Ring Doorbell Not Working After Charging Battery? 5 Fixes Inside

Key Takeaway :

  • To fix your Ring doorbell not working after charging battery, disconnect and reconnect the doorbell with the Ring app. Ensure, it is connected to Wi-fi.
  • If this doesn’t solve the issue, take the battery out from the doorbell and insert it again. If the doorbell still doesn’t work, reset it or hardwire the doorbell. 

Have you ever been in a confounding situation when your Ring doorbell is not working even after it is fully charged ? If yes, well then, you’re at the right place ! 

It has been quite a long time since I installed the Ring doorbell on my apartment but recently,  I noticed, I did not receive any notifications from my Ring doorbell nor did I hear it  ring inside my house. So, I opened the Ring app to check if the doorbell was connected but to add to the misery, I could not see my front door live and its location was also not shown on the app. 

That made me inspect my Ring doorbell for any flashing blue lights but there was no light flashing on it and it means, the doorbell wasn’t working !!

It was hard for me to believe this !! No way the doorbell couldn’t have been working because the doorbell battery was fully charged before I inserted it in the doorbell.

So, I set out to research it to understand why I was stuck up with my Ring doorbell fully charged but not working and what could possibly be done to fix it. 

Gladly, there were a number of solutions suggested for fixing this issue but what worked for me was reconnecting the doorbell with the Wi-fi and then, to the Ring app ! 

So, here I am, with my article, to share the best solutions to this problem so that you understand why is the Ring doorbell not working after charging battery and if you ever face a similar issue, can resolve it easily ! 

5 Fixes To Try For A Ring Doorbell Fully Charged But Not Working

I know it can be hard to comprehend an issue like this when you had the Ring battery charged but not working on the doorbell now. It seems like a big issue to tackle but I’ll tell you now how this can be fixed easily. Keep reading to find out.

1. Disconnect the Doorbell from the Ring App and Reconnect It.

At the outset, re-register your Ring doorbell on the Ring app. For this, you will have to first disconnect the doorbell from the app and then, connect it again. This removes connectivity glitches and updates the app with the latest status of the Ring device. 

Disconnect the Ring doorbell :

  • Open the Ring app and tap on Devices.
    Ring app
  • Select your doorbell and go to General Settings.
    General Settings
  • Tap on ‘Remove Device’.

Reconnect the doorbell to the Ring app : 

  • Open the Ring app, again and tap on Set up a Device.
  • Now, go to your Ring doorbell and scan the MAC ID on it.
    Ring doorbell
  • Add location and name your device.
  • Now, activate Set-Up Mode and tap on Connect to the Ring Device.
    Connect to the Ring Device.
  • Now, Connect to the Wi-fi and test the connection.

In most of the cases, a reboot fixes this issue but if it didn’t work for you, try the next method.

2. Remove the Doorbell Battery and Insert Again.

If a fresh connection to the Ring app didn’t resolve the issue of Ring doorbell not working after charging battery, this method should ! My doorbell started working right after I removed the battery once and then inserted it back. 

Steps to remove the doorbell battery and then, re-insert it :

Steps to remove the doorbell battery and then, re-insert it
  • Using a screwdriver, unscrew the doorbell cover and remove the battery section.
  • Gently push in the silver portion and take the battery out.
    battery out
  • Now, insert the battery again and when done, you’ll hear a ‘click’.
  • Now, open the Ring app and test if it shows a full charge on the battery.
    Ring app

3. Reset the Doorbell.

If both of the above methods have proved fruitless in resolving the issue, try resetting the doorbell. Mostly, resetting a device shows improvements in such cases and the device connects automatically after its system has been reset and refreshed.

Steps to reset the Ring doorbell :

reset the Ring doorbell
  • First of all, unmount the Ring doorbell from the fixture.
  • Now, go to the Ring app and from Menu, tap on Devices.
  • Select your doorbell and tap on Device Health.
    Device Health.
  • Tap on Change Wi-fi network.
  • Now, locate an orange button at the back of your doorbell. Press it and hold for 10 seconds. Then, release.
    orange button
  • Now, tap on Pair to Wi-fi to connect the doorbell once again.
    Pair to Wi-fi
  • Hold the orange button again to put the doorbell in Set-Up Mode.
  • If you need help in setting up the doorbell again, refer to Fix#2 above.

4. Hardwire the Doorbell

Hardwire the doorbell

For the Ring doorbell to keep functioning flawlessly, its Voltage requirements must be catered to. If it’s a hardwired connection, it becomes even more necessary to provide obligatory Voltage to keep the doorbell functioning. 

Too-high voltage will burn the doorbell transformer and if it’s too low, the doorbell will stop working. So, it must be as per the Voltage Capacity of your Ring doorbell.

  • Ring Video Doorbell 2,3 and 3 Plus : 08-24 V AC
  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro : 16-24 V AC

The Ring doorbell 2,3,3 Plus and 4 are battery operated but if you wish to hardwire them, you’ll have to use a compatible Power Adapter. It enables the battery powered Ring doorbell to run using household current. 

Hardwiring the Ring doorbell is another very potential fix which can resolve this issue of Ring battery charged but not working. Let’s find out here how can you hardwire your existing doorbell : 

Steps to hardwire the Ring doorbell :

  1. Select a Power Outlet and path through which a cable can pass.
  2. Secure the Cable well and pass it through a hole in the wall to reach your doorbell.
  3. Now, mark four holes on the wall and drill them to pass the cables, long enough to reach the terminals of the doorbell. Secure the loose wires.
    Secure the loose wires.
  4. Now, connect the wires to the Ring doorbell and a Power Adapter to doorbell wires.
  5. Open the Ring app. Tap o Front Door and Settings.
    Open the Ring app
  6. Tap on Doorbell Kit Settings and tap on None. Save these changes.
  7. To test the adapter-connection, press the doorbell button. 

If the doorbell rings, the connection has been set and the power adapter is working on the doorbell. 

If the wires of your power adapter are short, use an extension cord. After hardwiring your Ring doorbell, a trickle-charge is supplied to the battery continuously and keeps the doorbell working at all times. Once the battery of a Ring doorbell is completely charged, it can easily work smoothly for 6 to 12 months. Thereafter, you’ll have to replace the battery. 

Hardwiring the Ring doorbell is the most effective method to get the doorbell working when you have the Ring doorbell not working after charging battery. You can also try one last time by replacing the doorbell battery with a Ring rechargeable battery pack and see if the doorbell works now.

5. Contact Ring Support.

If changing the batteries also didn’t prove beneficial after applying all the methods above, contact Ring Support as a last resort.

Contact them during specified business hours and they’ll provide best assistance to help you in this problem.


Q1. Why is my Ring doorbell showing low battery when hardwired?

Answer – If your Ring doorbell says ‘low battery’ when it is hardwired, there is possibly an issue with the wiring or the mounting bracket. Also, if it is not connected to the internet, its battery status won’t be updated on the Ring app. Reconnect your doorbell to the Wifi and check if this updates the battery status. If your Ring app also shows low battery on the doorbell as per the latest battery status, fix the faulty wiring and the mounting bracket. 

Q2. Why does my Ring doorbell switch from hardwired to battery ?

Answer – If your Ring doorbell keeps switching from hardwired to battery, it means it is unable to keep up with the trickle charge supplied by the hardwired setup and heavy usage of the Ring doorbell is draining out the battery very fast. To fix it, change the settings for your Ring doorbell from ‘heavy usage’ to ‘moderate’. It works to reduce the load on your Ring doorbell.

Q3. Does a Ring doorbell use battery when hardwired?

Answer – If your battery powered Ring Video Doorbell is hardwired, it actually does not use the wired connection to stay charged and run its operations. It depends on its battery for its operations. The trickle charge which the doorbell keeps getting from the hardwired connection, is used solely for the purpose of charging. 

Q4. Why does my Ring doorbell battery last only one week ?

Answer – If your Ring doorbell’s battery is draining out very fast and stays only for a week, it might have been caused by a poor Wi-fi connection. Due to a poor Wi-fi connection, the doorbell disconnects and reconnects very frequently to your Wi-fi which wastes it’s energy and adds to the battery drainage. 

Q5. Can you overcharge a Ring doorbell battery ?

Answer – No, it is certainly not recommended. Overcharging the doorbell battery leads to reduction of the battery life and in future, the battery will keep draining faster than before. So, once the doorbell battery is charged, disconnect it from the Power supply.

Conclusion : 

Before I conclude, I want to mention a few important points. To begin with, when you hardwire your Ring doorbell, it does not matter which terminals the wires have been connected to. In any case, the doorbell will function. Hardwiring, on the other hand, can exhaust the batteries due to heavy load.It happens when the doorbell is heavily used and it cannot keep up with the heavy electrical load. 

Second, a similar approach can be used by disconnecting the Ring doorbell from the Ring app and then connecting again. This must be done to remove any Ring product which might have been bought, changed or then, abandoned for a reason.

Thirdly, ensure that the Wi-fi connection delivers uninterrupted and strong internet connection. It is a necessity for your Ring doorbell to run seamlessly without any errors.

Finally, before you insert the batteries in the doorbell, don’t forget to use short security screws under the battery cover. 

Hopefully, you’ll find this article of mine, useful enough to resolve the issue on your Ring doorbell and it will begin to work flawlessly, like before.

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