[Solved]: How To Change Ring Doorbell Battery

Key Takeaways

  • A Ring Doorbell Battery lasts 6 to 12 months on one cycle of full charge before it must be charged or replaced. 
  • The lifespan of a Ring Doorbell battery depends on how heavily it is used. Checking the Live-View feed very often can drain the battery faster.
  • For Ring Doorbell 1 battery replacement, you will have to remove the Doorbell from the mounting bracket, as you cannot remove the Lithium batteries from this 1st Gen Ring Doorbell Model. 
  • However, for Ring Doorbell 2 and 3 battery replacement, the batteries can be removed, charged separately using a Micro-USB Cable, and inserted back into the Doorbell. 

Ring Doorbells are a true innovation among Smart Doorbells. Ever since the owners have relaxed the rules and regulations of installing Ring Doorbells in the apartments, there has been a surge in the market, and today, several Ring Devices are protecting homes. 

These Ring Doorbells work like an intercom where the user can communicate with the visitor at the door using the two-way microphone, but they also provide a live feed from the front door on a Smartphone where the Ring App is installed. 

There are mainly two versions of the Ring Doorbells – the wired and the wireless models. The wired Ring Doorbells, particularly the Ring Doorbell Pro and the Elite, can be installed using the existing wiring of your doorbell. 

On the other hand, the wireless Ring Doorbells, which are the Ring Doorbells 2,3, and 3 Plus, come with rechargeable batteries. Still, they can also be hardwired using either the wiring of an existing doorbell or an indoor Power Adapter. 

When you hardwire a  wireless Ring Doorbell, there is a trickle charge supplied to the Doorbell battery at all times, and your Doorbell will not die due to no battery in case you forget to charge the batteries. 

It is necessary to keep the Ring Doorbell batteries charged if it is not hardwired because if there is no power on the Ring Doorbell, the batteries will die. Thus, your Ring Doorbell will not ring and will not connect to your Home Wi-fi network

As a result,  you’ll be restricted from using certain valuable features on the Ring App -the Ring Motion Detection will be unavailable, the Ring Notifications will be delayed, and the Live View on your Ring Doorbell will also be inaccessible. 

Thus, in this article, I will guide you in detail about how to change Ring Doorbell Battery. Throughout extended usage, the Ring Doorbell batteries begin to deplete and do not work even after charging. In that case, they must be replaced so that the Ring Doorbell continues to monitor your house effectively. Therefore, I will also discuss replacing the Ring Doorbell Battery. 

So, continue reading to learn about changing your Ring Doorbell battery and how long the Ring batteries last before you must replace them. 

Ring Doorbell Battery Replacement 

Ring Doorbell is a smartly constructed product that does not look like a traditional doorbell. Its surface is made of nickel and it comes in four different colors. 

The upper part of a Ring Doorbell is made up of black plastic and as per measurements, it is 4.9 x 2.4 x 0.8 inches( HWD).

As mentioned above, if you have a  Ring Doorbell that is battery-powered, it becomes essential to know how to remove the Ring Doorbell battery to charge it so that the power supply on your Ring Doorbell is stable and there is no risk of the Doorbell dying out due to the depletion of batteries. 

So, in this section, I will provide you with a step-by-step instructional guide about how to remove the battery from the Ring Doorbell

Well, the Ring Doorbell battery replacement differs on some models of the Ring Doorbells. 

  • The Ring Doorbell 1st Gen contains Lithium batteries which cannot be removed. So, when you require to charge or replace the Ring Doorbell 1 battery, you must remove the Doorbell from its mounting bracket.
  • Suppose you own any of the Ring Doorbell 2 or 3 models. In that case, they have removable and rechargeable batteries inserted into them, which you can take out separately without having to dismount the Ring Doorbell. 

Here, I have drafted a detailed guideline about how to proceed with Ring doorbell battery replacement depending on the different variants of the Ring Doorbells. So, read further to learn how to change Ring battery on any model of the Ring Doorbell you own. 

How Long Do Ring Batteries Last 

  • The battery of a Ring Doorbell is located inside it. According to Ring, the battery can last well enough for 6 to 12 months, depending on how often the Motion Detection Sensor and Live View are used. 
  • The Ring doorbell battery also drains faster when the doorbell is used very frequently for video streaming and two-way communication.
  • If you ask how long does a Ring Doorbell battery last then well, after six months, the Doorbell battery must be charged completely again to prevent your Ring Doorbell from dying and then disconnecting from your Home Security Set Up.
  • You must not contemplate purchasing a new pack of batteries for your Ring Doorbell when you need to charge or replace them.
  • The 6,000mAh battery unit is rechargeable. It means you can take the batteries out from your Ring Doorbell for charging. Once fully charged, they can be inserted back into the Ring Doorbell for another six months. 

How To Change Ring Doorbell Battery

Please take a moment to recall the first time when you brought the Ring Doorbell home and tried to install it. I’m sure you remember that installing a Ring Doorbell at your door was an easy but meticulous process.

If you installed a Ring Doorbell 2 or 3, you might remember that the batteries were inserted separately into the Doorbell before screwing the Faceplate on the Doorbell as the last step. 

And If you own the standard Ring Doorbell 1st Gen ( 2020 Model), to keep your Doorbell charged, you must have been connecting it to a direct power supply as its Lithium batteries cannot be removed for charging. 

Henceforth, you will now learn about how to change Ring battery in two scenarios – 

  1. For Ring Doorbell 1: Dismount the Doorbell from the bracket.
  2. For Ring Doorbells 2 and 3: Remove the Doorbell batteries.

Ring Doorbell 1 Battery Replacement

Follow the steps mentioned below to learn about how to remove the Ring Doorbell to charge, as the batteries of this 1st Gen Ring Doorbell are not removable. 

Here, you’ll learn about how to dismount the Ring Doorbell from its mounting bracket and then how to reattach the Doorbell back on the mount after it has been charged. 

You will require an excellent quality Screwdriver to begin with the process. I used the Philips-Head Screwdriver to unscrew my Ring Doorbell as its non-slippery 12 inches Long handle provides a good grip and makes it convenient to unscrew the most miniature screws. 

Step 1 : Removing The Ring Doorbell 1 From The Wall 

  1. Firstly, disconnect the Ring Doorbell from your Wi-fi connection and unplug it if it’s hardwired to an existing doorbell or a Power Adapter.   
  2. Now, grab a Screwdriver and remove the Security Screws from the base of your Ring Doorbell.
  3. Then, carefully lift the Doorbell upwards and away from its mounting bracket. 

Step 2: Charging The Doorbell Using a Micro-USB Cable 

Ideally, you should use the orange-coloured micro-USB cable that came with the Doorbell package, but if you don’t have that one, you can use any other micro-USB Cable that fits well into the Doorbell USB Port.

  1. Locate a small USB Port at the backside of the Ring Doorbell.
  2. Now, plug the micro-USB Cable into the USB Port of the Doorbell.
  3. Connect the micro-USB Cable to a Power Adapter plugged directly into a Power Plug. 
  4. When Ring Doorbell 1 is charging, you’ll notice red and green lights on the Doorbell. Once the Doorbell is completely charged, a solid green light will shine on the Doorbell. 

The Ring Doorbell 1 may take about 6 to 8 hours to charge completely, depending on where the micro-USB Cable is connected. If the USB Adapter is connected directly to the Power Plug on a wall, the Doorbell will charge faster than when connected to a Computer or Charging Brick. 

Step 3: Reattach The Doorbell To Its Wall Mount

  1. After the Ring Doorbell has been charged fully, place it again on its mounting bracket.
  2. Tighten the Security Screws on the Doorbell using the Screwdriver to secure the Doorbell back into its place. 

Step 4: Check Ring Doorbell Battery On The Ring App

After replacing the Doorbell on its wall mount, you can check the status of your Ring Doorbell on the Ring App to ensure it is 100% charged.

  1. Open the Ring App and select your Doorbell.
  2. On the Home page, you can see the current battery percentage on your Ring Doorbell. 

So, this is about how to remove Ring Doorbell to charge. But, once it is charged, reattach the Doorbell to the mounting bracket. Use only short security screws and tighten them very carefully. 

Using any other kind of Security Screws can keep the attachment loose and possibly cause damage to the battery and a potential fire hazard. 

Ring Doorbell 2, 3 Battery Replacement

( The instructional guide mentioned below for Ring Doorbell 2 battery replacement and Ring Doorbell 3 battery replacement will remain the same. )

As quoted above, the Ring Doorbell 2, 3, 3 Plus, and 4, are battery-powered models, so when it’s time to charge their batteries, there is no hassle of removing the entire Doorbell from the wall. 

Learn here about changing the Ring Doorbell battery by taking the batteries out from the Doorbell, followed by how to replace the Ring Doorbell battery after it is fully charged. 

Step 1: Remove The Doorbell Faceplate

As quoted above, to remove the battery from Ring Doorbell 3 and the Doorbell 2 Model, you’ll first need to access the inner part of the Doorbell. For that, the first step is to remove the Doorbell Faceplate.

  1. The first step is to unscrew the Security Screws on the Doorbell in order to remove the Faceplate.
  2. Now, insert the star-shaped end of the Screwdriver into the Screw on the Doorbell and start to turn it in a clockwise direction, till it is loose. 

Note: Even when the Screws are loosened and taken out, the Faceplate will remain to sit tightly in its place. 

  1. You won’t need the Screwdriver now so keep that aside but you might require an effort though, to remove the Faceplate. The Faceplate has deliberately been made a little tricky to take out so that it is hard to steal or tamper with. 
  2. Now, put your thumbs at the bottom of the Faceplate and the tips of your index and middle finger on the front of the plate.
  3. You will be using your thumbs to push the Faceplate upwards, supporting it with your index and middle finger. Without support, the Faceplate can fall down and get damaged. 
  4. Lastly, take one hand off the FacePlate while still supporting it with your middle and index finger. Grab the Faceplate now and gently pull it away

Step 2: Remove Batteries From The Doorbell And Charge Them 

Once the Doorbell Faceplate is removed, you can see the Doorbell battery inside. You will first remove the batteries from the Ring Doorbell, charge them completely, and then, will insert them back into the Doorbell. 

Check out these steps to learn how to remove the Ring Doorbell Battery to charge it. 

  • You will notice a black colored rectangular tab towards the top side of the Doorbell battery.
  • Press this rectangular tab in order to remove the battery from the Doorbell.
  • Use your index finger to press this tab and set the battery free and meanwhile, slide the battery out using your middle finger and thumb.

After the batteries have been removed from the Ring Doorbell, the next step is to charge them. 

As explained above while charging the Ring Doorbell 1 battery, you would require a micro-USB Cable now, to charge the battery. 

You should use the original micro-USB Cable that came with the Doorbell packaging but in its absence, any other compatible micro-USB Cable can suffice. 

  • Plug the micro-USB Cable into the USB Port of the Doorbell battery.
  • Connect the other end of the USB Cable to the Power adapter and plug it into a power supply socket on the wall.
  • When the Doorbell battery begins to charge, the LED lights on it will show both red and green color.
  • It may take around 6-8 hours for the Doorbell battery to charge completely, depending on how much battery was left on the Doorbell. 
  • Once the Doorbell is fully charged, you shall notice a solid green color light on the Doorbell battery. 

Step 3: Replace the Doorbell Batteries Now And Reattach The Doorbell Faceplate 

Now that the Doorbell batteries are fully charged, it is to slide them back in the Doorbell and secure the Faceplate on the Doorbell. 

  • Slide the batteries into the Ring Doorbell
    1. Slide the Doorbell batteries by pushing them back in place.
    2. Once it is secured back properly in its place, you’ll hear a ‘click’ sound.

Before you proceed to put the Faceplate now, turn the Ring Doorbell ‘on’ to check if the batteries have been replaced correctly. If the Doorbell doesn’t turn ‘on’, reinsert the batteries and check again if the Doorbell gets power back.

  • Reattach The Doorbell Faceplate 
    1. Firstly, pick up the Faceplate and locate a plastic hook in the upper, inner part of the Cover.
    2. Using the position outlined previously, slide the Cover back and push it till you hear it click. When you hear a ‘click’, it has been fastened back into place successfully.
    3. Now, the last step is to tighten the Screws around the Faceplate. Take the Screwdriver and tighten the Security Screws in a clockwise motion.

You’re Done!! 

With this last step, you have successfully replaced the batteries of your Ring Doorbell. So with these simple and easy steps mentioned above, you can change the batteries of your Ring Doorbell 2 and 3. The steps shall remain the same for both models of Ring Video Doorbells. 

Step 4: Check Ring Doorbell Battery Status On Ring App

The last step remains while changing batteries of any model of the Ring Doorbell. After you have replaced the Faceplate of the Doorbell, you must turn on the Doorbell to check if there is a power supply also, don’t forget to check the battery percentage on the Ring Doorbell using the Ring App. 

Here’s a quick recap of the Steps to check the battery percentage of your Ring Doorbell:

Ring App >Devices>Doorbell>Device Health. 

Other Important Facts Related To The Battery Of A Ring Doorbell 

To summarize this article, I would like to share a few crucial facts about Ring Doorbell batteries. With these helpful tips mentioned below, you can extend the battery life of your Ring Doorbell and maintain good Device Health. 

When Does The Battery Of A Ring Doorbell Drain Faster?

  • Extreme temperatures cause the Ring Doorbell to drain the battery very rapidly. Particularly in winter, you will notice that the battery drains faster and you’ll have to charge your Ring Doorbell frequently. 
  • Another factor responsible for draining the Ring Doorbell battery faster is the amount of activity the Doorbell captures on a daily basis. A Ring Doorbell in an active state is constantly triggered by motion around your property. If you keep checking the Live View and history of motion detection very frequently, it puts a heavy load on your Ring Doorbell and its battery drains faster. 
  • Using these steps, you can learn more about the factors causing the battery to drain fast. 

Open the Ring App and tap on Power Settings.

  1. Now, click on Feature Power Usage.
  2. You’ll see a small arrow to check the Power Usage.
  3. Tap on every feature to check which one is consuming the doorbell battery the most. 

How To Improve Ring Doorbell Battery Life?

  1. Disable Live-View on your Ring Doorbell whenever not required. I agree, this is the most helpful feature of a Ring Doorbell, but it is heavy on your Doorbell. Even if you’re not using the Live View currently, the battery will keep draining even when this feature is turned on. Use Live View only whenever necessary. 
  2. Adjust Motion Sensitivity on your Ring Doorbell. Increase the sensitivity of your Doorbell and decrease the frequency of irrelevant events detected by your Doorbell. Set Motion Detection Zones on your Doorbell so that it picks up only what’s required and doesn’t keep buzzing all day due to sensing irrelevant activities around your property, 
  3. Enable Motion Scheduling for the times of the day when you know what activity will happen. For instance, you know when someone will pick up the trash, etc. So, with disabled Motion Detection during that time, your Doorbell won’t pick up that motion and it will save its battery. 

Hence, with these tips, I believe you’re now well-versed with all the relevant information about your Ring Doorbell battery, and you can change it easily whenever it needs to be charged. It is always advised to maintain the battery health of your Ring Doorbell so that it requires charging less frequently and the Ring Doorbell keep working smoothly.  


Q1. Can Ring Doorbell batteries be replaced?

Answer – Ring will replace the battery of your Ring Doorbell for free if the battery gets damaged or defective within one year of the warranty period. However, suppose your Ring Doorbell has expired the warranty period, or you want to keep a spare battery pack for an emergency. In that case, there are individual battery packs available on Amazon for $30. 

Q2. What is the lifespan of a Ring Doorbell Battery?

Answer – According to Ring, the battery of a Ring Doorbell can last for 6 to 12 months on average usage. Well, ‘average usage’ as per Ring, has been defined as 3-5 events per day.

Q3. Why is my Ring Doorbell battery dying so fast?

Answer – The battery of your Ring Doorbell will die faster if it is heavily used. The Ring Doorbell battery drains faster when more features are used on the Ring App. Using Live-Feed too often on the Ring App or using the microphone frequently can result in keeping the Ring Doorbell engaged too often; hence, the battery will continue to drain. 

Q4. What will happen if my Ring Doorbell battery dies?

Answer – If the battery of your Ring Doorbell dies, it will cease to work and be completely disconnected from the Wi-fi. Also, you will have to set up your Ring Doorbell again and add it afresh on the Ring App after you charge or replace the batteries. If you have the original Ring Doorbell 1st Gen, it has a lithium battery that cannot be removed. So, to power the Ring Doorbell 1st Gen Model, you will have to remove the doorbell itself from the mounting bracelet and then charge the Doorbell battery. 

Q5. How long does it take for a Ring Doorbell battery to charge?

Answer – A Ring Doorbell takes approximately five to ten hours to charge completely. It depends on whether the Micro USB Cable is plugged into a USB Port or a wall outlet. The Doorbell battery charges faster when connected directly to a wall outlet’s power supply. 


It doesn’t matter whether your Ring Doorbell is battery-powered or a wired model; for it to work flawlessly, it needs an uninterrupted power supply. When you use a wireless Ring Doorbell, it is the battery that keeps the Doorbell powered up, and in the case of a wired model, it is the wiring that your Doorbell depends upon to receive power. 

In both cases, the general health of the battery and the electrical wires needs to be in the perfect condition possible. Otherwise, the Doorbell begins to lag while functioning.

In this article, I have dealt explicitly with the battery-powered models of the Ring Doorbells and have guided you about changing the battery of the Doorbell whenever it requires to be charged or replaced. 

You’ll be required to charge the Doorbell batteries once in at least six months and let the batteries obtain a 100% charge before you insert them again. If the batteries fail to turn the Doorbell on even after charging completely, get the batteries replaced by Ring if they still fall under the warranty period, or purchase a new pack of rechargeable batteries for your Ring Doorbell from Amazon. By any means of these, maintain sufficient battery level on your Ring Doorbell at all times. 

I hope you found the methods and tips mentioned in the article easy and valuable for changing the battery on your Ring Doorbell. Let me know in the comments section if your Ring Doorbell’s battery health improved after using the tips suggested above. 

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