Learn How To Install A Ring Doorbell Without An Existing Doorbell

Key Takeaways

  • Existing doorbell is not required to install Ring.
  • A Ring doorbell can be installed without an existing doorbell using an indoor power adapter with a plug-in transformer to regulate the voltage.
  • To install the Ring doorbell, connect the wires of the indoor power adapter with the doorbell’s wires and plug them into a wall outlet nearby.

I believe smart doorbells are an essential element in the home security armoury for anyone. And if there is one brand that has really pushed the bar for everyone else then it would be Ring

They connect easily with your existing doorbell electrical setup and work like a charm. However, what do you do when you have to install a Ring doorbell without an existing doorbell? 

Well in this article, I will  answer the question – “can you use Ring without a doorbell?” and detail out the steps to install (or hardwire) Ring doorbell when there is no existing doorbell. I will also touch upon another question that gets asked many times – “Does a Ring doorbell need a battery if hardwired?”. 

So let’s start off with basics.

Can You Use Ring Doorbell Without Wiring or an Existing Doorbell?

Can You Use Ring Doorbell Without Wiring or an Existing Doorbell?

Yes, Absolutely! 

You can use Ring Doorbell without wiring by using an indoor power adapter and transformer to regulate the voltage. This obliterates the need of any existing doorbell or a chime.

I am sure at this point you would be scratching your head and asking – “Aren’t Ring doorbells battery operated?”. And if they are, why do they need to be hardwired?

Why Do Ring Doorbells Require Hardwiring?

Why Do Ring Doorbells Require Hardwiring?

Many models of the Ring doorbells like the 2nd, 3rd and the 3 Plus model, are wireless and run smoothly without any issues by using their battery power and your Wi-Fi connection. 

Their rechargeable battery keeps them powered for a long time, eliminating the need of hardwiring them. But, certain models of the Ring doorbell require hardwiring like the Elite and the Pro. 

So, as I say that the wireless models of the Ring doorbells do not need to be necessarily hardwired but there are certain advantages of hard wiring the doorbell that might interest you. 

  • On the Power aspect, it’s simpler to just hardwire the Ring doorbell into your existing doorbell wiring or using a power adapter. This ensures round-the-clock operation as the hardwiring keeps a continuous trickle charge supplied to the doorbell. 
  • Since the doorbell is not dependent on the battery alone, hardwiring reduces the chances of a downtime due to depleted battery. 
  • A trickle charge on the doorbell not only keeps the doorbell powered up all the time but also keeps the battery charged so that you don’t have to charge it manually. In the case of the Ring Doorbell Pro, wiring is the only power source.
  • A hardwired connection potentially reduces the risks of dropouts, signal issues, range issues. In case of the Ring Doorbell Elite, which needs a wired Ethernet connection, hardwiring ensures fast, seamless and reliable communication with the Ring Camera.
  • This is especially required if your Wi-fi connection is unstable or if there are many Wi-fi connections in your area which can create interference in your connection.

So, hardwiring has its own advantages, but sometimes, it’s not possible to hardwire the doorbell. 

I personally, don’t prefer hardwiring the doorbell because for that, I will have to call upon a professional to install it which can be an extra expenditure. 

You’ll also be digging holes on the front wall and might even have to modify the existing wiring of the house to add new wires. 

For that, I am not sure if your apartment owner will give you permission. This is one reason why installing a Ring doorbell isn’t allowed on some of the apartments. The owners do not allow modification in their property. 

In all these complicated situations, using an Indoor Power Adapter is the best option. Neither you require a technician to plug it, nor you need to pull out extra wires from the wall. 

In that case, you will require a method about how to hardwire Ring Doorbell without existing doorbell and I am here to help you figure it out.

How To Install A Ring Doorbell Without An Existing Doorbell

How To Install A Ring Doorbell Without An Existing Doorbell

In both cases, before installing and powering the doorbell ‘on’, charge the battery completely. You won’t have to change the battery for at least six months if you charge it fully before installing it. To avoid an emergency downtime, you can also keep a 2nd battery of the Ring doorbell as the replacement. 

Now, let me take you ahead to understand how does Ring doorbell work without wiring. 

Charge the doorbell battery 

  • Step 1 : Remove the battery of the Ring doorbell from the bottom.
  • Step 2 : Now, connect the battery to a power outlet using the Orange USB Cable. When the light on the top shows a green colour, it signifies that the battery is fully charged up and there won’t be any orange light.
    fully charged up
  • Step 3 : Now, the battery can be inserted back into the Ring doorbell. 

Meanwhile, the battery is charging, you can gather the important things around you.

What You’ll Need : ( All of these items come in the Doorbell package )

Doorbell package
  1. A leveling tool
  2. The Ring doorbell
  3. The faceplate
  4. A Screwdriver
  5. A star shaped screw

Step-by-Step guide to install the Ring doorbell without wiring : 

  • Step 1 : Start by inserting the Level tool in the front side of your Ring doorbell. Take out the Leveling tool from the ‘Install-Tool Box’ that came with the Ring Doorbell. It will be a small orange bar shaped tool with some liquid inside it.
    Ring doorbell
  • Step 2 : Choose the location where you want to install the Ring doorbell and mark it using the Level tool. The location should ideally be at a height of at least 4 feet from the ground. To adjust the position accurately, keep the liquid in the Level tool exactly at the centre.
    Level tool
  • Step 3 : Make a mark of the mounting holes using a pencil. Use the doorbell’s Faceplate to mark four points on the wall for the doorbell screws which will secure the doorbell in place. Also, make one bigger hole in the centre which you’ll use for pulling out the wires of the indoor adapter since there is no existing doorbell in that place.
    mounting holes
  • Step 4 : Drill the holes. Now, take a small drill-bit and drill four small holes in the position marked for the doorbell and one bigger hole in the center for the wires of the indoor adapter. This part of drilling is essential if you are installing the doorbell on a brick, concrete or stucco.
    Drill the holes
  • Step 5 : Pick the faceplate and place it on the Ring doorbell. Use the screws and anchors from the box and secure the faceplate for the doorbell. Be careful to insert the top of the faceplate at an angle to slot it into place until you hear a ‘click’. Remember to remove the Level tool from the doorbell before you fix the Faceplate.
  • Step 6 : Pull out the wires of the Indoor Adapter from the hole in the Center and join them to the two screws on the Faceplate of the doorbell.
    Pull out the wires of the Indoor Adapter
  • Step 7 : Slide the doorbell carefully into the bracket.
    Slide the doorbell
  • Step 8 : Tighten the Security screws at the doorbell’s bottom. Use the screwdriver and the star-shaped security screw from the box, to secure the doorbell tightly.
    Security screws
  • Step 9 : Plug in the Ring Chime into a wall outlet anywhere in your house which you think is the farthest spot from the doorbell.
    Ring Chime
  • Step 10 : Plug the indoor adapter into the wall socket to power on your Ring Doorbell.
    indoor adapter

This is the way you can install your Ring doorbell without wiring. Now, after you have installed the Ring doorbell successfully at your doorstep, remember to install the Ring app to set up the Doorbell so that you can begin monitoring your front door immediately.

How To Set Up A Ring Doorbell On the Ring App

Take a quick look at the process of setting up your doorbell on the Ring app. You can connect any of the wired or a wireless doorbell on the Ring app. 

How To Set Up A Ring Doorbell On the Ring App

It’s essential for the Ring doorbell to be set up on the Ring app because your Ring doorbell does more than just notifying you about a visitor. It will record the video of each activity that happens at your doorstep and you can watch it and even share using the Ring app.

  1. Install the Ring app and sign into your Ring account.
  2. Tap on Set Up a Device and scan the QR code from your Ring Doorbell.
  3. Grant the app permission to use your phone’s location or enter it manually. This is essential to be able to use many useful features on the Ring app.
  4. Click on ‘I’ve already installed it.’
  5. Tap on Connect to join the Wi-fi network on the app.

Power Adapters for Different Ring Doorbell Models

Power Adapters for Different Ring Doorbell Models

Different models of the Ring doorbell have different Voltage requirements. While you install a wired doorbell, you must ensure that you are using a Power adapter with an appropriate and sufficient Voltage.

Here is the list of the respective Voltage requirements of different Ring Doorbells. Look at the list given here and select suitable voltage according to your Ring doorbell : 

Ring Doorbell ModelVoltage Requirement 
Ring Video Doorbell 2 8-24 V AC
Ring Video Doorbell 38-24 V AC
Ring Video Doorbell Pro16-24 V AC
Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus8-24 V AC ( Max. 40A )

Note : The Ring Video Doorbell Pro doesn’t have any rechargeable batteries so it can accept a wider range of Voltage ( 16-24 V AC).

Same Power Adapter can be used for the Ring Doorbell 2,3 and 3 Plus as their Voltage Capacity is the same. You’ll have to use a different Power Adapter for the Ring Doorbell Pro. It needs higher Voltage than the rest of three wired doorbells. 

There are plenty of good Power Adapters available but if you ask me to recommend the Ring Adapter and the WOOW 18 V Adapter  for the Ring Doorbell 2,3 and 3 Plus. 

For the Ring Doorbell Pro, MEROM 24 V Adapter and the LIANSUM 24 V Adapter  are a good choice. They prevent short circuit, over voltage, overcurrent and ensure safety of the device during charging

Does Ring Doorbell Need Battery If Hardwired ?

Does Ring Doorbell Need Battery If Hardwired ?

One of my readers wrote to me and asked, ‘does Ring doorbell need battery if hardwired?’ His Ring doorbell was hardwired but the low-battery warning constantly reminded him to charge the battery and it left him confused. 

I know, it can baffle you because as I mentioned above, hardwiring keeps the battery powered up at all times and the doorbell should be drawing power constantly from the power outlet but hardwiring supplies a ‘trickle-charge’ to the battery. 

It means that there is a continuous but seeping supply of charge to the battery. Thus, occasionally, the battery needs to be removed from the doorbell and charged separately. 

Depending on the functions that the Doorbell performs regularly, the battery drains out faster in comparison to the charge supplied by the hardwired connection. So, the battery needs to be recharged occasionally even if your doorbell is hardwired.

Do You Need To Use A Chime With The Ring Doorbell ?

Do You Need To Use A Chime With The Ring Doorbell ?

In the first section of this article where I explained how to install a Ring doorbell without  existing doorbell, you must have noticed that I guided you to plug in the Ring Chime at the end. You must be wondering about this with a question,’do you need a chime for a doorbell?’

You don’t need a Chime for the wireless Ring doorbells as their range is much wider than the wired Ring doorbells and you can hear the wireless doorbell even at a great distance in your house. 

But, for the wired Ring doorbells, I recommend using the Ring Chime because of their limited range. The Chime is specifically used to enhance the overall experience with the Ring doorbell. It’s an additional purchase which you can use with your doorbell so that you can easily hear the notifications even in the last room of your house

You can always choose the Ring Chime for your Ring doorbell over other mechanical Chime available in the market. Just ensure that it should match the voltage of the plug-in transformer that you are using for your doorbell


Q1. Which Ringbell does not require wiring ?

Answer – There are a number of Ring video doorbells but considering the requirements of hard wiring, only the Ring Video Doorbell 2 and its predecessors are the only models which don’t need to be hardwired and can run off of its battery power. 

Q2. Is it possible to install the Ring doorbell wirelessly ?

Answer – Yes, the Ring Video doorbell can be installed and used wirelessly using their in-built battery. There’s also an option of connecting the Ring Video doorbell to the existing doorbell at home. 

Q3. Is there any model of Ring doorbell which is battery powered ?

Answer – The Ring Video Doorbell 2 comes with a rechargeable battery which can last for approximately 1000 activations on a normal usage before it needs to be recharged again. You can obtain more information regarding the battery life of the Ring Doorbell 2 from the charging guide. 

Q4. Can the Ring doorbell be installed without an existing doorbell ?

Answer – A Ring doorbell can be installed without having an existing doorbell with the help of a plug-in transformer. For that, you simply need to connect the wires of the Ring doorbell with the wires of the plug-in transformer and then, the transformer’s wires can be plugged into a nearby wall outlet. 

Q5. Do the Ring doorbells work without a Wi-fi connection ? 

Answer – The Ring doorbells do not have any in-built cellular backup. It  means that if the internet connection gets disconnected, the Ring doorbell won’t be able to operate without the Wi-fi or the internet. 

The Last Words : 

Whether you wish to mount a wired or a wireless Ring doorbell, the first thing to do is to fully charge the Ring doorbell. Even if the Ring doorbell is going to be hardwired, you have learnt that the charge supplied by the hardwiring is a trickling one. So, do not assume that if the doorbell is hardwired, it’s going to be fully charged all the time or will charge itself on its own. 

Once there is full battery on the Ring doorbell, it’s good to go for 6 months or so but you’ll have to charge the battery again after that. 

The Ring devices are undoubtedly fantastic and you know now that you won’t have to worry about discarding your existing doorbell if you have been wanting to use a Ring device. 

Just get one of the Ring transformers and it can literally transform your ordinary doorbell into a smart Ring doorbell. 

I believe I have put an end to all the queries regarding installing a Ring doorbell at your doorstep if there wasn’t any doorbell before. Let me know in the comments section if you found this editorial helpful in installing a Ring doorbell at your place.

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