a whimsical sense of humour and are proudly known as a ‘ knee-slapper’, you must pay attention to these hilariously funny AirPod Engraving ideas. A pair of personalised AirPods should speak for the owner before he does, right? 

Here are the best choice of witty and ludicrously funny ideas for engraving your AirPods. 

  • For your ears, dummy ! 
  • Take out the trash. 
  • Stick these in ! 
  • iPoop.💩
  • These are stolen.
  • Shut up and listen.
  • 🤣🤣
  • From your secret admirer.
  • No engraving, Thanks !
  • 🐵
  • Ear Infection, don’t steal.
  • Fake AirPods.
  • I Don’t Speak Broke.
  • Dope !
  • 🕺🕺🕺
  • AIDS, LOL!
  • Haha, yes !
  • 🚫🚫
  • Caught You. 
  •  🏋️🏋️

I hope I gave you enough ideas for grins and you’ll be killing it on your AirPods. Pick any of the above mentioned jolly and absurd texts and your AirPods will cheer you up whenever you feel glum.

Most Unique Airpods Pro Engraving Ideas

Most Unique Airpods Pro Engraving Ideas

You can customise your AirPods Pro in the same manner as the standard AirPods.  The only difference remains in the limitations set on the length of characters that can go on the device. 

As I mentioned earlier in the first part of this article, you can decide on up to 14 characters only if you would like to engrave your AirPods ( 2nd or 3rd Gen) but when it comes to engraving the AirPods Pro, you have the freedom of extending your imagination to 22 characters. 

So, here I am listing the coolest and the most unique AirPods Pro engraving ideas. Take your best pick ! 

  • Dog Chewed Toy 🐶
  • Thanks For Everything 💘
  • 🤡🤡🤡🤡
  • These AirPods Are Infected
  • Best Husband and Lover 
  • Best Mum Ever 
  • You give me strength 🏋️
  • You’re my star 💫
  • Hello, beautiful! 
  • You have my heart 💞
  • This is my comfort zone 
  • Keep’em Rocking 🎸
  • Made by God for you
  • Hero without a Cape 🦸
  • BOOM BOOM in my ears 🔊
  • Captain Remote Control
  • With all of my heart ♥️
  • You made it to 18, Woohoo
  • Air Sold Separately ! 

Above mentioned are some rare and uncommon AirPods Pro engraving ideas which you can select from and I tell you, you’ll tickle the happiest and funniest bones of the one who receives these ! Good Luck ! 

Now, if you have purchased the AirPods for a special female in your life, say your mother, sister, better-half or a beloved ( at the moment ), you must be wondering what to engrave on AirPods that looks dainty and sounds cute, I have a separate section for that as well. 
Head on to explore some cute AirPod engraving ideas which you can single out for your special one.

Cute AirPod Engraving Ideas

Cute AirPod Engraving Ideas

Make a choice from the coolest and the cutest engraving ideas for your AirPods which I have mentioned below and you’ll receive the tightest hug ever !! 

  • I sold a kidney for this
  • You + Me = Meant To Be ❣️
  • Will You Marry Me? 💍
  • May I Have The Next 3,000 Dances?
  • Love means I can borrow.
  • I love that you worry.
  • Our love is eternal.
  • You’re so loved 🌹
  • Never stop trying! 🏹
  • All the world’s a stage!
  • Hakuna Matata 
  • Thanks for existing ! 
  • I belong to you. 💑
  • I promise to ♥️ forever.
  • Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. 
  • Warrior! 
  • Thanks for being sane. 
  • Bootyful !!
  • Certified Adult! 🍻
  • Follow you everywhere! 

I hope you liked what I selected exclusively for you and by now, have, for sure picked up cute engraving ideas for your AirPods. If you come across any more lovely ideas, feel free to share in the comments section below. 

Now that I am done with offering the best AirPods engraving ideas, there are a few more important details  I would like you to know before you make your final selection and proceed ahead for engraving. 

Additional Important Information About Engraving Your AirPods

Additional Important Information About Engraving Your AirPods

Are The AirPods Engraved Free Of Cost ? 

Absolutely !! Now, you get your AirPods and other precious iDevices engraved for free but only at an Apple Store. Plus, it can only be done at the time of purchasing them. 

As explained above, Apple uses laser technology to engrave your AirPods and it’s exclusively done at Apple’s end only. 

Can The AirPods Be Engraved After Purchasing Them ?

No, that’s not possible, unfortunately. You cannot get your existing AirPods engraved, either at the Apple Store or with any local vendor. 

The AirPods can only be engraved at the Apple Store only at the time of purchasing them. However, there are many local organisations who can customise your AirPods using the laser technology but you’ll be charged for this and as I mentioned above, if done at the time of purchasing, Apple would do it free of cost for you. 

Can You Return The AirPods / AirPods Pro After Engraving ? 

According to Apple’s return’s policy for the engraved items, You cannot exchange your AirPods to get another Apple item but Yes ! you can outrightly return your engraved AirPods.

In place of this return, you’ll be refunded using the same payment method which you used to purchase them. 

You must remember that in such a case, the AirPods must be returned within a span of two weeks of receiving them and they can be returned only if you purchased them directly from the Apple store or an authorised Apple dealer
Also, don’t forget to carry the original bill and the box which you received the AirPods in at the time of purchasing them.


Q1. What is engraving AirPods ?

Answer – If you wish to get your AirPods engraved, you simply have to select a model of AirPods and the team of specialists will hand you over an iPad to enter your text that you prefer to engrave on your AirPods. It can be done on the Apple website or an Apple store. You can select from a huge variety of emojis and texts for engraving your AirPods. The best part is, you can even make your unique combination with emojis and text. 

Q2. Is it worth engraving AirPods ?

Answer – Engraving , I believe is not only for personal use but is also beneficial practically. If you have your phone number or email id engraved on your AirPods, a kind stranger might return the Airpods to you if you lose them on the streets or in the park. Be careful not to add very personal information like your address, or any important password because then it may lead to a misuse but yes, i feel, it’s worth engraving the AirPods. 

Q3. Can I return engraved Airpods ?

Answer – Yes, the AirPods can be returned even after they have been engraved but they cannot be returned at the Apple Store. They can only be exchanged at the store. If you bought your AirPods anywhere in the U.S., you can take your engraved AirPods to any Apple Store in the U.S. and exchange them.

Q4. Can my AirPods be engraved after the purchase ?

Answer – For engraving your AirPods right after purchasing them, you will have to visit the Apple Website  and then, navigate to the music section.There, click on your Airpod Model and at the right side, you’ll see the option ‘buy’. When you click on ‘buy’, you will be taken to the section of engraving the AirPods. 

Q5. Should I engrave my AirPods Case ?

Answer – According to Apple, the engraved products can be set out for delivery within a couple of days but the users have reported that when an order is placed for engraving, the product usually gets delivered later than expected. So, if you want to receive your AirPods the day it is launched, I would recommend opting for the AirPods without the engraving done on them.

The Last Words : 

Your gifts are a reflection of your heart and what the other person means to you !! If you are going to give your loved ones a pair of AirPods they have been dreaming about, personalising them by engraving them will only double the joy. 

After all, if you are gifting a pair of AirPods to somones, the person already means so much to you ! It took me a year to buy one for myself..!

The best thing is that it will be done for free so why not !! Get’em engraved and it will be the most special gift ever !!

One last piece of advice. Please, don’t forget to check her name’s spelling twice or she might end up killing you for whose name you wanted to write !! I did mine carefully 🙂 

Have a great day !!

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