5 Easy Ways To Fix Ring Doorbell No Power Issue!

Key Takeaway

  • To fix a Ring doorbell not receiving power, first check the status of the doorbell on the Ring App if it’s online or there’s any battery on it.
  • If there’s no power to Ring doorbell, resolve the issue of insufficient power supply by either hardwiring the doorbell or by using the Pro Power Kit.
  • If the Ring doorbell is battery-operated, change or replace the batteries.
  • Also, check the doorbell for any faults in the wiring.

Few months back, I switched from my regular doorbell to the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, since the number of thefts and burglaries incidents had suddenly increased in our neighbourhood, which majorly involved stealing courier packages and parcels. 

It was quite alarming ! Since most of my packages get delivered during my office hours, I had to find a way to tighten the security around my front door. 

The Ring Video doorbell comes loaded with impressive features like Advanced Motion Detection, Live View, lifetime theft protection and many of this kind. They work like a charm and provide security to your house 24*7. If there’s an activity at your door while you’re asleep, you’ll receive a Ring notification on your phone instantly which can alert you well in time. 

Speaking of this, a few days back, there was a sudden and unexpected blackout in our neighbourhood which lasted for two long hours. After the power was revived, all of my electrical devices were well-functional, except my Ring doorbell. 

I pressed the button many times to check if I could still hear the Ring doorbell ringing but to my shock, there was no response at all ! 

Honestly, it was quite distressing for me and I had to fix it immediately because I heavily rely on my Ring doorbell for the security of my house when I leave my house everyday for work. 

Like I said, in a situation with Ring doorbell does not receive power, you cannot check the Live-view, your Ring doorbell won’t load locations, it will stop ringing, of course and in case, your Ring device is battery powered but is not charged, it will keep disconnecting from the internet connection frequently and you’ll face delays in Ring notifications and alerts.  

To begin with, I immediately sought Matthew’s assistance, the best Home Security Expert and with his guidance and more research, I was able to diagnose the actual problem on my Ring doorbell due to which there was no power to the Ring doorbell.

In addition to identifying the possible causes of this issue, I also learnt a few simple troubleshooting techniques which I used and powered up my Ring doorbell once again. 

During my investigation, I also came to know that this issue occurred with many of our neighbours and their Ring doorbells stopped responding. Most of our neighbourhood has Ring doorbells installed in their apartments ever since the building association waved a green flag. 

So, if you’re reading this, you must be one of those who has a Ring doorbell with no power. 

Read on to identify if there’s low power or no power on your Ring doorbell by the signs that I’ve mentioned and together with the causes, I will guide you about how this issue on your Ring doorbell can be resolved by powering your Ring doorbell once again. 

Why Is the Ring Doorbell Not Receiving Power?

Why Is the Ring Doorbell Not Receiving Power?

To begin with troubleshooting a Ring doorbell which is low on power, or has no power at all, firstly, I want you to identify if your Ring doorbell shows any of the signs before. 

There are many ways in which your Ring doorbell starts malfunctioning when there is no power on it. Read on to relate if any one of these is occurring on your Ring doorbell. 

Signs That There Is No Power To The Ring Doorbell

  1. No light flashing on the doorbell ;
  2. Disconnects frequently from the Wi-fi connection;
  3. The Ringtone Sound freezes when the doorbell button is pressed;
  4. Voltage Reading on the doorbell drops on Using Night Vision;
  5. The doorbell shuts off very frequently;
  6. Night Vision is not working;
  7. The doorbell suddenly stops working after working well for a couple of hours.

So, when a Ring doorbell has no power, it seeks your attention by displaying a number of errors, as listed above. If you have even one of these signals on your Ring doorbell, let me tell you why such dysfunctionality has occurred on your Ring doorbell.

Reasons For No Power On The Ring Doorbell 

a) A Power Surge has disconnected the doorbell

  • The Power surge, also well known as ‘transient voltage’, is a sudden and unexpected increase in the Voltage. 
  • If there was a sudden power surge, at your house, it has the capacity to damage or even destroy the electrical devices at your home.
    A Power Surge has disconnected the doorbell
  • The electrical devices, running on power at that moment, receive a very high power voltage suddenly which can cause a short circuit in the wires and can damage the Voltage transformer. 

So, if you have been wondering about why is my Ring doorbell not receiving power, it can certainly be due to a power surge which might have tampered with the electrical connection of the doorbell. 

  1. Insufficient Voltage
  • If you have to deal with Ring doorbell low power consistently, the Ring doorbell must not be receiving sufficient power supply to work efficiently. 
  • The wired and the wireless ( battery-operated) models of the Ring doorbell have different Voltage requirements. 
  • If your Ring doorbell is hardwired using a Power Adapter, the Power Adapter must meet the Voltage demands of your Ring doorbell otherwise, the doorbell will be on low power consistently and will stop working ultimately. 
  1. Defective Battery
  • If you have any of the Ring doorbell 2, 3, 3 Plus or 4 installed at your door, they’re the wireless models which have batteries in them and they require the battery to be sufficiently charged to function.
  • If you constantly have a ‘Ring doorbell no enough’ power status on your doorbell, at the moment, either the batteries have discharged or have worn out. 
  • In that case, the doorbell will not receive any power and will die due to no power supply. 
  1. Faulty Wiring 
Faulty Wiring
  • As I mentioned above, most commonly, it is due to an unexpected power surge when your electronic devices stop working suddenly. 
  • If such an event may have occurred, there are high chances that this accidental escalation of the Voltage has damaged the wired components of your device. 
  • In such a case, usually it can be identified by inspecting the wires closely. If the wiring has incurred a damage, there will be some wear and tear on the wires or they may have burnt. 

The above mentioned causes result in a situation where your Ring doorbell receives no power and stops working. 

How To Troubleshoot When Ring Doorbell Has No Power  : 

How To Troubleshoot When Ring Doorbell Has No Power

1. Check the Doorbell Status on the Ring App;

To begin troubleshooting this issue, first of all, check the status of your Ring doorbell on the Ring App. 

On the Ring App, you’ll be able to know about the battery status of your Ring doorbell as in, how much battery is left on the device, or if your doorbell is online.  

How To Check the Doorbell Status On Ring App :

How To Check the Doorbell Status On Ring App
  1. On the phone, open the Ring App, totap on Devices
  2. Now, tap on your Ring doorbell.
  3. Under the option of Device Health, you’ll be able to see your doorbell status if it is still online or has some battery left on it. 

It is crucial to learn about the current status of your doorbell when it’s not turning on because if it shows online, it means it is still connected and there’s a fault with the external wiring which isn’t supplying power to it. 

And, if there is very less battery left on it, the troubleshooting becomes easier by charging the batteries, about what you’ll learn in the next step. 

2. Charge the Doorbell Battery and Replace if Defective;

If the current status on your Ring doorbell shows that the doorbell is low on battery, then, this is the reason why there is no power on your Ring doorbell.

To fix the issue in this case, you’ll either have to charge the batteries completely or replace them, if they’ve drained and worn out. 

  • As stated above, the Ring doorbell model 2,3 and 3 Plus are wireless models which have removable batteries inserted into them. It is vital for the batteries to be full with charge if you want to keep using your Ring doorbell.
    Charge the doorbell battery
  • Unmount the doorbell from the bracket and remove the batteries. Connect them to a power outlet using the Micro-USB which came with the ‘install-kit’. 
  • After the battery flashes a green light, it means it is now fully charged. 
  • Insert the batteries now, into the Ring doorbell and check if it turns ‘on’
    Insert the batteries

Now check the status of your Ring doorbell on the Ring App, It should show online and the battery percentage certainly, should improve. 

If yet, the Ring doorbell didn’t work after charging the battery, the batteries have exhausted their capacity and replacing them with a new pack of rechargeable Ring batteries, is the only option.

  • Also, once you add new batteries to your Ring doorbell, make it a habit to check the battery status at least 3 times a week so that you can track if the doorbell battery is draining out too fast. 
  • On a regular usage, your Ring doorbell battery can live upto 6 to 12 months after it has been once charged fully. Mostly, it demands a replacement afterwards. 
  • You must also keep a check on the doorbell battery if it’s too hot outside or if it’s pouring. There is a risk of batteries getting damaged under extreme weather conditions.
    hot outside
  • The Ring doorbells are water-resistant, not water-proof. It means, they can bear a few drops or light splashes of water, but can get damaged if they’re drenched. So, use a waterproof cover over your Ring doorbell during the rainy season.

3. Ensure Sufficient Supply of Power to the Doorbell;

If your Ring doorbell is hardwired, either with the wiring of an existing doorbell or by having a Power Adapter plugged in, it is extremely essential to ensure the existent wiring is foolproof and the Power Adapter you’re using, can meet the Voltage demands of the doorbell. 

  • If the Adapter supplies more than required Voltage to the doorbell transformer, the transformer can blow down. 
  • And if you have a Ring doorbell low voltage supply, the doorbell won’t work as you have your Ring doorbell not enough power to stay on and function. 

In this case, you must check the status of Voltage on your Ring doorbell transformer. 

  • Open the Ring App and select your doorbell.
    Ring App
  • Under Device Health, tap on Power Source. 
  • If the Voltage is ‘good’, the Adapter is working well 
  • But if it says ‘poor’, it means there is insufficient supply of power by the Adapter and thus, there is a Ring doorbell low voltage issue ! 

The Voltage requirements for different models of Ring doorbells are : 

  1. Ring doorbell 2, 3 and 3 Plus : 8-24 V AC
  2. Ring Doorbell Pro : 16-24 V AC

To fix the doorbell in this case of an insufficient power supply :

  • Use a good quality Power Adapter for your Ring doorbell which is shock-proof and supplies power to the  doorbell consistently. There should be no ablation on the wires and they should be firmly connected. 
  • Also, check the Power outlet where your Power Adapter is plugged. The plug of the Power Adapter should fit in properly because if it’s a loose connection, the power supply will keep breaking and your doorbell will keep disconnecting frequently. 
    check the Power outlet
  • After ensuring the doorbell is hardwired properly, check the breaker box and ensure that all the fuses should be intact. In case any fuse has blown out, reset the doorbell directly from the breaker.  

4. Replace the doorbell if damaged ;

If none of the above mentioned methods worked for you, the power surge has damaged your Ring doorbell and it will have to be replaced. 

  • In such a case, the internal electrical components of the doorbell bear damages and that is why, replacing the batteries or fixing the wiring has helped troubleshoot the issue. 
  • Ring provides  one-year warranty on its devices from the date of purchase. 
  • So, if your doorbell is still under warranty, you can visit a Ring Store nearby and get a replacement.
  • While returning the doorbell, you’ll be required to return the doorbell with its original packaging and the invoice receipt. 

5. Invest in a Power-Surge Protector to Protect Electronics from Power Surge

Power-Surge Protector

Hereafter, as a preventive measure, I recommend using a Power Surge Protector for your breaker. 

  • A Power Surge Protector will protect your electronics against unwarranted power surges and voltage spikes which can damage the devices. 
  • It blocks the Voltage over a safe threshold of 120V and the moment the Voltage crosses the 120 V mark, it blocks the Voltage and saves your electronics from the escalated power supply. 

Thankfully, the power blackout in my area didn’t damage my Ring doorbell but as a preventive measure, I have been using the SINGLE Surge Protector Plug and now, I’m not bothered about power outages or a blackout anymore. 

No Lights On Ring Doorbell

The flashing light on a Ring can tell you precisely about the current status of your Ring Doorbell. There can be various patterns of flashing lights on a Ring doorbell which can indicate an important activity ongoing on the doorbell, but sometimes, there can be a warning signal, too. 

No light on the doorbell equals no power but if the light on your Ring doorbell blinks, it means there’s an issue with the doorbell. 

  • A blinking blue light means, the Ring doorbell is charging at the moment 
  • And, a blinking white light indicates, the doorbell may have disconnected from the internet, or doesn’t have sufficient power. 

Speaking of the issue at hand right now, when you have noticed your Ring doorbell stopped working no lights on, there are two possible explanations for this issue.

  1. Either you have been keeping the right button on the doorbell, pressed for too long;
  2. Or, your Ring doorbell is not receiving power. 

If Your Ring Doorbell Has No Light And No Power ;

This is a common scenario where there is no light on the Ring doorbell due to no power. 

  • In that case, to fix the power connection of your Ring doorbell, the above mentioned techniques will assist you.
  • As I have explained above, the light on your Ring doorbell may not fade away only due to a power surge. There can be other responsible factors too, like faulty wiring or depleted batteries. 
  • I have annotated each of such possible causes and their troubleshooting methods above, in the troubleshooting section. 
  • Use them to fix the power connection on your Ring doorbell and the lights should turn ‘on’, certainly on your Ring doorbell. 

If Your Ring Doorbell Has No Lights But It Is Connected 

This can be quite an issue when the status of your Ring doorbell shows ‘connected’ or ‘online’ on the Ring App, but it doesn’t light up on detecting a motion. 

You must know that on detecting a motion, the lights on the Ring doorbell do not turn on automatically. You will have to enable Motion Alerts on the Ring App to see your light flash on sensing a motion. 

So, when only the lights on your doorbell have stopped working, use these tips to help you with the situation : 

  1. Remove the doorbell from the door and firmly press the black button on it and then, relasee, without holding down. 
  2. Check the doorbell button and fix it if it’s stuck or jammed ; Clean the doorbell button regularly with alcohol wipes, to remove accumulated debris.
  3. Check the battery on your doorbell and charge it if it’s low.
  4. Reconnect with the Wifi connection.
  5. Check if the Ring doorbell is recording motion ; the LED light on the doorbell blinks when the Ring Camera is recording a motion.
  6. If none of these help, perform a hard reset on the Ring doorbell. Remember, after resetting your doorbell, you’ll have to set it up on the Ring App, from the beginning.

After this detailed elucidation, I’m sure you’ll be able to fix the problem of Ring doorbell stopped working no lights, regardless of the reason why it stopped working. In this article of mine, you have the best and every possible solution for bringing back power on your Ring doorbell and to light it up. 

There is another very powerful alternative to fix the issue of insufficient power supply on your doorbell if it’s hardwired – Using the Pro Power Kit. Let’s see how this works in bringing the power supply back to your Ring Doorbell Pro. 

How To Fix Hardwired Ring Doorbell No Power Issue 

How To Fix Hardwired Ring Doorbell No Power Issue

There are altogether different advantages of installing a hardwired doorbell at your door. 

  • When you hardwire your Ring doorbell , at the time of installation, you don’t have to then, worry about charging the batteries as there is a trickle-supply of charge on your doorbell, at all times. 
  • In case you have a Ring doorbell 2 or any other wireless model, hardwiring your doorbell, using a Power Adapter, allows you to use the doorbell’s functions without having to recharge the batteries constantly. 

Now, taking Ring Doorbell Pro into consideration, if there is no power to Ring doorbell Pro, try bypassing your doorbell with a Pro Power Kit  V2 or the Ring Power Pro Kit.

How To Fix Hardwired Ring Doorbell No Power Issue
  • The Ring Power Pro Kit usually comes along with your Ring Doorbell Pro and is indispensable for your doorbell’s proper functioning. 
  • This device is an add-on and has been included by Ring with the sole purpose to yield sufficient power to keep the doorbell working. 
  • I always recommend using the Pro Power Kit for your Ring Doorbell Pro because this Power kit is actually a resettable fuse. Using this, you can easily turn off the power on the doorbell and turn it on again, if there’s a power trip or an electrical malfunction. 

Here’s how you can install the Pro Power Kit V2 or the Ring Power Pro Kit on your Ring doorbell Pro to fix the issue of no power to Ring Doorbell Pro. 

Steps : 

How To Fix Hardwired Ring Doorbell No Power Issue
  1. First of all, remove the doorbell cover carefully, with the help of a screwdriver
  2. Now, connect the wire harness to the Power Kit and then, disconnect the wires from the front of the doorbell.
  3. Use Wire clips and secure the front wire to the black wire on the wire harness.
  4. Now, grab the brown end of the black wire to the front terminal of your doorbell.
  5. Disconnect the transformer wire from the doorbell and connect to the white wire on the harness. 
  6. The white wire should be connected to the transformer by its blue end.
  7. Secure the kit inside your Ring Doorbell Pro.
    Ring Doorbell Pro
  8. Replace the doorbell cover and switch on the power to configure the settings on the Ring app, for this new installation. 

After connecting the Power Pro kit to your Ring doorbell Pro, the doorbell should receive adequate power supply and the issue of hardwired Ring doorbell no power should be resolved. 

An Alternative :

  • If you want to use Ring Doorbell Pro as a stand alone device on the doorbell transformer and choose not to use the Pro Power Kit for your doorbell, you can request Ring to send the Pro Power Cable.
    Pro Power Cable
  • It is an inline fuse designed to protect your Ring doorbell Pro from momentary shorts. 
  • If you don’t want to bypass the mechanism of your Ring doorbell Pro, you’ll have to upgrade the doorbell transformer
  • Select a transformer with a minimum Voltage of 16V AC, 30amps and 50/60Hz. 
  • Do not use any halogen or garden-lighting transformer or even a DC Power Supply. The Ring Doorbell Pro is incompatible with these power mechanisms and they will not solve the issue on your doorbell by furnishing inadequate power supply.

In the end, I would suggest, use excellent quality of wires for wiring your Ring doorbells and invest in a powerful Surge-Protector, to keep your house’s wiring shock-proof, at all times. 

Using these techniques, you’ll surely be able to fix any kind of power issue on your Ring doorbell. 


Q1. Why did my Ring Doorbell suddenly stop working ?

Answer – If your Ring Doorbell stops working suddenly, it can be due to no power or low battery on the doorbell. Poor Wi-fi connection, or any fault with the doorbell wiring can also result in no power on the Ring Device.

Q2. What is the lifespan of a Ring doorbell ?

Answer – If your Ring doorbell is not very heavily used and kept under optimal conditions externally, its battery can last upto 6 to 12 months easily. After that, you’ll have to either charge the batteries or replace it, if it stops working. 

Q3. How do I know if my Ring doorbell is dead ?

Answer – If your Ring doorbell is not working after changing its battery, try disconnecting and then, reconnecting the Ring doorbell with the Wi-fi connection. If that doesn’t work too, remove the batteries and insert again. If both of these fixes can’t make your Ring doorbell work, hardwire the Ring doorbell or reset it back to default settings. 

Q4. Why is my Ring doorbell not flashing any lights ?

Answer – There can be two possible reasons for your Ring doorbell not lighting up ; the right button of the doorbell has been pressed for too long, or, your Ring doorbell is not receiving any power. To fix an issue of no lights on your Ring doorbell, check its connectivity on your home network and perform a hard reset on the doorbell.

Q5. Should the light on my Ring doorbell stay ‘on’ ?

Answer – According to Ring, your Ring doorbell should light up when it is recording any motion, trying to connect to the Wi-fi, installing a pending update etc. The Ring doorbell is designed to light up under certain specific circumstances. However, there can be different meanings to the flashing light patterns on your Ring doorbell, as some of them can also signal an error on the doorbell. 

Conclusion : 

Yes, I agree, it can be frustrating to deal with a power issue on your Ring doorbell when you rely on this Smart Doorbell for ensuring that your house is safe and secure. 

But, a power issue can occur on literally even the best of electronic devices in the world and what you should not worry about is, fixing it. If there’s an issue, there’s always a way out of it. 

You’ll find the easiest  and most effective methods to resolve this issue on your Ring doorbell when there is no power on it. Regardless of whether you have a wireless doorbell or a wired one, I have detailed solutions for both the versions.

So, fix your Ring doorbell’s power connection and you’ll see it once again working all the house to guard your doorstep. 

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