Why Do AirPods Hurt My Ears : Here’s The Ultimate Solution

If your AirPods have been causing excruciating ear pain lately, you are not alone ! Read here about the causes, the precautions that you can take and the solutions to comfort you in these trying times of AirPods hurting your ears. 

I have always been an avid fan of Apple’s new launches and it didn’t take me very long before I was flaunting my most cherished possession, my Apple AirPods. The lightweight sleek design, the amazing ‘noise cancellation feature’ and Ah! The way they brought Siri to life in my ears ! It was an absolute sound-per-pound deal !  

Ever since they were employed in my routine, we were inseparable ! Sad to confess but it was nothing less than a condition of extreme dependency, I tell you ! I couldn’t take any call or enjoy music to a level of my heart’s contentment if the AirPods weren’t plugged in. I even managed to convince my girlfriend to connect her AirPods as well to my MacBook so that we could watch The Man From Toronto together on Netflix but on our own pair of AirPods. 

I wouldn’t have been writing this here for you if my colleague Jennifer hadn’t pointed out that my ear lobes were weirdly red these days. I was yawning absurdly in the office and my eyes were dropping because of the weight of the swollen eyebags. I overlooked her comments away but to be honest, I was personally flustered because my ears had actually become sore. Even when the AirPods were unplugged, I felt as if they were still intact. My ears began to buzz all the time because I was sleeping with the AirPods in

Why Do AirPods Hurt My Ears :  Here’s The Ultimate Solution

To my utter shock, my doting AirPods began to die and discharge very fast. Even charging them for multiple cycles didn’t suffice. They were pausing abruptly in the middle of a conversation and the music just would fade away! I held my heart close and kept them in the Case for charging them completely, hoping to hear better from them but my AirPods were still oddly quiet

Sounds like a nightmare for any AirPod user, doesn’t it ! And I have literally endured every bit of it ! After I paid the hefty fees of my Otolaryngologist last week for relieving me from the ear pain due to the ear infection, I decided to share with all my readers whatever I learnt from my specialist. I have now imbibed all the vital information about the underlying reasons of why the Apple earbuds hurt my ears and how to make AirPods more comfortable. 

In this article, you will pick up useful tips and tricks for minimising the use of AirPods from   excessively to needfully and wisely so that your delicate ears are not hurt and you begin to use your AirPods in a befitting manner to smarten your daily life activities,  the very reason why they were designed. 

Why Do AirPods Hurt My Ears ?

Why Do AirPods Hurt My Ears ?

Hands down to the convenience and the smooth functionality which the AirPods offer but it doesn’t at all justify the irritation and the ear pain caused by them. Thereafter, all the comfort and the pomp-and-show goes kaput. 

Here, in this section, you will learn about the reasons why your ears have been aching on wearing AirPods. They will assist you to assess and clarify when you wonder, ‘why do AirPods hurt my ears?’ 

There are possibly many reasons which have left you confused and perturbed about why are the AirPods causing sores in ears. I have mentioned them here for you so that you can identify with them and assess yourself.  Take a look : 

  • Your AirPods are not fitting you properly 
  • You have been wearing AirPods continuously for very long. 
  • You have an ear infection. 
  • You have worn the AirPods incorrectly 

No doubt, AirPods are one of the best innovations of Apple and have made lives only easier and smarter but everything comes at a cost ! If you are too reliant on AirPods, both your ears and AIrPods won’t function at their best anymore. Take a look at the causes below which might be the very reason for the stinging pain in your ears.

1. Your AirPods are Not Fitting you Properly

Your AirPods are not fitting you properly

This is one of the prime reasons which has left you wondering why AirPods hurt my ears. 

You can see two different ear sizes in the picture above. The ear profile of every human is different based on their shape, size and depth. It has even been claimed by Mark Nexon, a computer scientist at the University of Southampton that ears prove to be better and more valid identifiers than fingerprints.

Your AirPods are not fitting you properly

Now, the AirPods ( 2nd and 3rd Gen) and even the AirPods Pro come in standard sizes. This one-size-fits-all approach isn’t suitable for all the ears because the ears differ in size, shape and depth as I mentioned above. That’s one reason why the AirPods become uncomfortable to wear if you are not wearing your perfect size. 

“ If you wear AirPods which don’t fit your ears, their hard plastic shell is forced against your ear’s delicate skin and cartilage which causes inessential pressure and biting pain.”

Apple has undoubtedly acknowledged this issue and has upgraded from the one-size-fits-all approach with the launch of AirPods Pro. Now, three different earbuds sizes with changeable tips are offered on the AirPods but some users are still not comfortable with the way AirPods fit.

Worse, now the AirPods Max have also bagged a lot of complaints in its kitty. The AirPods Max have an entirely different form factor but some users have complained of the annoying clamping force which is very distressing. 

This pressure forced upon ears has troubled the users with painful headaches around the temple region and have left them with very sore ears. 

2. You Have Been Wearing AirPods Continuously for Very Long.

You have been wearing AirPods continuously for very long.

I very well remember the times when I just couldn’t sleep without AirPods in. Due to that, my health began to actually deteriorate because of irregular and poor sleep. The moment I was out of shower in the morning, I had AirPods plugged in. I had breakfast with them ‘on’, drove to the office , attended calls all day and least to say, I depended on AirPods to accompany me on the long drive back home. I didn’t even realise when this routine became so addictive

It was alarming when I wanted to wear AirPods to sleep. I felt kind of anxious and restless when I wasn’t wearing AirPods. Could it have produced anything positive? No Chance! 

My ears began to buzz. Even on cleaning regularly , there was so much earwax building up. Honestly, my ears used to feel weirdly full all the time. 

The AirPods began to die very fast  very fast because they never got the chance to charge themselves fully. I was seriously so drowsy, lethargic and sleepy the whole day. 

“Excessive exposure to sounds for long durations can result in temporary ( at first) and then, a permanent hearing loss. It’s going to be worse if you have been listening on AirPods at a very high volume.”

So, if you have also been wearing your AirPods throughout the day and night, think no further about why do AirPods hurt my ears. This is the prime reason why your ears have been hurt and have left you agitated. 

3. You have an Ear Infection.

You have an ear infection.

When the cartilage of your ear feels sore and aches, it’s mostly due to normal ear pain but when the pain can call you out from the inner ear or the eardrum, it’s a horror story ! It’s so painful that it stays even after removing AirPods. At times, the ears can also become inflamed. In worst cases, you might notice some discharge also.

Mostly, ear infections occur due to incorrect usage of Airpods such as inserting AirPods too deep in ears or keeping them plugged in for a long duration. Wearing AirPods for very long at once blocks the ear canal from outside and lets the sweat and moisture build up inside which fosters the development of bacteria

I can vouch for this ! Ear infections are the worst when it comes to pain since I have dealt with it personally. My routine of sleeping with AirPods resulted in Otitis Externa , initially and left me with Necrosis. Pray that you never have to face them ! They are the worst and most painful ear infections ever. 

If you have an unbearable, stinging pain inside the inner parts of the ear, I fear it can be either Tinnitus or Otitis Externa and only an otolaryngologist will help you in this case.  

4. You Have Worn the AirPods Incorrectly

You have worn the AirPods incorrectly

I don’t intend to make you feel silly about yourself but it’s possible that you are not wearing your AirPods correctly. When AirPods are worn incorrectly, the user feels very uncomfortable and the sound quality is also affected. It totally sums up to an unpleasant experience

The AirPods have been designed very smartly and come up with set curves to move along the shape of your ears and fit like a dream.

If worn in an incorrect manner, not only will they create pressure on the ear inappropriately but also are at a high risk of falling out and ending up dead and lost !  

So, wearing AirPods incorrectly can hurt your ears and leave your ears sore.

If any of the situations mentioned above are relatable to you, you won’t have to keep guessing why do AirPods hurt my ears. As I always say, it becomes easier to solve the issue when you know it has been occurring, in the first place. 

Do AirPods Pro Hurt Ears? The Painful And Sad Truth About AirPods Pro

A Complete Guide To Wear AirPods Correctly To Prevent Them From Hurting Your Ears..

I had purchased AirPods Pro last year in December 2021 and they were my most exclusive pair. The premium sound quality, the Transparency Mode and the Noise Cancellation features had me totally sold for them but it saddens me telling you that I sold them because my poor ears could no longer bear the pain they caused. 

I literally tried to swap all the three different sizes of the eartips which came with the AirPods Pro but being aware of my heavy usage, my ears began to be very sore and in pain. They were itchy and crusty due to the fluid drainage

At first, I blamed it on my sensitive ears and assumed that maybe they were scratched or had scabbed themselves but this ear pain was extreme. I’ll tell you how I figured out that the AirPods Pro had been hurting my ears. 

After a couple of months of buying AirPods Pro, I was using them exhaustively on my Macbook during work hours. I wore them during evening workouts and while doing dishes at night.

The pain only built up and there was no sight of relief at all. Then, the realisation came with  a heavy heart that the AirPods Pro have been hurting my ears primarily. I sold them off for a pretty cheap price and switched again to a basic pair of AirPods

I can say that my ears are relieved but my heart is broken. I miss the bonding with my tiny pals when they stayed patiently with me during yard cleaning and I could listen to my girlfriend while listening to an audiobook on my AirPods Pro.  

Along with mine, there are endless threads on the internet with stories of AirPods Pro users who have been petrified with the same pain.

But don’t you worry anymore! I have never left my readers struggling at their end to discover how to correctly wear AirPods. After you have understood what’s wrong with your usage of AirPods or the AirPods Pro, I will now be presenting a detailed solution to these issues. 

Read further to find out how to wear AirPods correctly and to obtain the AirPods Pro hurt my ears solution. You should not feel out of place if you have tiny delicate small ears like my girlfriend. I will also assist you in bagging AirPods if you have small ear canals. 

How To Wear AirPods Correctly: A Complete Guide To Wear AirPods Correctly To Prevent Them From Hurting Your Ears.

Here onwards begins the best part ! I know, you have had enough of ranting about the causes of earaches due to AirPods or the Pros. Now, to relieve you of your worries, I will lay down a ‘complete and one-stop-solution guide’ about how to wear AirPods correctly and how to make AirPods more comfortable. 

Follow through each advice diligently and you will equip yourself with the ‘AirPods hurt my ears solution, ’ in a manner so that neither your ears will ache nor the AirPods will compromise on the sound quality they deliver. 

I am taking up the case of AirPods 1 , 2 and 3 here. AirPods Pro will be dealt in the next section separately because exclusives demand special attention! 

1. Wear the AirPods( Gen1, 2, 3 ) in the Correct Manner.

It’s very important for you to know how to wear your AirPods correctly, be it the AirPods Gen1, 2 or 3. It becomes all the more important if you will be wearing them for longer durations.  These variants of the AirPods typically sit on your earlobe, not on the ear canal. So, simply pushing them ‘in’ and assuming everything’s alright is not going to happen. 

Here’s how to put on your standard AirPods correctly :

  • Clean the speakers first, with a cotton swab.
    Clean the speakers first, with a cotton swab.
    Take a clean cotton and dry cotton swab and gently wipe out any dirt, oil or residue from the ear tips of your AirPods. If your AirPods are oily or sweaty, they may slip out and you won’t even know. Use a swab of cotton soaked in 70 % isopropyl alcohol but be extra careful while cleaning the area around the speaker grilles so as to prevent any liquid damage from seeing out. This trick leaves you with clean, fresh smelling AirPods with a better and tighter grip. 

  • Look for the L and R marks on your AirPods.
    Look for the L and R marks on your AirPods.
    The AirPods are designed specifically to be worn in either the left ( L ) ear or the right ( R ) ear. You’ll find these L and R markings on the stems of the AirPods. Wear them accordingly.

  • Press the AirPods ‘in’ gently.
    Press the AirPods ‘in’ gently.
    You must know the correct way to wear AirPods correctly to avoid any damage to either your ear or the AirPods. After cleaning the AirPods well and aligning them correctly, press them in the respective left and the right ear very gently. Don’t just thrust them hastily. 

    The stem of the AirPods should be vertically aligned to your head, say a line parallel to your face. This correct alignment is instrumental in the next step.

  • Now, rotate and slip in the AirPods for a more secure fit.
    Now, rotate and slip in the AirPods for a more secure fit.
    Now, at last, rotate your AirPods till you feel that the Airpods are tightly and securely fit. I call this the ‘locked position’ as the stem of your AirPods should be parallel to your jawline

    Pro Tip : Do this in front of a mirror. It will be much easier and comfortable for you to securely slide in your Airpods when you can see yourself doing it. 

    So, this is how AirPods should be worn in a correct manner. If AirPods’s stem isn’t secured properly, they will cause ear pain and might slip out when you move.

2. Wear One AirPod at Once.

I know this is not the best advice and might leave you with an unpleasant experience on your AirPods. Why I am advising wearing one AirPod at a time is because it will help subside the pain in the ear where you won’t wear AirPod. 

The pain will subside with time and your ear will heal from the pain or any infection it suffered from.  

Please remember the 90-minute limit when you wear AirPods.”

This will not ease your ear pain per say but it will at least begin to heal one ear at a time when you begin to wear one AirPod at once. 

Use AirPods alternatively to give breathing space to each ear from the AirPods. This way, both the ears will receive a time window to heal and you won’t even miss out totally from using the AirPods.

An additional benefit is that this method will drastically improve the battery life on your AirPods as one of them will remain well charged at all times. 

Find Out Here ‘The AirPods Pro Hurt My Ears Solution’

Now you know the correct way to wear AirPods. Here in this section, you’ll learn about how to prevent AirPods Pro from causing pain in your ears. 

The AirPods Pro are slightly different from the regular AirPods as they differ in size. The AirPods Pro are a bit large in size in comparison to the regular AirPods 1, 2 or 3 because they come with three eartips for replacement. 

It is sad that this has not prevented the users from an earache and it has constantly been complained of. 

Here are some solutions to prevent your AirPods Pro from hurting your ears: 

1. Wear your AirPods Pro Perfectly.

Wear your AirPods Pro perfectly

You’ll notice a difference in wearing your AirPods Pro if you are switching from regular Airpods because the AirPods Pro come with silicone tips. 

  • Snap the Silicone tips and perform a size-check.
    Snap the Silicone tips and perform a size-check :
    For locating the indicated letter for size on your AirPods Pro, just flip the silicone tip and look for S( small), M ( Medium) or L ( Large) letters. They are etched on the inside of the ear tip, near the base.
    Silicone tips
    “You will receive the AirPods Pro with the M( Medium)-sized tips. If you wish to opt for a larger size or a smaller one, you’ll find them in the box and can change them easily.”
  • The Sizing letter should align with the black-vent.
    The Sizing letter should align with the black-vent.
    For a perfect fit, the sizing letter ( S, M or L ) should line up with the AirPods Pro’s black vent. Just push them into each other and you will hear a ‘click’ when they are connected properly. 
  • Gently press in, rotate and slip in.
    Gently press in, rotate and slip in.
    The same way you rotated and wedged in the standard AirPods, press the AirPods Pro in your ear gently. Then, rotate it to securely fit it inside and wedge. Remember this press-rotate-wedge movement. 

    When you wear the AirPods Pro correctly, their stem will align parallel to your jawline, the same way it did while trying standard AirPods on. Do this until you feel that the AirPods Pro have fit in tightly in your ears. 

    So, this is one way to save your ears from the pain caused by the AirPods Pro. Head on to the next one to learn more about the solutions of preventing ear aches from wearing AirPods Pro.

2. Select the Correct Eartip for your AirPods Pro.

Silicone tips

As mentioned above, the AirPods Pro come with three different sizes ( small, medium and large) of the eartips. You can choose the right eartips for you based on the size of your ears

A medium sized ear tip comes already installed on the AirPods Pro. Select the small or the large size,  based on your preference.

The ear tip should neither be too tight or too loose. If the ear tip is sitting very tightly on your ear, it can lead to severe ear pain followed by a headache and if it’s very loose, you will misplace your AirPods in no time. I hope your Airpods never leave you, but if they tried doing so,  I’ll help you find you your AirPods. 

In case you don’t know how to find the correct size of ear tips for you, there is a test called the ‘Ear Tip Fit Test’ by Apple. It will help you find the right size for your ears. 

“To use the Ear Tip Fit Test, you will require an iOS or an iPadOS version 13.2 or greater than this version.”

To run this test to find your perfect fit, follow these steps mentioned below : 

  • First, your AirPods pro should be connected to your iPhone. If not connected, pair them first with your iPhone. Now, wear your AirPods Pro.
    AirPods pro should be connected to your iPhone
  • Now, go to Settings and click on the icon ‘Bluetooth’. There, click on the icon ‘i’ which is placed next to the AirPods Pro’s name. You’ll see the option ’Ear Tip Fit Test’. Click on it.
     go to Settings
  • Now, the AirPods Pro have the medium-size ear tip on them already. If it’s a perfect fit for your ears, it will show a ‘Good seal’. Otherwise, the text will suggest,’adjust or try a different tip.’
    Ear tip
    Try the small or the large sized ear tips on your AirPods Pro till you see a ‘Good Seal’ on your iPhone’s screen.
    small or the large sized ear tips
    So, that’s how you will find a perfectly-fitted ear tips based on the shape and size of your ears.

3. Check Out Third-Party Eartips for your AirPods Pro.

Apart from AirPods Pro, there are a few more brands of earbuds which are a perfect fit for small ear canals. I have selected some exclusively for you after practically trying them since I wanted one for my girlfriend. 

She has these tiny delicate teeny-weeny ears and she was dissatisfied with even the small-size eartips on AirPods Pro. So, I explored numerous AirPods and  landed with the best ones.

If for whatever reason, you are also displeased with the eartips of AirPods Pro, you can always try out a few third-party eartips. After all, you want the AirPods to be a perfect fit. Why not go the extra mile ! 

For AirPods Pro, the best alternative for the silicone tips is the ‘memory-foam tips’. 

“ Memory-foam, being a fabulous material, adapts very easily to the shape of the ear which fits like a dream and provides a very secure grip to the user.”

 Check out Third-Party eartips for your AirPods Pro.

I recommend the Comply Foam Apple AirPods Pro Earbuds Tips for a butter-smooth and a perfect fit. They offer a customised fit which stays very firmly in the ears of the user. Plus, they also have a ‘noise-isolating feature’ which blocks out external sounds and delivers an mesmerising audio experience. 

I hope now you won’t be troubled with your AirPods Pro and won’t have to deal with ear aches anymore due to them. Follow the solutions mentioned above and I would strongly recommend using these Comply Foam Apple AirPods Pro Earbuds Tips to comfort your aching ears in the first place and to prevent causing any soreness in the future.   

AirPods For Small Ear Canals

If you are specifically looking for AirPods for small ear canals, I would advise you to keep a few things in mind before you buy. 

  • Fit and Size of the Ear Tip
  • The Battery Life
  • The Bluetooth Connectivity
AirPods For Small Ear Canals

As I mentioned above, I explored the best options of AirPods for small-sized ear canals and came across some really cool options. 

Here are a few best earbuds for you to pick and choose from which will stay put in your small ear canals comfortably and won’t cut down on the audio quality that the AirPods Pro offer. 

Take a look :

1. Earin A-3 Earbuds

Earin A-3 Earbuds

The Earin A-3 earbuds are the World’s smallest earbuds, as claimed by Earin. It’s a Sweden based company and offers this solid product in the category of ‘small sized earbuds.’ 

Special Features : 

  1. Proudly flaunts the 14.33 mm speakers responsible for massive sound delivery
  2. Open-style feature to save you from trying different sized tip for your ears
  3. No specific Left or right earbuds : earbuds can be used in either of the ears
  4. Exclusively sweat-resistant 
  5. A special Aluminium Case provides 30 hours of charge
  6. Flawless Aesthetic design.

Available on Amazon for $179.00 

2. Ultimate Ears UE Fits

Ultimate Ears UE Fits

Ultimate Ears has been my most favourite choice for Bluetooth speakers and now, to my delight, they have made it possible to custom-fit earbuds faster than your coffee is brewed in the morning. 

Special Features : 

  1. 10mm Built-in speakers for a solid sound system 
  2. EQ ( Equaliser ) available to modify sounds according to your preference 
  3. More ear tips available if you wish to share your UE-Fits.
  4. Sweat – resistant ; makes them more stable and reliable 
  5. One full charge lasts for 20 hours of usage 
  6. Compatible with Siri and Google Assistant 

Available on Amazon for $169.00 

3. Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Another option I couldn’t resist sharing is the Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds. It’s a great option if you love listening to music but haven’t found a suitable pair of wireless earbuds due to the small size of the ear canals.

Special Features : 

  1. Three different ear tips available to make you take your best pick.
  2. Small hooks to secure the earbuds more firmly in your ears.
  3. Wide-range of Noise-Cancellation Settings to deliver massive and balanced sounds.
  4. Great choice for Gym-freaks and Sportspersons because of the IPX4 rating. They won’t hitch even if it’s raining outside or you are all wet from sweat.
  5. Decent battery back of 12 hours of usage on one cycle of charge.
  6. Can be powered up wirelessly when you are either in the office or home. 

Available on Amazon for $279.00 

4. 1MORE ComfoBuds Mini

This one is a very decent and affordable option while you look for AirPods for small ear canals. This 1MORE ComfoBuds Mini won’t let you shell out a big sack of dollars for a comfortable experience along with providing noise cancellation features like the rest of the options boasting above. 

It has a long list of special features and let me confess, this is the one I purchased for my girlfriend because it was so easy on my pocket without cutting down on any features which the expensive wireless AirPods provide.

1MORE ComfoBuds Mini

Special Features :

  1. A very sleek, lightweight design, weighing only 3.7 grams each, makes them very comfortable to wear for long hours. ( I made her wear these for one full workday to test them.) 
  2. Decent Sound quality ; SoundID technology used for a more personalised experience. 
  3. The ‘Bass’ is the best feature ; I played the EDM tracks ( Avicii’s Wake Me Up) and there was zero distortion, even at the loudest volume. 
  4. Touch-Controls on the earbuds ; can be modified on the 1MORE Music app.
  5. Changeable Noise-Cancellation Modes
  6. Decent battery of 5 hours in this affordable price range, 20 hours of charge backup on the Battery Case. 
  7. Seamless Bluetooth Connectivity.

It was the best and most obvious pick for me and it had me running with them outside in no time. 

Buy 1MORE ComfoBuds Mini at $99.99

5. Anker SoundCore Life P3 Truly Wireless

This one is another super affordable and a flawless pick for small ear canals. Its special features have bagged a loyal audience over the years. It boasts of some very exclusive features to offer. Take a look at them yourself.

Anker SoundCore Life P3 Truly Wireless

Special Features : 

  1. Very Lightweight design ; 5 different ear tips to choose from for your small sized ears.
  2. The ANC ( Active Noise Cancellation) System to isolate you from noisy backgrounds like the low-rumbling of buses or engines.
  3. A Bass-rich Sound Profile to emphasise on the thump and rumble in EDM and likewise Hip-Hop Genres.
  4. Sound-Customisation Features 
  5. Portable Charging Case; Decent Battery Back up of 5.7 hours on one full charge cycle. 

Buy on Amazon for $79.99 

This is the cheapest option but a great option if you have to select AirPods for your small size ear canals. It is super-affordable and will make both your ears and budget in a comfortable position. 

By now, I have handed over to you the best of my knowledge and research about the reasons for ear aches due to the AirPods or the AirPods Pro and I have tried my level-best to deliver the ‘AirPods hurt my ears solution.’

Even if you own a cute pair of dwarf-ears, I have listed the best options of wireless Airpods for you. Next time, I hope to find you all dancing to your most favourite tunes on your AirPods and may you never know what an ear pain is ! 


Q1. Why are my AirPods so uncomfortable?

Answer – If you have begun to feel uncomfortable while wearing your AirPods, it means you have been wearing them without any break. You should not wear AirPods for more than 90 minutes at stretch. The cartilage in the ears is very delicate and cannot bear anything snuggled in for a very long time. Earbuds worn for a very long time will begin to hurt your ears. So, take breaks and remove the AirPods when not in use. 

Q2. How should I wear my AirPods to avoid ear pain? 

Answer – To use Airpods in a manner which befits your ears, use an AirPod Grip and just slide the stem of the Airpod in the hollow stem of the AirPod Grip. This will ensure that the AirPods are well in place and your ears also won’t hurt. 

Q3. Is it possible for anyone to be allergic to Airpods? 

Answer – AirPods are a widely used Apple product. The AirPods contain Acrylates ( meth) which can cause allergic contact dermatitis to some users who are already sensitive to contact allergies. So, it is always advised to do a patch test by trying the AirPods for a while before you purchase them. 

Q4. Can the AirPods be responsible for inner ear problems?

Answer – Excessive use of AirPods for long durations can result in steep earwax, pain in the ears and tinnitus. These issues are most commonly faced by the users who cannot sleep without AirPods, leave alone using them during the day. It is very important to let your ears ventilate after using AirPods continuously for a long duration. I also always advise cleaning both the AirPods and the AirPods Case regularly to avoid any kind of bacterial infection which may occur due to dirty and dusty AirPods. 

Q5.Do earbuds cause radiation? 

Answer – Electromagnetic waves, which are non-ionizing and generally harmless, are used by Bluetooth headphones. It has been claimed by the American Cancer Society ( ACS) that the radiofrequency waves sent by the Bluetooth headphones are at a much lower level than that of mobile phones. So, it is safe to say that the earbuds are safe to use and are harmless. 


AirPods were primarily manufactured to make it easy for the users to enjoy music while they were performing mundane tasks, without worrying about tangling themselves in the wires of the headphones.  With time, they became more advanced and came up with attractive features like Noise-Cancellation which won the hearts of all.

No doubt, AirPods are more of a necessity than a luxury these days but nothing at all should come before your health. Be it any gadget, the Smart TVs, the Smart Watches, the iPads, iPhones etc, anything used for more than 2 hours continuously will take a toll on your vitals.  

Ear aches can keep you up for nights and will make your life miserable. AirPods , if worn incorrectly and for too long, will hurt your ears terribly. 

So, abide by the advice I offered in this article and save your ears from getting hurt. There is no luxury in the world that can justify a painful experience. Take care and use AirPods judiciously.

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