Why Is My VIZIO TV So Slow? Discover Quick Fixes to Restore Your Smart TV’s Performance

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “Why is my VIZIO TV so slow?”

If you are a VIZIO Smart TV user like my cousin, Bob, you may have faced instances where your device runs too slow or takes a long time to work or follow simple instructions. 

Besides, Bob also experienced instances when the VIZIO Smart TV was taking time to start working, and then, after a long wait, it suddenly turned off.

Your Vizio Tv may slow down due to slow internet connection or large cache. The first thing to do is to restart your router. If that doesn’t work, then do a reset of the Tv to clear the cache.

VIZIO is one of the top American TV brands out there. While it initially offers excellent service, the VIZIO smart TV (like any other gadget) tends to slow down or develop a few functional issues after a few months of use. 

Coming back to the question of why is my VIZIO Smart TV so slow, I’ve found that there are multiple factors behind your smart TV’s diminished performance.

If you are among the VIZIO TV owners who face similar issues, you probably are seeking an answer to the question.

In this article, I’ll list the different factors that can cause a VIZIO Smart TV to slow down and explore the different ways to fix them.

Why Is Your VIZIO Smart TV So Slow to Respond

While seeking the answer to why VIZIO TV slows down, I discovered several intriguing factors that can be responsible for slowing down your smart TV:

Low Internet Connectivity

A sluggish internet connection is one of the common factors behind your VIZIO Smart TV running slower than before.

Low Internet Connectivity

While most smart TVs will work without internet connectivity or even slow internet speed, these factors negatively impact their functioning. 

It is a common factor among all smart TVs; if your internet connection is slow, your device and its smart features will undoubtedly take time to upload and work.

Outdated Apps & Software

Secondly, not updating your VIZIO Smart TV apps can also slow down your device. 
It would be best if you cleared your TV’s memory regularly to ensure that your device functions smoothly.

As you know, your smart TV comes with several apps and features that offer you superior entertainment.

Once your smart TV is up and running, you need to customize your apps’ settings and install all updates regularly. 

Updates help keep your TV in good working condition and even add exciting, new features to your TV’s repertoire. 

Sometimes, all you need to do to stop your TV from slowing down anymore is install all the pending updates.

You may have to clear your cache and free up your memory to install new updates in some instances.  

Large Cache

As explained above, one of the primary reasons behind your VIZIO Smart TV slowing down is insufficient storage. 

Having no storage or little space remaining in your TV’s RAM can be a significant factor behind your VIZIO Smart TV slowing down.

You should regularly clear your TV’s memory to help your device function smoothly.

Outdated Model

I have listed most of the factors that may be slowing down your VIZIO Smart TV.

However, another plausible reason behind your VIZIO TV slowing down may be the unavoidable fact that your device is old and outdated. 

If that’s the case, you may have no option but to upgrade your TV model or let things be. Or you can even call up VIZIO customer support and ask them for a solution.

Resolving Issues on a VIZIO Smart TV

Resolving Issues on a VIZIO Smart TV

After analyzing these factors, I found an answer to the universal question asked by many: Why is my VIZIO TV so slow to respond

That’s why I am writing this blog to help others seeking an answer to the question: Why is my VIZIO TV slow to turn on?

You can check out the various fixes which I have listed down to stop your VIZIO TV from slowing down:

Check Your Internet Speed

  • As discussed earlier, one of the most common problems behind VIZIO TVs slowing down or continually buffering is low internet connection quality or speed. 
  • If your internet is not working properly, try disconnecting and connecting again. 
  • If things still don’t work as per your expectations, you may have to upgrade to a high-speed internet connection.

Update Your VIZIO Smart TV

In some instances, your TV may slow down due to a pile of pending software or app updates. 

This situation has happened to many users, and I have experienced this firsthand, too. My girlfriend’s best friend also has the same VIZIO Smart TV. However, a few months after delivery, her device started slowing down. 

While checking it, I found that she was running an old version of the operating system. 

As a result, her device lagged and would even freeze at times. After downloading and installing the latest software updates on her TV, it started functioning smoothly again.

Updating the latest software updates comes with various benefits, such as fixing bugs, providing general stability, resolving security issues, and adding new features on your smart TV. 

That is why it’s so important to install the latest updates on your VIZIO Smart TV. 

Here’s How:

  • Navigate to the Play Store on your device using your VIZIO Smart TC remote and check for any pending updates. 
  • Select and install updates for all the apps with any delayed or pressing updates. 
  • For software updates, go to Settings
  • Next, go to the About section, and see if any updates are available. 
  • If yes, then click on them to upgrade your current operating system.

Following the steps outlined above will update your operating system to the latest version. 

As a result, your VIZIO smart TV will function much faster and better than before.

Insufficient Storage

Once I started looking for ways to fix a VIZIO TV, I saw so many messages from different users on online forums, asking the same question; Why is my VIZIO TV slow to turn on

I also experienced this firsthand while fixing different VIZIO Smart TVs for family and friends. 

The TVs were slow, and sometimes it took a significant amount of time to change a single setting. Let me tell you guys; it was incredibly frustrating and time-consuming to fix these smart TVs. 

As I dived deeper into the issues causing all these problems, I saw that a backed-up memory with low storage capacity was a common culprit in many of these cases. 

So it becomes essential to clear the cache on your VIZIO TV regularly to free up space for new apps and the latest updates.

Troubleshooting Apps

Often, your device hangs due to some malfunctioning apps, and you need to focus specifically upon them instead of trying to fix up your entire VIZIO Smart TV. 

You need to keep a record of which app is open most often when your TV crashes or slows down.

If you suspect a specific app to be the problem, you can try to force stop it or perhaps even delete it. Another thing you can do is reset the app on your TV.

Here’s How:

  • First, navigate Settings via your VIZIO TV remote, pressing the V button.
  • Next, scroll down and press on the System Apps section.
  • From these, select the apps one-by-one which you see getting slower.
  • Click on them individually and select the Force Stop option to execute the process.

Perform a Factory Reset

One day my girlfriend’s best friend came again with the same problem, and she asked – “Why is my VIZIO TV so slow again?” I tried every possible way, but nothing worked. Then I gave a last possible try with a technique that I knew but hadn’t tried earlier.

I performed a factory reset on the VIZIO Smart TV, and it eventually worked! So the final solution for this problem that I recommend is to reset your VIZIO Smart TV to its factory/default settings.

Perform a Factory Reset

Here’s How:

  • To perform a factory reset on your VIZIO Smart TV, first press the Menu button on your VIZIO TV remote.
  • Use the arrow buttons of your VIZIO Smart TV, go to the System section, and click OK.
  • Select Reset & Admin from the Menu and click on OK.
  • Click on the Reset TV section and press OK on Factory Defaults.
  • Remember to back up your data before executing this process.


Q.1 Why does my VIZIO TV lag?

Answer – In most cases, a VIZIO Smart TV slows downs or lags behind due to a slow internet connection. 

Additionally, a slow internet connection may also be the reason why your TV keeps buffering instead of playing your favorite movies or shows. 

Remember, when the internet connection you are using is poor, it can also drag down your device’s performance. 

Q.2 How do I update my VIZIO TV?

Answer – Here’s how you can update your VIZIO Smart TV:

  • Click on the V button on your VIZIO Smart TV remote.
  • Then, select System from the menu and look for any updates available.
  • Click on the updates to install the latest version.

Q.3 How do I check my Internet speed on my VIZIO TV?

Answer – Checking the internet speed on a VIZIO Smart TV is very easy. 

Here’s all you need to do:

  • First, you need to press the menu button of your VIZIO TV remote.
  • Next, from the dropdown menu, click on the Network section.

Following that, click on the Test Connection or Network Test options to check the internet speed.


In this article, I showed you the main reasons or issues behind why a VIZIO Smart TV generally slows down and also showed you how to fix or resolve them. 

I also shared some of my real-life experiences with you, as I helped those asking: Why is my VIZIO TV so slow

I hope you try out all the methods listed above. Do let me know how they work out for you.

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