Ring Doorbell Delay [Solved] : How To Fix !

Key Takeaway

  • To Fix your Ring Doorbell 2 lag, check your internet connection and restart the Ring doorbell.
  • For fixing Ring doorbell notification delay, turn off Android Battery Optimization, ensure strong Wi-fi connection and use a static IP Address. If still not resolved, hard reset the Ring doorbell as the last option. 
  • With these fixes, you’ll be able to resolve Ring doorbell delay in Chime notification as well.

I installed the Ring doorbell in my apartment about six months ago and the experience has been totally worth it. All these months, I have been genuinely impressed with its Video Streaming features, motion detectors and the way you can customise specific motion zones. 

The Ring doorbell is an absolute Security gadget which guards your house and protects it against trespassers, home-breakers and suspicious characters loitering in and around the house.

That’s why I chose to install the Ring doorbell over other Smart doorbells and I have been able to monitor my house easily when I’m not around. Even if I have to stay late at the office, I am not anxious about my house’s security as I watch my door live using the Ring app.

But it was until recently I realised that there was something wrong with it. I noticed my Ring doorbell slow to respond and with this, the notifications, Ring Chime, motion alerts ; all the functions were delayed due to some reason. 

As luck would have it, I was expecting the delivery of an expensive package yesterday and I missed it due to the Ring doorbell notification delay.

The delivery boy rang my doorbell four times and even waited at the door, as per the recording on my Ring app but since I didn’t receive the notification in time, I missed the package !! 

And after half an hour, all of sudden, all the notifications and alerts almost broke my Ring app ! How frustrating it was !! and despite having my own Smart Ring Video Doorbell !

What was this ? Why did my Ring doorbell 2 lag

So, after researching a lot about this issue and with Matthew’s technical support, I was able to identify the probable reasons for the Ring doorbell delay and could fix them as well. 

And thereafter, I decided to compile this article for you to share my complete research on why does the Ring doorbell delay notification and what methods can you adopt to resolve the latency issues on your doorbell, the Chime and the motion sensors. 

Why Is The Ring Doorbell Slow To Respond ? 

It is important to figure out the reason for the delayed response of the Ring doorbell in order to decide upon what methods should be used to fix it. 

Generally, whenever there is a delay in Ring notifications, it is assumed that it is because of the slow internet connection but this is not always true. There can be other factors like inadequate power supply to the doorbell, etc. 

I’ve listed out the possible reasons here,  which can cause delay in notifications on your Ring doorbell. 

1. Weak Wi-fi Connection

Weak Wi-fi Connection

If the Ring doorbell lags or delays, typically it is due to a poor internet connection and there can be many factors which can slow down the speed of the internet on your router. 

When extra devices are connected to the Wi-fi or if the router is placed very far off from the doorbell, the connection between the Wi-fi and the doorbell becomes weak and thus, the doorbell struggles to receive strong Wi-fi signals and hence, the delay ! 

2. Poor Wi-fi Signals

Poor Wi-fi Signals

If the signals sent by your Wi-fi router are weak, the speed will be slow and consequently, on receiving those weak and slow signals, you’ll have to deal with the Ring doorbell slow to respond. In-fact this can also result in Ring not detecting motion.

Also, if the signal speed is less than 2Mbps, it is inefficient for the Ring doorbell to function properly. 

You might be receiving a speed of more than 2 Mbps inside your house but not outside, in the vicinity of the doorbell and if it is less , it’s of no use to the doorbell.

3. Connectivity Problem

Connectivity Problem

If there is a connectivity issue between your mobile and the Ring doorbell, many of the features on the Ring app become inaccessible like the Live-View, video recording, unable to load locations etc. Getting delayed notifications is just one of them.

Even if you own the latest smartphone, the Ring app can face difficulty in connecting if the necessary settings on the device are disabled, if the device is outdated or if there’s a hardware issue on the device or the doorbell. 

4. Insufficient Power Supply to the Doorbell 

This is one reason which is mostly neglected by many when they try to identify the issue for doorbell delays but it is capable enough to restrict the doorbell in connecting properly to the Wi-fi and the mobile. 

If there’s no power on the doorbell or very less power, the Ring doorbell will stop functioning. Due to this, you might experience other issues on your doorbell like stalling, the screen won’t turn on etc. 

As a result, you won’t be able to receive notifications or to say the least, with very less power on the doorbell, naturally will the Ring doorbell delay notification

Try to relate with the reasons mentioned above and identify the cause on your Ring doorbell which is responsible for latency of notifications on your Ring doorbell. I have dealt this issue in great detail in Ring no power article.

Troubleshooting : Try This Ring Doorbell Delay 2 Fix

Troubleshooting : Try This Ring Doorbell Delay 2 Fix

There are speculations that Amazon has made its own little ( or not so little) tweaks in the Ring notification system and that is the root cause of such issues. 

There is a separate push-system for notifications in the Android Devices by Google which is very efficient and may be due to these modifications made by Amazon itself, there is delay in notifying the users on sensing activity. 

However, in most cases, such an issue can be solved by using some troubleshooting techniques that I’ve mentioned here, as these lags can occur due to minor connectivity issues or the device’s settings. 

a) Check your Internet Connection to the Doorbell

Check your internet connection to the doorbell

To fix the issue of Ring doorbell 2 lag, first of all, ensure that the internet connection is strong and stable. It is absolutely mandatory for the doorbell to receive an uninterrupted internet connection to work properly. 

When the internet signals are fast and strong, the Ring doorbell will be able to transmit signals like notifications and alerts, instantaneously. 

To improve the strength of internet signals received by the Ring doorbell, use these tips : 

  • Disconnect all the extra devices which are not in use but still connected. 
  • Move the router nearer to the Ring doorbell so that the doorbell receives signals without any obstruction. 
  • If it’s not possible, use a Wi-fi extender to Boost the Wi-fi signals. 
  • You can also use Ring Chime Pro as a Wi-fi extender. It only suffices to fix Ring doorbell Delay in Chime but also has better range than the standard Ring Chime. 
  • If your router is old and an outdated one, replace it with a router with antennae and in-built power amplifiers. They cover more ground and provide faster speed. 
  • Test the speed of the internet signals using tests using Fast.com or Speedtest.com.
  •  If the internet speed is less than 2 Mbps, upgrade to a plan with faster speed and more range. 
  • If still the internet speed doesn’t improve, Restart the router. Unplug the Power cable and wait for 1-2 minutes. Then, plug the cables back and wait for the panel lights on the router to turn green. 

When a router’s functions are analysed on the basis of factors mentioned above, you’ll be able to fix many minor issues on your router which will certainly improve its performance and consequently, the Ring doorbell will receive strong internet signals to send notifications instantly. 

b) Restart the Ring doorbell 

If such is the case that the internet connection is perfectly in order but your Doorbell is still slow to respond, a restart is an excellent method to fix issues like this and it works well for most of the gadgets.

Here’s how you can restart the doorbell using the Ring app :

  • Firstly, open the Ring app on your smartphone and click on Menu.
    Ring app
  • From the Menu, click on the Restart option. 
  • Turn the doorbell ‘off’ via Ring app and wait for at least 5 minutes.
  • Now, turn the doorbell ‘on’ again. 

A quick restart should fix minor connectivity glitches and should possibly work as a Ring doorbell delay fix. However, if this wasn’t the one for you, try resetting the doorbell back to its factory settings. 

c) Disable Ring App’s Battery Optimization Settings 

If you’re using an Android Device, turn off the battery optimization feature

Many-a-times, users turn this feature ‘on’ to save  battery life on the device while the apps are run. If you had turned this feature ‘on’ to preserve your device’s battery life while using the Ring app, it puts the app on a sleep mode. 

That’s when you face an issue like Ring doorbell notification delay. When the Ring app has been put into sleep mode, you won’t receive alerts unless you physically wake your phone up or check the Ring app. 

Therefore, to avoid having the Ring doorbell delay notification, disable this Optimization feature on your device for the Ring app and you’ll be able to receive notifications the moment there’s an activity. 

To disable Battery optimization Settings, use these steps :

  • Open the Settings on your device and click on General.
  • Click on Battery.
  • Over there, click on ‘Don’t Optimise’.
  • Tap ‘Done’.

How to Disable Optimization Settings only for the Ring App : 

If you wish to receive notifications only from the Ring app instantly, you can disable the battery optimization only on the Ring app and let it be enabled for other apps on your device if they drain the battery very fast.

How to disable Optimization settings only for the Ring app
  • Go to Settings and click on Apps.
  • Click on the Ring app icon and you’ll see a menu to set up settings and permissions on the app.
  • Click on Special Access and tap on Optimize Battery Usage
  • Tap on it to disable it.

This step will disable optimization settings specifically for the Ring app and you should be able to receive notifications from your Ring app now. 

d) Turn ‘on’ your Smartphone’s Notifications 

If the default settings are enabled on your phone in which you chose to turn ‘off’ the notifications on your smartphone, the Ring app won’t be able to reach you with its notifications and alerts. 
For example, if you have any mode enabled on your phone like DND ( Do Not Disturb ), Sleep Mode, Meeting Mode, Silent Mode etc. the notifications will be delayed and you’ll have the Ring doorbell 2 lag in notifying you.

Turn ‘on’ your smartphone’s notifications
  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • Click on Apps and Notifications.
  • Tap on the Notification icon to turn it on if it was disabled. 

e) Put Ring on a Static IP Address

This method is advanced and slightly tricky than the other ones but is a very reliable one. When you reserve a static IP address on the router for your Ring device, it can solve the lag of notifications on the doorbell and here’s how it’s done ! 

I came across this one while researching further about fixing this issue. Honesty, it did confuse me a bit at first but it actually worked for me ! So, you should try it, too !

Here’s an explanation to this : 

  • When the Ring doorbell is pressed, or senses a motion, it chimes and then, sends that data to the cloud which then, sends the data to your smartphone. 
  • When the data is sent to the Cloud, it uses the IP address to identify the Ring device and to whom the notification will be sent. 

If the IP Address is static, the Cloud can send the data more effectively and specifically to the Ring Device.

Put Ring on a Static IP Address
  • Start by logging in to your Router using your router’s DHCP Settings.
    Start by logging in to your Router using your router’s DHCP Settings.
  • Save an IP Address for your Ring doorbell specifically. 

After I incorporated this step, for the first time ever, my phone began to buzz non-stop with notifications the whole day and I received them faster than before. 

So, by reserving an IP address for your Ring device, you will see, there won’t be any Ring doorbell delay in Chime and you’ll receive notifications almost instantly. 

f) Clear Cache and data for the Ring app

Faulty Cache files or accumulation of Cache data can very well affect the notifications for your Ring doorbell. 

If the aforementioned fixes haven’t worked for you as yet, clear the Cache and data for your Ring app. This step will remove the damaged/corrupted files from the app and renew the Ring app for operating seamlessly. 

  • Go to Settings on your phone, to clear the Cache from the Ring app.
  • Click on Apps Menu and select the Ring app.
    Apps Menu
  • On opening the Ring app, tap on ‘Clear Cache’ and Clear Data.’
    Ring app

g) Reset the Ring doorbell to its factory settings 

Although in most of the cases, the issue of a Ring doorbell delay is fixed after a quick restart. But if that didn’t work out for you, it’s better to do a hard reset, as in the factory reset on the doorbell. This also can be done through the Ring app. 

Use these steps to hard reset the doorbell : 

  • Refer to steps above and restart the doorbell via Ring app.
  • After turning the doorbell ‘on’, go to Settings on the app. 
  • Keep scrolling down to find the Reset menu. 
  • Click on ‘Reset to Factory settings’ and click to confirm it.

You can reset the doorbell by pressing the black button on the Ring doorbell. You’ll have to remove the doorbell’s faceplate using a screwdriver to get the black button.

black button
  • Press and hold the black button for 15 seconds. 
  • The light will begin flashing but will stop once the doorbell is reset.
  • Restart the doorbell after the factory reset. 

This is the ultimate option as a Ring doorbell delay fix. A factory reset brings the device back to its original settings and establishes an all-new fresh connection with the router and the device. 

This step should certainly fix the delayed response on your Ring doorbell. 

If this also didn’t resolve the glitch of Ring doorbell delay, there must be some technical or hardware issue with the doorbell which can be resolved by Ring professional only. 

h) Contact Ring Support

Contact Ring Support

If none of the methods mentioned above worked out to resolve the issue of your Ring doorbell2, don’t be stressed as yet ! There is a whole team of Ring Customer Care Support which can help you solve the issues with a Ring device. 

Get in touch with them for a personalised support or contact the Ring Team at 1(800)-656-1918. You’ll receive the best possible solution for this issue. 

Troubleshooting: Ring Doorbell Recording Delay

Troubleshooting : Ring doorbell recording delay

It can be really frustrating to experience the Ring doorbell motion delay !!

When something moves past your home and the motion sensor was triggered but by the time the recording even started, the person, the vehicle or the animal disappeared. 

On this note, you must understand that the Ring doorbells are not as perfect as you think. Rather, none are !! 

Most of the doorbells work when they sense an activity or when a motion is triggered. The moment there is motion, the recording starts automatically on the doorbell. 

There is an inescapable delay between detecting motion and start recording. 

Hard truth but Yes ! The Ring doorbell takes some time to start recording after it has sensed a motion and hence, the users have no choice but to put up with Ring doorbell delayed recording.

However, don’t lose hope on this ! Ring is working hard on these minor issues and you should certainly be able to see improvements in future. 

Concurrently, there are few things you can try on your Ring doorbell to face lesser delays while it records. These tips might not change the delayed response drastically in an instant but will certainly reduce the delay time in the recordings. 

What You Can Do When The Motion Sensors Are Enabled But The Sensor Still Doesn’t Notify ?

  1. Verify if the Ring Camera is Enabled to Detect Motion.
    Verify if the Ring Camera is enabled to detect motion.
  2. Change the motion frequency to ‘frequently’ from ‘regularly.
  3. After changing this, check the event history on the Ring app.
    Ring app
  4. If you’re still facing Ring doorbell motion delay, erase the recorded data from the Ring app.
  5. Now, Close the Ring app and open it again to check if it’s resolved. 
  6. You can also try restarting your device and re-installing the Ring app. It works in fixing many issues on the Ring Camera like Live-View not working etc. 
  7. You can also manually reset the Ring doorbell and then, assess the performance. 

When Ring Doorbell Doesn’t Record For Long Enough : 

You can modify the Settings on the Ring app if your doorbell doesn’t record the video continuously. 

Use these steps to extend the recording time of your Ring doorbell: 

  1. Open the Ring app and tap on Devices
  2. Select your Doorbell and click on Settings.
  3. Tap on Video Recording Length
  4. There, select the option ‘Maximum Recording Length’.
  5. Choose the recording time most convenient for you, from the shown list.
    recording time
  6. Select the range from 15 to 60 or 120 seconds to extend the time of your Ring Doorbell’s recording. 

You’ll see a warning saying that extending the time of Video Recording on the Ring doorbell may shorten the battery life. It is acceptable with most of the users as they’re aware that on increasing the duration of Ring doorbell’s recordings, the battery will be consumed faster but this can be given a try to improve the Video Recording on your doorbell. 

Is Your Ring Protect Plan Active ?

Is Your Ring Protect Plan Active ?

To enjoy improved recording capabilities and additional monitoring on your Ring doorbell, subscribe  to the Ring Protect Plan. 

It is an optional service but you will certainly notice a difference in the quality and duration of recordings on your Ring doorbell once you have it activated for your Ring Device. 

With a Ring Protect Plan, you can get 24/7 Professional Monitoring, Smart Alerts and Responses, benefit of extended warranty, improved Video recording and sharing features and many other advantages on the Ring app. 

If the subscription of your  Ring Protect Plan is over, renew it for your doorbell and you’ll be able to fix this issue of Ring Doorbell delayed Recording.  


Q1. Why is my Ring doorbell missing some motions ?

Answer – The most common reason for your Ring doorbell to miss some video motions is a poor wi-fi connection. Also, please check if your Ring Protect Subscription plan is still active and motion detection settings on your Ring device should also be enabled to prevent such an issue. 

Q2. Why is it taking so long for my Ring doorbell to connect ?

Answer – If your Ring doorbell takes a long time to connect, it means that there is a problem with the connection between your doorbell and your phone. Either the Wi-fi signals are weak or the doorbell is not connected properly to the internet. If the speed of the internet is slow, in that case too, the Ring doorbell doesn’t connect instantly and takes time to connect

Q3. What is the difference between motion detection and motion alert on a Ring doorbell ?

Answer – When the motion detector is ‘on’ on the Ring doorbell, it detects every motion and it is even recorded in the Event history which you access on the Ring app. On the other hand, the motion alert or the Smart alert requires additional video processing which can delay the alert notifications. A motion alert is generally used for a person, package notifications or any other specific motion you wish to receive notification about. 

Q4. Are Ring Cameras always recording ?

Answer – The Ring camera automatically starts to record a video when it senses a motion or if you require live streaming from the front door. At present, 24/7 recording is not supported on the Ring Camera.

Q5. Why does my Ring Camera not record at night ?

Answer – If the Ring Camera isn’t recording during the night time, check if the motion sensors on the doorbell are active and working. If they’re on and it is still not recording, check if anything is obstructing the camera’s FOV( Field Of Vision). Also, there should not be any scheduled time settings on the Ring Camera. If the issue still persists, try resetting the device or contact Ring support. 


In this article, I have tried my best not only in providing a solution to you about this issue of Ring doorbell delays, but also tried to explain why it happens at all ! 

In all these months of having a Ring doorbell around, one thing I have grown certain about and that is : Whenever there’s any issue with a Ring Device, check your internet connection first of all !

Most of the time, it is the internet connection, responsible for latency issues on devices but as you have learnt above, various settings on the device like battery optimization, notification alerts etc can block the Ring app from notifying you. 

Therefore, fixing an issue on a Smart device is a subjective matter, taking all the connected devices into consideration. 

Give the above methods a try and you’ll most certainly be able to get notifications on your phone from the Ring doorbell, faster than ever !!

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