Learn How to Watch Jeopardy on Roku

Jeopardy is one of America’s longest-running game shows. It is a good old-fashioned, family-friendly TV for sure. Broadcasting through the airwaves since 1964, this quiz show turns the table on the traditional question-and-answer format of typical quiz shows. Three contestants select categories for money from $200 to $1000, like “Potent Potables for $400.” This reveals a question in the form of a statement that the contestants have to answer with a question.

So keeping with this topic, Potent Potables, which by the way, is just a fancy way to say alcoholic beverages, the clue could be “This Japanese drink is produced from steamed rice called koji.” Then a contestant buzzes in to answer. In this case, the answer is, “What is sake?”  Just saying it gives me goosebumps. There is something about answering a question that just makes me feel very academic. 

Anyway, back to the game, if they get the answer right, the money adds to their total, and they get to choose another category. This continues for three rounds, including a Double Jeopardy and Final Jeopardy round, where the stakes get higher and higher as the amount of money increases. Winners of each episode get to come back and compete to win more. One Jeopardy contestant, James Holzhauer, won an incredible $131,127 in a single episode. 

Thanks to its dedicated fan base, Jeopardy is still on the air and has amassed over 8,000 episodes. Yes, you read that right, eight thousand! That’s over 3000 hours of television that I would not advise you to binge-watch.

However, at a quaint 25 minutes, it is the perfect informative, light-hearted show to watch with family and friends. As a matter of fact, I love playing episodes of Jeopardy when Michelle and I host trivia nights with our friends. We all gather around and try to answer the questions along with the contestants as the iconic theme song blasts over our Vizio soundbar. By the way, if you haven’t connected your soundbar to your Roku TV, you need to ASAP. I’ve written all about it here, so go do that first and thank me later.

Circling back, when one of my friends, who also has a Roku TV, asked me, “how can I watch Jeopardy on Roku?” I realized that although this quiz show is unbelievably successful, not everyone has access to it. So, I did what I always do – I did my research. If you, too, are wondering how to watch Jeopardy on Roku, well, I have several options for you.  

Jeopardy airs on ABC, so if you have a cable subscription, you can download ABC from the Roku Channel Store and install it on your device. Go to the Home screen and open Streaming Channels > Search Channels to find ABC. Then, select Add Channel to install it to your Roku device. If you want to know how to watch Jeopardy without cable, you can install other streaming channels in the same way. They all have packages that you can buy that offer all kinds of live and on-demand content like Jeopardy. These services include Hulu, DirecTV Stream, Sling TV, and Youtube TV.

How to Get Jeopardy on Roku with a Cable Subscription

The live show is currently airing on ABC, and if you’re wondering, “how can I watch Jeopardy on Roku when it’s on cable?” don’t worry. This channel is officially available on the Roku Channel Store

If you have a cable TV subscription, you can add this channel and watch Jeopardy on Roku. Follow these simple steps to learn how to install this channel on your Roku device. 

  1. Go to the Home Screen
    Press the home button on your Roku remote control to go to the Home screen.
  2. Open Streaming Channels
    On the left side, you’ll find a list of options. Scroll down to Streaming Channels. This will open the Roku Channel Store.
  3. Search Channels
    Using the arrows on your Roku remote, search for “ABC.”
  4. Install ABC
    From the search results, select ABC and select Add Channel to start the installation process.

Once you have installed this channel on your device, you have to activate it and log in. Your cable TV provider will give you an activation code and login credentials (username and password) that you can enter. Once you’re in, you have access to the latest episodes of Jeopardy on Roku right as they air. 

Another way to add ABC to your Roku device is via a web browser on your computer or smartphone through their official store

  1. Go to the official Roku Store
  2. Sign in using your Roku account credentials.
  3. In the search bar, type ABC
  4. From the search results, select the ABC Channel
  5. Select the Add Channel button 

The next time you open your Roku device, you will see the ABC channel listed in the Streaming Channels.

How to Watch Jeopardy Without Cable

If you don’t have a cable TV subscription, you can still learn how to watch Jeopardy on Roku through streaming services like Hulu, DirecTV Stream, Sling TV, and YouTube TV. All these are paid services and offer live TV channels, movies, and shows like Jeopardy.

Hulu Live

How to Watch Jeopardy Without Cable

Hulu is a great alternative to a cable TV subscription. You have access to over 65 channels and a collection of over 80,000+ TV shows and movies at your fingertips, including Jeopardy. The best part is you can watch it live or on-demand, so you’ll never miss an episode.

Hulu is a paid subscription with the Live TV bundle starting at $69.99 per month. All you have to do is sign in and give your billing information, but make sure ABC is available in your area. Before committing to a monthly subscription, you can sign up for a seven-day free trial. You can get just the Jeopardy on-demand library if you aren’t interested in that much content, which you can buy for a fraction of the monthly subscription cost. 

Roku devices come with the Hulu app pre-installed, so you just have to open the app and sign in.

DirectTV Stream

DIrectTV Stream

DirectTV Stream is another streaming service that answers the question, “Where can I watch Jeopardy on Roku?” Formerly known as AT&T TV Now, DirectTV’s entertainment starter package starts at $69.99 and offers 75+ live TV channels, including ABC, where you can watch Jeopardy as it airs or record it and watch it later. 

Available on the Roku Channel Store, you can add it to your Roku device by following a few steps:

  1. Go to the Home Screen, scroll down to Streaming Channels
  2. Select Streaming Channels to open the Channel Store
  3. Go to Search Channels and type “DirectTV.”
  4. Install DirectTV

To start streaming, use your Roku remote control. Use the right arrow button to select the DirectTV Stream when it opens, and sign in with your login credentials and your set. 

Sling TV

Sling TV

SlingTV also offers subscription packages that let you watch live cable TV at an affordable price, with the Orange package starting at $35 a month. It has over 30 channels and lets you stream shows and movies live and on-demand. You can add Sling TV to your Roku device as it is officially available on Roku’s Channel Store

  1. Go to the Home Screen, scroll down to Streaming Channels
  2. Select Streaming Channels to open the Channel Store
  3. Go to Search Channels and type “Sling TV.”
  1. Install Sling TV
  2. Launch Sling TV on your Roku device
  3. Sign in with your Sling TV credentials

Once Sling TV has started, you can use the search to find channels or shows directly. If you have any trouble with Sling TV on your Roku TV, check out my troubleshooting guide to fix the problem.  There you go, another answer to how to stream Jeopardy on Roku.

YouTube TV

Youtube TV

YouTube has also joined the streaming service game with YouTube TV. Currently only available in the US, this service offers over 85 live TV channels, cloud storage, and an on-demand section filled with movies, TV shows, YouTube Original content, and, of course, Jeopardy. 

They have only one subscription package at $64.99 and give you a two-week free trial, so you can decide if it’s worth it. This might not be the best option if you want to watch Jeopardy. So if you’re not satisfied, you can cancel anytime, hassle-free. 

Available on the Roku Channel Store, you can install YouTube TV in a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the Home Screen, scroll down to Streaming Channels
  2. Select Streaming Channels to open the Channel Store
  3. Go to Search Channels and type “YouTube TV.”
  4. Install YouTube TV
  5. Launch YouTube TV on your Roku device
  6. Sign in with your YouTube TV credentials


I hope I have given you all the information you need to figure out how to watch Jeopardy on Roku. I have exciting news for anyone who is looking for older episodes. Pluto TV, another streaming service you can add through Roku’s channel store, is finalizing details on a new channel that will show only Jeopardy. 

Yes, you read that correctly. Back-to-back episodes of this marvelous quiz show 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The exact package plans haven’t been disclosed yet, and there isn’t any information about when the channel is launching. But when it does, oh boy, Jeopardy lovers, rejoice!

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