Learn How To Connect AirPods To Tv( The Simplest And The Easiest Techniques To Enjoy AirPods On Your Smart TV) 

During my recent trip to Dallas when I visited my younger brother, we got lucky to try Scuba-Diving at the Epcot DiveQuest, the coolest Magical Kingdom at Disney World. On my way back home, I picked up some cool and fabulous souvenirs for mom-dad and Michelle and just couldn’t wait to watch their faces beam with joy.

From Dallas itself, I planned to visit mom and dad In Vegas. Last Spring, I surprised them at midnight since I knew how to open their gate’s Chain Lock from outside and I just landed straight in the dining room from almost nowhere. No, my mum didn’t cry and gave me the tightest hug ever, rather she hit me heavily with a Baseball’s stick, considering that a thief had broken in. 

Anyways, on my recommendations, my dad has recently bought an Apple TV. Before this Apple TV, my parents owned a Hisense TV whose screen would go black often. Once we got that fixed, the Hisense stopped taking inputs and changing inputs was one hell of a task on this oldie. So, after all my persuasion, we welcomed home a stunning 4K Apple TV

Nevertheless, I recently came across an interesting hearsay about Apple AirPods that can be connected to your TV.  And this is a bundle of joy for a gamer like me. Now I can connect Nintendo Switch to tv and can also have AirPods connected.

Learn How To Connect AirPods To Tv

And I was all set to test and try this for the first time on my father’s new Apple TV. I’ll not brag but it took me less than 15 minutes to connect my AirPods To the TV and oh, it was so terrific then !! I spent my entire sabbatical drilling Peacock on Xbox and listening to the TV’s Gaming sounds on AirPods. 

Now how could I not share this wonderful revelation with my precious readers !! After all, when you have invested a fortune in grabbing a pair of AirPods, you must make the most of them. So, tighten your belts to learn about can you connect AirPods to TV. 

Regardless of what Smart TV you own, be it a Roku, a Vizio, the Firestick, an LG, the Samsung or the ever-so-popular Apple !! 

Here, in my composition, you’ll learn interesting facts about can you hook AirPods to TV and if you can, then how to do it.

Can You Connect AirPods To TV ? 

Ofcourse, the AirPods and other wireless headphones can be connected to your TV and it is the Bluetooth Technology  that makes it possible.

The Bluetooth connectivity on the Apple AirPods allow them to connect to your iPhone, the iPad, the MacBook and you’ll be exploring another amazing versatility of the AirPods today i.e how to connect AirPods to TV. 

As per me, I like to connect my AirPods to my TV when I’m gaming on my XBox or if I have to watch the Sandman, these days ! Boy, you would just love to hear the Dream’s Conversation with Death literally into your ears !

Can You Connect AirPods To TV ?

And, for the like-real and crystal-clear sound quality, I only trust my AirPods. The TV’s speakers, even the giant 4K Apple TV, don’t do justice

The provocative fact is, the AirPods can be connected to your TV, regardless of the fact whether your TV has Bluetooth or not. All your tiny AirPods require is a stable Bluetooth connection and you have the show to yourself. 

So, get ready to unleash how to connect AirPods to TV and please stay, even if the TV belongs to your granny and doesn’t have a Bluetooth feature. 

I’ve got a plan for that too! Stay right here and head on to pair your AirPods to your TV. 

How To Connect AirPods To TV

How To Connect AirPods To TV

So, in case you’re wondering about can I pair my AirPods to my TV, you should know that the Apple AirPods do not have any compatibility restrictions and can easily be paired up with your TV, using the Bluetooth signals of your AirPods and that of your TV. 

Take a look at the steps to understand how it’s done : 

  1. First, bring your AirPods into the Pairing Mode by pressing the ‘Setup’ button at the back of the Charging Case. Once the pairing starts, the LED indicator light should begin to blink White.
    AirPods into the Pairing Mode
  2. Now, go to your TV’s Menu and click the Connectivity Settings, to turn the Bluetooth ‘on’.
    TV’s Menu
  3. Now, your TV’s Bluetooth connection will scan for your AirPods in its list of devices.
  4. On prompting, tap on ‘Pair’ to connect your AirPods to the Tv.
    tap on ‘Pair’
  5. If your TV is an Android one, it may ask for your permission before connecting the AirPods. In such a case, tap on ‘Agree/Accept’ to grant permission. 

So, that’s how the AirPods and a Bluetooth-enabled TV can be connected to each other. 

In the further section of this composition, I’ll be sharing a step-by-step instructional guide about how to connect AirPods to TV on different TV Brands like Apple, Samsung, Vizio,Roku, LG etc. I’ll also be discussing in detail about how the AirPods can be connected to the popular Streaming Devices like the Firestick and the Fire TV

Now, if you feel your TV bears some wrinkles and is old enough, do not assume that there is no Bluetooth connectivity option on it. You better be checking and ensuring that first ! 

How To Check If There Is Bluetooth On Your TV

How To Check If There Is Bluetooth On Your TV

See, not all the Smart TVs used to come with the feature of Bluetooth Compatibility. Only the flagship models used to have bluetooth but given the stiff competition  between the popular TV manufacturers, even the lower models(these days) have Bluetooth, to enhance the connectivity. 

I’ve outlined a few simple steps here to help you check if your TV supports Bluetooth Connectivity. Check’em out !

  1. Grab the TV’s remote and click on Settings
    click on Settings.
  2. Now, select Sound and tap on Sound Output.
     Sound Output.
  3. In the Sound Output, if there’s an option of Bluetooth Speaker List, as shown above, it means, there’s Bluetooth.
    Bluetooth Speaker List
  4. And, as displayed in the picture above, If there’s not any such mention of Bluetooth,  there’s no Bluetooth feature on your TV’s Speaker’s Settings. 

If there’s Bluetooth, it’s plain and simple to connect your AirPods to the TV, as easily they connect to your phone. 

How To Connect AirPods To TV Without Bluetooth 

Now, if you discovered that there is no Bluetooth and are worried about how to connect AirPods to TV without Bluetooth, there’s a makeshift Bluetooth Transmission SetUp, here. 

Invest in Low-Latency Bluetooth Transmitter

To create a Bluetooth connection for your TV and then, for using it to pair your AirPods to the TV, I suggest investing in a low-latency Bluetooth Transmitter. Avantree AudioKast Plus is a good pick. 

Invest in Low-Latency Bluetooth Transmitter

You will be required to plug it in your TV’s Audio-Output Jack  ( 3.5mm Headphone Jack or an RCA Jack, USB or the Optical). 

Invest in Low-Latency Bluetooth Transmitter

The interesting part is, you can connect two devices at once on this Bluetooth Transmitter, say your TV and a PC, and for the Connectivity Range? It’s Class 1. 

Grab it from Amazon for as less as $49. Good deal, eh !  

Use an AirFly

Use an AirFly

The AirFly can be simply known as a ‘headphone splitter’ for wireless headphones. I came across it for the first time when I had to fly to Orlando and I was booked a flight on the SouthWest AirLines which allows the passengers to use AirPods during the flight but they have to manage the Bluetooth Connectivity on their own. Use of Bluetooth is allowed onboard but there is no In-Flight Bluetooth system which you can make use of.

So, to use the AirPlane TV, I purchased the Apple AirFly. Once it is powered ‘on’ and is inserted into the TV’s Jack, it transmits Bluetooth Signals which then connect with your AirPods and your AirPods get connected to the TV, in this whole process. It was a very easy quick-do and connected the AirPods to the In-Flight Entertainment.   

As the agenda lies here about how to connect AirPods to TV without Bluetooth , an AirFly can be used to create Bluetooth on your non-bluetooth TV and then, your AirPods can make use of the available Bluetooth signals and thus, connect to the TV. 

This brings me to the most-awaited and per se, most interesting section of this editorial i.e how to connect AirPods to TV and I’ll be including almost all the popular TV brands.

I can proudly let you call me the Apple Family as goodness gracious, over the last three years, I ended up buying almost everything that Apple sells. Be it an iPhone, the iPad, the Mac, my stunning Apple Watch and now, my family also got themselves an Apple 4k Smart TV.  Once you are into Apple products and are addicted to the fabulous quality of the smooth user-interface, it’s so hard to not-Apple anymore !! 

So, first and foremost, I’ll be detailing to you about how to connect AirPods to Apple TV, followed by the other popular TV brands like Samsung, LG , the Roku etc. 

So, stay right here and connect the AirPods to your TV by accessing the instructional guide, tailor-made for your TV brand. 

How To Connect AirPods To Apple TV

How To Connect AirPods To Apple TV

The Apple TV is one unbelievable invention !! It boasts of features which we only dreamt of in our childhoods. You can easily download all your favourite apps and games, get to enjoy Siri’s magical powers, connect AirPods and other Bluetooth headphones and also, you can enjoy AirPlay Support. You can also access all the Apple Services on the big Apple TV screen. I just love to use my HomePod for its speakers and the TV’s booming experience then, is just theatrical !!

As a very welcome add-on, the Apple TV’s platter of original programmes include Ted Lasso, US’s most favorite-the Morning Show and For All Mankind. It comes loaded with all time hit movies like the Banker, Greyhound and Palmer. It’s going to be so much fun scraping the shows on this dominant TV beast, eh !! Let me get you started. 

Steps : 

Look, there are two ways using which your AirPods can be connected to the Apple TV. One, using the TV’s Bluetooth and another is using iCloud. Understand both here and connect the AirPods which-ever way you prefer. 

Connecting AirPods to Apple TV using Bluetooth : 

  1. To connect the AirPods using the Apple TV’s bluetooth, bring your AirPods into the Pairing Mode. Press the SetUp button on the Charging Case and the White Light on the Charging Case should be flashing. 
  2. Go to Settings on the Apple TV and find the section ‘Remotes and Devices.’
  3. As shown in the picture, under ‘Other Devices’, tap on Bluetooth. ( Bluetooth is turned ‘on’ on the Apple Devices by default) If mistakenly ‘off’, turn it ‘on’.
    tap on Bluetooth
  4. You’ll be able to see your AirPods in the list of Bluetooth devices. Click to pair your AirPods.
    pair your AirPods.

And it’s done !! Now, play your Content and enjoy on your AirPods

Connecting AirPods to Apple TV using iCloud : 

Connecting AirPods to Apple TV using iCloud :

This is so natural and the easiest !! 

  1. The Apple ID, which you are using on your iPhone, for your AirPods, uses the same ID on your Apple TV.
  2. On logging into the same Apple ID, your AirPods will connect automatically to the TV.

I believe, now you don’t have dubious thoughts about whether can AirPods connect to Apple TV and you just asked Siri to play Modern Family !!

Moving onto the next TV Brand, drum rolls please !! Here I’m presenting-  the very distinguished Samsung TV !! So, if you own a Samsung, hop onto the next part to learn how to connect AirPods to Samsung TV.

How To Connect AirPods To Samsung TV

How To Connect AirPods To Samsung TV

Samsung is basically a South-Korean Company which is super-cool and ultra-modern when it comes to TVs. Over the years, it has consistently led the World in the field of consumer electronics. It is one of the best TV brands and can be called one of the companies which come up with new innovations and technologies before anyone else does. 

Talking about the latest, the Samsung QN90A QLED is the ultimate and the best TV series Samsung ever came up with. Also, the flagship 4kMini LED Samsung TV is also worth appreciating. 

The reason why the Samsung TV has ever been on the top is for their super Smart features. The noticeable difference is, there’s voice interaction with Bixby. Bixby on Samsung is almost similar to Siri on the Apple TV but they slightly differ. Both are great, per se but Siri is a pro at detail-oriented tasks whereas Bixby excels in the Voice Command area. 

Along with this, there’s Google Assistant as well the whole ecosystem of Smart Apps with Smart Home Compatible features. 

If you own one of these finest Samsung TVs, you must be craving to learn how to connect AirPods to Samsung TV. So, here you go : 

( There is complete compatibility between the AirPods and the Samsung, however, you’ll experience some limitations and restrictions while connecting if you compare it to the Apple TV.)

Steps :

  1. You know how to do it, right ! Just bring your AirPods into the Pairing Mode. The White LED Light should begin to blink.
  2. After your AirPods are ready to be paired, access the Settings on your Samsung TV.
  3. In the Section,’Audio Device’, scroll to the option,’Bluetooth’ and turn it ‘on’.
    ’Audio Device’
  4. In the list of available Bluetooth Devices, you’ll be able to locate your AirPods.
    locate your AirPods
  5. Tap on your pair to Connect them.

This is the way you’ll be proceeding to connect AirPods if you own a Samsung

How To Connect AirPods To LG TV

How To Connect AirPods To LG TV

LG is Michelle’s top favourite as she has been using the LG Fully Automatic Washing Machine and the dope LG MIcrowave. 

LG is a household name when it comes to appliances and was originally founded in 1958, with the name ‘GoldStar’. It came to life after the Korean War with the only reason to take the country ahead with domestically carved electronics.

Infact,  LG was the first company to make radios, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and Air-Conditioners. 

As for the TVs, LG is best known for its display quality. The OLED display comes with soft-lit pixels. It brings up unmatched contrast and a perfect black for a more enhanced viewer experience. Equipped with Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos, the entertainment goes to another level! 

If you also love to stick to the ‘basics’, then I’m sure, you must be having an LG TV around. In that case, you must learn how to connect AirPods to LG TV.

Steps : 

  1. Switch the LG TV ‘on’ and click on the Settings.
  2. Now, click on Advanced Settings.
    Advanced Settings
  3. Tap on the Sound Menu and click on Sound Out.
    Sound Menu
  4. Now, tap on the ‘LG Sound Sync /Bluetooth’ tab and choose Detect.
  5. Then, your AirPods will appear in the list of Devices.
  6. Tap on Pair to connect your AirPods to your LG TV.

It can take some 5-10 breezy seconds for the audio to play, be patient ! 

However, it has been observed that sometimes, the users have faced issues while connecting the AirPods to an LG TV using this plain-Bluetooth method illustrated above. In such a case, take a look at a few additional methods about how to connect AirPods to LG TV.

Connecting AirPods To Lg Tv using Roku Streaming Stick +

Connecting AirPods To Lg Tv using Roku Streaming Stick +

Try using the Roku Streaming Stick+ to connect AirPods to LG Tv if you were unable to connect them formerly.

  1. Begin by downloading the Roku App on your phone.
    Roku App
  2. Now, insert the Roku Device into the HDMI Port of your LG TV.
    HDMI Port
  3. Now, connect your AirPods to the phone.
  4. Click open the Roku app and tap on the option ‘AirPods.’
    Roku app

This way, using the Roku Streaming Stick+, your AirPods can be connected to your LG TV.

Connecting AirPods To LG Tv using Fire Stick : 

If you own an Amazon Firestick at home, you can enjoy a great dump of brilliant shows with super fast streaming speed. It also can prove fruitful to connect AirPods to your LG TV.

  1. To begin with, double check that the AirPods are in the pairing mode.
  2. Now, go to the Fire TV Menu and click on Settings.
  3. Tap on Controllers and Bluetooth Devices.
  4. Then, click on ‘Other Bluetooth Devices.’
  5. From the drop-down Menu, select your AirPods.
    drop-down Menu

So, after educating you about all these legit ways to connect AirPods to a LG TV, there’s no way the AirPods won’t connect. They’ll be connected for sure and you’ll enjoy your favorite shows as close as a heartbeat.

How To Connect AirPods To Vizio TV

How To Connect AirPods To Vizio TV

Vizio grabbed the spotlight as a top-selling TV Manufacturing Company in the US as it secured deals with the big box stores like Costco and the Best Buy. Another reason for its massive popularity was that it sold high-definition TVs at solid cut-rate prices. 

It’s also worth mentioning that Vizio proudly brags of selling close to 7 Million TVs per year and institutes revenue close to a massive $2 Billion.

As a whole, the Vizio TVs are decently-priced and offer good picture quality. But, honestly, you will notice a difference if you’ve used an Apple or a Samsung before as the OS (Operating System) can lag at times and the TV might feel slow to respond. 

At present, the Vizio TVsdon’t offer Bluetooth Connectivity. Infact, it has been confirmed by the Vizio Support Team when I contacted them regarding the possibility of connecting my AirPods on the Vizio TV. For your reference, I also have shared a snippet from our conversation.

How To Connect AirPods To Vizio TV

A few of the Vizio TV Models support only the Bluetooth LE which is actually a low-energy form of a Bluetooth connection. But by using this limited availability of Bluetooth, the Vizio TV can only be connected to the Smart Cast applications. 

Now, if you’re still frozen on how to connect AirPods to Vizio TV and want a work-around, you’re in for some luck !!

There is a makeshift solution to enable Bluetooth connectivity on your Vizio TV so that you can connect your AirPods to it. 

By using a Bluetooth Transmitter

By using a Bluetooth Transmitter

I explained this one in great depth in the first section of the article while answering how to connect AirPods to TV without Bluetooth.

What a Bluetooth Transmitter does is, once it’s plugged into a non-Bluetooth device like a Vizio TV as of now, it transforms the TV into a proper Bluetooth device. 

If this sounds cool to you, other than the Avantree AudioKast Plus Bluetooth Transmitter that I suggested above, you can also choose TROND Bluetooth Transmitter for your Vizio TV. Both are reliable and have gained pretty good reviews by the users. With these, you can turn your Vizio TV into a Smart Bluetooth TV, in no time.   

  1. Plug the transmitter into the HDMI Port/Auxiliary/RCA or the CoAxial Port of your Vizio TV.
    Plug the transmitter
  2. Now, turn the transmitter ‘on’ and also, bring your AirPods into Pairing Mode. 
  3. Disconnect other not-in-use connected devices on your iPhone’s Bluetooth, to make the connection exclusive and crisp.
    iPhone’s Bluetooth
  4. After this, you’ll be able to see Bluetooth as an option in the TV Speaker’s List.
  5. Click on it and tap on your AirPods.

By Using AirPlay

By Using AirPlay

A few of the Vizio TV Models launched recently like the Vizio V Series 4k TV, have Apple’s AirPlay and Homekit Settings enabled already in them.

So, your AirPods can easily be connected to the Vizio TV using AirPlay, if you don’t want to buy a Bluetooth Transmitter, altogether. 
Grab the remote and go to the Vizio TV’s Settings Menu.

  1. Grab the remote and go to the Vizio TV’s Settings Menu.
    Settings Menu
  2. Click the option Sound / Sound Out.
  3. There’ll be an option of bluetooth. Tap on it.
  4. Now, click on Available Devices and turn ‘on’ your AirPods.
    Available Devices
  5. After a while, your AirPods wil pop up on the screen. Tap on Connect, on prompting.

Now, you can listen to audio playing on your Vizio using the Apple AirPods.

What you must remember is, this feature is exclusively available on fewer and advanced Vizio TV Models. If there is no feature of AirPlay on your Vizio TV, you’ll have to stick to the method of using Bluetooth Transmitter to connect AirPods.

So, this is how you turn a gloomy Vizio TV into a Smart Bluetooth TV which you can listen to on your AirPods and you’ll no longer be pestering your parents to buy you an Apple TV.

How To Connect AirPods To Popular Streaming Devices

( The Roku TV, Amazon FireStick, the Fire TV) 

How To Connect AirPods To Popular Streaming Devices

When the latest and popular Streaming Devices are spoken about, you just can’t afford to miss the remarkable Roku TV, the Amazon Fire TV and of course, the FireStick.

How To Connect AirPods To Popular Streaming Devices

Speaking of the Roku TV, it’s not the regular Smart TV you might think of, it’s way smarter than them. The Roku TVs make use of the noted Streaming Technology from their eminent Streaming Media player, Roku. Roku’s Streaming Technology is so user friendly  at its OS( Operating System) and has quite a beeline of TV’s manufactures using it like Hisense, TCL, Element, Hitachi, MagnaVox etc. 

Using a Roku device, you can stream video content over the internet, right from the comfort of your slouchy couch. The best part ? The content can be streamed effortlessly over televisions, smartphones, tablets, computers and what not ! 

The Cable connections have been slowly replaced by the Streaming Devices as the content variety and genre is much vast and better over the internet.

How To Connect AirPods To Roku TV

If I compare it to the Apple TV and the AirPlay content, there’s great accessibility with Apple’s in-built remote feature but it resides in a singular app

Roku went too far this time to make it possible to watch movies or YouTube videos, without even bothering others at home. Thanks to the Private Listening Feature on the Roku App, you can enjoy your personal favorite content on your AirPods while others watch their old age melodrama! 

To get you a hang of it, you must learn how to connect AirPods to Roku TV so that you get the best of your Streaming Beast and roast High-School American Drama, personally !

Steps :

  1. Cross check that the AirPods are well-connected to your phone.
  2. Download and install the Roku App from the PlayStore.
    Roku App
  3. Now, open the Roku App and tap on Remote, near the toolbar at the bottom.
    tap on Remote
  4. Now, tap on Devices
  5. Click OK when asked to grant access to Roku to detect and connect to local network devices.
  6. Click on Connect Now.
  7. The App will detect your Roku and then, you select your RokuTV from the list.
    Roku TV
  8. Under the Roku Device, click on the Remote icon.
  9. You’ll see the Headphones icon , below the Navigation buttons.
    Roku app
  10. Click OK to enable Private Listening on your AirPods.

It’s that simple !!! Here’s how you can conveniently connect your AirPods to your Roku TV and there you go ! Have fun !!

AirPods On the Fire Tv and the FireStick

AirPods On the Fire Tv and the FireStick

What I have realised is, there’s a lot of confusion among people about the Amazon FireTv and the Fire Stick. No doubt, both of them are Amazon’s babies but are definitely different, at least anatomically

The Amazon FireTV was birthed in 2014 and has delivered different versions which includes the 4k Ultra HD and a bond of integration with Alexa. Additionally, it brags about more than 5,00,000 movies and TV shows. Whoa !!

On the other side, the Amazon Fire Stick, also launched in 2014, is a smaller and cheaper media player than the Fire TV. They differ mainly in their design

The FireTV looks like a box, like regular TVs, but the FireStick, as the name suggests, is a stick which would have to be plugged into the HDMI Port of the TV to transform it magically into a badass Streaming Device. 

AirPods On the Fire Tv and the FireStick

The only similarity is, both of them come with an Alexa Voice Remote.

Now, if you haven’t gotten them ever and plan to get one now, it can be tough to choose one. I’ll just suggest-

  1. If you already have an Ultra HD or a 4k TV, the Fire TV should be your pick, to maximise the Ultra HD experience.
  2. Now, if you are an avid traveller but enjoy streaming content every now and then, you can’t take the TV with you everywhere, get a Fire Stick

After this brief characterization of the two, you must be waiting to learn how to connect AirPods to each one of them so that you have your streamed content, all to yourself. So, let’s get you started. 

How To Connect AirPods To Fire TV

How To Connect AirPods To Fire TV
  1. First things first !! Put the AirPods into the Pairing Mode and check for the White Flash Light to blink.
  2. Now, switch ‘on’ your Fire TV’s FireStick and scroll to the Settings.
    scroll to the Settings.
  3. Now, you click on Remotes and Bluetooth option and tap on Other Bluetooth Devices.
    Remotes and Bluetooth
    Remotes and Bluetooth
  4. Then, click on Add Bluetooth Devices to begin pairing your AirPods to the Fire TV.
    Add Bluetooth Devices
  5. Now, when you click on your AirPods, your AirPods get paired up successfully with your Fire TV. Yay !!

How To Connect AirPods To FireStick

How To Connect AirPods To Fire Stick
  1. Once again, put your AirPods in their Pairing Mode and insert the Fire Stick into the HDMI Port at the back of your TV.
    HDMI Port
  2. Now after you connect the Fire Stick to your TV, it’s no more the regular Smart TV. It’s a Streaming device. Click on the TV’s Settings and open Controllers and Bluetooth devices.
    Remotes and Bluetooth
  3. Tap on Other Bluetooth Devices and click on Add Bluetooth device. 
    Remotes and Bluetooth
  4. The TV will detect your AirPods and then, you should be clicking on your AirPods to connect them over Fire Stick.

And, it says ‘done’ !!!! 

That’s how you get the better of the Amazon Fire TV and the Fire Stick and just mutate your regular TV into a Streaming device

A Small Note : 

I owe this to the loyal swarm of readers that I have !! I’ve tried my ultimate best to include every prominent TV brand here in my blurb and explained the process of pairing up AirPods on them, to the very bottom pit. 

I hope your TV is listed among the ones I connected the AirPods to and if not, the steps slightly can vary but would revolve around the ones I mentioned. So, wait no longer and grab your AirPods to connect them to your TV.


Q1. Can I use AirPods with my TV ?

Answer – It’s very simple to connect the AirPods to your TV. You’ll just have to pair both the devices using their Bluetooth connection and you’re good to go. In case your TV doesn’t have a Bluetooth feature, you can use a Bluetooth Adapter which will generate Bluetooth signals and then, using those, your AirPods can easily be paired to the TV.

Q2. How do I connect my AirPods to my Smart TV ?

Answer – For connecting your AirPods to your Smart TV, first setup your AirPods into the Pairing Mode by pressing and holding the SetUp button at the Back of the AirPods charging Case. Once the Status Light begins to blink white, go to your TV’s Settings and tap on Bluetooth. You’ll be able to see your AirPods there, in the list of available devices. Tap on your Airpods and they shall connect easily to your TV. 

Q3. How do I find out if my TV has Bluetooth ?

Answer – You won’t need a special or a separate remote to search the Bluetooth Settings on your TV. Just click on Settings of your TV and then, tap on Sound. Select Sound Output and see if there’s an option for Bluetooth Speaker List. If this shows up, it means your TV has the feature of Bluetooth Connectivity. 

Q4. Is it possible to listen to TV using earbuds ?

Answer – For using your earbuds on your TV, check if there is a 3.5mm headphone jack on your TV. If it’s there, you can simply plug in your earbuds and listen to content on your TV. If it’s not there, there must surely be a RCA Stereo Output. Then, you need to use a RCA-to-3.5mm Adapter and after that, you can easily use earbuds or Headphones on your TV.

Q5. Do Smart TVs have Bluetooth for headphones ?

Answer – Smart TVs these days come laced with a wireless connection technology which is in-bulit so that the wireless Bluetooth headphones can be used on the TV. The bluetooth accessories can be used on your Smart Tv using the On-screen display. Locate the Menu on your TV and look for the Bluetooth option. Set it into the Pairing Mode and it will automatically detect nearby Bluetooth connections available. Once your Headphones appar in the list, simply tap on them to connect to your Smart TV.

The Final Words : 

There’s nothing like relaxing in the crippled corner of the couch and just watching Mean Girls! And, once you connect your AirPods, you better grab a tub of hot popcorn coz’ I bet, you ain’t getting up any sooner. 

There is so much resilient competition among the TV brands these days that they strive to offer the best of the features in a crazy price range, always trying to outsmart the other brands.

If you own a Smart, Bluetooth TV, fab !! Great !! But, if not, there are plenty of work-arounds in this article of mine, so never lose that heart !

Just pair up the tiny buds of magic to your TV set and you must check out Purple Hearts.
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