Can AirPods Overheat? ( Learn All About Using Apple’s Earbuds In Extreme Temperatures) 

Ordinary people double-check their Window Locks  before they leave. Extraordinary people, like me, check for their AirPods before they step out ! 

I ain’t fabricating but ever since I have owned AirPods, I make sure, I never have to do without them. That’s why, I ensure that before they enjoy their day out with me, they are sufficiently charged up, to stay with me at least till sundown. The best part is, the AirPods can go solo too while the Charging Case charges itself at home, without complaining that the AirPods aren’t inside it. What-a-compatibility !!

My Apple AirPods never cease to surprise ! Recently, I learnt that AirPods can easily be worn and used on an airplane so cheerfully, I packed the AirPods along with my beachwear for my trip to Orlando and just couldn’t wait to chill at the prettiest Cocoa Beach

It was breezy out there but so hot, I tell you !! The bronze tan of my body didn’t stun me as much as my AirPods did. Never had I known before that the AirPods get hot if the Sun is scorching red !! It was honestly shocking to handle almost melted AirPods in my ears. They felt piping hot, broiling right there in my ears and suddenly turned ‘off’

Genuinely, I hadn’t heard of such an issue before and I decided to dig deeper into it as in can AirPods overheat ? If it were true,I was keen to discover techniques about how to fix overheated AirPods and you’ll be glad to know that there are. 

After a detailed research and factual groundwork, I was lucky to figure out why the AirPods get hot and how they can be fixed if they are on the verge of damaging themselves due to excessive heat. 

So, I couldn’t resist but share my discoveries with my dutiful readers so that you can prevent your delicate AirPods from such a sultry situation in future and learn the do’s and don’ts of using AirPods while it’s too flaming hot out there. 

Can AirPods Overheat ?

Can AirPods Overheat ?

There has been an immense boost-up in technology these days and the electronic devices are incredibly strong and durable. When it comes to Apple among others, the design, the portability, the functionality Outstanding !! But no matter how drop-proof, dust-proof, water-proof they are, your AirPods get hot when exposed to extremely hot temperatures. 

As Apple has notified that the AirPods should be worn and used only at ambient temperatures. With this, it means that the most suitable temperature for using AirPods ranges from 0℃ to 35℃ ( or say, 32℉ to 95℉ ).

What Happens To Overheated / Melted Airpods ?

Wearing AirPods in extremely high or low temperatures can shorten their battery life and these effects can last for either short time or for longer, depending on the duration they were exposed to heat.

What Happens To Overheated / Melted Airpods ?

See, the AirPods are using these small lithium battery cells all the time to deliver audio and when they are overheated, these battery cells fall vulnerable to capacity-loss. They might recover when the AirPods cool down a bit but if this happens repeatedly, their battery can get damaged permanently. 

When the AirPods are overheated, they will begin to behave differently than they normally do, to slowly regulate to the temperature they require to sustain. Before they turn themselves ‘off’ entirely, they might pause, the audio will begin to muffle slowly and after a while, they will turn ‘off’ entirely. 

Can AirPods Overheat While Charging ?

The AirPods might feel ‘warm’ to touch when they are charging but this isn’t a case of overheating. It is normal for the AirPods to feel ‘warm’ while they charge up. 

The AirPods also might ‘warm up’ if they are worn for very long but this temperature is accepted and the AirPods turn back to normal when they are unplugged and given a break.

Can AirPods Overheat While Charging ?

Note : Wearing AirPods continuously for very long durations can hurt your ears. So, it is advised that you must plug them ‘off’ intermittently or when you are not listening to anything on them. This boosts up their battery life by saving them from excessive battery drainage and saves your ears as well from any possible ear-aches. 

Nevertheless, if the AirPods feel warm even when they are not charging or are unplugged, place them in a cooler environment and keep away from direct sunlight

Where Can The AirPods Possibly Overheat Or Melt ?

Where Can The AirPods Possibly Overheat Or Melt ?

The AirPods can begin to overheat when they are worn or left in very hot climatic conditions. 

For instance : a) You wore them on a terribly hot sunny day at a beach, like me. Duh ! 

b) They were left by the window side, exposed to direct sunlight.

c) ( the worst case ) You forgot them in your car and they got baked there due to the trapped heat inside the locked car

Such cases and more similar ones, expose the delicate AirPods to unbearable high temperatures which are way outside the temperature range they can survive in.

So,you must keep them covered either in your bag or the Charging Case while they are not in use. 

Additionally, there can be a few more reasons for you to deal with overheated AirPods. There either can be hardware issues on them or the charger you have connected can be faulty which is frying the internal components of the AirPods. Learn about what else can cause the AirPods to overheat in the next section. 

Reasons Why AirPods Get Hot

So, as I mentioned above, it’s a simple fact that the AirPods get hot when they are exposed to heat. Now, this exposure can be both external and internal. External , per se when they are kept or used in direct sunlight and when I say ‘internal’, I mean that the internal circuits of the AirPods have been roasted and that can happen due to a few reasons which I have elaborated here. Please take a look :

1. High Temperature

High Temperature

You must have learnt by now that this can be the worst thing that your AirPods can have to go through. Mostly, it happens during summers when you are outside in your balcony or at the rooftop, at the beach maybe and the sun is just torrid and blazing.

Very high temperatures can damage any electronic device and your Airpods are no exception. 

You should never ever leave your AirPods in the vicinity of direct sun exposure such as your bedroom’s window side or the Coffee table in your balcony

If you are at the beach, wear a hat to shade your AirPods from direct sunlight and keep them back in the bag when you’re not using them. 

For the regular beach-lovers, another reason why they should practice caution is if you mistakenly swam with your AirPods, you can ruin them permanently, the way showering damages your AirPods.

2. Accumulated Dust/Dirt

If your AirPods haven’t been cleaned since a while, there are high chances that dust or earwax has accumulated over them. Ofcourse, along with the issue of overheating, dirty AirPods also run a risk for your health as AirPods covered in even a bit of dust and earwax, can cause ear-infections.

Accumulated Dust/Dirt

If your Airpods are unclean, the earbuds’ ventilation is blocked. Thus, when they’re connected to charging, they’ll begin to overheat

This is one reason which is paid least attention to and can be one of the prime reasons why your AirPods get hot. So, clean the Airpods regularly to prevent them from overheating and saving your delicate ears from any possible bacterial infection. 

Note : Mostly, the dirt and earwax gets accumulated on the AirPods when they are worn for very long continuously. This can hurt your ears and adversely affect the battery health of the AirPods, making them die every now and then.

3. A Hardware Issue

This applies when your AirPods begin to heat up in the first few months of purchasing them. It means that they landed with some hardware issue which has been overheating them. 

If you have been taking all possible precautions, have been keeping them covered, cleaned and away from all dust and dirt, if they still blaze up, the AirPods are at fault.

A Hardware Issue

Spotting one particular hardware issue which has been creating such an issue can be a tough task, even for the professionals. So, I advise that you should not try to fix it yourself and better take it to the Apple Store to have a look.

Please use authentic Apple service since this kind of issue requires a professional intervention because more harm can be done than good if some third-party technician tries to mingle with it. 

4. Using a Faulty Charger

Using a faulty charger

I know it’s tempting to buy a third-party or duplicate charger if you lost the Original one or if it’s damaged but trust me, saving those few pennies can cost you a whole new pair of AirPods, later on. 

Most of the third-party chargers use very high voltage to charge the AirPods which can destroy the internal wiring of the AirPods with time. 

So, take no risks and buy only authentic Apple Certified Chargers for your AirPods. On my recommendation, you can take your pick from Satechi USB-C AirPods Charger  or Scosche BaseLynx Charger. Both are affordable and less expensive than the rest of the Apple Chargers. Using a legitimate charger will never harm your AirPods and will prevent them from overheating. 

So, I hope I answered the question, ‘Do AirPods overheat?’ for you and you will genuinely take precautions to save your AirPods from exposing to the dangers mentioned above. However, if the damage is already done, take a look at the possible methods to cool off your AirPods and try to save them from a permanent catastrophe. 

How To Fix Overheated AirPods

How To Fix Overheated AirPods

So, if you ask,’Can AirPods overheat ?’, YES !! They can and so to learn about how to fix overheated AirPods, check out some simple and smooth solutions explained below. 

If your AirPods feel piping hot and fail to connect again, it means the heat has taken a toll on the internal wiring and the delicate circuits inside the earbuds have been afflicted

On the other hand, if the sound on them muffles in between the audio or if they stay quiet for a while after connecting, it means they are a bit slow to respond but there ain’t a lot of bruises on the AirPods internally. There’s still some hope left !!

If the second one is the case with you, look down upon the easiest techniques to cool down and fix your overheated AirPods and see if they connect normally like before.   

1. Clean the AirPods’ Surface

Clean the AirPods’ Surface

To begin with, both the AirPods and the Charging Case should have cooled down and should be clean. Use a soft microfibre cloth to gently wipe them clean so that no excess grease or any trace of dust is left on their surface. 

Also, wiping with a cool clean piece of cloth brings down the temperature drastically and will lower the temperature of the AirPods.

Now, try using them and connect with your phone. If they work, it means that there wasn’t any hefty damage and your AirPods have recovered from the heat exposure. 

If they still heat up while charging or when you listen to an audio, check out other methods mentioned below.

2. Remove the Charging Case’s Cover (If any ) 

Remove the Charging Case’s Cover (If any )

If there is any protective cover on the Charging Case, remove it as of now and let the Charging Case charge without it.

An extra layer over the MagSafe Charging Case makes the charging less efficient and lets the Case preserve more heat. This in turns, heats up the AirPods and the Charging Case. 

So, avoid using any protective cover over your Charging Case till the AirPods begin to respond normally as before and have fully recovered from the heat-shock.

3. Restart the AirPods

If the Charging Case and the AirPods still feel hot enough to hold, you must remove them from the charger and allow it to cool off a bit. After they are bearable enough, give the AirPods a ‘restart’.

Restart the AirPods

Open the lid of the Charging Case and take the Airpods out. Wait for a while and keep them back into the Charging Case. Now, close the lid and connect to your device. 

Now, connect them once again to the charger to check if they still feel like fire upon charging.

If all is good and cold, Great !! If not, take another chance by re-setting them now.

4. Reset them on your Device

When your AirPods are overheated, often they lose their connectivity and might develop a connectivity glitch. 

After you have restarted your AirPods, if they still feel smoking hot to touch, resetting them can be a good option. Remove the AirPods from charging, if they were connected and now, begin to reset them on your device.

Reset them on your device
  1. Keep the AirPods inside their Case and close the lid.
  2. After about 30 seconds, open the Case’s lid.
  3. Now, go to Settings on your iDevice, say iPhone and click onto Bluetooth Settings.
  4. Next to your AirPods’ name, click on the info ‘i’ icon.
  5. Tap on ‘Forget This Device’ and click on ‘Confirm’.

    With these steps, you have removed your AirPods from the list of connected devices on your iPhone and will establish a fresh connection now.
    fresh connection
  6. Now, with the Case’s lid open, press and hold the Set-Up button, located at the backside of the Case, till the light goes from amber to white.
  7. Bring the Case closer to your device and tap on ‘Connect’ when it pops up on the screen.

Now, the AirPods are well-connected to your iDevice and are ready for testing. 

Try listening to a song on them or connect them to the charger. I hope they don’t feel hot anymore and connect as easily as before. If they still get fiery while charging up, there’s another troubleshooting trick laid down below for you.

5. Force Firmware Update 

Not only for fixing this issue of overheated AirPods, updating the AirPods’ firmware boosts up their general performance and fixes other trivial connectivity bugs. 

Once the AirPods have been refreshed and reset, the connection which now will be established between your AirPods and the device will be a very fresh one. 

So, you must ensure that your AirPods are running on the latest firmware launched by Apple. Apple keeps launching software developments for its iDevices. If ‘Automatic Updates’ are not enabled on your device, you’ll have to do it manually

Force Firmware Update
  1. On your iDevice, click on Settings
  2. Open the Bluetooth menu and click on the info ‘i’ icon,  next to your AirPods.
  3. Scroll down to see the ‘Firmware’ information. 

The latest firmware for Apple AirPods is 4E71. If this version isn’t installed on your AirPods already, there’ll be an option of  ‘Updates Available’. Click on it to install the latest firmware for your AirPods.

See, in this case when the AirPods have overheated, having the latest and most powerful firmware will make the troubleshooting quicker and will let the AirPods reset and respond to fresh settings in a quicker manner. 

A system running on latest software keeps numerous minor connectivity glitches at bay and improves the device’s performance drastically. 

6. Contact Apple Support

Contact Apple Support

Unfortunately, if none of the above mentioned tips and tricks were able to fix your overheated AirPods, they need professional help. They have definitely incurred a deep heat stroke and require to be diagnosed internally if they still can undergo any operation. 
If the AirPods appear crooked or distorted from any side or even if they look just fine but just feel hot and won’t connect, there are internal bruises and they require a deep arbitration.

deep heat stroke

I strongly recommend that you take your AirPods only to a certified Apple Store. Overheating on AirPods isn’t a common issue and needs to be dealt with very carefully. Also, in temptation for a make-shift solution and to save money, do not let any third-party local technician cut up your AirPods.

If you do so, not only you can have them damaged permanently but also lose the authority of getting your AirPods repaired under Apple warranty. 

To sum up, above mentioned methods will definitely assist you in fixing your overheated AirPods. Either the first five ways will bring your AirPods back to their normal state or they will guide you to an authenticated Apple Service Centre. Rely on these solutions and trust your instinct. Let the AirPods take their own sweet time to cool down and then, practise the troubleshooting techniques, I am very hopeful they’ll prove fruitful.

Now, after you have learnt in depth about the precautions which you must be taking to prevent your AirPods from overheating, I also would like to make a mention of two commonly loved places where people love to flaunt their AirPods but they precisely are the places where the AirPods should never be taken to – In the Sun and in the Sauna

Can AirPods Overheat In The Sun

Can AirPods Overheat In The Sun

Apple AirPods fairly outstand any other earbud when it comes to features but they are also heat labile, like any other electronic device. So, if you are still doubtful about ,’can Airpods overheat in the Sun ?’, YES!! They do ! But when they are exposed to the Sun’s UV (Ultra-Violet) Rays for prolonged durations. 

The Airpods, per se are not fragile and wearing them while it’s sunny, might not have a big impact on them but leaving them in the Sun for an extended period, can surely overheat    them and thus, damage

Places Where The AirPods Bear Worst Sun Exposure

( Also Learn About Precautions To Defend Against Damage Caused Due To Sun Exposure ) 

Such disasters happen mostly during summers when the temperature outside is high enough and you want to enjoy your family outings, make sand-castles at the beach or just spend time outdoors. 

1. At the Beach : It can be entirely enticing to enjoy a peppy song on AirPods while the Sun kisses your skin beautifully but just be mindful of not leaving your Airpods in an open space like the beaches.

At the Beach

Precautions : Wear a hat that is big enough to shade your face and will block direct UV rays to touch your skin. This will not only save your AirPods from direct exposure to the Sun but also will prevent your delicate face from sunburns and melasma. Also, don’t leave the AirPods unattended and keep them back first in the Case, then both of them in your bag to secure them.

2. In the balcony : Most commonly, people forget the AirPods on the table , in the balcony after sitting there for a while. That’s where the AirPods can get totally roasted in direct sun.

In the balcony

Precautions : If you are going to be sitting for long in your balcony or have an outdoor meeting to attend to, either try not using the AirPods or after using them, keep them back in the Case carefully. 

3. In a parked car : Similarly as above, the AirPods might have to bear an excruciating fate when they are left inside the car. If the car is parked in an open space and the AirPods were left openly on the seat, without their Cover, only God can save them. No chance !!

In a parked car

Precautions : The only way in this case, with which you can safeguard your AirPods is DO NOT LEAVE THEM IN YOUR CAR. You’ll have to have a presence of mind. Be careful enough to pick up the AirPods before you click-lock your Car.

4. By the room’s window side : I know, the AirPods are not as delicate as green vegetables which can be destroyed after an immediate exposure to harsh sunlight but yes, if they are left on their own by the window side from where your room receives direct sunlight, they can surely be overheated

By the room’s window side

Precautions : If AirPods are an unavoidable part of your daily routine, you’ll have to inculcate a few habits to maintain a long life on your AirPods. Whenever you are not using the AirPods, keep the AirPods back in the Case and then, the Case inside your bedside table. Never leave them without their Case. 

If they are lying, without their Case, by the window side during the day, they’ll get an unlimited supply of direct sunlight and will overheat themselves. 

With all the facts mentioned above, you are now well-aware that surely can the Airpods overheat in the Sun and be subjected to permanent damage. 

So, avoid wearing AirPods during extremely sunny days and if you can’t avoid doing so, take proper precautions to protect your AirPods.

Can AirPods Go In A Sauna

Given the hectic lifestyle today, people love to indulge often in a relaxing sauna session. Personally, I love to combine my sauna session with a deep tissue massage which totally relaxes the muscles and rejuvenates the body. 

Saunas are incredibly popular as it detoxifies the body, improves metabolism, increases blood circulation in the body and helps you to sleep better

When soft soothing music is played while you enjoy your sauna session, it enhances the overall experience but wearing AirPods to listen to music is certainly not a good idea during sauna.

So, if you are wondering,’can AirPods go in a Sauna ?’, the answer is a big NO ! Here you’ll learn why.

Can AirPods Go In A Sauna

Not only the AirPods, think twice before carrying any kind of electronic device in the Sauna. Most of the Saunas negatively affect your electronic devices and your AirPods here, are no exception. Even Apple warns against carrying AirPods in a Sauna room.

Instead of still staying ‘connected’ on the AirPods, you should rather focus on being mindful and meditate during your Sauna session to reap maximum benefits

Take a look at some facts mentioned below which will help you understand the fact logically  that you should never be taking your AirPods in the Sauna.

Why To Avoid Wearing AirPods During Sauna

Why To Avoid Wearing AirPods During Sauna
  1. The Vaporized water can very easily get into the AirPods and not only that, the high heat in the Sauna can overheat your AirPods. Even if you plug your AirPods out but keep them with you in the Sauna room, the heat and the moisture will adversely affect the AirPods and will cause severe damages like blocked and moistened earbuds’ speaker mesh grilles
  2. It can also be a disturbance to others who just want to enjoy their experience without having any audio-visual devices around. 
  3. The heat inside a Sauna room is higher than the optimal temperature of the AirPods. This begins to build up ‘static electricity’ inside them which can cause pain in the ears. 
  4. Also, you’ll be sweating a lot in the Sauna and you must know that there is ‘salt’ in the sweat. When the AirPods dry up, the salt will remain as it is and will get accumulated on the earbuds surface and cause corrosion to the earbuds, causing several audio issues like a muffled or cracked sound, the Airpods won’t connect and will gradually lose their capacity to charge. A total waste of time, money and effort, isn’t it !

Non-Technical Reasons To Avoid AirPods In The Sauna

Non-Technical Reasons To Avoid AirPods In The Sauna
  1. Saunas are supposed to be a quiet escape into solitude where you can just relax and just be with yourself. They are one of the best places to meditate. Listening to favourite music or podcasts is undoubtedly entertaining but it will keep you distracted and will not let you be alone with your thoughts, the very reason why you opted for a Sauna. 
  2. This deep reflection and solitude is an incredibly rare thing these days, making a quiet Sauna a deep oasis. You should rather focus on body-scan during the Sauna and pay attention to how you feel.
  3. You should stretch and work on your painful muscles and sore joints. During the Sauna, there is better blood circulation in the body. So, you should focus more on the body parts where you feel tension or stiffness, and stretch them gently to release muscle pain. 

Apple claims that the AirPods are water and sweat resistant, not water and sweat-proof. Avoiding AirPods is one of the strongest recommendations by Apple, along with avoiding them in the shower, for the same reason.   


Q1. What does it mean when your AirPod gets hot ?

Answer – Your AirPod(s) can get hot when it is exposed to high temperature, if there’s a hardware issue, if a damaged or faulty charger is connected to it or higher voltage is supplied to it, more than it is designed to handle. It can also overheat if there is accumulated dust on it or if there are magnetic currents flowing between the AirPod and the charger. 

Q2. Do the AirPods turn ‘off’ when it gets too hot ?

Answer – Thankfully, Apple has designed its products in such a smart manner that when they are exposed to high temperatures, they automatically shield themselves, to self-regulate themselves, protecting the internal components from damage from extreme temperatures. So, the AirPods turn ‘off’ automatically when it gets too hot for them. 

Q3. Are my AirPods temperature sensitive ?

Answer – The Apple AirPods function pretty well at most temperatures but they don’t get along well in either extremely hot or cold temperatures. Ideally, your AirPods should be exposed to temperatures ranging from 0℃ to 35℃. That’s when there is no risk of overheating and damaging their internal components. 

Q4. For how long should the AirPods be worn during the day ?

Answer – Ideally, you should be wearing your AirPods only for 90 minutes at a stretch. After that, plug the AirPods off from your ears and let your ears ventilate. Also, massage your ears gently and after some 15-20 minutes, you can resume your listening activity. It is very essential to take a break from your AirPods to avoid any risk of excessive earwax build-up and hurting your ears.

Q5. Can the AirPods get damaged due to heat ?

Answer – Unfortunately, YES !! Your delicate AirPods can get damaged when exposed to very high or hot temperatures. Due to excessive heat, the visco elastic foam in your earbuds begins to melt and loses its shape, weakening its strength. So, it is highly recommended to use AirPods only in an adaptive and comfortable temperature range. 

To Sum Up : 

Your Apple AirPods are an incredibly intelligent Bluetooth device which can handle accidental drops of water, sweat or dirt. 

It’s your duty to be mindfully aware of it and wipe out the AirPods clean. Clean AirPods not only maintains the smooth functionality on the AirPods but also saves you from bacterial infections which you might catch up from wearing them.

In this article, I have tried to explain to the best of my capability that harsh sunlight can be your AirPods biggest enemy. There ain’t one but many dangers of exposing your AirPods to sunlight which I have discussed in depth above. 

Along with extremely high temperatures, very low temperatures and steamy Sauna also are equally harmful for the AirPods. 

So, duly take all the precautions to protect your Airpods from heat strokes and use them only in optimal and ambient temperatures. No Sun -No Sauna, for the AirPods !! Remember this and make your best memories at the beach !! Have fun !! 

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