5 Easy Fixes For A Ring Doorbell Stuck In Boot Loop !

Key Takeaway

  • To fix your Ring doorbell stuck in Setup Mode, first check the Device Health Report and inspect if there’s enough Voltage and Power Input on the doorbell.
  • Charge the doorbell batteries and check for any pending firmware updates.
  • If nothing works out, perform a hard reset on the Ring doorbell. 

I recently brought home my new Ring Doorbell after the owner of my apartment allowed me to install it at my door. I had been eagerly waiting to try out this very popular Home Security Doorbell, to explore the possibilities of monitoring my house in my absence and to be able to watch my front door Live, 24*7. 

So, finally, I installed it at my front door and without any ado, I began setting it up. 

However, there I noticed, my Ring doorbell stuck in setup mode and the blue light on the doorbell was flashing consistently. I tried pressing the doorbell button but nothing changed and my Ring doorbell was just caught in a boot loop. 

I tried to fix this issue using a few troubleshooting techniques like turning the doorbell on and off repeatedly, removing it from the mount and fixing it again, etc but nothing worked out at all! 

That’s when I realised, this issue on my doorbell was bigger than what I imagined it to be and considered it wise to seek Matthew’s assistance, since he is an expert of Home Security Devices and to do some more indepth research on my part. 

And then, after further probing, I learnt that there are a few very specific solutions to this problem when you look out to fix your Ring doorbell stuck in a boot loop and in this article, I’m going to lay out all of those for you.

Out of all the fixes that I have mentioned here, a factory reset worked for me ! After I reset my doorbell, the doorbell was set up, without any hassle. 

So, use these simple and easy solutions to bring your Ring doorbell out of the boot loop and set it up easily. 

5 Ways To Troubleshoot A Ring Doorbell Stuck In Setup Mode

Here, in this troubleshooting section, I will first start off with the very basics i.e checking up the status of battery, voltage and power on the Ring doorbell and thereafter, will move towards performing a hard reset on the doorbell, as a last resort to fixing up a Ring doorbell stuck in setup mode.

1. Check Your Ring Doorbell’s Device Health Report ;

It is important to check the status of Ring doorbell on the Ring App before performing any troubleshooting techniques because it gives clarity about the problem on the device and further helps to choose the best possible solution to the existent issue on the doorbell. 

You can check the Device Health Report for your Ring Doorbell using the Ring App, on any device like your smartphone, iPad or a Mac. 

How To Check Device Health On Ring App:

How To Check Device Health On Ring App
  1. Open the Ring App and come onto the Home Page.
  2. Click on the three lines in the top-left corner, to get the Menu.
  3. Now, tap on Devices and select your Ring doorbell.
  4. There, below the image of your doorbell, tap on Device Health
  5. In the Device Health Report, you’ll find options of Power, Network , Device details, Tools etc. 
  6. Tap on Tools to access more information about your doorbell’s battery, voltage and connectivity status. 

When you choose to inspect the Power or the Voltage Status, or about the battery of your Ring doorbell, you’ll find an article therein, to help you resolve the issue but only if there’s an issue with these parts of the doorbells. 

However, if you want a quicker solution and don’t want to study long articles, try the fixes mentioned further. 

2. Confirm that the Voltage Requirements are Met and there’s Enough Power on the Doorbell ;

Power and Voltage requirements are the basic needs of any device, not only of a Ring doorbell. I have seen many users complain about Ring doorbell no power issue as well.

Under the Device Health Report, you’ll be able to see both Power and Voltage on your Ring Doorbell, like you learnt in step 1. 

Power On A Ring Doorbell : 

  1. Your Ring doorbell requires at least 30 VA of power, to run effectively. 
  2. The Ring doorbell can be powered up using two ways- by a direct wired connection and by keeping the batteries charged, in case you’re using a wireless Ring doorbell.
  3. The doorbell wiring should be firm and without any wear and tear otherwise the doorbell won’t receive a stable supply of power and will keep disconnecting from the Wi-fi. As a result, there will be no Live View available, no motion detection on the Ring doorbell and many similar issues will occur. 
  4. To check the status of Power on your Ring doorbell, check Device Health on the Ring App and you should see Hardwired or battery percentage on the doorbell.
    battery percentage
  5. If it’s a wired connection : 
    • Check the doorbell wiring for any loose connection. 
    • The wires should be plugged into the right terminals on the Ring doorbell.
    • Check that the doorbell’s plug fits firmly into the Power socket. 
  6. If you have a wireless Ring doorbell
    • There should be sufficient battery on the doorbell.
    • If there’s a low battery on the doorbell or you feel, the batteries are not charging, you’ll learn in detail about this by fixing one, separately in the next step. 

Voltage Requirements Of A Ring Doorbell : 

The Voltage requirements of a wired and a wireless Ring doorbell, are different. 

  • The Ring Doorbell 2,3 and 3 Plus, being the wireless models, require 8-24 V AC;
  • Whereas, the Ring Doorbell Pro, the wired model, needs 16-24 V AC Voltage
  1. Check the status of Voltage on your Ring doorbell under Device Health, on the Ring App and it should say ‘Good’, if there’s no issue with the doorbell Voltage. 
  2. But, if the Voltage Status says, ‘Poor’ or ‘Very Poor’, it signifies that the doorbell isn’t receiving sufficient Power.
    Voltage Status
  3. You can also check the Ring doorbell voltage by using a Multimeter. Touch its probes to the two terminals of the Ring doorbell and you shall see the Voltage. It should be anywhere between the Voltage requirement range of the doorbell. 
  4. If there’ll be very high Voltage on the Ring doorbell, the doorbell’s transformer can burn out and if it’s very low, the doorbell shall cease to work and your Ring doorbell won’t ring inside your house. 

3. Check the Doorbell’s Batteries ;

After you’ve checked the Power and Voltage Status on your Ring doorbell, the next step is to check the batteries of your doorbell, if you have a wireless model of the Ring doorbells. 

Low battery on the doorbell can be one potential reason for your Ring doorbell stuck in setup mode. The wireless Ring doorbells receive their power supply from the batteries inserted into them but they can also be hardwired using the wiring of an existing doorbell or with an Power Adapter.

  • If you hardwire your wireless doorbell, there is a trickle-charge supplied to the doorbell at all times and you don’t have to worry about charge on the doorbell batteries constantly. Still, it is advised to remove the batteries and charge them completely once every 6 months. 
  • The battery percentage on the Ring doorbell is indicated under Device Health on the Ring App. 
  • If there’s low battery on the doorbell, you must have received a Ring notification asking you to charge the batteries. Ensure, your Ring doorbell is connected to a stable Wi-fi connection, else you’ll face delays in receiving Ring notifications and the doorbell will die out eventually, due to no battery.
    Ring notification
  • Unscrew the faceplate of the Ring doorbell and remove the batteries. Connect the doorbell battery directly to a Power Plug using the orange Micro-USB Cable that came with the doorbell packaging. Wait for the battery to flash a green light, which is an indication of full charge on the battery. 
    remove the batteries
  • If the Ring Doorbell is not working despite charging the battery, disconnect the Ring doorbell and reconnect with the Ring App.

4. Update the Firmware on your Ring Doorbell ;

The next step is to check if there’s any pending firmware update that has been launched by the Ring but hasn’t been installed on your Ring doorbell. 

An outdated firmware can very well result in your Ring doorbell stuck in boot loop. 

That’s why, it is important to update your Ring doorbell to the latest firmware version available otherwise, you’ll face lags on your Ring doorbell and it won’t function flawlessly, like won’t load locations, won’t connect to the Wi-fi and won’t notify you of any activity at your door. 

How To Update Firmware On Ring Doorbell : 

How To Update Firmware On Ring Doorbell :
  1. On the Ring App, tap open the Menu and select your doorbell, from Devices.
  2. Now, tap Device Health and then, select the option Device Details
  3. There you have, the firmware details of your Ring Doorbell. 
  4. If it says ‘up-to-date’, your Ring doorbell is running on the latest available firmware. 
  5. If it shows ‘Update’, there’s a pending update that needs to be installed.
  6. Tap on Update, to launch the latest version of firmware on your Ring Doorbell. 

Approximately, it takes around five minutes for a new update to be downloaded and installed on the Ring doorbell. Do not turn the Ring doorbell ‘off’ during this time and wait patiently for the process to finish. Now, check if the flashing lights have turned off and if the Doorbell is working. 

  • Nonetheless, after all these steps, if you still have your Ring doorbell stuck in setup mode, factory reset the Ring doorbell, to fix this issue. 

5. Factory Reset the Ring Doorbell ;

Before you proceed to reset your Ring doorbell, you should have certainly used the above mentioned methods to fix your Ring doorbell because you must know, a hard reset erases all the data from the doorbell and you’ll have to set it up from the beginning. 

How To Reset The Ring Doorbell :

How To Reset The Ring Doorbell :
  1. Take a screwdriver and unscrew the Ring doorbell from the mounting bracket.
  2. Locate the orange button at the back of the doorbell.
  3. Now, press and hold this orange button for at least 10 seconds. Then, release. 
  4. The lights on the doorbell will start flashing when this button is released. 
  5. Once this process of reset is over, the lights will stop flashing, indicating that the doorbell is now reset and is back to its default settings. 

Set Up the Ring Doorbell once again : 

Set Up the Ring Doorbell once again
  1. Open the Ring App and login into your Ring account using your previous credentials.
  2. Now, click on Set Up A Device. From the displayed options, select Doorbells.
  3. You’ll find a QR Code or the MAC ID, at the backside of your Ring doorbell. Scan it on the Ring App.
    QR Code
  4. The Ring App will recognize the Code and then, you enter your location. You can also choose to allow the App to access your location.
  5. The last step is to Name your device

Connect the Ring Doorbell Once It’s Set Up

Connect the Ring Doorbell Once It’s Set Up
  1. Go back to the Ring Doorbell and once again, press the Orange button at its backside.
  2. Press once and then, release. You’ll notice a white light on the doorbell that spins.
  3. This means, the Ring doorbell is in the set up and ready to be connected to the Wi-fi.
  4. The connection should occur automatically since it’s a saved home connection. If it doesn’t, enter the Wi-fi password manually and tap to Connect. 

Now, check if the Doorbell is working and is out of the boot loop. After a hard reset and a fresh connection, any possible connectivity glitches because of which you had the Ring doorbell stuck in boot loop, have been fixed. You should be able to use your Ring Doorbell very well, now.

How To Fix The Ring Camera Stuck In Setup Mode

If you also have your Ring Camera stuck in Setup mode, it can be easily fixed by performing a hard reset on the Camera, without even removing it from the Ring App. 

  1. Lift the small cover on the back of the Ring Camera and you’ll find the reset button.
  2. Now, press and hold this button for about 20 seconds.
    press and hold The button
  3. A blue light will begin to flash on the Ring Camera, signifying that the Camera is in Setup Mode.
  4. Once the light turns into a Solid blue, the Camera is set up and is ready to function.

Along with resetting the Ring Camera, ensure that the Camera is properly plugged in and is connected to the internet connection. 


Q1. Why is my Ring Doorbell not connecting during setup?

Answer – In most of the cases, there can be four reasons for your Ring Doorbell to be stuck while setting up. Either you have entered an incorrect password, your Ring doorbell is placed very far off from the Wifi router, an issue with your internet connection or any hardware issue with your router. To fix your Ring doorbell in such a case, you’ll have to fix these issues, first. 

Q2. What are Ring Mode Settings?

Answer – There are Modes in the Ring App which are basically, Settings. Using these Settings, you can easily control the behaviour of your Ring Devices and configure your Cameras and doorbells, to protect your home in different ways. 

Q3.What mode should my Ring doorbell be on ?

Answer – If you set your Ring doorbell in Home mode, the indoor camera will not detect motion and there’ll be no Live-View available on your front door. However, if your doorbell is set in Away Mode, you can monitor your house inside out, as a whole. Before you leave home, select this mode on your Ring doorbell. It will activate the Ring doorbell, Cameras and the alarms and you’ll be able to access all the activities at your house. 

Q4. Why has my Ring doorbell stopped working ?

Answer – If the RIng doorbell has been installed incorrectly, the Wi-fi signals are weak, there is no power on the doorbell, or if there’s a wiring issue, the Ring doorbell stops working. 

Q5. Do Ring Doorbells work without the internet ?

Answer – No. The Ring doorbell requires an internet connection necessarily to work. You’ll need a stable internet connection at the very first step itself, i.e while setting the doorbell up. Further, you won’t be able to use these Ring doorbells on their Ring App and use any of the features without a strong internet connectivity. 


There can be various different reasons for your Ring doorbell to be stuck in a setup mode and you can find fixing this issue pretty baffling if the power, Voltage, batteries and the Ring doorbell are in a perfectly working condition. In that case, this issue can only be fixed by performing a hard reset on the doorbell. 

If you have either the Ring Doorbell 2 or the Pro model, the reset button will be of black colour, instead of an orange. 

I am most certain that using the fixes explained above, you’ll be able to get your Ring doorbell out of the boot loop mode and find it working again, but if unfortunately, nothing worked, the best solution is to contact the Ring Support Team. 

If your Ring doorbell falls under warranty as yet and is either defective or damaged, Ring will replace it for free. Also, let them know about the fixes you have already tried on your Ring doorbell so that you can get the best possible solution in the quickest timespan. 

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