Why Do My AirPods Die So Fast? Here’s How to Fix the Draining Battery

I decided to jam with my childhood buddies, Sam and Sera this weekend and thus, visited Vegas, my hometown. They were pretty much familiar with my love for new gaming gadgets. So, ever since I had bragged about my new Nintendo Switch and how I connected them to TV, they were desperate to host me for the weekend for a bang-on gaming session on their Apple TV which had recently been cured of the dead screen

So, the deal stated that while they roasted my Nintendo Switch, I had to fix AirPlay on Sam’s LG and Sera’s Samsung for which I was going to be permitted to drill MineCraft Dungeons on their Xbox and Fibbage XL on Jackbox. 

More than me, my girlfriend was excited for me to visit my hometown because she was an ardent fan of Vegas’s Maine- Style Lobster Roll. All my journey, she made me note down her exquisite but weird shopping list and I could do nothing but obey since the last time she helped find the dead Airpods. So, my AirPods bore for some 3 hours since I had charged them up sufficiently before I left but the moment I got down the train, they just dozed off !

AirPod Battery life short

Although, I had heard a few times about the AirPod Battery life short situations from my fellow AirPod-ers but honestly , I hadn’t even imagined that one odd day, I personally would be wondering why my Airpods battery drain so fast.

While walking,I was trying to figure out why are my AirPods dying so fast, I tried to recall the last time I had faced this low-power issue on Roku TV. I comforted myself and moved on towards my destination while still trying to understand why do my AirPods lose battery so fast. I definitely cannot keep them on charging all the time and they better learn to put up with me or I’ll have to fix their AirPod Battery Life Short tantrums very soon.

Nevertheless, by the time I was back from Vegas, I wasn’t digging anymore on why are my Airpods dying so fast problem and fixed their poor battery life effortlessly the way I made the so-very-stubborn Netflix and Spotify behave well out of their wits on my TV sets. No tech disease has ever been able to brood around me for a long time so this wasn’t any different.

Since, AirPods is the most beloved baby of Apple, I was sure , many of my readers must have or might face the annoying issue that I faced so why not pen down the way I cured my AirPods of their poor battery life so that no one in future has to guess how long does Airpod battery last and why are my AirPods dying so fast. It sort of rhymes, isn’t it! 

Stay with me now to cure the AirPods of their weak and draining battery life and learn about how long does Airpod battery last.

Why Do My AirPods Die So Fast?

Why Do My AirPods Die So Fast?

While you have been constantly trying to figure out why are your AirPods dying so fast, you should be aware of the basic reason why this is happening. 

Be it any device which is batteryoperated , like a TV remote, wall clocks or like these AirPods, they run depending on their battery life. If the batteries are old, corroded or damaged, the device isn’t going to work or will give an extremely short functional life.

Biggest Reason for the Battery Drainage Issue on AirPods : The Small-Size Lithium-ion Batteries

Biggest reason for the battery drainage issue on AirPods : The small-size Lithium-ion Batteries

The AirPods run on tiny Lithiumion batteries which are rechargeable. They are actually very small because they are supposed to fit themselves on AirPods which are themselves pretty small in size. 

In general, the Lithium-ion batteries wear out quite fast and eventually, grab no charge. In this case where the Airpods are concerned, these batteries are more vulnerable to degradation due to their small size

Now, this small size results in ‘deep cycles of discharge’ which inturn, stresses the Lithium-ions more and thus, their life span is very shortened. 

For your information, you must know that a ‘charge cycle’ of any device is when the battery is fully depleted and then charged up. When I say ‘ deep discharge’, I mean to point out the battery is drained to a very low 10% of the full charge. 

Not all the battery cycles are the same, by the way. For instance, if you use up the battery not fully but only to 50%, and charge them again, that will be counted as one battery cycle.  

Now, such battery cycles are relatively less harmful to the battery life as no ‘deep discharges were let to occur.

Biggest reason for the battery drainage issue on AirPods : The small-size Lithium-ion Batteries

Now, that’s not the case with your AirPods. When the AirPods are put on for charging, the batteries swallow the charge to 100% and then, chime of low battery when the battery is counting its last breath at 10% or less. In-fact low battery is also one of the prominent cases for AirPods sounding muffled and becoming quiet.

This makes the AirPods crawl back in the case and charge up again to 100%. The charging up takes place very quickly as the lithium batteries are very small in size.

So, such cycles of ‘deep discharge’ occur on these fragile AirPods for about 2-3 times a day which isn’t actually very healthy for their battery health. This is the reason why the AirPods begin to have a shorter battery life when they keep ageing which in turn, keeps you guessing how long do AirPods last on one charge. 

There are also a few more reasons for such a poor battery life on your AirPods. 

  1. The AirPods have been living outside their case even when not in use.
  2. A malfunction in the Airpod Charging Case
  3. Battery Optimization is switched off on the Airpods
  4. Lot of accumulated dirt and dust in the AirPods and the Charging Case

So, you know now why the AirPods have begun to ask for charge every now and then. From the above mentioned causes, as per my experience, most of the reasons apply to almost all the users I know. 

At Least I used to forget to return the AirPods back to their Case when I was not using them and I accept that yes, my AirPods used to be sort of clumsy and dirty before the article, I swear ! After I began to jot down this article for you all, I never repeated the same mistakes myself and I have been putting up with pretty healthy AirPods which beam with battery for appreciable hours.

How Long Does AirPod Battery Last?

How Long Does AirPod Battery Last ?

For how long can the AirPods survive on a single or multiple charges, it depends on the life of the batteries of the AirPods and for how long they were connected to the charger. 

It also depends on which AirPods you own, the 2nd Gen, the 3rd Gen or the AirPods Pro. The AirPod Pro being the most advanced version are equipped with a smarter battery system and have a better battery stand-up time but also, they are pricier than the other two.

Let me tell you now the individual battery life of each Gen AirPods so that you have realistic battery expectations with the one you own and are not un-essentially worried about why are my AirPods dying so fast.

The Battery lives of the different Gen AirPods which I am going to mention here onwards require the AirPods to be charged in the Airpods Case only.

AirPods ( 2nd Gen) Battery Life:

AirPods ( 2nd Gen) Battery Life
  1. Single Charge – at least 5 hours of the listening time
  2. A 15 minutes Charge: upto 3 hours of the listening time
  3. Multiple Charges: more than 24 hours of the listening time

AirPods ( 3rd Gen ) Battery Life:

AirPods ( 3rd Gen ) Battery Life :
  1. Single Charge: at last 6 hours of the listening time
  2. A 5 minutes Charge: around 1 hour of the listening time
  3. Multiple Charges: upto 30 hours of the listening time

AirPods Pro Battery Life:

AirPods Pro Battery Life :
  1. Single Charge: upto 4.5 hours of the listening time
  2. A 5 minutes Charge: a good 1 hour of the listening time
  3. Multiple Charges: upto 24 hours of the listening time

So, that’s how the different Gen AirPods sustain the battery charge and they are not doing bad, I must say. All they require is a regular ‘charging cycle’ in their case and they’ll be your companions for long. 

Now, after having a fair idea about the reasons for the poor battery life of the AirPods and how much they should be able to hold, let me reveal how you are going to maintain good health on the AirPods battery and extend their battery life.

How To Extend The Battery Life Of AirPods

How To Extend The Battery Life Of AirPods

Along with the above mentioned reasons for the untimely demise of your AirPod Batteries, please consider a few more reasons for you to guess for Airpods dying fast.

If unnecessary features are enabled on your Iphone to which the AirPods are connected, if they are exposed to extreme temperatures often and are rarely kept inside the Charging Case, they are bound to be dead and dry in no time. 

Take a look at the most effective fixes for extending the battery life of your AirPods and also, to sustain the extended battery life for a long time. If followed diligently, these tips will keep your Airpods new and operational similar to the lucky day when they arrived.

1. Open/Close the AirPods Case Only When Required.

The AirPods Case is such a cute tiny device I tell you. The first time I bought the Airpods, I used to keep tossing it open and close all the time and I loved it more because it was not as easily lost as the AirPods.

But with time, I realised, my unintentional Open/Close game-play with the Case resulted in a very poor battery life and also, the AirPod Case didn’t close as firmly as before. 

So, my advice is, please open or close the AirPod Case only when it is essential and required i.e at the time when you want to take the AirPods out or seat them back. This will ensure that the recent battery cycle stays for a long time and the battery won’t drain out.

2. Try Using One AirPod at a Time, If Possible.

I understand this won’t be as fun as using both the AirPods and dancing to the tunes of Camila Cabello but it can help maintain full charge on the other AirPod. 

I recommend it especially if you are travelling and are not carrying any Power Bank or the charger. 

When you use one AirPod, the brother AirPod remains fully-charged. Using one AirPod can suffice in situations when you have to make a call, or listen to a podcast or voice notes.

3. Turn ‘off’ Noise Cancellation When Not Required.

 Turn ‘off’ Noise Cancellation when not required.

I have appreciated this feature numerous times for the wonderful experience it provides while making calls or listening to music and that too without worrying about the environmental noise. This feature is exceptionally integrated by Apple in their premium AirPods Pro and AirPods Max.

However, if you are chilling in relatively calmer surroundings or say, basking in sun at Maldives, Noise Cancellation should be turned ‘off’ as the background is noiseless itself. It saves the battery life and will provide extra listening and talking time on your AirPods.

To hit this feature Noise Cancellation ‘off’, the Transparency Mode has to be turned ‘on’. How to do this ? Take a look –

  1. Go to the Settings on your iPhone and tap on Accessibility.
  2. In the Audio/Visual Section, click on ‘Headphone Accommodation and turn it ‘on’.
    Headphone Accomodation
  3. Switch the Phone Noise Cancellation option ‘off’ and tap on the Custom Transparency Mode and turn in ‘on’.
    Phone Noise Cancellation

This will turn off the Noise Cancellation feature when it is not required. The same way it can be turned ‘on’ when you are back in the bustling city life full of honking cars and just want to enjoy Shawn Mendis silently.

4. Reset your Airpods.

AirPods also run on software which needs to be updated timely. In case, there are any latest developments from Apple and they haven’t been launched on the AirPods, so many issues can surface while  using them. The battery drainage issues, the connectivity problems,  the AirPods just won’t pair and many more. 

To avoid any such thing to happen, first of all, execute the first three steps I mentioned and then, you must reset them for which I will guide you here.
To reset your AirPods, perform the following steps :

  1. Open Settings on your Iphone and tap on Bluetooth.
  2. Next to the AirPods’ name, you’ll see an ‘i’ icon. Tap on it.
  3. Now, click on ‘Forget this device’.
    Forget this device
  4. Click and press long on the pairing button on your Airpods Case.
  5. A notification will prompt. Click on ‘Pair’.

Now, when you click on ‘Pair’, the AirPods will be paired again with your phone after a new fresh set-up. If any small glitch in the pairing was consuming extra battery and stressing it out, it must have been nipped in the bud, leaving your AirPods free for an extended battery life.

5. Turn Down the Volume.

The battery drainage is proportionate to the volume the AirPods are played on. The louder the volume is , the faster the battery will be lost by the AirPods. 

In general, the volume or the sound quality of any device, be it your TV or the AirPods, is one premium feature that is responsible for the popularity of the product. Be it the Hulu app on the Roku TV or when the volume won’t act up on Samsung, the users have been flustered whenever the Volume went out of their control.

Turn down the Volume.

In a similar pattern here, the volume of the device on which the AirPods are played has to be in control which will benefit first, the battery life and second, the hearing abilities of the listener. 

As you are here dealing with the issue of a poor battery on your Airpods, set the volume of your AirPods at an acceptable percentage ; not too low and not too high.  

This way, both you and your AirPods will be spared from poor battery and hearing disability respectively.

6. Turn ‘off’ Automatic Ear Detection Feature.

This is also a special feature on the AirPods. It allows you to use your AirPods the moment they are plugged. I know this is a convenient feature but it consumes too much battery. Some part of the audio you might end up skipping if this feature is enabled. 

This can be avoided to extend the battery life of your AirPods with these easy steps :

  1. Open Settings and tap on Bluetooth
  2. Next to the AirPods’ name, click on the ‘i’ icon.
  3. You’ll see this option ‘Automatic Ear Detection’.
    Automatic Ear Detection

Switching this feature off will ask you to tap your AirPods the next time you use them. Not much of an effort, isn’t it ! Plus, the battery will also be at the thanking end. 

7. Avoid Using Your AirPods in Extreme Temperatures.

As I mentioned in the beginning, under the section ‘ Reasons why your AirPods Battery dies so fast’, the AirPods use Lithium-ion Batteries which are very sensitive to extreme temperature conditions.

Avoid using your AirPods in extreme temperatures.

So, if you are freezing in Iceland , or basking in the sun in Miami, avoid using your AirPods. Basically, save them from too hot or too dry temperature conditions.

This will not only save them from any unrepairable damage but also bless their battery life.

8. Return the AirPods Back to Their Case When Not in Use.

Return the AirPods back to their case when not in use.

I have been blabbering about this one since the moment I began writing today. This is as essential as keeping your money back in the wallet otherwise it won’t only get off the site but also can change its owner.

Similarly, if the AirPods  are not kept back safe in their Case when not in use, you won’t only lose them but they will also be dead and drained even if you find them. That’s a deal with loss on both sides ! 

Always remember to keep the AirPods back in their case , carefully and firmly so the next time, you won’t have to charge them before you could use them.

9. Replace the AirPods If They Have Lived Their Age.

Nothing lasts forever ! Yes, not only your AirPods even when they took each penny from your piggy bank and you swore too much on it.

Replace the AirPods if they have lived their age.

The Apple AirPods have a certain life since they run on Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are digestible so they won’t keep performing as good as the day when the AirPods were bought. 

In the first or second year, you may not notice any significant changes but as the calendar keeps turning leaves, the AirPods begin to lose their efficiency. It also depends on the way you use them. I had changed my AirPods twice last year and my girlfriend still has the ones she bought with me. The better you take care of your AirPods, the longer they’ll put up with you. 

Now, after all is said and done, if you need to buy new AirPods, you can get the best of Apple’s Exchange Offer and grab a new pair of AirPods at reduced cost. 

Few Additional Tips For AirPods’s Very Long Life 

1. Never let the battery of your AirPods drain below 40%. Do not just let them sink in the ship first and then offer a hand. No! Keep them charged up and offer multiple cycles of battery charge. This will save the AirPods from a Battery disaster and you from not being able to use them when you need them the most.

2. Always use Apple certified Cables for charging. They are no doubt a pricey connection but ensure the best operational condition on your AirPods for the longest you can imagine.

Always use Apple certified Cables for charging

Mind you, if you are grabbing a deal from Amazon or a third party for Apple authentic cables, for sure there is something wrong with it. 

There is a reason why Apple believes in its walled-garden and sells its supporting accessories at a high price because they come with a warranty and are very authentic. So, nab that urge of spending half of the price and trust only authentic buys.

3. Stock your AirPods in a suitable environment. A controlled environment is a must for keeping the AirPods battery life sane. They won’t prefer direct sunlight or any extreme temperature condition.

The acceptable temperature for Lithium Batteries ranges normally from 20℃ to 60 ℃. If the AirPods are exposed to any environment out of this range temperature , it will result in the degeneration of the batteries and will cause irreparable damage.  

Best advice I would give is whenever the AirPods are not in use, store them in a drawer after charging them. 

Now that you know how you will ensure the good battery life of your AirPods, there also have been times when one AirPods chooses to fool around and I am just guessing why does one AirPod die faster. 

This is also not a very tough deal to crack and now, you’ll learn how to deal with times when one AirPod doesn’t function well and is always asking for battery with wet eyes. Stay here to learn why does one AirPod die faster.

Why Does One Airpod Die Faster?

Why Does One Airpod Die Faster ?

The AirPods contain a 94 MW ( Miili-Watt) Lithium-ion battery which makes them quicker to charge. As per Apple, just a 15 minute charge can give you good 3 hours of the listening time and upto 2 hours of the talktime. 

But, it’s very troublesome when just one AirPod behaves out of the way and loses its charge faster than the other, thus creating sound issues on itself. 

If one specific AirPod isn’t charging, there are some reasons for this issue which you should consider.

  1. One AirPod is used more than the other.
  2. The AirPods’ battery is damaged.
  3. The Charging Case might be damaged. 
  4. The Mic on one AirPod is used more often.
  5. The AirPods are not in-sync.
  6. A Manufacturing Defect.

Take a close look at the possible reasons for one AirPod draining faster than the other one. You’ll be able to identify if anything such has been occurring at your end which can be the possible cause of this trouble. 
I never scare my readers away by only correlating with the problem without a solution. For sure, there are a few hacks and tips mentioned below which you can easily practise on the troubled AirPod and check if it’s repairable.

Try These Solutions if One AirPod Dies Faster Than the Other

1. Avoid Using One AirPod More Than the Other.

Avoid using one AirPod more than the other.

I know you’ll say that I am contradicting my statement because in the beginning while discussing how to extend the battery life of AirPods, I advised you to use one AirPod at a time but let me explain myself here. 

I meant that whenever one AirPod can suffice, try not using the other AirPod. The next time, when you have to make a call or listen to music, switch the previous Airpod with another one and use that instead.

This way, you will be using both the AirPods almost equal number of times and none of the AirPod will be stressed out for extra times. 

2. Clean the Batteries of the AirPod.

As explained earlier in the ‘Solutions Sections’, you know how to clean the AirPods’s batteries, right? This time, pay extra attention towards that one AirPod which doesn’t hold up the charge and grab it close to clean it.

Clean the batteries of the AirPod.

A clean and dry, lint-free cloth would do. It can be dipped in distilled water and after the gentle wiping out, wipe again with a dry cloth to remove any strain of moisture. 

Check the earpiece of the AirPod carefully if you notice any piece of accumulated dust. That has been making the AirPod unoperational and needs to be fixed in order to maintain the charge of the AirPod.

3. Reset your AirPod.

Reset your AirPod.

This also has been explained in great depth in the beginning but I won’t mind stressing over it again. It is possible that the AirPod, which is losing its battery faster than the other, might need resetting to improve its battery condition. 

Hold the pairing button at the back of the AirPod Case for about 15 seconds to quickly reset the AirPod. Pair it after a few minutes and then connect it to the charge. I hope, this time, it sustains the battery for a long time. 

4. First, Disconnect And Then Reconnect the AirPod.

This can prove efficient enough in fixing the battery issue on the poor AirPod. First, disconnect both the AirPods and connect them once again to your device. I would also recommend connecting them on a different device this time. See if the battery life on that one AirPod improved or not. 

As stated earlier, see hows its done : 

  1. Open the Settings and tap on the Bluetooth option.
  2. Next to the AirPods’ name, you’ll see the ‘i’ icon.
  3. Click on it and tap on ‘Forget this device’.
  4. This will disconnect the AirPods.
  5. To connect again, press and hold the ‘Pairing’ button at the back of the AirPods Case.
    Pairing button
  6. The Pairing will begin and the AirPods will connect again.

This should fix any glitch, if occurring, on any of the AirPods while using them the next time and both of them should work well in-sync with each other.

5. Check the Charging Port.

Check the Charging Port.

You must check the Charging Port closely since one AirPod is behaving odd in this case. If the Charging Port is even slightly damaged or some dust has accumulated, or even it feels wet or moisturised, it can be one potential reason why your AirPod isn’t able to hold up charge. 

6. Contact the Support Team at Apple.

Contact the Support Team at Apple.

At last, it’s always advisable to contact the parent community of the AirPods i.e Apple. This is a common issue, the one you are facing is that one AirPod does faster than the other and to your relief, it has been acknowledged by Apple that it can be a manufacturing defect. 

If your AirPods fall under warranty or if you had bought the ‘Apple + Care’ additionally under your warranty cover, your AirPods can be replaced for free.  

Rely on the above mentioned tips and tricks to cure your AirPod of the fast battery drainage. I am sure, after they are applied successfully, the battery will begin to survive for longer and the need to be constantly charged will be shortened. 

Why Does My AirPods Case Die So Fast?

Why Does My AirPods Case Die So Fast ?

When I had been trying to figure out ways and means for extending the battery life on AirPods, I couldn’t help but wonder about why does my AirPods Case die so fast.

The AirPods Case does not only hold the AirPods safely but also acts as a Power Bank for them. So, this makes them all the way more important to be taken care of. 

As long as the AirPods Case is in good condition and charged up, the AirPods will be charged up too. Now, the duration for which battery charge sustains on the AirPods Case depends on its model also. For instance, the Gen 3 AirPods Case lasts longer than the Gen 2 and Gen 1 AirPod Case. 

On an average, the AirPods Case takes about an hour to fully charge up. Of Course, you can detach when required but I always recommend letting the Case take up the full charge before you plug it off. 

How to Check The Battery Status of AirPods Case

Before you dig deeper about how to extend the battery life of your AirPods Case, you must be aware how much battery it holds on an average and whether it is ever fully charged up or not.
To check the battery status of your AirPods Case, you have to pay attention to its LED indicator light.

  1. A green flashing light or a stable green light indicates that the AirPods Case is fully charged.
    Fully charged AirPods
  2. An Amber coloured light indicates that the charge is left less than one percent.
    Charge is left less than one percent
  3. Now, for checking the battery status of AirPods, keep the AirPods back in the Case.The LED light colour on the Case will indicate the battery status of the AirPods.

Battery Life of AirPods Case According to Their Model

You must be aware about the capacity of your AirPods Case for holding up the battery charge and as I mentioned above, it varies from model to model.

1st and 2nd Gen Airpods Case

  • They take about 20- 30 minutes to charge. 
  • They can provide 24 hours of the listening time or 18 hours of the talking time
  • The Case can be either Wired or Wireless.

3rd Gen AirPod Case

  • The usage duration is slightly higher than the 1st or the 2nd Gen Case.
  • A full case can easily provide 30 hours of the listening time or 20 hours of the talking time.
  • Quite similar to AirPod Pro, they can last for a good one hour on a quick 5 minute charge.

AirPods Pro Case

  • The usage time is similar to the one of Gen 1 and Gen 2. 
  • It gives almost 24 hours of listening time and 18 hours of talktime on one charge.

Reason Why the AirPod Case isn’t Charging

Look at the reasons below which might be responsible for deteriorating battery life on your AirPods Case. 

  1. An obstruction in the charging port
  2. A damaged power source
  3. A Pending update

How to Fix the Poor Battery Life on AirPods Case

Just like the AirPods, the battery life of your AirPods Case also has some scope of betterment and can endure the solutions for curing its poor battery life. Take a look : 

  1. Clean the Charging port of the AirPods Case very carefully. Use a dry cloth or a very gentle toothbrush for this purpose.
    Clean the Charging port
  2. Thoroughly check the cables which are connected to the Airpods Case for charging. They should not be damaged, torn anywhere in between or a loose fit. Such obstructions will never let the Case receive a full charge and also, the battery will drain faster.
    Thoroughly check the cables
  3. Open the Settings on your device, be it the iPhone or Mac and check if there is any pending update for the AirPods. New developments are made from time to time by Apple and they should be launched on the Airpods to keep them in-sync together and with the Case. 
  4. Keep the AirPods back in the Case when not in use and thereafter, keep the safe very carefully in your bag or some drawer so that there won’t be any chance of them slipping off on the floor or damaging themselves. 
  5. Run a quick reset on the AirPods. For this, unpair the AirPods first using the button at the backside of the Case and then, pair them again. 
  6. If still nothing works out, take a ride to the Apple Store. They will be happy to assist and you might even win a new AirPods Case if it still falls under warranty.

So, by now, I feel, I have explained each bit and inch of the status of the battery charge that takes place on your AirPods Case. Observe the reasons carefully for why the battery is draining so fast and then, apply the fixes genuinely. 

I am very sure, you’ll begin to have a better battery life on your AirPods Case in one single cycle of charge. 

How Long Does AirPod Pro Battery Last?

How Long Does AirPod Pro Battery Last ?

AirPods Prois a very premium product of Apple and is widely loved for its amazing battery stand-up time and the crystal clear noise cancellation features. The one who has it, knows the difference for sure. You’ll be learning more about the battery life of AirPods Pro here and what listening and talking time they provide. 

Battery Life of AirPods Pro

It has been confidently claimed by Apple that on a single charge cycle, the AirPods Pro can easily give about 5 hours of the listening time and about 3.5 hours of the talking time. 

Of Course, multiple cycles of charge can be run on the Airpods Pro if your usage is more than the average but I still recommend letting them charge fully at a time and then, use it. It extends the battery life in the longer run. 

Using Siri more than required, or fiddling with new force sensors can lead to a shorter battery life in one charge and the battery won’t last upto 5 hours. 

Leaving the Noise Cancellation feature ‘on’ all the time on your AirPods Pro can lead to a shorter battery life. As I advised for the battery health of the AirPods, turn this feature ‘off’ when your surroundings allow and use it only when the background noise actually disturbs you.

A Lot Can Happen in 5 Minutes

Just in matter of five minutes, you can bounce back to the tunes of your favourite songs or attend that important call. All you need to do is pop the AirPods Pro back in the Case when the low-battery ring chimes and in just no time, the battery will fill up for another beautiful one hour of your life.

The Case itself holds the capacity for holding up the Charge for 24 long hours on one single deep cycle of charge. Just keep the Case charged and you’ll not have to worry about how long do AirPods last on one charge. 

So, before I rest my hands here, I am most definite that after you have read this article by heart, there is nothing you don’t know about the AirPods, be it the battery life, the Model, the troubleshooting techniques and the general precautions you should be taking on daily basis for ensuring healthy battery life of your AirPods. 

Each and every detail has been carefully engraved here to keep you at bay from facing any tiny issue while using the Airpods.


Q1. Why are my AirPods running out of their battery so quickly?

Answer – The AirPods usually run very quickly out of their battery when they are connected to the device’s bluetooth all the time. Be it your iPhone or Mac, or say even the Apple Tv.Even if the bluetooth is turned off, the Airpods remain connected and will connect the moment Bluetooth is turned on. They are always in their active state. So, keep the AirPods back inside their case when you are not using them. This will save their battery life and won’t require a charge very often. 

Q2. Why are my Airpods not able to hold their charge anymore ?

Answer – If your AirPods are dirty, full of dust or haven’t been cleaned since very long, the functionality will be affected and hardware issues will erupt. If there is even a little debris in their Charging case, the AirPods will not charge properly and will not sustain charge for a long time if charged fully. So, always keep both the Airpods and the Airpods Case very clean.

Q3. Can the battery of Airpods be replaced ?

Answer – Apple claims to replace the battery of its AirPods but it’s charged, not free of cost.If you cared to buy AppleCare+ for your Airpods, the AirPods and the Airpod Case can be replaced if they hold at least 80 % of their capacity. 

Q4. Can I exchange old AirPods for a new one?

Answer –I know you would want to hear a yes but no! You cannot trade the old AirPods for the new ones. You can always sell them to a third party but cannot exchange them for new ones. Atleast, this cannot be done at the Apple Store. 

Q5. Why does my Airpods battery last only for 1 hour?

Answer –The AirPods use lithium-ion batteries which wear out more as they are used. After a few years of regular usage, the batteries of the AirPods last only for one hour. It will deacy dramatically from a four-to-five hours of charge to only one hour. So, just replace the dead batteries with the authentic ones from the Apple Store or if your AirPods are just way too old, buy yourself new ones. 

The Wrap-Up

Apple products cost a fortune at times. There are no free lunches, you know well ! If you want to be flaunting your prized Apple possessions, you’ll actually have to be protecting and feeding them the best care like babies. 

Be it the iPhone or the AirPods or the exclusive AirPods Pro, they demand special care and a special space in your Fendi handbag where they can lay dry and clean. 

Above in the article, I have tried my best to fix every single issue that you might face on your AirPods and have also put across best hacks to make them stay sane for long.

Just take good care of them and then you see, ‘ your wish is their command. ! Have fun and keep AirPod-ing! 

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