How to Connect Roku to WiFi Without Remote

Not all is lost if your Roku remote control is lost! What if You can be the master of your Roku Tv without its remote? Yes, you heard it right! Your Roku Tv can be switched on without a remote and can also be connected to a new or existing Wifi network.

I am sure many of you would be way too anxious about how to connect Roku to Wifi without a remote when you can’t get your hands on your Roku Remote control. 

Indeed, having a remote control handy makes lot more things easier but thanks to the new range of super smart Roku Tv, the new Roku-Ultra, it is very much possible now to connect your Roku devices, be it the Roku Tv or the Roku Stick, to an internet connection, or per say a new connection, even if you don’t have the Roku remote with you. 

You can easily connect Roku TV to Wifi without a remote with the help of Roku mobile app provided there is an existing wifi connection available and both TV and the mobile app are connected to the same network. Alternatively you can also set up a mobile hotspot and then connect your Roku TV to mobile hotspot using the same Roku mobile app.

How to Connect Roku Tv to Wifi Without Remote

How to Connect Roku Tv to Wifi Without Remote

To connect your Roku Tv to the Wifi network without having a remote, follow the steps listed here :

  1. Open the Roku app on your phone. In case you don’t have it yet, download and install it from the play store. Here is the link for Android and iPhone.
  2. Now, sign into your Roku account on the Roku app.
  3. On the main Home screen, you’ll find the ‘Remote’ icon, click on it.
  4. You can now use your Roku app as a virtual remote for your Roku Tv.
  5. Check that your Roku Tv and the Roku app are connected on the same network.
  6. Then, click on ‘Devices’ located in the lower-right corner of the bar. You’ll see your Roku devices in case more than one Roku device is connected.
  7. Tap on ‘Roku Tv’ and click ‘Connect’.

Now, your Roku Tv and your Roku app as the remote are virtually connected to each other and can ‘talk’. Now, you’ll begin to operate the Wi-fi settings on your Roku Tv.

1. On your Roku Tv, click on ‘Settings’ and tap on ‘Network’.


2. Now, click when you find ‘Set up connection’.

Set Up connection

3. When you choose to set up a connection, you’ll see a list of available networks around. Click and choose your Wifi network.

Wifi Networkd

4. Enter its password and click on ‘Connect’.


Your Roku Tv is now successfully connected to the Wifi network and kudos! You have accomplished it without using the remote.

How to Create a Hotspot on Your Phone to Connect Your Roku Tv Without the Remote

In a situation when you do not have a Wifi around you and you wish to connect your Roku Tv, you can easily create a ‘hotspot’ using your phone and create a wifi for your Roku Tv.

To learn creating a hotspot and thus, connecting your Roku TV with it, check out the steps below : 

1. First, reach the ‘Settings’ menu on your phone and tap on ‘ Network and Internet.’

2. On clicking the icon ‘Network and Internet’,  tap on ‘Hotspot and Tethering.

hotspot and tethering

3. Once you click on ‘ Hotspot and Tethering’, you’ll have the option as ‘Set-up Mobile Hotspot’.

4. You’ll be required to enter the Wi-fi Network’s information which is saved on your Roku Tv. You’ll be asked for the Wifi Network’s name and the password.

Wifi name and Password

5. Save this connection and tap ‘OK’ to connect to this mobile hotspot connection.

Now, your Roku Tv is connected to the new internet connection that you have created using your Mobile Hotspot. You need not worry anymore about how to connect Wifi to Roku Tv without a remote and now, using the virtual remote on your Roku app, can easily browse through your Roku Tv.

How to Connect Roku Tv to Wifi Without Remote + iPhone

Now, it is easy and fun to watch what’s playing on your iPhone , directly onto your Roku Tv. 

Isn’t that a perfect way to enjoy your YouTube videos on a big screen or listen to the music on larger speakers? It is! For that, your Roku Tv must be connected to the Wifi and your Iphone and the Roku Tv must be paired together. 

Although it is slightly tricky to connect your Roku Tv to the Wifi without a remote for the Iphone users, a good hand at following the guided steps will help you ace this.

Screen mirroring

The iPhone uses an amazing feature called ‘Screen Mirroring’. As the name is self-explanatory, this feature lets you use your TV as your iPhone. The videos, music, photos etc all can be displayed on the Tv same as your iPhone.

You’ll be using this feature to connect your Roku Tv to the Wi-fi in the case when the remote is not around. Take a look :

1. On your iPhone, open the ‘Roku app’ and reach the ‘Settings.’

2. Look for the option ‘Screen Mirroring’ in the ‘Roku Device Settings’ under the ‘System’.

3. Click on the ‘Screen Mirroring Mode’ and select how you want it to work – Whether prompt or Always Allow.

4. The Roku app will now start searching for ‘receiver’.

search for reciever

5. A code will pop up to pair your Roku Tv to your iPhone. Enter that code.

Code on roku tv

6. Now, your iPhone and the Roku Tv are connected to each other. You can easily operate the network settings on your Roku Tv using the Roku app on your iPhone.

7. Tap on the ‘Remote’ icon and select ‘Network’ from the ‘Settings’.

8. Now, tap on ‘ Setup Connection’.

9. The Roku Tv will automatically scan for the available network and ask for its password.

10. Enter the password and tap ‘Ok’.

Now, you’ll have your Roku Tv connected to the Wifi network and voila ! You have done it without the remote.

How to Connect TCL Roku Tv to Wifi Without Remote

How to connect TCL Roku Tv to Wifi without remote

Roku offers slight variations when it comes to it’s Tv models. Like the TCL Roku Tv or the Hisense Roku Tv, they differ very slightly in their physical features. The software and the OS ( Operating system ) remain similar and as good as ever. 

There are technical issues with each gadget we have, sooner or later. TCL is a pioneer brand when it comes to the TV sets but a few issues have been reported for this TV brand as well like the times the TCL Tv won’t turn on. But as I always tell my readers, there is a solution for every glitch. Solution for Common TCL TV glitches will help you if ever face any issue with your TCL Tv.

If you can’t figure out how to connect your Roku Tv to Wifi without a remote and you own a TCL Roku Tv, luckily you are reading the right article to help you with this. 

It’s not hard at all to connect your TCL Roku Tv to a Wifi connection without the remote. 

There are two methods to do this. 

Method 1: Connecting using the Mobile’s Hotspot

Method 2: Connecting using the router’s Wifi Connection 

Both work pretty well in connecting your TCL Roku Tv to the Wifi connection. Do check the status of the mobile data if you’ll be using the Hotspot connection else you’ll have to bear extra charges during the billing cycle.

Method 1: Using the Mobile’s Hotspot

Mobile Hotspot

1. As illustrated above, go to the ‘ Mobile Hotspot ’ menu under the ‘Settings’ in your phone.

2. Enable the hotspot. It will then ask you to ‘Set up Connection’.

3. Enter the name of the Wifi and change the security mode to WPA2 PSK.

4. Tap on ‘Save’. It will activate the wireless network. 

5. Now, using the ‘Roku app’, click on the icon ‘Remote’.

6. Your Roku app will work as the remote control of your TCL Roku.

8. From the Home screen, scroll to ‘Network’.

Set up Connection

9. When you click on ‘Setup connection’, you’ll find a list of available networks. From them, choose the network that you have created using your Mobile’s Hotspot.

Set up Connection

10. Select the Hotspot’s network. Enter the password you had set up for that connection and tap on ‘Connect’.

11. Now, your TCL Roku will connect automatically to the connection you have chosen.

Method 2: Using the router’s Wifi connection 

Router's Wifi Connection

This one is a bit faster and easier method to connect Your Tcl Roku Tv to a Wifi connection. The Roku app will be of maximum use in this one. 

1. Open the Roku app and select the ‘Remote’ icon.

2. On your digital remote, use the ‘Home’ button.

3. Now, navigate to ‘Settings’ to scan for a new network.

4. The Roku Tv will scan the available Wi-fi connection which you already have setup using the router.

Wifi Scan

5. Choose the network and enter the password.


6. Then, tap ‘ Connect’.

Your TCL Roku is now connected successfully to the wifi connection of your router.

How to Connect Hisense Roku Tv to Wifi Without Remote  

This is slightly different from connecting the TCL Roku Tv to a wi-fi network without a remote. For connecting a Hisense Roku Tv to a WI-FI network, I am going to describe three methods here in this article. Try any and decide which works well for you.

Method 1: Using a Wireless Keyboard or USB Mouse

Method 2: Using a Wired Connection ( Ethernet cable ) 

Method 3: Using the physical buttons on your Tv

All the methods which I am going to explain below will definitely assist you with connecting your Hisense Roku Tv with the Wi-fi connection without using the remote.

Method 1: Using a USB Keyboard and Mouse

1. Switch ‘on’ your Hisense Tv using the Power button.

2. Now, insert the Wireless keyboard adaptor carefully into the USB port of the TV.

3. Using the ‘Mouse’, select ‘Settings’ on your Tv.

select setting

4. Now, select ‘Network’ and then proceed to tap ‘Network Configuration.’

Network Configuration

5. Select the network you want to connect your Tv to.

select network

6. Enter its password and tap ‘Connect’.

tap connect

This will connect your Hisense Roku Tv to the Wifi connection at your place by using the wireless keyboard and mouse.


If you do not own a wireless keyboard or a USB mouse at the moment, try the next method.

Method 2: Using an Ethernet Cable 

This will work if your Hisense Roku Tv has an HDMI Port. Most of the Tv sets come with an HDMI Port. 

1. Connect an Ethernet Cable from the router’s LAN port to the LAN Port on your TV.

Connect an Ethernet Cable

2. Switch your Roku Tv ‘On’ using the power button. Since you are using a wired connection, the Tv is already connected to the home network so you won’t require any passwords.

3. Connect your phone on the same network using the Wi-fi to install the ‘RemoteNow’ app. As your phone and the Tv are connected on the same network, the app will help you navigate the settings on your Tv.

Connect your phone on the same network

4. Pair your RemoteNow app with your Roku TV to navigate through the settings of your Tv. Same as above, select ‘network’ and choose ‘Network Configuration’.

5. Click on ‘Refresh’ and the list of networks will be refreshed.

Click on Refresh

6. When your chosen network is shown, click on it and enter the password.

7. When your Roku Tv prompts ‘ connected’, the ethernet cable can be unplugged.


Your Hisense Roku Tv will remember the network for next time. When you wish to connect it to the Wifi again, simply use the ‘RemoteNow’ app as a remote and you won’t need to connect an Ethernet cable each time.

This is the most secure and sure-shot way to connect your Tv while you have been trying to configure how to connect Roku to wifi without remote or hotspot.

Method 3: Using the physical buttons or Joystick on your Hisense Roku Tv

Using the physical buttons or Joystick on your Hisense Roku Tv

If your Hisense Roku Tv has buttons on the side panel or a joystick at the bottom of the Tv, these buttons or the Joystick can be used to access the ‘Settings’ on the Tv and navigate through them. 

  1. Then in the similar fashion as above, find the ’Settings’ and open the ‘Network’.
  2. Proceed with ‘Network Configuration’ and select the network.
  3. Enter the password of the network and click on ‘Connect’.

Using a joystick to navigate through the above settings can be time-taking but it will connect the Tv for sure.

All three methods mentioned above require a bit of patience and a detailed guide which I have tried my best to provide. I hope this has connected your Hisense Roku Tv to the internet connection and you are not desperately searching for a remote now.

How to Connect Your Roku Stick to Wi-fi Without a Remote

How to connect your Roku Stick to Wi-fi without a remote

If you have ever experienced slow data load on your Roku TV, try using the Roku stick with it. It will stream content for you like never-before and the speed will be faster than ever.

By the way, if you ever deal with a slowed down Roku Tv, I encourage you to read Slow Roku Tv and its fixes

Now, While you are dealing with how to connect a Roku to Wifi without a remote, its also worthwhile learning about how to connect Roku Stick to Wifi without remote. 

Since you already have two phones in the operational mode with you right now to connect your Roku Tv to Wi-fi without using the remote, they will be of great use in the same capacity in connecting the Roku Stick to the Wi-fi connection without the remote.

Also, check out this video here for more personal assistance on this issue.

How to begin :

1. The first step is to ensure that the Roku Stick and your phone which you are using the Roku app on as a proxy for the Roku remote, are connected on the same network.

2. Now, using your Roku app as the Roku remote control, navigate to the bottom right of your Roku Tv screen and tap on ‘devices’.

3. The Roku Tv will automatically detect a new device, the Roku Stick. If it doesn’t, tap on ‘Connect manually’.

Connect Manually

4. Now, open the ‘Network’ window and click on ‘Set-up connection’.

Set up Connection

5. Now, it will show the ‘Wireless’ and the ‘Wired connection’. Click on ‘Wireless’ as you are connecting to the Wi-fi network setup with you.

Click on Wireless

6. It will scan the available Wireless connection and will ask to connect.

7. To connect, enter the password of the Wi-fi connection and tap ‘Connect’

You’ll have your Wi-fi connected with your Roku Stick now. Be ready for a super smooth and fast experience on your Roku Tv now.

How to Connect Roku to New Wi-fi Without Remote

It’s quicker to connect your Roku player to a Wi-fi connection which is already saved on your Roku device. Now, if you wish to setup your Roku Tv to a new Wi-fi connection altogether and without a remote, you are not out of luck, don’t worry! 

There is a slight variation in the step from connecting your Roku to an old Wi-fi connection. Let me walk you through this.

1. As explained above, tap on ‘network’ and ‘Set up Connection.’

2. On clicking, the Roku Device will automatically begin to detect a new Wi-fi connection.

Wireless Scan

3. As the list of ‘available networks’ appear, click on the Wi-fi connection you want to connect to.

4. If it couldn’t detect the one you’re trying to connect to, click on ‘Scan again’. Wait till you find the network you are connecting to.

5. Once your network is detected, it will take a while to check whether the Wi-fi and the internet is working properly or not.

Checking internet is working or not

6. Once the Roku Stick confirms that it is ‘connected’, you’ll be asked to enter the password of your network.

Enter Password

7. After entering the password correctly, tap on ‘Connect’. The Roku Stick will connect itself to the network and begin loading.

8. On connecting, the Roku stick will detect any software update or any pending download if available. If any such update is found, download and install them.

9. Wait for the installation to finish and now, your Roku is all set for good use.


Q1. How do I find my Roku’s IP Address without the remote?

Ans. The easiest way with which you can find the IP Address of your Roku Tv is by using the ‘Roku app.’. Its available for both Android and iOS. Download the Remoku App and open Settings. In the section ‘My network’, you’ll be able to see the IP Address of your Roku Tv. Save it for future reference. 

Q2. Why is my Roku unable to find Wi-fi ?

Ans. If your Roku Tv is unable to detect a Wi-fi connection, restart your router and check its connection. Also, try relocating your Roku closer this time to the router for better connectivity. 

Q3. How can I connect my Smartphone to Roku?

Ans. To be able to connect your smartphone to your Roku Tv, go to ‘Settings’ and tap on ‘Smart View’. You’ll find your Roku Tv as one option in the devices under the Smart View Menu. Select your Roku Tv and you are all set.

The Concluding Words :

Here I am at the end of my guide about connecting a Roku Tv to a Wi-fi connection in the absence of a remote control. This is one beauty of the technical world we live in. 

Not all is lost even if most of it is lost ! If the remote is lost, there are other ways to keep your Roku going which I have elaborated upon and  discussed in my article above. I hope this has set your Roku Tv to the Wi-fi and you can begin to enjoy your favourite shows again. Happy reading and take care !

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