Learn How to Get Jackbox on TV & Enjoy Games on the Big Screen

Learn How to Get Jackbox on TV & Enjoy Games on the Big Screen

Are you longing to play your favorite Jackbox games on TV? If your answer is Yes, then this article is just for you. I am going to cover how to play Jackbox on TV here.

If you are a hardcore gamer like me, you will undoubtedly enjoy those on the big screen. Among various game developers, the people behind Jackbox are one of my favorites. It is an American video game developer based in Chicago and founded in 1995. 

The best thing about Jackbox games is that they are party games, which can be played with friends and family. They are a good excuse to gather all the friends.

Among the Jackbox games, Fibbage and Quiplash are my favorites. One day, I was playing them on my mobile, but after playing for some time, I had a strong desire to get Jackbox on TV to enjoy it on the big screen – my Samsung smart TV.

I did my research and found some interesting ways to answer how to play Jackbox on TV. There are 5 different ways of playing these games on TV. If you have a similar wish like me, then go through the whole article I’ve written below.

Features of Jackbox and its Compatible Devices

Jackbox games are compatible with various devices, which makes them easily accessible to masses. One of the better features of Jackbox is that games are teen rated, and many of the games have the family-friendly mode, which a gamer can turn on from the games’ Settings.

Jackbox Games are easy to configure as you need to open the app first, and if you are the host, you need to enter a room code, and the name with which you want to play. The host of the game is known as the VIP.

Features of Jackbox and its Compatible Devices

Apart from having an E10+rating, Jackbox allows you to adjust sound effects, music and hosting voice-over, and the main volume through which you can control your gameplay experience.

There are multiple devices where you can enjoy your Jackbox games. I have given a list of compatible devices as shown below.

  • Playstation
  • Xbox
  • Apple TV and iPad
  • PC, Mac, and Linux
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV

How to Play Jackbox on TV: Here are 5 Incredibly Fun Ways

As I mentioned earlier, I was playing Quiplash on my mobile, and after playing it for a significant amount of time, I thought to myself what if I could play it on TV.
If you want to find out how to get Jackbox on TV, see the sections beneath.

How to Get Jackbox on Apple TV?

How to Get Jackbox on Apple TV?

An Apple TV is a streaming device that plugs into your TV, allowing you to stream apps including Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Hulu, etc. Besides, Apple TV is very much compatible with Jackbox games. 

The Jackbox Party Pack 4 (the biggest party game in Jackbox), which consists of 5 games, including Fibbage 3, Civic Doodle, Survive the Internet, Bracketeering, and Monster Seeking Monster, is readily available to download on an iPad device that has been updated to iOS 11 or newer.

Hence, if you have an Apple TV at your home, you can download it on your iPad and then stream it to the big screen via some simple steps and get Jackbox on Apple TV.

Here’s How:

Step I: First, make sure that your Apple TV and iPad are turned on.

Step II: Download the Jackbox Party Pack 4 on your iPad using a web browser.

Step III: Navigate to the control center on your iPad and click on Screen Mirroring. Give time, and you will see your Apple TV device name appear on your iPad.

Step IV: Select your Apple TV device from your iPad, and now you can enjoy the Jackbox games on the bigger screen.

How to Play Jackbox on Android TV?

How to Play Jackbox on Android TV?

If you want to enjoy Jackbox games on the big screen, Android TVs are the best option. If your Smart TV is the Sony, Philips, or Hisense brand, you can easily download Jackbox games from the Google Play Store. 

Or you can also go to a web browser on your Android Smart TV, enter jackbox.tv, and enter the on-screen room code present in your mobile to enter a game.

Playing Jackbox Using a Gaming Console

Playing Jackbox Using a Gaming Console

Another easy way to enjoy Jackbox games on your TV is via a gaming console. As discussed earlier in the article, Jackbox games are compatible with PS4, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.

Step I: First, you need to buy a gaming console and download your favorite jackbox game on that device.

Step II: Next, you need to connect your gaming console with your TV via an HDMI cable connector. An HDMI Cable Connector is a port for sending high-resolution digital video and theater quality sound from one device to another.

Step III: After you have connected your gaming console to your TV, you will be able to enjoy your favorite jackbox games on the big screen.

connected your gaming console

Note: You can also use the HDMI Cable Operator to connect your mobile or tablet to the TV to play Jackbox Games.

How to Cast Jackbox to TV?

If the steps mentioned above don’t work out for you, apply the Jackbox on Chromecast method.

Casting is another good way to play Jackbox Games on the big screen. Here are the steps to do it.

Step I: Navigate to the Chrome Browser in your TV, and navigate to the Cast option.

Step II: Next, click on the More Sources section and click on Desktop.

Step III: Next, select your Chromecast device from where you want to cast, and play your Jackbox Games on the bigger screen.

Now, whatever you do on your mobile, or tablet, will be shown on the TV. If you turn on the Jackbox on your phone, you will easily be able to control it on your TV via remote. In case there is a wi-fi issue at home and you are looking to connect Chromecast to mobile hotspot, then I did an article for that too.

Using an Amazon TV Fire Stick

Using an Amazon TV Fire Stick

Another easy answer to how to get Jackbox on TV is by using Amazon TV Fire Stick.

Amazon Fire TV is a video streaming device released in 2014. It consists of remote control with Alexa-powered voice recognition and offers thousands of streaming channels, including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Spotify, etc.

In addition to that, Amazon Fire TV also included Jackbox Party Pack 8. There are primarily no cables needed for casting; all you have to do is to have the Amazon Fire TV, along with the Amazon Fire TV stick, access Jackbox Games from the device’s store, and enjoy it.


Q1. How to play Jackbox on Samsung Smart TV?

Answer – No. Unfortunately, you can’t get Jackbox on your Samsung Smart TV. For playing Jackbox games on Samsung, you need to have a TV consisting of Android TV built-in, which the Sony Smart TVs mainly have. However, you can still play Jackbox on Samsung TV by going to the web browser and entering Jackbox.tv.

Q2. Can you play Jackbox on VIZIO TV?

Answer – Yes. You can enjoy Jackbox games on your VIZIO Smart TV with ease.

  • First, navigate to the store on your VIZIO TV.
  • Click on the search bar, and enter the name of the Jackbox Party Pack you want to play.
  • Install it and control it by using your VIZIO remote.

Q3. How to play Quiplash on TV?

Answer – Quiplash is one of the most popular games from Jackbox, which primarily has no rules. A player can say whatever he wants, and the audience will decide the winner by voting. If you are thinking about how to play Quiplash on TV, see the following points-

  • If your TV is compatible with Jackbox games, you can easily access it from the play store.
  • Else, you can go to the web browser on your tv and enter Jackbox.tv URL.
  • Next, enter the four-letter room code on your mobile and your TV to enter the game.
  • Control it via your TV remote, and enjoy.

Q4. How to play Fibbage on TV?

Answer – Fibbage is a popular Jackbox Game, where you have to score points by finding out the correct answer and avoiding the lie of others. If you are wondering about how to play Fibbage on TV, check out the steps below.

  • To enjoy it on your TV, first, make sure that everyone has accessed the Fibbage game on their mobile.
  • Now, you need to go to your TV’s web browser, enter the Jackbox.tv link, and press enter.
  • Next, you need to enter the room code where you are playing.
  • After entering the room code, you will access the game and enjoy it on the bigger screen.

Q4. How to Get a Jackbox on Apple TV?

Answer – Jackbox Party Pack 4, 5, and 8 are readily available on the Apple TV. All you need to do is to set up your Apple TV, connect it to your Smart TV, and you will be able to download Jackbox Party Packs from your Apple Store.

Bottom Line

Since I have a Samsung TV at home and my friends know that I am an ardent fan of Jackbox games, they often ask me how to jackbox on Samsung Smart TV? 

Well, primarily Samsung Smart TVs are not compatible with Jackbox Games. However, you can still enjoy them by accessing the web browser on your Samsung TV, entering the URL Jackbox.tv, and enjoying the party games. 
So that is all for today, guys. Follow the step-by-step process for playing Jackbox on TV mentioned above, and let me know in the comment section which way you have applied to enjoy the party games on the big screen.

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