Can You Use a Universal Remote on Roku TV?

A ‘universal remote’ is like my pair of sneakers! It will team up with any outfit that I wear. That’s how anything that is called ‘universal’ is supposed to perform in a multi-functional way and hassle-free, isn’t it ! 

Roku is my most favorite Tv brand when it comes to Smart TVs. Not because there is never any issue with it. Of course, there are issues at times like Roku low on Power or even worse is Roku’s stubborn scary Black screen but tell me, which device does not face any technical glitch! Each one does.  Even the big Tv -giant Apple faces volume issues sometimes. But, a problem brings up more solutions and information about the electronic device. 

Technology is always advancing into innovations and that is the reason Universal Remotes were born. For the very reason of making lives easier, lazier and less complicated. 

A universal remote paired with a TV reduces the hassle of juggling between multiple devices connected on the TV and can be paired with more than one device you own. 

Although some programming is required in setting up the Universal Remote with the Roku Tv, it’s worth the effort. So, if you ask me about “Can I use a universal remote for my Roku Tv?”, I would most definitely say ‘yes’

Can you use a universal remote on Roku Tv

So, if you are also stuck figuring out how can you use a universal remote on a Roku Tv, this article will clear up all the inhibitions and set up your Roku with a universal remote of your choice. 

Trust me on this, the Universal Remotes which work well with a Roku Tv ( not each one does, though), are very well-functional with other prominent devices like the Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TVs, the projectors, Cable Tv and other media players. 

This article will also facilitate you in selecting the best universal remotes for your Roku and will contribute efficiently in programming the universal remote on your Roku Tv. Another question that gets asked a lot to me is – do I need a Roku tv if I already have a smart tv? Well I have answered that as well here.

So, without any further prorogation, let me walk you straight into this ‘Universal Remote Guide’ listicle and get you learning about programming the universal remote on your Roku Tv.

Can You Use a Universal Remote for Roku Tv?

Can you use a universal remote for Roku Tv?

Yes, of course, you can. A universal remote, rather, offers better features and user-experience than the basic Roku Remotes which are supplied with the Roku Tv.

I would rather recommend using a Universal Remote on your Roku than the basic Roku Remote. Along with a totally different user-experience on the Roku Tv, the universal remotes connect smoothly with the other TVs and the rest of peripheral devices at your home.

I have also listed the best five Universal Remotes here which you can use with your Roku, ranging selectively from low-budget to expensive one. Take your pick and once it is programmed with your Roku, you are all set and free from using multiple remotes on your Roku. The Roku’s Complete Guide for Remotes has numerous best options to offer and also highlights the essential codes for programming them.

Can You Program a Universal Remote to a Roku?

Can you program a universal remote to a Roku

A universal remote can be easily connected to Roku Tv and be programmed on it using the guidelines mentioned below. Follow them diligently and you won’t face any issue.

So, to ease you with the issue of how to program a universal remote to a Roku Tv, take a look at the steps given below.

What you need : 

  1. Remote’s Model Name
  2. Remote’s Model Number.

You’ll require the Model name and number of your Roku Remote to match from Roku’s Remote’s Compatibility List.

Let’s begin : 

  1. Check the front and the back side of the remote to locate the model.
  2. It can also be found inside the battery compartment.
  3. When you have the Model Name and number with you, look for the specific code of this remote on Roku’s List of Remotes. 
  4. Switch on your Roku Tv using the Power button or the remote.
  5. Now, follow the instructions on your Universal Remote to connect a new media device, a Roku Tv in your case.
  6. This will bring the remote in Setting-up mode and you’ll be asked to enter the Code.
  7. Enter the Code and you can now easily use the Universal Remote on your Roku.
  8. At times, a specific code is given in the User Manual of the remote. Use that code to connect the remote with the Roku.

Note: Depending on the model of Universal Remote you are trying to connect, there can be a few limitations to the Controlling features on the Tv.

Kinds of Button Support on Universal Remote

Kinds of Button Support on Universal Remote

There is a reason why every universal remote cannot work with the Roku Tv. You’ll come across two levels of button support while you try to program a Universal Remote on the Roku Tv. 

  1. Basic Support
  2. Expanded Support 

A Universal Remote with a basic support will provide you assistance with the very basic functions like the Power button, Volume and Input Selection.

On the other hand, the remote with Expanded Support will control almost all the functions on your TV, along with the functions supported on the basic model such as Home, Up, Down, Left. Right, Replay, Back, Play or Pause, the Forward and the Backward Scan.

The Best Five Universal Remotes for Your Roku

The Best five Universal Remotes for your Roku

While you are all set to program a Universal Remote with your Roku, you must explore these top competitors in the Universal Remote’s category and select the best one for yourself.

Hence, to offer support with the clearing up confusing about can you buy a Universal Remote for a Roku Tv, I have closed up on the following options: 

Remote 1: Logitech Harmony Companion All-In-One Remote

Remote 2: Philips Universal Remote

Remote 3: Logitech Harmony 665

Remote 4: Inteset Universal Backlit IR Remote

Remote 5: SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote 

Read further to learn about the features of each one in detail and make the best selection for your Roku TV.

1. Logitech Harmony Companion All-In-One Remote

Logitech Harmony Companion All-In-One Remote

The Logitech Harmony Companion All-In-One Remote is just one of the many amazing devices which Logitech has brought out and built a very strong fan base. Not only do the devices have incredible quality, they also last long.

Most of the devices at Logitech aim at customers looking for mid-range to low-priced devices but this Universal Remote from Logitech is a bit pricey but definitely, the price is worthwhile the quality that is delivered. 

The range of this remote could have been better. It’s only 10 feet but the add-on features are a big plus. It pairs very well with the Roku Tv and also interfaces with Alexa for adding the Voice-Control Features. Many Smart Home tasks can also be performed on this one like modifying the Smart Lights, Thermostat Controlling, Turning the TV ‘on’ and how interesting, can also lower the blinds. 

Let me bring up the best part. It can pair well with at least a quarter of million devices like the Gaming Consoles, Roku, Cable box, Satellite TV, Apple TV, Sonos, Philips Hue Lights, and the Blu-Ray.

As many as ‘eight’ devices can be controlled at once using the different frequency configurations which come with it. 

Lastly, both Bluetooth and the Infrared Connectivity are supported on this model.

Do check out Logitech Harmony Companion on Amazon here. 

2. Philips Universal Remote

Philips Universal Remote

One reason why Philips never fails to skip intervening in my list of most favorite devices is that it offers great features and a performance promise which lasts for like, very long time. 

Compatible with: The Philips Universal Remote backs up not only the Roku devices but also the TVs, Stereos, DVDs, Blu-Ray Players, Home-Theatre Systems and the Archaic VCRs.

It also works well on Apple Tv, Smart Tvs, Streaming Players, Vizio, Samsung, Sony, Vizio and LG TVs. 

Not compatible with: It is not compatible with Amazon Fire Sticks, Roku Streaming Stick, or other RF ( Radio Frequency) Streaming Devices. 

This Philips Model has the lowest price among all the Universal remotes I have listed here. Notwithstanding that, the low price hasn’t compromised at all on the battery. It has a huge built-in remote code collection. A free 90 days manufacturer warranty also comes for free with this model.

A good number of four devices can be controlled using this universal remote at one point of time, with a range of maximum 30 feet. Pretty impressive, isn’t it! This range is sufficient enough for most of the house designs. 

Lastly, it has received a rating of 4.3 stars from more than 13,000 users which builds its strong hold in the market of best universal remotes. 
Buy Philips Universal Remote here from Amazon.

3. Logitech Harmony 665

Logitech Harmony 665

The third stunner on my list of best universal remotes is the Logitech Harmony 665 Model. Its price is on a slightly higher side than the other average mid-range remotes in the market but, it has justified its price by adding additional features too. 

It is an Infrared remote and has a good range of maximum 10 meters. It supports macros as well. 

Special Features :  

  1. This model comes with 23 customizable settings for your favorite channels on Roku which will spare you from the effort of scanning every channel to access the content you want to watch.  
  2. Whoa! 10 devices at once can be connected on this remote. It surely justifies the name ‘universal’ with its special feature. 
  3. It comes with a LCD Screen which makes using it very convenient. 
  4. Its Set-up process is partially automated which will save you from the trouble of learning complex combinations and installation methods. 
  5. On record, it has received a rating of 4.2 stars from a total of 1500 reviews which can vouch for its great performance. 

Buy Harmony Universal Remote here on Amazon

4. Inteset Universal Backlit IR Remote

 Inteset Universal Backlit IR Remote

If you found the Logitech Universal Remote was a bit expensive for your pick, I would recommend the Inteset Universal Backlit Remote in the affordable range but high on quality and performance. It’s my personal favorite for not requiring any extra bells and whistles with my device, just an uninterrupted great performance!

It’s an affordable one and ranges on the low-price side but possesses most of the features of mid-market Universal Remote. 

Special features : 

  1. Being a Commercial grade, it comes pre-programmed for the Roku devices ( except the Roku Stick ) , Apple TVs, Xbox One, Xbox X and Kodi.
  2. It lands up ready-made with a device code database library which will save you from the effort of hunting a three or four digit code to pair it up. 
  3. It can easily be customized. The users can create their own Macros ( at least 15 )  for personalizing what functions the buttons will carry.
  4. Honestly, I wish there was a backlight on it but it has received an impressive 4.2 star rating from a 5.0 star rating review. 

Buy the Inteset Universal Remote here on Amazon.

5. SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote

SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote

I love to close my list with the best one. The reason is that by any chance, if any of the above mentioned options do not entice you, this won’t be able to leave you unimpressed. 

This SofaBaton Universal Remote is one sensational Universal Remote which you just cannot miss. 

The most fascinating feature is its mesmerising OLED display to help you manage the connections between the Roku ( not the Roku Stick ), Apple TVs and the Fire Tv, among the other display features. 

It’s a mid-market model therefore it is priced reasonably. The manufacturer makes a claim that it works well on half-a-million devices and comes with a very easy One-Touch Set-up. 

Range is maximum up to 20 meters which I feel, should suffice for maximum users. 

Special feature:  It comes with a special Macro-button feature using which multiple inputs and commands can be condensed in the press of a single button. 

It has been able to bag a good rating of 4.2 star from 5.0 star rating scale which makes it a good buy. 

Buy the SofaBaton Universal Remote here on Amazon 

So, Can you use a Universal Remote on a Roku Tv? The answer is Yes and is supported with the best buyable options of Universal Remotes mentioned above. 

How to Connect a Universal Remote to a Roku?

How to Connect a Universal Remote to a Roku?

Most of the time, it’s a very smooth and straightforward process to connect a Universal Remote to a Roku Tv or to say, any other Tv or device if the TV device is compatible with the remote model. 

You are going to witness the virtual demonstration of connecting a Universal Remote on a Roku Tv using two important methods here.

  1. Using Automatic Code Search
  2. By manually entering the Code 

Read further to learn more about connecting the Universal Remote on a Roku tv using the methods mentioned above. It’s a simple procedure and an easy breeze to link both of them.

Method 1: Using Automatic Code Search

Take a look at the steps mentioned here for connecting a Universal Remote to a Roku Tv by using the Automatic Code Search method.

Steps :

1. Switch on your Roku Tv using the Power Button or the Roku Remote.

Switch on Roku Tv

2. Now, you’ll have to press the ‘Set-Up’ button on the Universal Remote and hold it for about 5 seconds.

press the ‘Set-Up’

3. Once the red indicator light blinks up, release the hold.

4. Since you want to connect your Roku Tv with the remote, press the TV button on the remote. 

press the TV button

5. Now, press ‘Power’ and ‘Play’ after pointing the remote to the Roku TV.

press ‘Power’ and ‘Play’

6. The red light will begin to blink as the remote will search for a suitable code for your Roku Tv.

7. When the device begins to ‘Play’ or ‘turn off, press the button 1.

press the button 1.

8. Be very quick while pressing the button 1 to immediately lock the correct code.

9. When the correct code has been set up, the red light will stop blinking which indicates that the Universal remote has been correctly set up with your Roku Tv now.

Method 2: By Manually Entering the Code  

This will require some extra work on your part as you have to find out the code for your device. Read on to learn the entire process in detail.

Steps : 

1. Trace back the manual of your Roku Remote control to obtain the four-digit code of your device. Most likely, it’s mentioned in the user manual.

2. If it’s not there, Roku Universal Remote Code guide will provide you with the Code.

3. Switch ‘on’ your Roku Tv after you have the code with you.

Switch on Roku Tv

4. Grab the universal remote and press the button ‘Set-up’ for about 5 seconds.

press the ‘Set-Up’

5. Release once the red light stops to blink.

6. Now, press the ‘Device’ button on the remote. Since you are programming the Roku Tv, press the TV button on the remote.

7. On pressing the Tv button, the red light will blink for once.

8. You’ll be asked to enter the Code now. Enter the Code you procured from the manual or the website.

 enter the Code

9. Be very quick to enter the code otherwise you’ll have to repeat the entire process again.

10. Now, point the remote towards the Roku Tv and press the ‘Power’ button.

press the ‘Power’ button

11. After you have entered the code correctly, the Tv will shut down and will restart.

This indicates that the Universal remote is now connected and programmed on your Roku Tv.

The above mentioned two methods will connect the Universal Remote on your Roku Tv and you are all set.

I hope I have solved your queries regarding the programming and connecting a Universal Remote with a Roku Tv. You can now use one remote for multiple devices you own and enjoy watching content hassle-free. 


Q1. Do Universal Remotes work well with Roku?

Answer – For a remote to work with the Roku Tv, it needs to be programmed, first. Your Cable or satellite box remote can be used on Roku Tv after programming it. A few selective replacement and universal remotes can also be programmed on the Roku Tv. For gaining more insight on programming a remote for controlling functions on your Roku Tv, refer to my article above. It will guide in broad detail. 

Q2. What is the Code to connect a universal remote on my Roku Tv?

Answer – For using a universal remote on your Roku Tv, you’ll require a code and they are 1966, 1992, 7009, and 7003. They are the 4 ‘ Streaming Player’ codes which can be used on the Roku Tv, compatible with the Monster 8-Device Universal Remote. 

Q3. How can I find my Roku Tv code?

Answer – Connect your Roku Streaming Device to the power and the network. If necessary, download the software. After connecting, a ‘four-digit’ code will be displayed on the Roku Device which you can then enter on: on your smartphone or computer, to link Roku with your devices.

Q4. Why is my Roku Tv not activating?

Answer – I recommend my readers to reboot both the Roku Tv and the Wireless connection, in case your Roku is not activating. I would also suggest trying to connect your Roku to a different network, say a mobile hotspot, to cross check if there comes an activation code or link and then, you can easily activate your Roku Tv.

Last Few Words

So, after the comprehensive deliberation on whether a Universal Remote can be used on your Roku, I hope you will also support this statement that yes, of course, Universal remotes can be very well used on a Roku Tv.

In fact, I would stretch to the length of recommending a universal remote over a basic remote for your Roku Tv because of the better experience using it and a universal remote being a versatile pick for all other devices as well. 

The best part is the range spread from low-budget to high-end. Universal remotes have something for everyone. So, worry not to reason too much !! And, grab one for you from my recommended list above !! Good day and take care. 

Happy Reading !! 

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