How to Change Input on Roku Tv

Last winter when I visited my family, I had my parents drain down the old-style Cable TV dramas and revel in streaming a whole wide world of new content available online – the movies, the mythological series, Live Sports, News, everything. They were reluctant at first but once they were done watching one Season of Big Bang Theory, they do not want to recharge their Cable Box now. 

They recently got home the Roku Streaming Stick 4K Plus and their excitement knew another level. After informing almost all the relatives and practically broadcasting about their new buy in their bizarre neighborhood, they decided to set up their new Roku Device with the Roku TV.  

I awaited their call to bless me for being their guiding light in the new world of entertainment but I was rather chided over the phone because their Roku Tv was not acknowledging their new Roku Stick. I assisted her in ensuring whether her Roku Tv was behaving slower than usual or if there was any other issue with her TV. Everything was working perfectly as mom told me but it made no difference yet!

How to Change Input on Roku Tv

She continued to stress that the Roku Stick was defective. That’s why it was nowhere to be seen on the Roku Tv even after plugging it in but when I asked her whether she changed the input on her Roku, she almost glared at me over the phone. 

My beloved naive mum! I made her understand that the input on the Roku Tv needs to be switched over to be able to access the new additional device and to watch it on the TV. I assisted her over the phone with how to change input on Roku Tv. 

Throughout the time whilst I was instructing mum about how to switch input on Roku Tv, I decided this to be the agenda for writing my next article. I realized the complacency of troubleshooting this kind of issue since how easy it was but how essential at the same time! 

My mum was able to change the input on her Roku without much ado. Hereby, I’ll be sharing those precise and easy-to-follow troubleshooting techniques about changing input on Roku Tv. 

My writing experience compels me to make a separate section for troubleshooting issues without a remote because it’s extremely common for not being able to footmark the TV Remote whenever required. I have had my friends ring me up for fixing serious issues like resetting Roku Tv or Modifying volume on Roku Tv or even worse Connecting to a Wi-fi connection without a remote control. 

So, here as well, I’ll be deliberating separately about how to change input on Roku Tv without a remote. 

But before you move on to switch the inputs on your Roku, you first must be aware about what inputs are available on your Tv set otherwise you won’t be able to make heads or tails of it. You must know the ropes before you proceed to tackle this issue with bare hands! 

Therefore without any lag, let me first tell you about the inputs on your Roku and then, facilitate you learning how to change input on Roku Tv.

Inputs on Your Roku Tv

Inputs on your Roku Tv

There is a good set of TV Inputs on a Roku Tv model to let you connect with almost every device which you require for your entertainment set-up. 

Usually, there are HDMI Ports, an Antennae  Port and a few AV ports. The AV ports used to usually come installed in the older Roku Tv Models but HDMI ports are found in each Roku Model. 

Sometimes, the high-end HDMI eARC have also been seen in more expensive models which support the high- quality audio equipment such as the Sound Bars or the Home Theatre Systems.

These days, the Roku TV Models come installed with the new HDMI ports which are capable of taking up 4K 120 HZ Signals from an input device which is mind-blowing for playing games or watching high-quality videos on your Roku.

It is easy to switch between these inputs to access devices on your Roku Tv but you need the Roku Remote for that. In case it’s not available, the Roku Mobile app will suffice by providing the virtual remote on the app. 

In this listicle, you will be picking up the techniques to change the inputs on a Roku Tv Model and how this can be done with or without using the Roku Remote. 

How to Change Input on Roku Tv Using Remote

How to change input on Roku Tv using Remote

Any external device on your Roku Tv such as a Soundbar, or a Cable Tv, or your PS4 Gaming system, will not be accessible without selecting the correct input on your Roku Tv. 

Input on Roku Tv can’t be changed simply by clicking the ‘Source’ button on the Roku Remote. There are a few steps involved in this process.

How to Change Input on Roku Tv Using Remote

Quick Glance : Home Screen > Settings> Tv Inputs>  Set Up Input.

Steps in detail :  

a) Using the Roku remote, go to the main Home screen of your Roku Tv.

Roku TV home screen

b) Click on Settings. You’ll find TV Inputs an option there. Click on it. 

TV Inputs

c) Click on Set Up Input on the input you wish to select.

d) Rename the input with the device’s name to avoid confusion in future. This step is essential for you to learn how to change HDMI on Roku Tv.

e) For example, if Cable Tv is connected to HDMI 2, then rename HDMI 2 as Cable Tv.

rename HDMI 2

f) This will spare the effort of memorizing the inputs each time and prevent confusion.

g) After renaming the input as you desire, go back to the main  Home screen of Roku Tv and click on the tile of that input you just renamed.

h) In the same way, more inputs can be added on the Roku Tv like the Gaming Device or the Roku Stick, the SoundBar, etc.

Input Option

The same steps can be practiced when you wish to change or add more inputs on your Roku Tv and these steps will guide you when you have been wondering how to switch to HDMI on Roku Tv.

I strongly advise my readers to spare some time and invest in setting up inputs this way, especially if you have many devices connected to your Roku. Otherwise, you’ll have to check the port all the way to the backside of your Roku each time when you want to select a particular input. 

Renaming and saving them with the legitimate name will save you a lot of time if you want to switch a device on your Roku in future. 

I hope you will be able to change input on your Roku Tv with the help of the model steps mentioned above. 

I will now be presenting two important methods to change input on Roku Tv in a situation when the Remote Control is not around.

How to Change Input on Roku Tv Without Remote

How to Change Input on Roku Tv Without Remote

Roku Tv brings along a very Smart Roku Remote Control which isn’t ordinary by any means. The Roku Remote Control offers you the exclusive advantage of private listening being a Voice Remote. It is also enabled with the ‘Remote Finder’ feature which lets you search the remote in case it is misplaced in the house.

The Roku Remote makes any operation on the Roku Tv very simple and quick but as I always assert, “ Not all is lost if the remote is lost.” 

Countless times I have assisted my friends in carrying out important operations like Connecting to the Wi-Fi, or a Roku Tv Reset or As basic as turning on the Roku Tv without using the Remote.    

If you can’t get hold of the Roku remote control while you have been trying to change input on the Roku Tv, there are two proven methods to figure out how to switch HDMI on Roku Tv without the remote control. 

You can change the input on your Roku Tv using two methods without using the Remote.

  1. By using the physical buttons on Roku Tv
  2. By using the Roku Mobile app

Both the methods are very simple and easy-to-use. Read on to explore how to switch input on Roku Tv without using the remote control.

a) Using the Physical Buttons on Roku TV to Change Input

Using the physical buttons on Roku TV to change input

This is the simplest way to change input on Roku Tv while you have been trying to figure out how to change HDMI on Roku Tv without using the remote control. The buttons present on Roku Tv will be used to change input on the TV. 

You first have to locate where the buttons are on the Roku tv and then, follow the on-screen instructions which will guide you further.

locate where the buttons are on the Roku tv

Look at four main places to locate the buttons –

  1. At the middle; underside of the TV Logo
  2. Backside of the Tv; at the right
  3. Backside of the Tv; at the left
  4. At the front left of the Tv;  the underside

Sneak around the above mentioned parts of the Roku very carefully and you’ll be able to locate the button. Touch around softly and you’ll be able to locate the button. 

Look carefully to identify which button you have found, whether it’s a Power Button or a Directional button. 

The way you implement the following steps will depend on the kind of button you have on your Roku.

  1. First, press the main button two times.
    Press main button
  2. At the left-hand side of the TV, the Menu will show up.
    Menu of the tv
  3. When you click the Main button again, the Menu will move down.
  4. Keep on clicking the Main button till you land on the Input option.
    Clicking on main button
  5. Click again when you land on the Input button you want to change.
  6. Now, click again and then wait for a while.
  7. The Tv input will be changed after the previous step in about two minutes.

This way, you can easily change over the Inputs on your Roku Tv using the buttons present on it. The buttons always prove handy when you do not have the Roku remote and due to some reason, you don’t have a way to the Roku app as well. The buttons will always be at your end to help you to switch Inputs on your Roku Tv.

b) Using the Roku App 

The Roku Mobile app works fantastically to provide you with a virtual remote control which lets you control the Roku Tv in the same way as a solid remote does. 

To connect your Roku Mobile app to the Roku Tv and to use it further to change the Tv’s inputs, follow the given steps :

  1. Download and Install the Roku Mobile app on your phone.
    Roku Mobile app
  2. Connect the app on the same network which is connected to your Roku Tv.
  3. After connecting with the internet, click on the ‘Remote’ icon at the bottom of the app’s screen.
  4. Now, reach the Home screen of your Roku Tv and click on Settings.
    Click on setting
  5. Now, click on TV Inputs and then, tap on ‘Set Up Input’ on the input which you want to add to the main screen.
    tv input
  6. As advised in the former part of the article, it’s better to rename the Input with the Device’s name so that you can quickly switch the inputs when you want to. 

I am hopeful that you will find both the above mentioned methods helpful enough to guide you about how to change HDMI on Roku Tv without remote. Both the methods are equally efficient but I personally prefer the second one i.e. using the Roku Mobile app because it provides a good hands-on interface the same way a remote does.

I will now take up the case of TCL Roku Tv when you have to change input on it while using the Roku Remote and in some odd cases, without a TCL Roku Remote.

How to Change Input on TCL Roku Tv Using the Remote

How to change input on TCL Roku Tv using the Remote

The interface on a TCL Roku Tv is slightly different than the other Roku Smart TVs. The users are accustomed to using the  ‘Input’ button on the remote and the input is changed. But here, things are slightly different. 

Before I proceed to spell out how to change the input on a Roku Tv. You must have the TCL Roku Remote control in your hand before you take the matter in your hands. 

Before the Inputs show up on your main Home screen, they need to be set up on your Roku Tv. So, before elaborating on Switching Inputs on your Roku Tv, I will be detailing to you about Setting Up Input. 

Setting-Up Input On Roku Tv

  1. On the main Home Screen, access the Menu by pressing the left-arrow key.
  2. Now, tap on Settings.
  3. Select TV Inputs now and then, press the option ‘OK’.
  4. You’ll see a menu where you can choose desired input from such as HDMI 1, HDMI 2, Live TV, etc)
    tv input
  5. Click on the input you want to choose and select on ‘Rename’ to name the input.
  6. In a similar manner, you can choose names for other devices like Roku Stick, Cable TV, the Sound Bar, etc.

This is the simple procedure to ‘set-up’ an input on your TCL Roku Tv. Now, you arrive at the most important and central idea of this article that is how to change input on TCL Roku Tv.

Changing/ Switching Input on TCL Roku Tv

It’s going to be easy after you have successfully set-up the Inputs on the TCL Roku Tv. For changing or say switching Inputs on TCL Roku TV, follow the quick guide revealed below : 

  1. Use your TCL Roku Remote and press the Home button.
  2. Navigate Up and Down now the list of apps and options by using the Control Pad.
  3. Choose the tile for the input you wish to use.
    Tile for input
  4. So, you can now switch easily between the Cable Tv or the Antennae or the Gaming Console, whatever! It’s done that way!

So, this is how you change or switch between the inputs on your TCL Roku Tv. Now, unfortunately, if you do not have the remote control of the TCL Roku with you at the moment, worry not a bit! Read further to learn how to change input on TCL Tv without remote.

How to Change Input on TCL TV Without Remote

For changing the input on TCL Roku Tv without using the Remote Control, follow the steps mentioned below –

1. Using the Power + Volume Button


a) Turn ‘On’ your Roku Tv and you’ll have the main Roku Home Screen in front of you. 

Turn on roku TV

b) Now, locate the Power and the Volume button on your TCL Roku and press them together at the same time. They can be found on either the right or the left side of the TCL Logo. 

c) The list of inputs displayed on the screen. Use the Volume key to select the Input button from the HDMI ports shown.

This is one way to change the Input on your TCL Roku TV using the buttons on the Tv

2. Using the Joystick

There will be a tiny joystick kind-of button at the backside of the Roku Tv placed along the other ports. In a few models, it can also be found on the TV’s edge under the TCL Logo.

This tiny button holds the power to run your TCL Roku the way a Remote can. 

  1. First, press it and release. This will bring up the main Menu screen on the TV.
  2. Snap the stick upwards and downwards to select your choice of HDMI port.
  3. Once you have your chosen input on the screen, press the baby stick in and release now.
  4. This will make the selection for you and will change the input on your TCL Roku.

 3. Using the Roku Mobile App

Using the Roku Mobile App

This is the third and the final method which can be used for changing the input on TCL Roku Tv without using its remote control.

  • Move up to the first part of the article to refer to this method. The basic steps remain standard for each Roku Model.
  • You must ensure that your TCL Roku Tv and the Roku mobile app must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 
  • When you tap on the Remote icon, your app will screen the remote buttons and you can easily change the inputs then using your virtual remote

Here I rest my words for this issue of changing/switching inputs on a Roku Tv. Whether you own a newer or an older Roku model, with or without the remote, each position has been discussed in deep structure and I hope my research will prove beneficial to you in changing inputs on your Roku TV.


Q1. How can I get an AV input on my Roku Tv?

Answer – To access the AV input on your Roku Tv, go to the main ‘Home’ screen and click on ‘Settings’. Click on ‘TV Input’ now and you’ll see a list of inputs – Cable Tv, HDMI 1, HDMI 2 and AV. Click when you find AV and confirm when prompted. It will save the AV settings on your Roku Tv.

Q2. What is AV input on TV?

Answer – AV stands for Audio-Visual. It makes your Tv come to life to entertain you, allowing the TV to present visuals with the audio. The AV input is a standard label on a connector for receiving AV signals from an equipment that generates AV Signals which is the AV Input on aTV. 

Q3. What does the red, yellow and the white cable signify on my Roku Tv?

Answer – There are mainly three kinds of cables attached to a TV – Red, Yellow and White cable. The red cable is for the correct audio channel, the yellow one for the composite video and white or black has been given for the left channel of stereo audio. 

Q4. How do I change from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2?

Answer – To change an input from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2 on your Roku Tv, press the ‘Input’ or the ‘Source’ button on your Roku Remote. The input which is providing the signal will be displayed on the screen. Keep pressing the ‘Input’ or the ‘Source’ button till you find HDMI 1 and HDMI 2. Press on HDMI 2 when you find and click on ‘Confirm’ to save it.

Last Words:

As I have mentioned earlier today, changing an input on your Roku Tv is relatively easier when you have dealt with painstaking issues like fixing a slow Roku Tv or turning ‘on’ a stubborn unresponsive TCL Roku Tv

Changing the default input settings is a simple and easy process if followed stepwise and saved carefully. You can save your selected input settings and won’t have to change it each time. 

It is very important to feed your Roku with the correct Input settings if you want to stream content on the device you just connected to your Roku otherwise, it will just keep lying in one of the ports of your Tv and won’t be accessible. 

Just get the hang of changing the default settings according to your preference and stream any of your favorite devices.

Have fun and take good care!

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