Solved: Ring Doorbell Not Ringing Inside

Key Takeaway

  • You can fix the Ring doorbell not ringing by switching to a 2.4GHz band on your Wi-fi router, checking the doorbell’s wiring and transformer. Also, replace the battery if it is defective. 
  • If you can’t hear the Ring doorbell ringing on phone, check the phone’s internet connection, enable the notifications and disable the Silent Mode.
  • Fix your Ring Chime not ringing by checking its wiring, enabling the microphone and check if there’s blue light flashing.

Out of the wide range of Ring devices, the Ring doorbell is the most popular. In essence, this device does a awful lot more than the name would suggest. It’s not an ordinary doorbell, it’s a lot more than that!

But the convenience offered on installing a Ring doorbell at home stands meaningless when it does not function as it is supposed to. That’s when you start to reconsider your decision of picking up these so-called marvels of the digital age and go back to the old traditional devices!

I’ve been using the Ring doorbell for long enough and have gotten pretty used to fixing issues on it which occur on and off  like the delays in notifications, the doorbell flashing a blue light or when the Live-View is unavailable

But this time, I was perplexed to find my Ring doorbell not ringing inside my house ! To ring is the first thing a doorbell is supposed to do either it’s regular or Smart one but my Ring doorbell doesn’t ring even when I press the button. 

Before I wanted to dismiss it from my house, I decided to research it because in the past, whenever my Ring doorbell has malfunctioned, it has been due to common reasons like the poor Wi-fi connection, low doorbell battery etc. due to which it refused to load locations

So, after researching about it and with Home Security Expert, Matthew’s guidance, I could finally hear my Ring doorbell’s pleasing sound inside my house. 

In this article, I have compiled the reasons which can result in a Ring doorbell not ringing and have also mentioned the easy solutions which worked best for me. 

I’ve also discussed in depth about checking the doorbell for an incorrect installation, low voltage on the Doorbell transformer, the stuck doorbell button and the silent Ring Chime. 

How To Fix The Ring Doorbell Not Ringing Inside

How To Fix The Ring Doorbell Not Ringing Inside

Along with a weak internet connection, there can be many other factors responsible for why the Ring doorbell doesn’t ring. Let’s take a look at the reasons behind the issue and the possible solutions.

1. Check If the Doorbell was Installed Incorrectly

Check if the doorbell was installed incorrectly

At present, there are two models of a Ring doorbell- one is base and the other is a Pro model. The Ring video doorbell is wireless whereas the Ring Pro Model must be hardwired. Both differ in the way they must be installed. 

If during installation, you’ve incorporated some steps incorrectly, like if all the parts from the ‘Install-kit’ were not installed as per the manual, the Ring doorbell won’t function and hence, won’t do the basic i.e. it won’t ring ! 

  1. Connect the  Wired Ring doorbell, using the wiring of your existing doorbell. If there was no doorbell before, use a plug-in adapter . Also, check out the  YouTube Video attached above to understand the process of installing a wired Ring doorbell.
  1. For connecting an internal Chime with your Ring doorbell, use Ring Power Pro kit. For installing the Ring Power Pro-kit, the wires must be connected to the internal Chime mechanism and tighten the screws properly to avoid complications with the wiring later on. The installation process of the doorbell should not interfere with the Chime Setup and disrupt it.
  1. Before you install a Wireless Ring doorbell which is battery-operated, ensure that the battery is fully charged. Low power on the Ring doorbell is as bad as no power. So, charge the doorbell completely using a USB Cable, which comes with the box and then, plug it into any USB power source.
  1. Examine the instruction manual that came with the doorbell closely, and check if everything has been installed exactly as it is dictated in the manual. If you don’t feel confident to do it yourself, call a professional to do it for you but try it once yourself. It’s easy ! 

After you are done ensuring a proper installation of your Ring doorbell, check if it’s ringing now. If it’s still silent, move to the next step. 

2. Check if The Wi-fi Router’s Configurations are Compatible with the Doorbell.

Check if the Wi-fi router’s Configurations are compatible with the Doorbell.

The Ring devices require uninterrupted and strong Wi-fi connectivity to function properly and the Ring doorbells are compatible with only wireless Wifi routers running ( 802.11 B,G or N) on the frequency of 2.4Ghz. 

Router’s Configurations

  • Login to the Ring app to check if the doorbell is connected to the Wi-fi.
  • Check the router’s frequency. Set it to 2.4Ghz from 5.0Ghz.

Router’s Placement 

  • Router placement is instrumental in fixing a ring doorbell not ringing. Move your wireless router close to the Ring device to ensure the doorbell stays in range. 
  • If the range is limited, use a Wi-fi extender or the Ring Chime Pro. It works both as an external Chime, which can be heard inside the house and extends the singal’s range also. 
  • If it’s been more than five years when you installed your Wifi router, replace it with a new wireless router for faster connectivity. I replaced my router with the NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-fi router and the speed of my devices has improved drastically. Faster speed ensures stronger connectivity which in turn, will keep the Ring doorbell functioning well.

3. Check the Power and Voltage on your Doorbell Transformer. 

It depends on the version of your doorbell whether it will require a wired power source or a battery power source. Each model has specific power needs to ensure that it functions correctly. 

Fix Inadequate Power on the doorbell 

  • The Ring doorbell needs a minimum of 16 Volts AC to function
  • If it is connected to the doorbell transformer or a plug-in adapter, then at least ~20 Volts amps is required and if connected directly to your internal doorbell, at least 30 -Volt amps is needed for the doorbell to function. 
  • If the power on your doorbell rates less than this, you may need an electrician to increase the voltage so that it can function. 
  • To check this voltage on the doorbell, open the Ring app and tap on Device Health.
  • If the voltage is less than 3,700mV, the doorbell won’t function. This voltage will further reduce when the device’s battery is low. 

In order to fix a case of insufficient power, it depends whether you’re using an internal Chime, a transformer or a plug-in adapter. 

If you’re using an Internal Chime for the doorbell

Internal Chime

As discussed above, use the Ring Power Pro Kit to connect the internal Chime to your doorbell. The Power Pro Kit is a small device which comes with your Video Doorbell Pro. It ensures that sufficient power is sent to the doorbell and is a requisite for the doorbell to function properly. 

If You’re using the Doorbell Transformer 

  • You’ll need a Pro Power Cable for the transformer which you can get from Ring for free. 
  • Turn off the Circuit breaker to check the doorbell transformer. 
  • Test the transformer with a multimeter or voltage tester to ensure it’s off.
  • The transformer converts the household current to the voltage required by the Chime to work. 
  • Clean each contact on the transformer and tighten both the connections, the household current and low voltage.
  • Turn the Power on and check for power on the transformer using a multimeter. 
  • The Low voltage output should be 24 AC or lesser. 
  • If the output voltage is too low for the Chime, or if the transformer is not working, replace the transformer.

If you’re using a plug-in Power adapter 

If you’ve connected your doorbell using a Plug-in adapter, make sure that this Power Adapter is in working condition and it should supply voltage in the range the Ring doorbell requires. 

  • The Ring Video doorbell 2,3 and 3 plus require 8-24 V AC to function whereas the Ring Doorbell Pro needs 16-24 V AC. 
  • Check on Device’s health on the Ring app to know what voltage your doorbell is running on. 
  • Use a Power Adapter which caters to the Voltage requirements of your doorbell so that it functions properly and rings. 

4. Replace the Battery if It’s Continually Low or Defective. 

Since the wireless doorbells draw their power from their battery, ensure that the battery is first of all, charged sufficiently and isn’t defective. 

  • When there is low-battery on your Ring doorbell, you will receive a notification of your phone unless your phone is muted. In that case, the battery on the doorbell will completely die and you’ll have to set-up the doorbell all over again.
    Replace the battery if it’s continually low or defective.
  • Remove the battery from the doorbell and charge it completely using the Micro USB Cable which came with the install-kit. Once fully charged, the battery can go on smoothly for at least 6 months. 
  • If the doorbell’s battery is not charging and keeps showing a low-battery sign, replace it with a new pack of Ring rechargeable battery.

6. Reboot the device. 

After the Wi-fi router has been correctly configured, the voltage on the transformer is sufficient and the battery has been charged fully or replaced, reboot the Ring doorbell.

To reboot the device via Ring app, follow these steps : 

  1. Open the Ring app and tap on Devices to select your doorbell.
  2. Tap on Device Health and scroll down to Tools.
  3. There, tap on Reboot this device. 

After this the doorbell will begin to reboot and this may take several minutes. Now, check if it’s working. 

However, if the status is still the same, read further to check if there’s an issue with the Ring Chime or your phone due to which you still can’t hear your Ring doorbell ringing.

Ring Doorbell Chime Not Working 

I don’t have an existing internal Chime but I actually like hearing my Ring doorbell inside my house. That’s when a Ring Chime comes into picture using which you can hear your Ring doorbell ringing in the farthest corners of your house. 

In the present case, when you haven’t been able to hear your Ring doorbell ring inside, it becomes mandatory to check the Ring Chime as well, for any faults in it’s wiring or Microphone because if it is the Ring Doorbell Chime not working, that’s the reason why you can’t hear the doorbell ring. 

1. Check If There’s Blue Light Flashing on the Chime.

Check if there’s blue light flashing on the Chime.
  •  If there is blue light flashing on the Chime, there’s an ongoing function on the Chime and it is disconnected.
  • It is either rebooting, installing an update, setting up or reconnecting to the Wi-fi. For the Chime to be in working condition, there must be solid blue light on it. If there is no light flashing, there’s no power on the Chime. 
  • Find out about the issue on your doorbell using the Ring app. On the Ring app, select your Ring Chime from Devices and tap on Device’s Health
  • Check if it’s connected and if it’s not, reboot the Chime to refresh it’s connection after an update or set up, using the next step. 

2. Reboot the Chime. 

A reboot on the devices works most of the time when the issue is hard to assimilate. To fix the Ring Chime not ringing, reboot the Chime.

  • Press the Reset button on the side of the Chime.
  • Hold it for 10 seconds and then release.

This release will power cycle the Chime and will fix if it were facing any issues to connect or function. 

If rebooting the Chime couldn’t make the Chime ring as yet, move to the next step to inspect its wires. 

3. Check the Wiring.

In case your Ring doorbell is connected to an internal Chime, you must check the wiring for any loose or corroded connections. 

  • Remove the cover of the Chime and inspect the wires. 
  • Test the Voltage on the Chime using a tester or multimeter. 
  • Take two wires from where your doorbell is attached and touch them together, carefully. If you hear the Chime, there’s no issue with the wires.

4. Enable the Microphone 

This feature is mostly overlooked but can very well make the Ring Chime not working. 

  • In order to hear the Ring Chime and the doorbell’s sound coming from outside, the microphone feature must be enabled
  • The microphone on the Ring devices is located just above or beneath the Camera Lens, with the speaker on the side. Clean the microphone if there is any debris caked on its surface. It blocks the sound or muffles them.
  • If the microphone is enabled but you still have the Ring doorbell not ringing inside, the microphone is faulty and needs a replacement. 

5. Check the Ring Doorbell Button.

In case the doorbell button is jammed or stuck, you will see the Ring doorbell not working when pressed. Check once in a while if the button on your doorbell is working and the doorbell responds on pressing the button. 

  • Clean the button plungers using cotton swabs dipped in rubbing alcohol. 
  • If there is still no response on the doorbell on pressing the button, get the button fixed by Ring professionals. 

Ring Doorbell Not Ringing On Phone

Ring Doorbell Not Ringing On Phone

When facing issues such as Ring doorbell not ringing on phone, you should begin fixing them by enabling notification alerts on your phone and disabling if a DND or Silent Mode is active. 

  1. Check your phone is connected to the internet. It’s a very common mistake when users fail to check the status of Wi-fi connection on their phone. If the phone is disconnected from Wi-fi or is linked with a weak connection, you won’t hear any notification alerts from your Ring doorbell.
  1. The notifications feature should be enabled on your phone. If you chose to disable this feature to save battery life on the phone, you might save some battery but won’t have the Ring doorbell not ringing on phone.
    • To turn ‘on’ notifications, go to Settings on your phone.
    • Tap on Apps and Notifications and enable this feature. 
  2. Enable Ring App’s Notifications on your phone.
    Enable Ring App’s Notifications on your phone.
    At times, users disable notifications from a few particular apps if they constantly keep buzzing. If notifications for the Ring app have also been turned down, you won’t hear it on the phone.
    Enable Ring App’s Notifications on your phone.
    • Open the Ring app and tap on Device
    • Tap on Motion Alerts and Ring Alerts and turn them ‘on’.
  3. Refresh the Ring app’s system by clearing Cache and data. This will remove corrupted files from the App’s storage and boost its performance. Thereafter,  Uninstall and Reinstall the Ring app.
  4. Charge your phone. Your phone should be sufficiently charged to receive Ring notifications. Low battery on the device turns off the notifications sound automatically. 
  5. Disable Modes on the phone. Your phone should not be on either Silent or a DND mode. With a silent Mode activated, the notifications are automatically shut down on the device.
  6. Increase the volume of notifications on your Phone. 

In this manner, using the fixes above, you’ll be able to fix the issues of Ring doorbell and the Ring Chime not ringing either inside your house, or on your phone.


Q1. Why is my Ring doorbell not chiming on my phone ?

Answer – If you are not receiving notifications on your Ring Chime, you must clear data from the Settings on your Ring app. Once you clear the data, open the Ring app and log in once again. Now, test the doorbell and its motion sensors to check if you’re racing notifications. If the issue still persists, uninstall the Ring app and install it again. 

Q2. Why does my Ring doorbell not chime on my iPhone ?

Answer – If you’re not receiving Ring Chime notifications on your iPhone, check your phone’s notifications settings. The notifications should be enabled and your phone should be well connected to the internet. You can also check Device’s Health on the Ring app to see if your Ring device is connected and online. 

Q3. Can you hear the Ring doorbell without a Chime ?

Answer – The Ring Chime and the Ring Chime Pro are an additional purchase and are not part of installation of the Ring doorbell. However, using a Ring Chime for your Ring doorbell can be useful as the Chimes increase the Qi-fi Range and notifies you immediately when the doorbell’s button is pressed. You’ll hear a sound inside your house on the Ring Chime whenever there’s a notification on the Ring doorbell.

Q4. Why can’t I hear my Ring doorbell ?

Answer – The microphone on your Ring doorbell might be diabled and that is why you’re not able to hear the Ring doorbell. The microphone must be enabled so that you can hear your Ring doorbell. Go to the Ring app and toggle the Microphone button to enable it. You will hear your Ring doorbell now with appropriate Microphone settings.

Q5. How do I fix a stuck doorbell button ?

Answer – Sometimes, physical blockages like a spider’s nest, or a clog from airborne dirt can block the doorbell’s button and it gets stuck. Press the doorbell button vigorously and see if it works ; If it is stuck, clean it well. Use a cotton cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol or you can spary some WD-40 to remove the dirt. 

The Final Words : 

As handy and smart our devices can be, sometimes, they fail to do what we expect them to do. No power, low battery, disconnection from the internet and a hardware issue can make any device cripple. 

In this case of a Ring doorbell, it’s main function is to ring, followed by other supported elements which work for home security. 

Whenever you install a Ring doorbell, ensure that excellent quality wires are used and all the components are installed correctly. If not, such issues erupt when the device fails to function. So, inspect the Ring doorbell, the Chime and your phone closely with the help of fixes detailed above. You’ll certainly be able to hear your Ring doorbell ringing once again !!

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