How to Reset a Roku TV Without a Remote

Since I am living with my family these days during the fall, it’s pretty hard to get your hands on the remote all for yourself. I got home a Roku Tv recently and life was great with binge-watching amazing content on the Roku TV channel until one day when the hell broke loose ! The remote was nowhere to be found. 

But since all of us siblings had our smartphones, we moved on with our lives and used the Roku Mobile app instead of the remote, and didn’t even move a leg to search for the remote.

One fine day, when my mother wanted to watch her mythological drama, we decided we had to do something as my Roku TV had started to become slow as well ! 

After a fair amount of research on saving the cost and time of buying a new Roku remote and how to reset Roku Tv without remote, I decided to share the sweet fruit of my hardwork and research with you and compiled this article here. 

Why Your Roku Tv Needs to be Reset

Why your Roku Tv Needs to be Reset

Smart TVs function in a way which is more-or-less similar to that of Computers, Smartphones, tablets etc. 

It’s the OS ( Operating System) which keeps them running. But, at times, there can be a few glitches in the system which needs to be resolved. Because of these glitches, your Tv might load slow, you may face connectivity issues , audio turn offs and a few other system bugs may appear. To keep all of these issues at bay, the TV needs to be reset once in a while.

When you reset your Roku Tv, it resumes its original settings. Like a brand-new Tv set. The original functionality is restored. 

However, you should also be resetting your Roku if you want to sell it off for some reason or plan to replace it.
Now, to ease your worry about “how do I reset my Roku Tv without a remote”, I have listed a few very simple fixes below which you’ll be able to carry out in no time and without any external support.

3 Ways to Reset Your Roku Tv Without Remote

Resetting a Roku Tv without the assistance of its remote control is not very difficult. All you require is a step-by-step guide, which I have brought for you here and yes, patience.

It can be done easily using –

  1. The Reset button on your Roku Tv
  2. The Roku Mobile app
  3. The app

I’ll also be assisting you here with my article in locating the reset button on your Roku Tv. Also, I have laid out a few quick tips for the TV sets which do not have a reset button.
So, to learn in detail about how to reset a Roku device without a remote, get along for further reading.

1. Resetting the Roku Tv Using the Reset Button

Resetting the Roku Tv Using the Reset Button

When factory reset or hard reset is performed on a TV set, it means all the existing information will be erased and the device will return to its original system setup. To be more specific, your existing information, preferences, and favourites will be deleted. You will have to connect your Roku Tv with your Roku account once again. 

The factory reset can be done in two simple ways – either by using the remote control or by using the reset button on the Roku Tv. 

Since your Roku Remote is not in your possession, you’ll have to use the reset button present on your Roku Tv for resetting your device.

Resetting the Roku Tv Using the Reset Button

Check out the following steps to locate the reset button and reset your Roku Tv:

  1. Firstly, except the power cord, unplug all other cables from your Roku TV.
  2. Now, find out the location of the reset button on your Roku Tv.
  3. After you have located the button, press it and keep holding it for a while.
  4. Release the button only when the Power indicator of your Tv begins to blink rapidly

This will reset your Roku Tv for good. Now, your Roku Tv is refreshed with the system settings. 

Now, I have also come across readers who struggle to locate the ‘reset button’ on their Roku Tv sets. The reset button on your Roku Tv can be found-

  1. The backside of your TV near the HDMI Cables on either the left or the right side. 
  2. If not at the backside, look at the bottom of your Roku device.

It is either a pin-hole button or a tactile button on the Roku Tv.

Resetting the Roku Tv Using the Reset Button

In case your Roku Tv has a pin-hole button, a paperclip or a pen will be required to do the resetting on your TV.

If your Roku Tv has No Reset Button

Some of the Roku devices do not arrive with a reset button. If you also have one such Roku device and are now stuck with how to reset Roku without remote, there is another method for you.

  1. Begin by pressing the ‘power’ and the ‘mute’ button together.
  2. When you are performing this action, detach the power cable.
  3. Once the screen turns on, release both the buttons.
  4. You’ll receive instructions on the screen to re-enter the information.

I hope, with this section of the fixes about how to reset Roku without remote, you would have been able to reset your Roku Tv easily irrespective of whether it has a reset button or not.

In case, if your Roku has still not been reset, try the other method of using the Roku Mobile app given below :

2. Using the Roku App on Your Smartphone

Using the Roku app on Your Smartphone

The Roku app can be downloaded easily from the playstore of your Smartphone. Apart from offering other amazing controlling features, it can suffice in the absence of Roku’s remote and will help you reset your Roku Tv.

Keep in mind that both the Roku App and your Roku Tv should be connected on the same Wi-fi network. 


  1. You’ll have to download the Roku app and install it on your phone or any other device which you’ll be using for resetting your Roku TV. Here is the link for Android and Apple.
  2. Press the ‘Controller’ button and pair the Roku app with the Roku player.
  3. Now, your Roku app is ready at your service to work the same way your Roku;s remote would do.
  4. Click on the ‘Settings’ button and tap on the button ‘System’.
  5. Now, click on ‘Advanced System Settings’.
    Advanced System Settings
  6. Then, click on ‘ Factory Reset’.
  7. Your Roku Tv’s screen will ask you to confirm whether you surely want to reset.
    Factory Reset
  8. Click ‘Yes’.
  9. You’ll have to enter the 4-digit passcode. In case you didn’t change the original passcode, enter 1234.
  10. Now, relax. The process of resetting will begin immediately.

Note : Please ensure that your Roku Tv is on while you carry out the reset. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see the blinking light from the power indicator of the Roku TV which will signify that the resetting has begun.

3. Using the  App

Using the  App

This app and the Roku Mobile app function in the same way. The only difference is that the app works when your Roku Tv is connected using an Ethernet cable and the Roku app works when it is paired with the Wi-fi connection.

Steps to reset Roku Tv using the app

  1. Start by plugging your Ethernet, HDMI Cable and the power cable into your Roku TV.
  2. A message saying ‘ Connect the Remote’ will pop up on the screen.
  3. After accessing your Wireless Network Settings, connect to DIRECT-roku-123-456AB.
  4. Once the set-up screen shows up, click on ‘Remoku Tv’ using your browser.
  5. Now, click on ‘Pair remote’.
  6. Click on ‘ Advanced System Settings’ and choose ‘ Factory Reset.’
     Factory Reset

The one important thing to keep in mind while using this method to perform a factory reset is that your Roku Tv must be connected to the internet connection using a wired connection i.e. an Ethernet Cable.

Otherwise, the factory reset will not take place and you’ll have to try all over again using the reset button on your Roku. 

This method is best for those Roku devices which require an Ethernet connection to work on.

How to Reset Roku Wi-fi Without Remote

This issue is faced by many users when they either change their house or change their network provider . And it only tenses them more when they lose the remote. 

To stop wondering about how to connect to a new network without the remote,  here is a simple method to connect your Roku to a new network and reset it. Keep reading to learn more about the steps : 

Note : You’ll be requiring two smartphones for carrying out this process. One phone will be used to create a hotspot for your Roku Tv and the second one will be used as a Roku remote.

Step 1 : 

  1. Install the Roku Mobile app in both the phones.
  2. Now, at first, you’ll be creating a hotspot for connecting the Roku app.
    For this, go to the ‘Settings’ on your phone.
  3. In the Wi-fi Settings, you’ll find ‘ Mobile Hotspot.’
  4. Tap ‘ Enable Hotspot.’
  5. Now, enter your Roku’s SSID under the section ‘Wi-fi ( SSID) name.’
    venter your Roku’s SSID
  6. Now, enter the password of the new connection you’re trying to connect to.
  7. Once you’ve entered the password, select ‘Save’.

After you have done everything correctly, your mobile hotspot has been activated.

Now, move on to the next step of using the second phone as the ‘Roku Remote’.

Step 2 :

  1. Tap on the Roku app on the other phone and open the app.
    Roku app
  2. Now, click on the icon ‘Remote’ at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Once you click on the ‘Remote icon’, the remote screen will pop up. It will look exactly the same as your Roku Remote.

Now, you have arrived at the most crucial step. Once the hotspot is created means your Roku device is well-connected and you have the remote with you, by the means of the Roku Mobile app, it will be very simple to change the Wi-fi settings on your Roku Tv.

The Final Steps :

  1. From your Roku app, click on the Home screen. Click on ‘Settings’.
  2. Now, tap on the icon ‘Network’ to connect your Roku Tv to the new network you want it to access.
    Network Icon
  3. Now, an icon ‘ Check Connection’ will appear once you click on ‘Network’. Tap on it.
    Check Connection
  4. Your Roku Tv will run a quick network test and the result will be displayed quickly. All the devices run a quick network test before they connect themselves to a new network.
    quick network test
  5. Now, after your Roku has run a quick network test, it will take you back to the menu of ‘Network Settings’. Now, click on ‘Setup Connection’.
    Setup Connection
  6. Choose the ‘Wireless option’ to reset your Roku’s Wi-Fi settings once again.
  7. From the list of available networks which will be displayed, choose the network that you have created; the hotspot network. Click on it and enter its password.
    Enter Password
  8. Now, for one last time, you’ll be taken back to the menu of ‘Network’. Tap on the icon ‘About’ to verify the information and the status of the network that your Roku Tv just connected to.
    About Icon
  9. On clicking on ‘About’, you’ll be able to see the information and signal strength of the network your Roku Tv is now connected to.
    About Device

Finally, the Wi-Fi settings of our Roku Tv are all set and that too without using the remote control. You are all set to browse through our favourite channels on our Roku Tv and have fun ! 
Other than the times when the Roku device needs a reset, there are a few other glitches which the users have dealt with. Read this amazing article  to learn more about the issue one has to deal with when they own a TCL Roku Tv and how to fix them.


Q1. How do I get to know my Roku’s IP Address without a remote?

Ans. In case you want to know the IP Address of your Roku device but you don’t have it’s remote, download the Roku Mobile app. Open ‘Devices’ and click on your Roku Tv. Now, tap on the ‘Remote icon’. Now, you can use the Roku’s Mobile app easily and find out your Roku’s IP Address by clicking on ‘About’ from the ‘Settings’ menu.

Q2. How do I clear the cache on my Roku Tv ?

Ans. For clearing the cache from our Roku Tv, go to the main ‘Home’ screen button. Identify the app which is freezing or hasn’t been used for a very long time. Uninstall the app and restart your Roku Tv.

Q3. Why is my Roku Tv screen frozen ?

Ans. The Roku Tv screen may freeze if there is a connectivity issue, the failure of the OS ( Operating System ) or an error with any existing app on the Tv.


It’s not the end of the world if you have lost your Roku remote control. You spent so much time worrying about how to reset Roku Tv without remote and now, it’s with you finally that your Roku Tv can still be reset using many methods which I have elaborated above. 

A factory reset will ensure that your Roku device behaves as good as new. Now, enjoy and catch up on all the shows that you missed. Take care !

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