Roku Low Power- How Do I Fix Insufficient Power On My Roku?

You know me; I always rave about Roku. It is one of the best players in the market with amazing and unmatched online content streaming services. However, there are problems with it as well. Don’t let those issues get you down! That’s what I’m here to help with. I have already discussed how to connect Roku to WiFi without a remote ; let’s move on to the other issues.

Roku is the perfect choice for people who love to watch movies and TV shows in their free time. Imagine sitting comfortably on your sofa with a bowl of popcorn in your hand, and suddenly, you see a pop-up saying, “Roku low power.” What do you do in this situation?

Before you begin googling, “how do I fix insufficient power on my roku,” know that Roku devices are known to have some power-related issues , which I, myself, have faced. Hence why I made this guide.

The Roku low power warning pops up when trying to power your Roku device with the USB port on your TV. Disconnect the Roku from the USB port. Reconnect the USB to the Roku adapter and plug the Roku into a wall outlet.

There are a few things you can do to fix the dreaded Roku low power issue. Read on ahead to learn how I fixed the insufficient power on my Roku. Let’s get started!

Roku Insufficient Power Signs

In most cases, the USB power provided by the TV is insufficient to power Roku streaming devices and streaming sticks. Two Roku low power warning signs indicate insufficient power.

Low-Power Warning on Screen

If the TV’s USB port provides insufficient power to your Roku streaming device, you will get a warning sign when the device boots up. You may also get a pop-up message during your streaming in which your Roku says low power or:

“Please use a wall outlet USB power adapter to power your Roku device. The TV USB port doesn’t provide enough power.”

Flashing Red Light

Normally, each Roku device has a light in front of the unit. Under normal circumstances, this light is off or white and may flash when you press buttons on your remote. When there is insufficient power, however, Roku devices display a warning by way of flashing lights.

Note: If your red light is solid, i.e., not flashing, your Roku device is heating up, and you need
to unplug it immediately.

A low power issue causes your Roku device to act strangely. For instance, if you notice your Roku device crashing and being unpredictable and unstable, that generally means it has insufficient power and needs a better power source.

Causes of Roku Low Power Issue

There might be a lot of issues that lead to the Roku insufficient power issues, but I have listed
some of the common causes below. These include :

A USB cable comes with the Roku device and is best for providing sufficient power. If it is not
working properly, it could be because it’s old, and its condition has deteriorated over time. It
could also be that you are using a different USB cable that doesn’t work well with your Roku

The port you are using can also be a problem. Different USB ports have different power ratings,
so the one you are using might not be sufficient enough to power a Roku device or its streaming
stick. Try different USB ports before you think your device is faulty.

Now that you know why your Roku device gives you a “ low power” warning, I think it would be
best if we knew how much power Roku consumes so we can find appropriate alternatives to
Roku’s USB cable and USB port.

How Much Power Does Roku Consume?

As mentioned above, one of the most common causes of the Roku stick low power is using a
low-energy USB cable or port that can’t provide enough power to run the Roku device efficiently.
Thus, it’s good to know the power requirements of Roku devices so such problems don’t occur
in the future.

Generally, Roku streaming devices and sticks use only a small amount of energy. For instance,
if you are streaming 4K and/or HDR content on your Roku Ultra device, your device will
consume around 4.5 watts. If you are using a Roku streaming stick, it consumes only 3 watts, a
lot less than other streaming devices.

Moreover, if your Roku device is connected to the wall outlet, it will keep consuming energy as
there is no “off” button on the Roku device. Don’t worry, though; it’s not that much. However, if
you are using the USB port on the back of your TV, then when the TV is off, the Roku device
and streaming stick will also be “off.”

The reason why using the TV USB port is a bad idea is because it provides insufficient energy.
A TV USB port only produces 2.5 watts of energy, so if you are streaming a 4K HDR on the
Roku Ultra device, you can see where the problem arises. Thus, it’s best to go with the Roku
USB adapter and cable that came with the Roku device.

How Do I Fix Low Power on Roku?

Before we move on to the “how to fix Roku low power” guide, there are some pre-steps you can
take when you see the warning signs.

  • Unplug the power cable to power off the Roku device
  • Pull the USB cable out of the device and wait for a few minutes.
  • Plug the USB cable back into the Roku device and power on the device

Check to see whether the red light is still flashing or if the low power warning sign pops up.
If you still see the red lights flashing, don’t worry; I have more tips up my sleeve. So, if you are
asking yourself, “how do I fix insufficient power on my Roku,” just follow the guide below. If one
option doesn’t work out for you, try the others.

Plug the Device in Another USB Port

If you’re dealing with the Roku low power warning sign, the most common solution involves
using a different USB port. Why? Because each USB port varies in voltage rating, and the
output can vary depending on the TV device.

Another reason your TV USB port isn’t providing sufficient power is that the USB port might be
faulty due to frequently plugging in and out. Thus, it’s recommended to try a different USB port
on your TV and see if the warning goes away.

Replace the USB Cable

Replace the USB Cable

Another reason why your Roku device might be showing low power warning signs is that you
are using a cheap and dysfunctional USB cable. The Roku streaming device comes with a USB
cable; it is best to use the original cable for best results.

Cheap and faulty cables cannot provide sufficient power, and thus, you will face such issues. If
the original isn’t working as well, you need to find charging cables that have the same power
specs required for the Roku device. Hope this Roku low power fix will help!

Roku Insufficient Power Plugged Into Wall

Roku Insufficient Power Plugged Into Wall

Another easy Roku low power fix involves using a wall outlet. Power your Roku device directly
through a wall outlet instead of plugging in your Roku device using the TV USB port. The Roku
device also comes with a dedicated adapter. It provides the right amount of voltage to the Roku
device, ensuring you don’t face power issues for the foreseeable future. Plug the adapter
directly into the wall outlet and avoid using any extensions.

Remove Extensions

Many users use the power extension and HDMI extension to pair the TV and Roku streaming
device, but this can lead to insufficient power supply, malfunctioning, and the extension

Thus, you should remove all HDMI and other extensions and use the original high-quality power

Connect Adapter Properly

Connect Adapter Properly

Another common mistake people make when using their Roku device is that they don’t check if
all the extensions and cords are connected properly. Thus, ensure that the charger is firmly
connected to the Roku device and the adapter is correctly plugged into the wall socket.

If loose, it won’t provide sufficient power to the device, resulting in the Roku low power warning. This fix might be enough to resolve your insufficient power Roku issue.

Clear Cache

If your Roku device is still acting sporadically and unstable even after trying all of the
aforementioned methods, it might have nothing to do with power. If you face issues like your
shows buffering, apps crashing, and screen freezing, you might need to clear the cache.

For this, press the “Home” button on your remote to get to the main screen. Then press the
following combination on your remote:

Home button 5 times > Up button 1 time > Rewind button 2 times > Fast Forward button 2

This combination will reboot your Roku device and clear the cache, which should fix any issues
you might be facing.


Q1. Why is my Roku device still showing a “low power” warning even when plugged into the outlet?

Answer – The problem might be in the USB cable you are using. A longer USB cable drops the
power necessary to run the stick, which will cause the warning you’re seeing. Thus, order a
high-quality short and suitable USB cable with the same power specs you require.

Q2. How do I fix the Roku insufficient power and low power warning in my Roku device?

Answer – Try to plug your Roku device into another USB port on the TV or directly to the wall
outlet through the given adapter.


The insufficient power Roku issue is very common with a Roku device, but the solution is
simple. I recommend using the USB cable and adapter with the Roku device. It provides the
appropriate power supply to the streaming device and sticks to resolve the insufficient power

Plug the Roku directly into the wall outlet to avoid a system crash in the middle of your favorite
TV show! I hope this guide helps answer your “how do I fix low power on Roku” query. Take

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