Struggling with Vizio Soundbar No Sound? Here are the Common Fixes

Launched in 2002, Vizio is a competitive TV brand that has gained popularity due to its high-quality products available in a price value bracket. They offer compelling services in each price bracket, and one of their most popular products is their soundbar. Users worldwide enjoy the clean and crisp sound from Vizio’s soundbar, but it’s not without its challenges.

Many users complain about Vizio surround sound not working. These issues occur occasionally but have easy fixes, so there is no need to worry. I have already discussed Vizio TV no sound fixes; let’s move on to other issues.

When Vizio soundbar no sound becomes an issue, the first thing you need to do is unplug the soundbar and leave it unplugged for 60 seconds. Then, hold the power button on the soundbar for 5 seconds before reconnecting the power. With this, you should resolve your sound issue.

A Vizio soundbar is a simple device, but sometimes, a reset is not enough to make the issue disappear. The Vizio sound bar no sound issue can also arise due to interference from surrounding devices or objects, devices they are connected to, or its hardware. This article will discuss easy fixes for no sound coming from the Vizio soundbar. Let’s get started!

Why My Vizio Soundbar Is Not Working? Fixes for Vizio Soundbar No Sound Issue

If there is no sound coming from the Vizio soundbar, multiple common fixes are available.
Let’s discuss them in detail.

Check The Breaker Box

If the breaker box has tripped, it will need to be reset. But sometimes, resetting isn’t enough, and the breaker might continue to trip. To check whether the problem is within the breaker’s wiring, unplug every device from it, and if it continues to trip, you know what is causing the Vizio soundbar no sound issue.

Remove Objects

Check if there are any objects between the Vizio soundbar and remote, as they can cause interference and disrupt the signals.

Check Power Cord

Check the power cord to look for signs of physical damage. If your cord is damaged, you might need to buy a new high-quality power cord.

Recheck Mute Settings

One of the most common and apparent solutions to the Vizio soundbar no sound problem is checking the mute settings. It is not until you hear it that it becomes possible, so check to see whether your TV or soundbar is muted before doing anything else.

Remove Remote Controls

Do you have multiple remotes? Well, that might be confusing your soundbar. The best course of action is to gather all the remote controls and take their batteries out except the one operating the Vizio soundbar and see if it makes a difference. Even after this, if you still think, “well, my Vizio sound bar has no sound,” then you need to get a new remote.

To help you out, we have compiled the ultimate list of Vizio universal remote controls to remove the hassle of managing multiple remotes.

Consider Receptacle Problem

A few other electrical issues can lead to Vizio sound bar no sound. First, check the outlet your soundbar is plugged into. Make sure the circuit is not overloaded and provides the required voltage to the soundbar. Next, check your receptacle. The receptacle in the power strip or extension can go bad with wear and tear; thus, you need to check for physical damage. If you find any, you need to change the receptacle.

Experts recommend plugging your soundbar into a wall receptacle that comes with a built-in surge protector. If it still doesn’t produce sound, check that the receptacle has power in it to begin with. You can try other devices and see if they work. In case of loose wires, call an electrician.

Check Volume Settings

Many people use the TV remote controls to set the volume. My advice? Don’t do this. Instead, keep the TV volume at its max setting and adjust the volume directly with the soundbar remote. Moreover, the problem might not be with the soundbar at all. Thus, unplug the soundbar from the TV and listen to the TV volume; if there is no sound, you need to get your TV checked.

Cable Box

Cable boxes also have volume settings. Make sure they are set at the maximum level. Moreover, also check the Vizio soundbar cables. Are they connected to the right output? Are they damaged? Do they need to be replaced?

Check with Other Devices

We recommend trying the Vizio soundbar with other devices before you give up all hope and call a technician or support. Plug it into another device and see if it works there.

That’s it! Your Vizio sound bar no sound issue should be resolved now! There are other issues that come with the Vizio soundbar depending on the equipment you are using that can affect its sound. I will discuss the different scenarios where you experience Vizio surround sound not working, and hopefully, we can find the best solution for you.

Vizio Soundbar No Sound HDMI ARC

Vizio Soundbar No Sound HDMI ARC

A common complaint by Vizio users is, “Vizio sound bar not working HDMI ARC,” which means that when trying to connect your TV with a Vizio soundbar via an HDMI ARC, you are getting no sound. This is pretty common, but the solution is just as easy, no matter what kind of TV you have. Follow the steps below to eradicate the issue.

First, check the HDMI input. A TV has multiple inputs available, and if it’s connected to the wrong one, it won’t work properly. The correct input will either be marked ARC, or you just need to try all of them and see which works.

Next, check the HDMI cables for signs of wear and tear. If not, try plugging/unplugging from both ends.

Another simple way to solve the Vizio soundbar no sound HDMI ARC is to reboot it. Unplug the system and wait ten seconds before powering it up again.

You can also try your HDMI cables on other devices; if they don’t work too; your HDMI cable is dead and needs to be replaced.

Change your TV settings and set it to enable CEC. This will allow devices connected to your TV via an HDMI ARC cable to communicate and work properly.

Maybe the issue is with compatibility. For this, update the software of your TV or Vizio soundbar. If nothing else works, you can do a complete hard reset as a last resort. For this, turn off the Vizio soundbar for 10 seconds, turn it back on, and hold the input and Bluetooth buttons until the soundbar restarts.

Vizio Sound Bar Blinking No Sound

The Vizio soundbar unit has a light in front. Usually, there is no light on, or you might get a white light when you press something on the remote. You also might see a blue light, but that is for Bluetooth. However, blinking lights are not a good sign. If your Vizio sound bar is blinking but has no sound, reset the device.

Unplug all the cables and power attached to the Vizio soundbar and wait for 60 seconds before reconnecting them. Similarly, reset your TV. Once back on, the Vizio soundbar will be in demo mode. Use the Vizio app to get out of demo mode and see if it helped.

Vizio Sound Bar Optical Cable No Sound

You can see how finicky the HDMI ARC cable is for the Vizio soundbar, but there are always alternatives you can try, such as an optical cable. But it isn’t without its challenges as well. Here are a few things you can do if your optical cable leads to a Vizio soundbar with no sound issue.

  • Check your TV settings. The TV has to output PCM audio to work with an optical cable as other audio types don’t work properly with optical cables.
  • Inspect the optical cable and see if there is no visible damage.
  • Change the audio settings in the Vizio soundbar.
  • Like before, you can always try a reset by turning off the soundbar and powering it up again after 60 seconds.

And that’s pretty much how you can fix your Vizio sound bar optical cable no sound issue.

Vizio Subwoofer Paired But No Sound

Vizio Subwoofer Paired But No Sound

If you use your Vizio sound bar for your home theater, you also need to get a subwoofer. One of the benefits of using a Vizio soundbar is that it can be connected to a subwoofer, enhance the sound, and make it more enjoyable and prominent.

The subwoofer and soundbar are paired automatically, and there is nothing that you have to do, but if you are facing issues; follow the steps below:

The first time you pair both devices, make sure they are close to each other, within 1 foot. Make sure both devices are turned on and ready for pairing mode. For this, you need to hold the Bluetooth button on the devices until the blue lights start flashing. If they don’t pair up, then unplug both devices for 60 seconds and repeat the steps above.

You can also do a hard reset if necessary. Hopefully, your Vizio subwoofer paired, but no sound issues will be fixed by the steps mentioned above.

Vizio Soundbar No Sound Bluetooth

Vizio Soundbar No Sound Bluetooth

The great thing about the Vizio soundbar is that you can connect it to the television and any Bluetooth device to play music. However, the Bluetooth part can be a bit problematic and is not as easy to manage as it seems.

For instance, you need to be close to the device to work; a distance greater than 33 feet will cause your Bluetooth device to disconnect. Moreover, if there are a few objects or devices between the Bluetooth device and your Vizio soundbar, you will get interference in the signal. And since there is nothing tangible to work with, experimenting with a Bluetooth device can be difficult. But don’t fret; I have a few easy fixes up my sleeve that can help you with the Bluetooth
connection troubleshoots.

First, check that the Bluetooth is connected properly. To connect the TV to your Vizio soundbar through Bluetooth, you need to ensure that the soundbar is in pairing mode.

Pairing mode will be indicated by flashing lights. You can enter pairing mode by holding the Bluetooth button on the remote or soundbar for 5 seconds.

Locate the Vizio soundbar on the Bluetooth menu on your TV and select it for pairing.
If no sound is coming from the Vizio soundbar Bluetooth connection, follow the steps below:

  • Ensure that the soundbar and TV are in close range, within 30 feet.
  • Try re-pairing your soundbar again to work out the kinks.
  • You can also try pairing the Vizio soundbar with other Bluetooth devices to ensure that the problem isn’t with the soundbar itself.
  • Remove other devices connected to your phone before pairing with the Vizio soundbar to ensure things run smoothly.
  • Remove any obstacles or wireless devices nearby the Bluetooth device and Vizio soundbar to prevent signal interference.
  • Make sure your mobile or Bluetooth device is not connected to any other Vizio device, as it can cause confusion and malfunctions.


Q1. Can a Vizio soundbar work with a Samsung TV?

Answer – Yes! A Vizio soundbar can easily work with a Samsung TV. You can choose an HDMI,
RCA, or optical cable for this. If your TV has a Bluetooth feature, you can even select to connect
the Vizio Soundbar.

Q2. Why does my Vizio soundbar keep cutting off?

Answer – If your soundbar keeps cutting off abruptly and frequently, the problem might be in the
cables. Check if the cable is damaged or connected correctly. Other reasons could be the
soundbar itself or external devices. If the soundbar won’t turn on, then you can refer to this article.


And that’s it! You can easily fix the issue of no sound coming from Vizio soundbar with the tips mentioned above. Just follow the manual and try to fix the issues yourself before calling in a technician to save time and money.

Many of these fixes can work across various TVs and sound bars. Moreover, if you are having trouble with your Vizio TV’s performance, check out quick fixes to recover it to its former glory.
Until next time, take care!

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