Can You Charge AirPod Case Without AirPods Inside?

I have been openly honest about my obsession with Apple products. My first buy was a pair of AirPods and then, the fetish never stopped. Apple products are so uniquely versatile , so ingenious that once you get the hang of them, you just cannot replace them.

I proudly wear my Apple Smart Watch, recently traded my 2nd Gen AirPods for the super-cool AirPods Pro and had them engraved with a ❤️. The best part is, on weekends, I connect my Nintendo Switch to my versatile Apple 4k Smart TV and game-on all night.

Nevertheless, on a regular day, if I tell you, the first thing I do on waking up is to put my AirPods inside their Charging Case and let them be juiced up with a full charge while I munch on my breakfast. Usually, I keep them on charge for about 20 minutes which sufficiently builds their battery for about 2 hours but if I wore them to sleep, they will lie dead by my side in the morning, they will take an hour or so to charge up fully.  

There is one smart feature on the AirPods I’m not sure all my readers are aware of. Have you ever wondered if can you charge AirPod Case without AirPods inside ? 

YES ! You heard it right ! Once you have a decent battery backed up on the AirPods, you can mark a move and leave the AirPods Case on the wireless Qi Mat to charge themselves fully by the time you come back home. If you have ever doubted about does AirPod Case charge without AirPods, I’m glad to tell you that it does. 

And don’t you worry about less battery of your AirPods, when their Case isn’t around. You can easily charge your AirPods using someone else’s AirPods Case. 

So, to enlighten you deeper about whether can you charge AirPod Case without pods, here’s my short blurb. Follow through the article to know if it’s possible to charge the AirPods Case without having the AirPods inside it. 

Can You Charge Your AirPod Case Without The AirPods Inside ?

Can You Charge Your AirPod Case Without The AirPods Inside ?

A round of applause for the versatility of the Apple AirPods !!  When you purchase a pair of AirPods, you bring home three items per say – the two individual AirPods and the AirPods Charging Case. It’s their adroit functionality that all three of them depend on each other yet can be used independently as well. 

True ! The AirPods and the AirPods Case can be charged up separately. The AirPods and the Case come with their own batteries so all three of them need to have individual charge on them to function properly. 

If any one of the two AirPods have less battery, one of them will be louder than the other or you’ll hear muffled sounds on them. On the other hand, if the AirPod Case isn’t charged up, it won’t be able to back-up battery on the AirPods when they need to be charged and the AirPods will die ultimately.  

So, if you ever doubted whether can you charge AirPod Case without AirPods inside, now you know that it is very much possible

Now after you have connected the AirPods Case to the Wired or the Wireless charging connection, you can check in between whether the Case is charging up or not. So, take a quick reading of the next section about how to be sure about a full charge on your AirPods Case and in case, if it’s not charging up, how can that be fixed. 

How To Ensure A Full Charge On The AirPods Case

How To Ensure A Full Charge On The AirPods Case

If you wish to know whether the AirPods Case is charging or not, the Status light on the Case will answer this for you.

While the AirPods Case is charging, the Status Light will show up an orange or amber colour.

Status light

Once the AirPods Case is completely charged up, the Status Light will turn from orange to green.

Green Status Light

Although the AirPods Case takes only 20 minutes to charge, you can leave them charging up overnight sometimes so that they gain full battery back up and can then, subsequently, provide battery to your AirPods whenever they have less battery on them. 

Advantages Of Fully Charged AirPods Case

Advantages Of Fully Charged AirPods Case

When your AirPods Case is fully charged up, it will happily offer battery back up to the AirPods whenever there is less battery on them. All you need to do is place your AirPods in their Case and close the lid. 

This way, the AirPods will take charge from the Case. That is why it is advised to place the AirPods back in their Case whenever they are not in use so that whenever battery has been consumed on them, they will regain that back from the Charging Case. 

It is very advantageous for you if you maintain a full charge on your AirPods Case. I’ve listed them down here for you so that you stay motivated to charge your AirPods and their Case regularly and do not wait for them to die out first and then charge from the bottom line.

  1. A fully charged AirPods Case provides you about 30 hours of the listening time and 20 hours of talking time.
  1. Whenever your AirPods are about to die out , just place them in the AirPods Case for just 5 minutes and voila !! Your AirPods are charged enough to offer 1 hour of listening and talking time. 
  1. If you also use AirPods for almost every audio activity like me, your AirPods Case acts as a ‘PowerBank’ for your AirPods to pass on battery to them during hours of heavy usage.

If you inculcate a habit to keep your AirPods Case fully charged up, you’ll never ever face an unfortunate situation when you desperately need to use your AirPods and they die out due to no battery available. 

  1. Optimally charged AirPods and AirPods Case acts as a catalyst for maintaining a healthy battery life on them and they won’t lose charge very fast while they are being used. 

So, if you begin to consider your AirPods Case as a powerbank for your AirPods and ensure that they are always fully charged up, you’ll never have to worry about arranging  a battery backup for AirPods in urgent situations. 

As I also mentioned above, you can also use someone else’s AirPods Case for charging the AirPods in case you have left yours at home and exigently need to charge your AirPods. 

Quick-Fix If The AirPods Case Isn’t Charging 

So now you know how useful yet essential it is to keep the AirPods Case charged up but at times, this fantastic piece of technology can leave you cemented if it fails to take up charge. 

If your AirPods Case refuses to charge, below mentioned easy fixes are for you. 

1. Change the USB to the Lightning Cable.

Change the USB to the Lightning Cable.

Maybe the USB which you are connecting to the Lightning Cable has developed a fault which is holding back the AirPods Case from taking up the charge.

With time, after regular usage, the USB Cables weaken in their strength and can fail to connect properly which acts as a barrier in the Charging process. 

2. Clean or Reset the AirPods Case.

Clean or Reset the AirPods Case.

When the AirPods Case isn’t charging up, the cause of this issue can be the dirty plug ports which might be having accumulated dust on them. This blocks the plug ports, hence, blocking them from obtaining charge. 

After you clean your AirPods Case, try resetting the AirPods Case by pressing and holding the Set-Up button at the Case’s back, for about 15 minutes. This will perform a reset on the Case and remove connectivity bugs, if any. 

3. Contact Apple Support

Contact Apple Support in case the AirPods Case doesn’t charge up even after cleaning and resetting it. If your AirPods still fall under warranty, you can easily request a replacement. 


Q1. Can I charge my AirPods using someone else’s Case?

Answer – Yes, it’s possible to charge your AirPods when you don’t have their Case and borrow someone else’s. You can easily charge your AirPods using the same method you use on your AirPods Case. Just insert the AirPods inside the other Charging Case, open the Case’s lid and long-press the Set-Up button at the back of the Case. the light will begin to flash white and your AirPods will charge.

Q2. How do I know if my AirPods are charging?

Answer – When you place your AirPods inside the Case or connect the Case to a wireless charger, the status light on the Case turns ‘amber’. It will turn ‘off’ on its own after a while when the AirPods begin to take charge. You can even open the Case’s lid and check if it’s still amber. If it’s still amber, the AirPods are still charging. If it’s green, it means the AirPods are fully charged now. 

Q3. For how long the AirPods can last?

Answer – Based on the reports, the second and the third Gen AirPods can last for about two to three years if they are used vigorously on a daily basis. This majorly depends on how you use your AirPods. If you have been maintaining their battery health and have been keeping them sufficiently  charged up during the day, they are bound to last for long and won’t develop any battery or sound issues, extending their life. 

Q4. Can I leave my AirPods on charging overnight ?

Answer – When the AirPods and the Case have fully charged themselves, they will stop charging. It means, if they are left plugged into the Wireless Cable or connected to a Qi mat overnight, they won’t overcharge themselves. Nothing will happen and there have been no consequences of overcharging. 

To Sum Up : 

If you depend heavily on your AirPods for listening to music, podcasts and enjoy attending calls only on AirPods, it is a must for you to keep the AirPods Case handy and fully-charged up.

So, for the new AirPod-ers, I hope you have the answer with you now whether can you charge AirPod Case without AirPods inside and have vouched to maintain a full charge on the AirPods so that never you have to do without your AirPods if they are about to die due to no battery. You can quickly use the AirPod Case to transfer battery to the AirPods and within 5 minutes, they’ll be able to stay with you for a good hour. 

Just like you clean your expensive iPhone Cover regularly to scrape off the dust particles, similarly make it a habit to keep the AirPods and their Case very clean. In that case, the AirPods and the Case will maintain a healthy battery life and won’t lose charge very fast while they are being used. So, the 2C’s – Clean and Charge– the AirPods and the Charging Case and you’ll keep reaping the benefits of owning the coolest piece of technology. Take care and keep your gadgets charged up !

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