Solved: Vizio TV No Sound (4 Easy Fixes)

Vizio is a very popular TV brand that was launched in 2002. It was able to carve a niche for itself in the crowded market of domestic TV brands because it delivers solid Tv sets at an amazing reasonable price. 

Although the TVs are a made-in-China product, the Vizio itself is originally based in Irvine, California and has employed workers from America and overseas. That was considered one reason why this TV brand was so popular but the reality is, their TV sets offer premium quality of picture for hundreds of dollars less than their competitor Tv brands. 

There is no Tv brand which comes totally without issues. Although Vizio TV has been extremely popular for their picture quality and the reasonable price range, some users complain about Vizio TV sound not working.

Troubleshooting this issue can be a bit complicated without being aware of the physical set-up and the configuration of your tv. However, I have brought some basic solutions for your Vizio Tv volume not working problem which will let you enjoy listening to your favorite Tv show along with watching it. 

If sound is not working on your VIZIO TV, you should unplug the TV from the socket and plug it back after 60 seconds. If this doesn’t work, then try to reseat the power cord. As a last resort try to reset the TV and most likely it will solve the problem. 

4 Easy Fixes For VIZIO TV Sound Not Working

4 Easy Fixes For VIZIO TV Sound Not Working

 It has been reported by users that with time, quite a few of them face the Vizio Tv volume problems or, are stuck up with Vizio Tv no sound issues. 

Countless of the users have complained to Vizio citing -“my Vizio Tv has no sound”. Some of them even surprisingly mention that they have been dealing with the Vizio Tv no sound problems for years. In-fact I have also heard people complain about Vizio soundbar no sound as well.

Luckily, I have solutions for this issue which has been troubling them for such a long time. 

Let’s take a look-

1. Unplug your Vizio Tv from the Wall

Unplug your Vizio Tv from the wall

I know it sounds very obvious. When you unplug the Vizio Tv from the wall, in most of the cases, the Tv sound begins to work. 

The hack here is to wait for a complete 60 seconds before plugging it again. This patient move of yours will give ample time to your Vizio Tv to absorb the unplugging and will reset its electronic connection.

This step which seems very basic to hear is actually very crucial when your Vizio Tv has no sound. The Vizio Tv will reset itself softly after this.

Let me tell you, this step is completely different to the basic switching on/off from the remote control.

After you have unplugged it for a good 60 seconds, now plug it back in to hear the sound from your Vizio Tv.

If you still have to tell me that your Vizio Tv has no sound,  no worries!! Try the other detailed solutions mentioned below to fix the Vizio Tv no sound bug.

2. Software Update

At times, the software issues can be the reasons for the Vizio Tv sound not working.

Then, you should be certain of the fact that your Vizio Tv is running on the latest software at present.

Most of the time, when your Vizio Tv is connected with the internet, it pops up the notification for updates whenever any new version is launched or the current software is outdated. New updates on the software are installed automatically when connected to the Wi-fi but sometimes, the connections are interrupted and the process is hindered. 

You can update the software manually in that case. Follow the steps given below to do the same –

Step 1 – Press the key ‘V’ on the Vizio Tv remote.

Press the key ‘V’

Step 2 – Press the Menu key.

Press the Menu key

 Step 3 – select System.

select System.

Step 4 – Now, click on ‘Check for updates.’

Now, click on ‘Check for updates.’

Step 5 -Your Vizio Tv will check for updates if any are pending or available.

Step 6 – Click Update if you found one.

Step 7 – Click Install.

Step 8 – Now, your Vizio Tv will get done with downloading the Update first and will restart.

Step 9 –Then, it will install the update and restart again.

update and restart again

After your Vizio Tv restarts for the second time, this should have fixed this problem. If it hasn’t been settled, let’s factory reset your Vizio Tv system now.

3. Factory Reset your Vizio Tv

After you have plugged the Tv back and it is still not resolved with the sound issue, you’ll have to reset the factory settings on your Tv set. 

Step 1 – Switch on the Tv and click on ‘Menu.’

Step 2 – In the ‘Menu’ option, Click on ‘ System.

 Factory Reset your Vizio Tv

Step 3 – Select ”Reset and Admin”.

Select ”Reset and Admin”.

Step 4 – Now. opt for “Reset Tv to Factory Defaults”

Step 5 – Sometimes, this setting asks for a code before it begins to reset the Tv. If it is asked, the default code for Vizio tv is 0000( four zeroes).

This procedure will reset your Vizio Tv back to the settings it had when you brought it home. In maximum cases, this step fixes the problem of the Vizio Tv volume not working. In-fact factory resetting helps resolve so many issues that I did a separate article on how to reset Vizio TV.

How to Reset your Vizio Tv Without the Remote

How to reset your Vizio Tv without the remote

While I recommend the above steps for resetting the Vizio TV, it can also be reset using the steps mentioned below in case you can’t get hold of your TV remote control. 

This will also help you diminish the issue when your Vizio TV has no sound but not muted. The volume button is also functional properly, it’s not on mute but still your Vizio Tv won’t speak up. I will help you troubleshoot this one ! 

I am also attaching a video here for your reference. 

Step 1 – Locate the power button of your Vizio TV. Depending on the model, it can be either on the left hand side, or the right side or at the bottom of the device

Locate the power button

Step 2 – Switch the TV Power button ON, press and hold the volume button and the source button together.

Step 3 – Then, your Vizio Tv will tell you to press and hold the button- INPUT.

press and hold the button- INPUT.

Step 4 – Press the Input button and hold it for at least 10 seconds.

Step 5 – Doing this, the TV will be switched off. It will reset and reboot itself. This may last for a minute or so.

By now, your issue with the Vizio TV Sound troubles should have been resolved completely but if by any chance, you still haven’t been able to, I still have some additional tips up my sleeve before you quit.

4. Reseating the Power Cord

A pretty potential solution is to unplug the Power Cord and reseat it again in the backside of the Vizio TV. 

Reseating the Power Cord

Let it be unplugged for about 60 seconds. Thereafter, plug it back. Ensure now when you plug it back in, it is snugly fit which means it should fit in properly. A fitted and tight connection is crucial for the TV set to receive a stable power connection.

After plugging back the power cord, switch the TV on using the Power button on the TV, not the remote.

Hopefully, your Vizio Tv set should come back to life by now and you should be able to hear the sound from it. 

5. Contact the Support team at Vizio

If you have tried and tested all the elaborate troubleshooting techniques by now and still can’t retrieve the audio from your Vizio Tv, waste no time in contacting the Vizio team for support on this issue.

You can reach them at 1844-254-8087.

Monday – Friday : 8:00 am – 11:00 Pm CST

Saturday- Sunday : 8:00 am- 9:00 Pm CST

( You’ll have the shortest waiting time on call on Monday- Friday).

Live Agent Chat or Text Message Support can also be given a shot. 

6. Check the Warranty of your Vizio Tv Set

Check the warranty of your Vizio Tv set

This can be the last step in the quest of bringing your Vizio Tv back to life. If you just couldn’t make your Vizio Tv’s audio system behave by now, do check its warranty if it’s still active.

This link will prove handy while checking your Vizio Tv’s warranty timeline.

After you have successfully described your issue in detail to the Vizio Team, they will make an endeavor to repair it for sure after bargaining about what’s covered in the warranty and what’s not but they will help for sure.

They provide in-home repair services as well if it is still active under warranty period. Give it a try. It’s worth it! 

When Vizio Tv has Sound But No Picture

When Vizio Tv has Sound But No Picture

This also can be equally disheartening ! It’s as bad as not having the audio working on your Vizio Tv. For enjoying your favourite shows without any disruption, smooth audio and picture quality are equally required on the TV set. 

There are times when the viewers have encountered this issue with their Vizio TV that the sound can be heard but no picture can be seen. It seems so frustrating having to fix this without any technical assistance but I have a few troubleshooting advice to help you with this problem.

What to do When the Vizio Tv has Sound but Shows No Picture

1. The Flashlight Test

The Flashlight Test

There is a flashlight component in each TV set which is responsible for creating light. If this has been damaged, that’s the reason why you have not been able to see the picture on your Vizio Tv. To check this – 

Test :

  1. Grab a flashlight and take it close to your Tv set, at a distance of about 2 inches.
  2. Turn it ON and in a sweeping direction, shine the light across the TV screen.
  3. If you can see the picture under the light you are creating from the flashlight, then most certainly the inverter board of your TV screen has failed.

Solution: It can be replaced without having to pay any extra money if it’s under the warranty period. If it’s warranty has expired, you can get it done from any third-party technician. It will cost you at least much less than replacing the entire TV set.

2. Check for the Right Input Channel

Check for the right Input channel

Maybe you have been selecting the incorrect Input channel all this while.

Use the Input button in your Vizio Tv to explore all the different Input channels.

Take a pause for a moment and check whether any input channel shows any picture. If you are able to see a picture on an input channel, save it as your default setting for the future. Here is another article that I did a while ago on how to change input on VIZIO TV.

3. Check the Power Board

Check the Power Board

If your Vizio TV model is an old one, maybe your Power Board has lived longer than its life.

You must contact the technical support team for guidance on how to get the power board replaced.

On some TV sets, it’s easy to replace the power board yourself. I am attaching a video hereby to tutor you if you want to try it yourself.

A third party technician can also do it for you if you are not confident about it.

4. Screen Check

If you tried all the above mentioned methods and still your Vizio TV is unable to show you a picture, then it’s possible that there is an issue with the LED or the LCD screen of your TV set. In this case, the sound keeps coming but the viewers can’t see anything on the screen.

The only solution for this is either to get the screen fixed or to replace the entire TV unit.

If none of the solutions mentioned above prove fruitful, I’ll always suggest contacting the technical support team at Vizio. Let them know all the things you have tried so that they can identify the issue quickly and help you immediately. 

Once the picture comes back, you might have to tinker with picture settings. This article on the best Vizio picture settings will help you out with that.

When Vizio Tv has No Sound Through HDMI Cable

When Vizio Tv has No Sound Through HDMI Cable

If the HDMI cables are not connected properly, such disruptions with the audio system can erupt leaving you with the Vizio TV no sound through HDMI. It should be snugly fit into your TV. If you haven’t still been able to retrieve the audio back in your Vizio TV set, checking the HDMI Cable connectivity isn’t a bad idea. 

Check the HDMI Cable 

Over a period of regular usage for a long time, some HDMI cables become loose and some can be even damaged. Some cables can be poor from the very beginning.

To check them-

  • unplug both the ends of the cable and insert again into the TV. 
  • Try to swap the ends to check which one fits better. 
  • Push the cable properly all the way inside the port.

If this didn’t work, test the same cable in a different TV set to know whether the HDMI Cable is faultless or not. Also, try inserting another HDMI Cable in your Vizio TV set, keeping in mind the HDMI Port your Tv is using. 

Check the HDMI Port

Once you are sure about your HDMI Cable, do check the HDMI port as well. With too much usage over a period of time, the individual ports break, causing disruption in the audio quality of the TV.

  1. Check the HDMI cable in all the ports. 
  2. If none of the HDMI ports are working, there can be a fault with the TV’s motherboard , also called the TV’s Computer Chip.

This will have to be replaced if all the ports are non functional.

You also must try the basic steps mentioned previously in this article after you have checked the HDMI cable and port thoroughly . Let me do a quick recap of those –

  1. Restart the Tv again
  2. Reset the Tv factory settings 
  3. Check the Input Source.

This should definitely fix your issue with the Vizio Tv when you can’t hear any sound due to fault in the HDMI cable or port. 

When Vizio Tv has No Sound on Some Channels

When Vizio Tv has no sound on some channels

During the course of time, this issue has also been subsequently reported by some users that when they can hear the sound on most of the channels, a few still won’t unmute themselves. They deal with having the Vizio Tv no sound on one channel. This can be as bad as not being able to hear at all from any channel. 

This has something to do with the SAP ( Secondary Audio Programming) on your Vizio Tv. If it’s turned ON, it allows the TV, VCRs and the digital cable boxes to tune into the audio programming’s second track. For your information, every single channel doesn’t broadcast SAP signals. 

If you cannot hear your Vizio Tv’s audio on one or some channels, I will guide you how to check the SAP for those channels and turn it off.

  1. Scroll down to the Menu.
  2. Select the channel you want to watch but it has no sound.
  3. Press the Menu button twice.
  4. Find out the ‘ Audio  Settings’ in the Menu.
  5. If the SAP is selected, turn it OFF

Some of the Tv Models also provide the SAP button on the supplied Remote Control. Turn it off to enable the sound signal on all the channels.

This will reset the audio settings in that channel and it will be able to broadcast TV audio signals. 


Q1. Why is the sound of my Vizio Tv not working? 

Answer – There can be many reasons for this. The solutions vary from the type of issue faced with your Vizio Tv. YOu can identify them from the ones listed below :

  1. Wrong INPUT source
  2. Muted/ Low Volume mode
  3. Software not updated
  4. Failure in the Tv hardware

The fixes for all these and similar issues have been discussed in detail in this article. I hope they will be of great help.

Q2. How will I know if the Tv speakers are broken? 

Answer – Connect an external speaker. If you can hear the sound from this one, it means the built in speakers of the TV are broken. 

Q3. Will factory reset fix my Vizio Tv’s audio problem? 

Answer – Yes, it can but fixing minor issues before opting for the hard reset is a better idea. It is suggested only if the issue pertains to the OS ( Operating System) or the firmware.

You should first try with increasing the volume and the software checks because resetting the factory settings of the Tv will require you to initialize the set up from the first basic steps which is a time-taking process. 

The Verdict

It’s not a very simple task when you are trying to figure out why your TV set is not producing any sound. Fortunately , there are many solutions available to fix this issue and I have tried my best to serve them to you on a clean platter here. These fixes require minimal outside support and no basic training. 

Just follow the steps and you’ll have your Vizio Tv set come back to life again. Happy TV time to you !

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